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  1. I also am on the fence about the PR, I am going to decide on the purchase if I think I can complete the missions every week 12k is more than I have ever spent on a Ship. I spend 6k the first time.
  2. Ghost_90

    Unused Camos

    I will I be compensated for all the unused camos that I have in the inventory? I have a few thousand, for example I have 61 Mosaic, will I receive 300k for each one?
  3. Anyone know about the status of Prime Rewards for this month?
  4. Ghost_90

    Dockyard Error?

    It is high but all you need to do is do your job as a DD, CV or Sub
  5. Ghost_90


    I agree the Delay on the rocket planes makes them useless unless to an occasional player.
  6. I have owned it from almost when it was released. I don't care what people say in chat, I will black list you if you go too far. Everyone had to know WG was going to maximize the profit for this ship. Look at how many posts were begging for it, just be happy you know the cost. Imagine if they would have put it up for auction.
  7. I have this replay if you want to see it. There were 2 ships on the red team that had torps, a Skane and Gneisenau . The first picture is the first time a torp appears notice how close it is to the Gneisenau. How did this torp get there with out hitting the Gneisenau. The torps had to come from the Skane as you can see in the second picture the Gneisenau's torps are fired.
  8. What good is the boost if you can't get in range or hit you targets because of dispersion? I don't think they need to become OP but they should get at least a buff to get them to t9 status.
  9. I am currently grinding the V. Vento and the North Carolina and I was low tier in the battles today. I know the numbers are too small to change to +- 1. So how about giving a boost to the -2 ships? I think dispersion and range would be a good starting point. It is so discouraging that I am ready to quit. Please do something to make the -2 tier ships completive in random battles.
  10. Ghost_90

    Advent Calendar

    I can open December 2nd on the calendar, the message say "this will be available tomorrow". Anyone else having the same issue?
  11. Ghost_90

    Is Server Down?

    Same here
  12. Has anyone else received the mission? As of 5:30am CST I have not received the mission. This goes along with the Daily Shipments that I was excluded from. There must be a black cloud over me Mission Showed up 1 hour late
  13. It means for some reason I don't get anything. I am assuming I am in the control group that gets nothing this patch. I received no Daily Award Shipments in either version and I have played every day. So I guess my extra tokens mission went to some one else.
  14. I just checked the website and it looks like there is an additional 2 hours add to the time before it was finished.