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  1. fbrrhd

    I miss WoWs

    Perhaps if WOWS went back to making NEW MAPs (instead of new "graphic every update") and new ships released in some timely manner, they wouldn't have to invent a way to drain credits and coal. Coal,steel, free xp, ships trickle out. And now folks have billions in credit/ too much coal and RPoints to even buy ships. Because the self same ships have become not even worth the FREE they are sold for. So we get SUBS that took much effort to a game that wasn't designed for subs. And those subs are SO fast underwater/ reload and ping and are totally broken, there is very little counter available! People don't like subs and to some extent CV's because they lack a real Counter to their attacks. Chasing the last subs alive is an exercise in futility! HENCE! NOT FUN WILBER! With so much invested that should have gone into SHIPS and MAPS that are the MEAT and Potatoes of this game. Wait untill blimps enter the game with bombs! (that was not suggestion)
  2. fbrrhd

    Do NOT play Brawl

    Perhaps the take away should be: WOWS have found something else that makes most as unhappy as SUBS, so something else to take your mind off SUBS. A crummy Brawl mode! Just like a Marriage per Jeff Foxworthy! " if your wife's unhappy long enough, you will be left with HALF YOUR STUFF!" Almost there WOWS!
  3. fbrrhd

    Do NOT play Brawl

    Maybe time to quit trying to defend the indefensible. Brawls this time are by far the WOREST mode WOWS have tried! I'm sure this failure will be obvious even to the defenders soon enough! It will degenerate into just another CLAN BATTLE mode.
  4. fbrrhd

    9X9 Brawls just take too long

    9 person Div is [edited]! It ruins and brawl when one side is a clan against "random" strangers
  5. fbrrhd

    Mainz or Weimar. Mainz was the choice!

    LOL I didn't know if I had Munchen or Weimar. (I had to go look) But I do know I have Mainz, as I play it a LOT. Like a minne Hindy. Good choice!
  6. fbrrhd

    12M FXP

    I only have a little over 4 mill Free xp (110 million xp still on ships) as I use FXP for RB points. But I'm still sitting on 2.8 Billion in credits. I suspect that is what WOWS would like us to spend on tier 11 Ships and reduce the Billionaires credit!
  7. fbrrhd

    Report Triple Well Dones

    Knock knock....Penny Knock Knock.....Penny Knock knock......Penny OR Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuic..................................
  8. fbrrhd

    Asymmetric battles killed by WG

    Just like Vegas when they figure out one of the slots is paying out too much!!! Get the "out of order" sign.......lol
  9. fbrrhd

    Why do you play ranked ?

    Super Ships are ruining ranked this year. Had too many battles with folks in Super Ships with almost no tier ten experience, but they have a SS! First to die and game over.
  10. fbrrhd

    Server is down...

    Not resolved still happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  11. fbrrhd

    Torpedoes, torpedoes everywhere

    If WOWS would just get rid of torps, he, dds, cv, subs, and AP, we could really have fun. And maybe secondaries as well!!!
  12. While he is outstanding. An interesting aside "we" beat him a few days ago. So even a super human player cannot carry if there is too much dead weight. Yes, he had an outstanding game, but sometime MM "random" overloads one side. ( If the teams were even slight balanced his super skill would have carried the game. But sometimes the MM scale makes it impossible even for superman)
  13. As is pointed out in the Discussion under announcements', You might remember WHO Japan's "war machine" was massacring before any "oil embargo."