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  1. The biggest problem now for DD's is the spotting from CV's and the rocket planes. I can manage the radar, sonar and even the spotting of other DD's as I see them before they see me depending on the type of DD I play ( torp boats for me) The rocket planes are a joke. It is like taking a shotgun into a gunfight inside a small room, WG should have never brought them in. I agree with a lot of the complaints on CV vulnerabilities. I looked for the survival rate for the highest 5% of DD players in I think the Daring (at the time the highest survival rate) and it was still smaller than the avg of ANY CV at t10 says a lot. CV's need to have spotting of their ship to be around 20K.(most sit behind islands and aren't normally spotted) or the player gets the old fire durations and flooding durations and have to be managed by the player. No class of ships should get a pass when comes to survival rate. This game does a lot of things to dissuade DD players. I had a game recently where I had 220k spotting damage if I remember right, one solo cap we never lost, and one kill and like 20k damage and didn't break 1k XP. We won and I didn't get rewarded for being a team player and setting up others for success. I have gotten plenty of games where I have done 100k in damage and gotten a cap and lost and gotten more XP. The game does too much to determine play, be it the design of the maps(Ocean should come up much more often), the spotting distance from some ships firing in smoke(Smolensk has a lower penalty the MK), Russian radar should be 10k like the rest of the ships) and the ability to survive at the high rate of the CV. It is no mistake that the CV tends to be the last surviving ship almost always and that is wrong and should be addressed.....
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    I agree with frustration of the OP. Thursday and Friday I played 4 games with 145k in asashio, 185K in shima, 145k in shima, and 235k in shima. I only won the 235k game. In each I capped and did find multiple DD's. Sometimes you can't tow an anchor of a team....
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    HMS Queen Elizabeth (are cv’s outdated tech?)

    I never played the game so I don't know. I grew up about 15 minutes from his house and still live near it now. I think he had some help with his books as far as sources. It could be the person you named by I know about the White House stuff for sure. From what I can remember none of the details he quoted when Ryan was president was wrong. An example would be little things like it is not possible for POTUS to leave the Oval Office to go to the residence without going outside. Only badged staff goes near there and only at the approval/watch of the Secret Service. My assumption is he knew someone that was either a supervisor agent or someone on the detail. One of the non fiction books he wrote was about subs and I think he thanks the skipper of the boat he was on. And if you remember some of the books allude to a the Executive Officer in First Armored as HR McMaster who became Trump's National security advisor in real life.
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    HMS Queen Elizabeth (are cv’s outdated tech?)

    I think you mean Bear and the Dragon. I don't know but in some respects it wouldn't be a something I would be surprised by the Russians. Remember they shipped a lot of equipment to other countries so why not give them the older stuff. I mean if you are giving tanks to Afghans do they need the newest?
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    HMS Queen Elizabeth (are cv’s outdated tech?)

    One thing about Clancy was his sources for stuff. How many authors go on subs and such? I talked to a Secret Service agent about him and he admitted that he had been given a tour by them etc... The White House stuff was really accurate in a lot of cases including some of the verbiage used by staff. You could really tell which of the books he wrote, better research and the like.
  6. NightStalkers_2015

    HMS Queen Elizabeth (are cv’s outdated tech?)

    That was sort of hinted in Red Storm Rising book by Tom Clancy. He was actually questioned by the govt after writing the book.
  7. NightStalkers_2015

    HMS Queen Elizabeth (are cv’s outdated tech?)

