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  1. Wargaming Anniversary ?

    Anyone heard what they might do? Last couple of years they gave out missions for your T10 ships that were rewarded with SC's, I think. I know last year they did that. Has anyone seen anything???
  2. Clan basically disrupted after Game

    27 in the clan. 7 were in battle. The rest offline. No one is that good so no one has mods. Previous battle we were fine. After this one it was zapped. We think it is a glitch but it cost us the rest of the nights clan battles and we don't have but 2 members and the rest of us are in limbo....the 2 left weren't in battle and have logged in over a month....
  3. Clan basically disrupted after Game

    I am a deputy commander. All but one were in tonights clan battles
  4. Clan basically disrupted after Game

    During our Clan battles on 20:52 7/11/18 our clan won and were rewarded with a screen saying clan service unavailable and all but 2 in the Clan (SEC-8) were deleted. No reason at all...
  5. 2 ships in game same name

    Only reason I even noticed it at all was going to compliment someone in the opponents side for their play. No big deal just seemed very concerning if someone could have played 2 ships at once and one of them being a tier 10 carrier. Person is a ranked one player with great talent...
  6. 2 ships in game same name

    so you can have the same name appearance in game? I see the slight difference in the accounts but in my battle results there is no difference at all....
  7. 2 ships in game same name

    I still have it on my history of my battles. They are letter for letter the same. No difference at all. I am not trying to call someone out for cheating, I am trying to figure out how this was done and why the system was allowing it.... the system concerns me more than anything. I apologize if this is seen as calling someone out. Not my intention actually not sure how WG allows this...
  8. 2 ships in game same name

    how is this possible? PS I don't know how to scrub names of others...
  9. Angry YouTuber Preview: French Battleships

    Everyone should consider supporting LWM on Patreon. She is a superstar help in the game and the little characters are really cute
  10. New Years Crate Contents

    They are there now.
  11. 2M XP in one ship

    A lot of 19 point captains from this..
  12. Easter Eggs in the St. Petersburg Port?

    sure enough it is there in real life. Swear they look the same in the game.
  13. Easter Eggs in the St. Petersburg Port?

    look next to the name of the York Captain. Taller building with round dome top. Looks like the US capitol.
  14. In the notes they said there are Easter Eggs in the celebration. I am not familiar with the city of St Petersburg but I swear I see the US Capitol in the background of the city. I also think I see the Eifel Tower in the distance. I am not from England but does that look like parliament building right next to the actions stations sign???