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  1. fbrrhd

    New update problems.

    Just click with the pointer off of the ship trees and scroll (drag pointer) It moves the tree
  2. Review of Smolensk from my perspective.....buy it before the ban! It is a MONSTER.
  3. fbrrhd

    Launcher issues

    My game launcher quit working and I had to re-install the launch center. This happened right after I selected the captain reset in the AA section for 8.7 release. Any others have this issue? Cheers
  4. fbrrhd

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    If they don't keep SUBS as a separate mode like operations, it will be the death of the game!!
  5. fbrrhd

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =========================================================================================================== I now this is all in good fun, but for "historical accuracy" the Clans were not created in alpha numeric order. As an original member of WOLF1 and now in WOLFB, (I have been here from the start, Thanks Paradat! for the first clan). Wolf1 was quickly followed by Wolf2 and WolfB was the thrid clan formed. Our base is complete (all discounts at 100%) ======================================================================================================= From our clan leader BETAWOLF: All base upgrades are done Lone Wolves - Beta Group betawolf77 - Clan Leader This clan is for active solo players that want the benefits of being in a clan. No dedicated comms required. No clan battle commitments required. Requirements: Be active and contribute oil to upgrade the base. Oil contribution minimum - 10/70/300 daily/weekly/monthly average = that's opening 1 container per day on average which is not difficult (other clans require 20-30 oil per day) Removal for Inactivity based on LBT will be as follow: 60 days/>1 year 30 days/3 months - 1 year 10 days/<3 months *****SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT CLAN BATTLES***** - Even though clan battles is not a Lone Wolves requirement, WOLFB has played clan battles for 5 seasons (6th season is now) with even finishing twice in storm and once in typhoon. It has been very popular with a good portion of the clan; however, since it is not mandatory, we would like to add a few more Lone Wolves to our ranks that are interested in playing in clan battles. I want to reiterate that clan battles is completely voluntary in WOLFB and no one I repeat no one has been removed for not participating clan battles. Clan battles teams are made on a first come first serve basis and anyone in WOLFB can play if they choose (No one has been denied a chance to play). We do not use or require dedicated comms during clan battles. If any other Lone Wolves players in other clans would like to give it a try, please send me a message. Good Hunting
  6. fbrrhd

    ICYMI: Regrind credit cost

    I have over 200 ships, and all the tier tens ,,,I also have coal and free xp up the kazoo, and of course 1,7 billion credits. Regrind 6 lines for a ship (no matter how good) No thanks! (they (wows) really do have to kidding.....it will be interesting to see how many folks take the "bait"/offer!
  7. fbrrhd

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    You apply in game. Go to the Clan page, find the clan (in the case of a wolf clan.....type wolf and the list will open up) then select the one/s you wish to apply. Cheers
  8. fbrrhd

    What happened here?

    If you mean the red circle, that is the enemy CV fighter planes.
  9. fbrrhd

    New Coal ships

    announced: Soviet tier X cruiser Smolensk will be available for coal. American tier X destroyer Somers will be available for steel. European tier IX destroyer Friesland will be available for free XP.
  10. fbrrhd

    WNN 53: Diapering!

    Diapering can raise hell with your props.....(I wanted to say screws as it may mess them up too!!) Rudder confusion
  11. fbrrhd

    Jingles on the NTC Debacle

    I may not be a Whale, but I am one of the ones Jingles refers to when he states they have all the tier ten ships. ( I have time to play) I have all the tier ten ships, and most of the coal and free XP ships, as well as a steel ship. (Along with a lot of coal stockpiled, a few mill free XP, and 1.6 billion credits) I am finding it much less FUN grinding ships. I have no interest in "re-grinding" ships I have to earn yet another "currency" to buy other ships! I would like WOWS to allow CREDITS to be spent on MORE Premium ships! And stop adding more currencies to the game.....the savage battles are just grinding to grind, wins don't earn substantially more than losses.....so you are just going through the motion to GRIND for "fuel." NOT fun.....(the bathtub game was FUN) space battles was different and interesting, savage battles are just to get a currency to buy a ship, that is a GRIND! NTC will be more of the same! No Thanks WOWs!
  12. The game is going into the dirt with BAD ideas!! when my premium is done........so am I
  13. fbrrhd

    Which coal ship to buy?

    I have them all, and while I like the Salem better than DM (heal) Yoshi is the most unique. It is very fragile and needs a good map to be effective, it is the one that plays different than her "tech tree" cousin. Georgia's DPM is a a drawback, and if you are in secondary range, you will be taking damage! (I prefer Massachusetts over Georgia). Yoshi and Zao are really very different ships....But then Georgia is also different than the tech tree USN BB's.
  14. I totally agree with Zoup!!! When my premium time is gone.........so am I! It's work and the fun is harder to find! Too many new ships with too many "gimmicks". And now goofy game modes that did take time to develop, while ignoring the PROBLEMS we have in game. (the port ui being the worst thing to "put up" with that could be fixed)
  15. fbrrhd

    T8 CW

    Kutz and I await CB!!!!