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  1. vedwed

    Cruisers with smoke

    Should we tell em some BBs have smoke too?
  2. Aslains has it, but its in a little circle now instead of a box. Aslains is miles beyond modstation, just use it instead.
  3. There are some games (a lot actually) that have mod managers built in. A simple legal disclaimer covers all that good stuff.
  4. vedwed

    The erosion of concealment

    Can't speak for all either on the sub driving end, or the ship sailing with/capping with the sub, but in my experiences the subs just dive and don't do crapuntil you are destroyed because they left you as bait..this aint fishing, and I aint your [edited] lure...
  5. vedwed

    Did somebody ask for this QOL addition?

    click the bell icon in bottom right corner messages will stop popping up and go away, alternately set your resolution differently, I do not have the issue of collect container being totally blocked
  6. vedwed

    Black Tom Explosion

    I learned this in 8th grade. In a public school of all places even. The junior high I went to had a required military history class.
  7. vedwed

    ChatGPT on IJN Cruisers

    WG only gives a [edited] about money...Facts do not make them money, do not expect to see them here
  8. vedwed

    A new low: You have to buy missions

    This. This is exactly what keeps my wallet closed. I have no issues with spending money in and on games...ask my wife, she will gladly [edited] about it. Not here though, These people are too greedy for their own good. It is a major turn off on how they just expect everyone to bust out a few hundred bucks for garbage in a video game. REPEATEDLY every patch.... If it some ship I REALLY want, I will probably buy it. Otherwise screw spending money with this greedy company
  9. vedwed

    Ship Carousel Filter Issue

    You using any mods maybe? I am at 1920x1080 and can display 4 rows just fine.
  10. vedwed

    The container system really sucks

    OH YAY!!! doubly [edited]
  11. vedwed


    I mainly play cruiser and BB, also I hate subs (because they inconvenience me lol), but I kill their asses as soon as I see them, BB has arguably the best ASW platform...if you are not stuck in your binoculars the whole game, the US cruisers I play counter them well also but you have to try to counter them, not just [edited] because you didnt pay attention to the ocean around you. They are an inconvenience at most, easily killable and also just as easily avoided.
  12. Not totally about the SC nerf, but... Why is it when I choose to collect a more coal container does it turn into a super container? 3 in the last 2 days.... I didn't choose TYL specifically because I dont want your crapdrops from SC and this is what you give instead of more coal. Fix this crap, I mean I suppose it is working as intended for you there at WG...but man stop screwing the players every chance you get...let our asses heal from the last raping...
  13. vedwed

    post-nerf super container

    If they flood T-X ships and reduce the ways of getting them for free, the new customers they are desperately trying to attract will have no choice but to spend money. This is their goal, as money making often is for a business, but their practices are pretty [edited].