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  1. fbrrhd


    The Devs seem unable to define what CV should do in the game. This lack of vision to the purpose of CV's is leading to one knee jerk fix to another, depending on WHO is yelling the most. It's a poor way to run a navy!
  2. fbrrhd

    Oh, come on guys!

    "COME ON GUYS, let us seal club in peace and relative anonymity! Take that steamroller somewhere else, like tier 6!" Your assertion to the contrary, it sure LOOKS like complaining! Just saying!
  3. fbrrhd

    Oh, come on guys!

    So a guy with 9800 battles is complaining someone else (OPG) showed up in his SEAL CLUB and he was steam rolled by other seal clubbers? "I wanted to club the seals, waaaaaaaaaaaaa"
  4. fbrrhd

    Graphics (vanishing ships)

    Better learn how it works!!!! As far as being "realistic" explain 3 planes launching at once from BB's? Or any of the PAPER ships..realism is not a pre-requisite for being in the game. However, when a ship fires it's guns it is able to be "seen" further, even in REAL world, so gun bloom may be more real than paper ships, and arcade pac man blobs in ranked!
  5. fbrrhd

    Sail! Strike! Win!

    took out henri and an Audacious tried to take me out. 38 planes later!!!..................in one game
  6. fbrrhd

    WOLF clan

    Where are the cookies!!
  7. fbrrhd

    Graphics (vanishing ships)

    his gun bloom expired!
  8. fair dinkham gives away the location!!
  9. fbrrhd

    Alaska or Azuma?

    Yea...all 3
  10. fbrrhd

    Spending intentions poll

    I wish folks would quit quoting "EULA" that is a cover your [edited]legal document. WOWS can provide comment that even though :"ALLOWED" under any EULA, they can state it is their intent to not alter any premium after release. (it does not require LEGAL warranties, to state intent !!)
  11. Bug report on Henri in port. I tried to mount camo and it shows "mounted" (check mark) but the ship remains bare. I tried several camos and all show mounted but nothing on the ship.. (I didn't see any file named python to attach!)
  12. fbrrhd

    Spending intentions poll

    I may be one of the few, But I have a lot of premium ships. I bought they under the premise they would not change! If a ship is too OP (it should have been and most likely was pointed out by the CC's) Quit selling if needed but any nerf to premiums and I will simply quit buying them! (I will buy any ship for coal/ FXP/Steel as those are cashless buys) But until WOW is clear on intent for any and ALL current and future CASH premiums why would anyone buy a ship that is subject to change later? I want to know what I bought at the time of sale is final!
  13. fbrrhd

    Update Hotfix - UPDATED (11/2)

    *I agree the planes are "up" too soon at the start! *Second I would fix the AIMING of torps on all CV's (I'm not a CV guy, but the spread is one reason they can't hit anything when they do get through) allow the planes to maneuver and keep there pattern tight! That was a step too far! *AA should be strong at the higher tiers/ as there is no way to defend yourself (make AA point and click like it used to be) It should not be easy to get through a heavy AA ship. Even in the old meta a cv could not attack an AA ship and get through....They (CV guys) are now riding along and see how heavy the loss is to an AA boat...But again the loss has always been heavy!! They just didn't notice as they weren't (in the plane) *Third some are saying CV's cant dev strike! Why should a ship that can spot the entire fleet within seconds of the start have to be able to DEV STRIKE! They are spotting for the team to shoot! (Increase spotting points for CV)
  14. I would guess that was before he went 60 of 80 in HIS Hakuryu? 80 games since the change and 471k damage... Ya he's the bastion of anti-CVs I'm sure he hated every minute he was killing 7 ships in one battle!!! Nothing to see here,,,,NOPE no vested interest in CV from him!!
  15. fbrrhd

    Alaska vs T10 CV's

    One can hope!