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  1. Ghost_90

    What daily containers do you pick?

    None of the above, I go swquecually the every once in a while open them all. That way I am only disappointed one in a while
  2. Ghost_90

    Tech Tree Tuesday - The Grind

    I am surprised no one mentioned the Pensacola before it was buffed at t7.
  3. Ghost_90

    Mouse Clicks

    Attached a new mouse and that seems to have solved the problem, thanks for your help
  4. Ghost_90

    Mouse Clicks

    I am having trouble with what seems to be with multiple mouse clicks. I have noticed that when I single click the game sometimes responds as if I have clicked 2 or more times. I have an HP P6540y with windows 10 pro. This does not appear to happen in other software. Does anyone have a suggestion before I open a ticket?
  5. Ghost_90

    Disregard thread/ Mods delete

    I am looking for a new clan. Will anyone be online tonight
  6. Also I have a Saipan let me know if you want to division latter tonight
  7. I got it in a Mino last night 230 hits and win