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  1. If subs are brought to randoms it will make the CV and PR mess look like glitch on a radar scope. Subs will be the Nuclear bomb that ends Warships! If you want a full test run, make subs a separate game from random and see how many (few) will be joining that battle. It will look like PT server numbers all over again!!
  2. fbrrhd

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    It looks like we may have a couple of open spots soon! We are looking to add a few folks that want to clan battle, no comms no practice, Just participate in Clan battles. If interested contact me here or in game.. Cheers p.s. We do have a few requirements as far oil per month and being active in WOWs
  3. Port chat (we're working on it) Clan chat (nope) Clan page (nope) disconnects ….yup Gun sounds (working on it) How can a small change in software (made from the same source) get so messed up EVERY patch?
  4. fbrrhd

    Update 0.9.0 - Bug Reports

    Also got the critical error and now reloading the games,,,,,Giant pain in the &*)
  5. fbrrhd

    Update 0.9.0 - Bug Reports

    My kitakaze guns make no sound,,,,and sound is turned up to max
  6. fbrrhd

    Did anyone finish the Puerto Rico?

    Mine is in port. 3 boosters and I finished dir 4 …. And for the guy commenting on camo, if you look there are 2 different camos available, "classic" and the red white and blue!"
  7. fbrrhd

    WG, Please fix the Ramming Mechanics

    From all the comments it's clear, you need to learn HOW the ramming dynamic works! And what happens when you ram and both sink! (the one ahead on points wins, if points are tied and both sink it's a draw) Also, the amount of damage the other ship has determines if HE sinks! His ship HP (not minus the damage he has sustained determines the damage potential YOU suffer!!) so a large BB that only has say 100 hp left can be sunk if a DD rams him, as the DD would CAUSE more than 100 hp damage, he dies. But the damage the (100 HP) BB inflicts on the dd would also be HUGE and based on the normal HP of that BB!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Put another way!! A Large BB with only 100 HP left from being damaged, is not limited to only his "current HP" , the damage potential he can inflict on another is based on his Gross HP when new. (It kind of makes sense when you think of a Battleship all shot up and unable to even fire his guns, if that badly damaged BB rammed a smaller ship in real life, he might sink form the damage received, but the BB would also inflict a larger amount of damage to a smaller ship whether his gun were working or his ship were sinking and being flooded, his gross weight alone would pass on a massive amount of damage to a smaller ship, or even a ship of his same size that was fully functional for guns and hull,)
  8. fbrrhd

    New Ranked Season was awesome, until...

    I've beaten a bunch of cv with both Mass and Eugen But I agree, it is the least fun mode in ranked to be fighting someone that you cant shoot until the end! CV's should have been left out!
  9. fbrrhd

    Puerto Rico Progress Tracking

    Well Done!!!
  10. fbrrhd

    Too hard on players with PR?

    Why did you use a 45 (because they make a 46) lol old joke I know. But it seems a few others here are shooters, too....
  11. fbrrhd

    Too hard on players with PR?

    Not really. The high priced guns (14k+) are better for high volume shooters, and they do have better dynamics (handling). If I had to put a value on it, I would say the difference in a 14k gun and a 5k gun is maybe 3 or 4 targets per hundred. And considering the difference in place could be 15 to 20 down (with 4 targets less). Most very high priced guns are made from the 14k base gun with better wood and the cost is in the engraving. (The exception are the Purdeys and H&H handmade English guns) Because prices continue to rise a rapid rate, most expensive guns (now 14k+) you will make money when you sell them in even a few years time and heavy use! Inexpensive (less than 7k) you will lose money in the short run. We have digressed enough. But the fact remains what folks spend in WOWS is small change compared to some hobbies!! (I used to race sailboats, and yes you can really pay to win and throw huge chunks of change overboard every race!! To say nothing of the price of a good racing big boat) Just for fun and a flag (you get a flag for winning!!) Real WHALES are found playing other "adult sports"!!! Not on a computer...
  12. fbrrhd

    Too hard on players with PR?

    https://mishoot.com/store/Kolar-Arms-c26878653 heres a few 19 to 92k 40 to 50k are Medium priced high line guns.....go look at Purdeys or Holland and Holland they start at $120k And I've shot a guys custom (180k) Holland! They are around at any sporting tournament with 100s of 40k guns!! Those kids know how to spend money! PS oops there is a$ 119K gun on that page! (at a major sporting tournament there are twice as many guns over 16K as guns under 4k) And the side by side carts are all customized (they use to be mostly golf carts but not anymore)
  13. fbrrhd

    Too hard on players with PR?

    I guess it's a good thing how much premium time you have doesn't show in battle!!!