    Some of what you said about GB's economic position is just not true. The US was financing the Allies as early as 1917. (Type World War1 economies into a browser and a wiki comes up and says just that) I almost certain that the US had the biggest economy after the war was over and no country could outspend it if it wanted to build the biggest navy in the world. There was even planning by the Royal Navy to have the US as an enemy if the US decided to be the dominant naval power. The US proved in World War2 that there was no way it could be out built by any country with it's industrial base. As far as US being a savior maybe it is time we let the world stop using us as the world policeman and let some other countries do the lifting. Consider Germany complains about Russia but they buy a lot of Natural Gas from Russia. What happens to that if Germany and Russia get into a disagreement? Is the US perfect? Not at all. We suffer badly by our politicians and the ability to argue about almost everything. However most democracies depend on US as a friend. As for GB needing carriers how would subs have fixed the issues in the Falklands? You can't shoot down planes from the mainland with subs. The US would have had more planes over those islands with one carrier than all the smaller carriers that GB could have used for that fight. Also how do you handle a deep target such as something like the Saddam bunker with a Tomahawk? One of the reasons they use special weapons for that is the ballistic falling of a bomb gives the kinetic energy to give the penetrating power. Also at some point the world will/ has found a way to track subs. By magnetism. You can't move that much metal around in water without being detected. The US P8 I think uses some of this tech even tho it might not be fully mature yet. Are US CV's vulnerable? Certainly. There are counters to every weapon. But why does the world seem to building them all the time? Also the Great Depression was not a result of the Stock Market crash. No actual money is ever lost in the market in some respects. If you buy Apple at say 10$ a share and never sell it you still own the stock no matter if it is 100 bucks or 1 buck a share. Only after you sell the stock do you get a result either with a profit or loss. (Provided the company doesn't go bankrupt) The Depression was caused by the lack of confidence. Movement of money is how all economies work. You give me something I give you money be it work or an Ipad. When money is not moved then the economy crashes. The only other alternative is socialism/communism. This never works because once you make everything owned by the "people"/state there is no incentive to work hard as you get the same result one way or the other. In fact it is a known fact that the per acre yield of home gardens in Russia were more productive than the state run collective farms (and they still had to buy grain from North America) As for the US using nukes on Japan it saved lives. More people died in the Tokyo fire raid than were killed in Hiroshima. The Japanese Army was training civilians to fight the Americans on the beaches with spears. Millions of them would have died especially the civilians. And the times have changed since WW2. Was it ok to firebomb civilians done by both the British and American bombers over Germany? if you die by a firestorm or a nuke you are just as dead. And don't be naïve and say that only the US was trying to build nukes. That isn't close to true. Even Japan had an atomic program. Any weapon that can be researched will eventually be deployed if viable. Been that way since man picked up a rock and flung it at another person. The only reason no one uses atomic weapons now is that the cost of the payback is not worth thinking about.
  8. NightStalkers_2015

    HMS Queen Elizabeth (are cv’s outdated tech?)

    I have a few comments. One is the 400 dollar ash tray is sometimes how the US hides black projects. Things like f117 and B2 weren't public appropriations so some of that goes to that. Only the POTUS, VPOTUS and select congressman actually see those types of buys. Second is there is a lot of talk about Tomahawks in this thread. As far as I know they have to be used on targets that can't move. I say this because the Tomahawk is not used for Antiship missions. I think they are programmed to work on a mission plan done by satellite intel only. Third the idea that SSBN's off your coast is sort of laughable. Both Russia and US have standing deterrence missions at all times. The missiles they carry have plenty of range to hit targets from long range. A depressed trajectory shot is possible but highly unlikely due to the fact only a few nations actually have SSBN's so you can kind of guess who did it. And anyone starting an all out nuke fight is dumb. I also have got to assume that other nations other than the US can shoot down ballistic targets. That was done by Aegis CG back in the Bush Admin #2
  9. NightStalkers_2015

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    Kuro is really good. He takes the time to explain tactics and strategy. He teaches stuff you don't actually see in the replays sometimes. Like this is a likely spot for a DD to be in a cap etc.. Sometimes that can mean you get a sense for when things are about to happen before they do actually happen.
  10. NightStalkers_2015

    "Torpedo Protection Hits" a little bit out of control

    Who says I am not dealing with it? Are you the free speech police and no one can say something without your approval? if I am a consumer of the product and participant in the game.(I only have about 1k less games than you ) then I should be able to complain about something. If you don't like me complaining maybe you should "Deal with it." The artistic license for hitting a Gearing in the Engine room with an AP shell and it overpenning in real life is not necessarily bad as the DD's in real life had a high chance of getting nuked by a hit there the USS Johnston at Leyte Gulf being a prime example as it crippled her. In real life it was hard to sink a BB. There is a lot of license in this game I get it. Some of it doesn't make any sense at all.
  11. NightStalkers_2015

    "Torpedo Protection Hits" a little bit out of control

    This is a [edited] mechanic. The fact of the matter is that if you were to hit an actual torpedo blister it will in some way slow the ship down. If it had nothing but air in it then it would flood and this slows the ship down. Second if it was full of water then the hole in the blister would have some hydrodynamic drag that would slow the ship down, and that doesn't count the water being pushed into/against the actual hull by the explosion of the shell. One question to ask is about USS Washington. The Kirishima crew said they got hit by 6 or so torpedoes. This was not possible as the US destroyers were either sunk or crippled/ withdrawing. The fact of the matter is that Washington hit the Kirishima below the water line. I don't know if Kirishima had a torp belt for sure but it is very likely it did. This didn't stop the shells from penning. These hits contributed a lot to the sinking of Kirishima. The problem is that the programming is faulty. If a hit on a cruisers or DD's armor in its torp belt was enough for the shell to explode it would pen the ship. If the shell didn't explode then it would be just like an overpen. Which does result in some damage in the game. Either way damage occurs of the ship is hit unless it is ruled a bounce of the armor. Either a hit is enough to penetrate or it isn't this fake torp belt thing is dumb. I once hit a cruiser with 6 shells from my BB and got six of the torp belt hits. This would not leave that cruiser with no damage at all in any kind of real life scenario. Just change the programming to an overpen and be done with it... It isn't hard....
  12. NightStalkers_2015

    Why so much French bias?

