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  1. So the Ork's can make the "wadding" for the guns? Now we know why they shoot like $^^#
  2. Somea da times day shoots fine and somea da times they almost shoota demselves... If dey spagett use a da uncooked kind. (it stays firm) right now dey floppy when wet....
  3. fbrrhd

    Easy dead eye fix....

    I have to say I do use dead eye on most BBs. BUT!! I hate what it is doing to the game........might be enough,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,+++++++++
  4. fbrrhd

    Are Venezia guns simply pathetic?

    You said this ship was the worst tier ten to play. If it's your only tier ten CA how would you know? If you have only played ONE Tier ten cruiser, Venezia may be the best, if you have no knowledge of the others! Tier ten cruisers get spanked when you make a little mistake! Considering your arsenal I'm surprised you didn't pick Montana as the worst tier ten BB?
  5. fbrrhd

    Are Venezia guns simply pathetic?

    It might also be pointed out ( this is the ONLY tier 10 cruiser he owns!)
  6. fbrrhd

    ST 0.10.0, changes to new skill system

    It's going to make it much easier to JUST QUIT
  7. fbrrhd

    I might have a problem

    81 million here
  8. Everyone started in Bronze and once you qualify for the next level, you don't move up until the next ranked sprint starts. So you have everyone at Bronze qualifying this round..
  9. The secondarys on PT look like fireworks
  10. Tlk bout talking out of both sides of your mouth!!!! lol
  11. Of course to even suggest Russian bias will bring out the apologists
  12. Call it a swing and a miss if you wish ,,,, but my German ships disagree. And my Russian ships are happy to get closer without those pesky secondary guns. And yes USN BB do benefit (if you don't have the premiums so be it but I do have GA Ohio and 2 Massachusetts ) the Mass will certinly get nerfed
  13. We all know the German BBs and a cruiser are taking a big hit with the secondary/skills rebork! Just think for a second whose BBs really won't be hurt at all, because their secondaries are terrible now! USA nope.....IJN nope....France with their good secondaries..no again.. Europe (no ...no bbs at all) Hmmmmmmmmmmm who could it be that has a large BB fleet and really bad secondary range.....who could that possibly be??? maybe RUSSIA (why would they do that?)
  14. fbrrhd

    Main Guns not firing

    Happens to me when I use secondaries . The curser is still active and wont return to fire guns..If I select a secondary target again it works.