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  1. NightStalkers_2015

    Wargaming Anniversary ?

    Anyone heard what they might do? Last couple of years they gave out missions for your T10 ships that were rewarded with SC's, I think. I know last year they did that. Has anyone seen anything???
  2. NightStalkers_2015

    Clan basically disrupted after Game

    27 in the clan. 7 were in battle. The rest offline. No one is that good so no one has mods. Previous battle we were fine. After this one it was zapped. We think it is a glitch but it cost us the rest of the nights clan battles and we don't have but 2 members and the rest of us are in limbo....the 2 left weren't in battle and have logged in over a month....
  3. NightStalkers_2015

    Clan basically disrupted after Game

    I am a deputy commander. All but one were in tonights clan battles
  4. During our Clan battles on 20:52 7/11/18 our clan won and were rewarded with a screen saying clan service unavailable and all but 2 in the Clan (SEC-8) were deleted. No reason at all...