    I am not trying to be insulting just in case it comes off that way. But your reasoning is faulty. First off the V2 was short ranged and inaccurate. It was a terror weapon. The only way it could ever hit the US was with the technology of the 1950's. The German scientist that helped develop it helped the US build the ICBM's. German never ever had the economic power of the US to even achieve ICBM's in the 1950s. Second the british had jets at the end of the war. They used them to shoot down the V1. But neither missile had the explosive capacity of the any heavy bomber of the brits or the US. The only way that ICBM's matter is if you put weapons of mass destruction on them. The US was way ahead of Germany in the atomic race. This happened in the 1930's due to Hitler running off scaring off most of the a bomb scientists. Another thing you are ignoring is that the reason the jets were not produced in larger number is that he metals for fan blades in the 262 were in short supply. And that is with them invading half of Europe. Most 262 engines had to be replaced in 25 flight hours. And like I said with the British having jets also you don't think the US couldn't have built more jets than Germany? Japan didn't ask permission to do Pearl harbor. They would have done it over Hitler's objections even if he had them. The Japanese national pride in the Japanese military didn't allow them to back away from what they were doing in China. Once the US put sanctions in place the Japanese were going to do it one way or another and would have lost not matter what. One other thing the first US navy ship to be lost to the Axis was done by Germany not the Japanese. This happened (Rueben James) well before Pearl Harbor.
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    Why so much French bias?

    This is not even close to being true. First of all Hitler considered USSR to be the prime enemy. He never would have not taken on the Soviets. He stated this in Mein Kampf. Second of all the reason Germany didn't lead in the Atom bomb was that he chased off all the Jewish and other scientists. Third the German navy other than subs were a joke. They would have never survived against the Royal Navy if they would have tried to invade England. There were many winners and brave people on the allied side. The Aussies in the pacific probably fought as much any other nation in the Pacific except China and the US. The French underground did great work. The Canadians fought as bravely as any other nation in the ETO. The British had the guts to stand alone basically But there were 2 primary countries that contributed most to winning the war. The USSR and USA. Hitler could never beat the Russians it is too big to conquer much like the US. The Red Army was poorly prepared for the war due to Stalin's purges of the officer core. They lost millions of troops due to poor tactics and training. By 1943 they had been taught how to fight by the Nazi's themselves. They bled the Germans by far more than any other Army. The USA did the greatest amount of fighting in the Pacific. Japan never had a chance and had no plan to win the war. America would have won in the Pacific without any help if it came to that. We didn't come close to maximizing the Army during the war. The Navy was bigger than the rest of the world combined by the end of the war. People don't realize how much America did for the allies during the war. Lend Lease supplied most of the tanks for the British, Canadian, and French Army's during the war after America's entry. I read an article that the US never built another Sherman tank for the US Army after 1943. The rest of the production went to allies. The Russians got 500000 Trucks from Lend lease that went a long way to making the Red Army more mobile. Germany never took the USA seriously. That and his hatred of people that didn't fit his racial profile doomed Germany. The German Army was the best army during the war, but it didn't have near enough resources and manpower to defeat USSR or the US singly much less taking on all of Europe and Canada to boot. And the US never declared war on Germany. Hitler did that. He was a fool. The US supplied the second most troops during war in the ETO and did this despite carrying the weight in the Pacific. As for the technology the Germans had some great weapons in some cases. However they had no capacity to make them work in big enough numbers to matter. The didn't even have enough oil to make what they had work. Again Hitler was blind to all of this in some ways. How would he even beat the Russians? Do the Japanese link up with the Germans somehow? The Japanese couldn't even slow down the Red Army in the last week of the war despite having over a million troops there. This reminds me a lot of the Lost Cause mentality some people still have about the Confederacy during the Civil War The South never was going to win the war. The South had the better Generals and won a lot of battles. But they never made the Union ever go all out. At the end of the war the US Navy was as big as the biggest Navy at the time the Royal Navy. While the Union had conscription they were not required to fight for the duration unlike the rebels. There is a lesson in the Tom Clancy book Debt of Honor. Jack Ryan states that all major wars after the industrial revolution were lost by the countries that started them. If you don't have enough friends or capacity to wage a war on your own don't start one. It is amazing how this keeps getting missed by countries around the world.
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    MOARRESOURCES just got posted
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