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  1. As a member of the first WOLF clan (yours) I too will miss this forum and the opportunity it offered everyone!! Cheers Paradat my first clan commander
  2. fbrrhd

    New code

    With an end to the forum these codes will also go unused~~ Shame on WOWS... The END of this game in now in sight. Can't even support a forum
  3. fbrrhd

    New settings menu

  4. wows have driven e to Aslains
  5. fbrrhd

    Super Containers

    less than stelar containers
  6. fbrrhd

    WoWS Mod Station

    I switched from aslains to modstation about a year ago. At that time Modstation was updated within a couple of days. Now I've switched back to aslains as his mods are now MUCH faster to be updated. I can't see any reason to use modstation in it's present mess.
  7. Been here a long time. Seems like I'm near the end of WOWS. We have had no new COAL, Steel or RP in a long time. I have over a million coal enough steel for 3 new ships, and enough RP for 3 maybe 4 ships. Yet we've had nothing new in any of those except a CV !!!!!! Starting to wonder what's the point? Anyone else sick of no new ships! I love getting new boats....
  8. fbrrhd

    resource sink done right

    Still sitting on 3 Billion credits......
  9. If it has been around in the past (I have 30k games) I have never had it until this patch. Now maybe every other day it happens.
  10. I've had it several times,, My solution id to add a second fire control button and when the LMB fails is battle use the "alternative" fire button for that battle then log out and back in.. And yes I do think it's a very wide spread issue!
  11. fbrrhd

    Submarines in Ranked

    Subs have become like DETONATIONS. Yes, they happen once in a while, but not often enough to really be a factor. Too bad we can't have an anti-sub flag
  12. Sorry I call [edited], many that aren't working in MODSTATION are functioning with ASLAINS! Can't blame WOWS code broken for MODSTATION and then have someone else (Aslains) functioning!!! Complete [edited]! Side panels are working with ASLAINS..... I had gone full MODSTATION in the last 5 or 6 releases. I have now gone back to Aslian's and don't foresee using the crappy modstation again!
  13. This is the first time I can remember a mod like side panels working since day one for aslains and now several days later still noy updated on MODSTATION! Curious!
  14. fbrrhd

    Your go-to BB.

  15. Man! I can't believe no one mentions the best Tier 9 ship....Musashi !!???? (just realized Mushi is not a tech tree...lol)