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  1. DonKarnage2

    Caption the profile image above you.

    This tiny Scharnhorst serves the same purpose in the Kriegsmarine as Katori does in the Imperial Japanese Navy.
  2. DonKarnage2

    Caption the profile image above you.

    The only survivor of Varus' legions...
  3. Snails vs. turtles, but the turtles have torpedoes.
  4. Special Game Mode... Monitors vs. Destroyer Escorts
  5. DonKarnage2

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Psst, hey man you wanna buy some... SOUP?!?
  6. DonKarnage2

    Who have you seen in game

    Ran into @TheDgamesD a match or two back. Had @Minah_Bang on my team in a Ranked Match... our team lost, but she did rack up 4 kills in Akizuki.
  7. DonKarnage2

    Who have you seen in game

    I ran into Dictionary last night and gave him a bunch of torpedoes into his Yamato. Ran into @Battlecruiser_Yavuz just now, but didn't actually bump into them before I was sunk.
  8. DonKarnage2

    Tonnage Tuesday - Most Effective Ship

    In terms of number of ships sunk, prepare to LOL because the winner is: USS Colorado at T7. In terms of KD spread, it's the Kaiser at T4. Technically, the ARP Kongo is my best KD spread ship, but when it's stats are rolled in with all other Kongo and clone stats it doesn't come out on top. Orlan, Phra Ruang, V-25, and Chikuma also have better KD spread numbers, but very small sample size. In terms of fitting my playstyle best: Kongo & Clones plus Ashitaka (the AP boost is MAGGA, Makes Ashi Guns Great Again). In terms of making money hand over fist and being fun to play, Arizona.
  9. Depends, did you ram a Konig Albert? K. Albert was the only T3 BB I played. Otherwise, I played Katori, Derzki, St. Louis, Campbelltown, and G-101.
  10. I think that might have been me you rammed. Was my team losing by 4-5 ships at the time and was it another BB that you rammed? :)
  11. DonKarnage2

    Pirate Event Feedback from Pirate_Crew_108

    I was also a back-filled Pirate, I was selected as an alternate the day before the event started.
  12. DonKarnage2

    Pirate Event Feedback from Pirate_Crew_108

    Rewards will be distributed by End of Business on 28 August. That's what we were told and that's what Fem has said as well on the forums. I hadn't considered that thought, but as a reward idea I like it better. Let us have 1 maxed out Tech Tree ship of our choosing, up to Tier 7, with a special permanent Pirate Camo and Flag. I would pick a Kongo and sail that thing for days. Kongo speaks to me, I have been a vocal supporter of Battlecruisers. Or even just a Pirate Camo and flag that we can apply to any premium ship we own... I'd run it on Ashitaka like it was going out of style. Ashitaka is love. Agreed on the notice thing.
  13. DonKarnage2

    Pirate Event Feedback from Pirate_Crew_108

    I had a 65% WR, but a less than 10% survival rate. There were a few times where, for nearly an entire match, no one shot at me. My goal was to help my team win first, give out loot second. There were at least 2 matches, one where my team was clearly going to lose (we were -4 ships to the other team) and one where we were clearly going to win (we were something like +6 or +7 ships to the other team) where I deliberately rammed other players. In the loss it was to try and even the numbers by taking an enemy BB with me (didn't work) in the win it was to make sure someone still got the loot (and I think get a 3rd or 4th kill.) Additional levels on the Pirate Reward tree would be nice. Especially throwing us just the three daily containers since I got none of my Dailies over the weekend. Agreed on the communication thing. Yes, it was run by WG. I agree with you on the Open Tier, though I would say lock us into specific tiers during the Waves and then Open Tier outside of those times.
  14. DonKarnage2

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Unce Rico? Is that you? Can you howl a football over them there mountains? Would we have won State if the coach had put you in?