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  1. Ghost_90

    Advent Calendar

    I can open December 2nd on the calendar, the message say "this will be available tomorrow". Anyone else having the same issue?
  2. Ghost_90

    Is Server Down?

    Same here
  3. Has anyone else received the mission? As of 5:30am CST I have not received the mission. This goes along with the Daily Shipments that I was excluded from. There must be a black cloud over me Mission Showed up 1 hour late
  4. It means for some reason I don't get anything. I am assuming I am in the control group that gets nothing this patch. I received no Daily Award Shipments in either version and I have played every day. So I guess my extra tokens mission went to some one else.
  5. I just checked the website and it looks like there is an additional 2 hours add to the time before it was finished.
  6. I have noticed a cat meowing in while I am in port. Is this part of a clue for more games codes?
  7. Ghost_90


    Thanks, I now have to get the ones from streaming.
  8. Ghost_90

    The Case to make 3v3 permanent

    I agree this has been the best sprint season. I would add 1 more thing make it cost you to play the same ship repeatedly like operations. I would like to see a larger variety ships
  9. Ghost_90

    Responding to Salt in Ranked Sprint

    I always compliment every one when we win the game.
  10. I am enjoying the Ranked Sprint but some of salt is quite funny. I have been asked which team are you playing for? My response was that Pomp just took 3/4 health. (They didn't notice that I had set fires 2- 5 fires on him.) I was put in a game where was a division and I asked what is your plan? Of course I got no response so told them I am not your spouse so I can't read your mind. (that worked they told me what they were planning)
  11. Ghost_90


    I use the black list as a reminder on how a person played. If you sat behind an island or sat on the edge while you team died then I will black list you. At the start of a game I look for people I have black listed and I avoid them as much as possible.
  12. Ghost_90

    Server trouble?

    Kick out twice this morning, had several game crashes over that past month
  13. Make that 0 for 16, I guess I need to make a sacrifice to MM or RNG!
  14. 0 for 10 hopefully 1 tomorrow or next week
  15. Ghost_90

    NA Server overloaded at 6:25 am

    That would explain the weird things happening at the end of my last battle