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  1. Best way to take on a BB in Buffalo is to RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Forest Run. She can be overpenned by 90% of the BBs you will face which means you need to affect their accuracy and if u have no island to hide behind or play ring around the rosie with then get distance so you can set the terms of engagement. You need to be able to drop detect and wait till his turrets transverse to another target then start up your HE spam. Fighting them 1 v 1 will lose you alot of engagements.
  2. I love my IFHE khab shes a real danger to every cruiser but the freakin zao
  3. Treeodeth

    what just happened ?

    I went pink to but when it transfered me to "new server" it went away plus who cares if u are pink tbh doesnt mean anything
  4. Treeodeth

    what just happened ?

    Has wargamming tried unplugging it for 30 secs and then plugging it back in?
  5. Treeodeth

    what just happened ?

    The only players able to division up after last night screw up did the following 1. played one co-op battle 2. left as soon as battle started 3. got a message from wargaming that server is going down for maintenance and we would be transferred to a server when all battles the player had been in ended. 4. Waited at the log in screen with the transferring message 5. Got transferred 6. Everyone who didnt get the message to transfer servers still cant division up
  6. Treeodeth

    what just happened ?

    Except the problem is more then 24 hours old.
  7. Treeodeth

    what just happened ?

    Now i dont know if i am more concerned over the problem or your inability to recognize sarcasm!!!! I joke I joke
  8. Treeodeth

    what just happened ?

    Sorry my bad 1 "administrator" with 27 post 14 of which have been on this topic is looking into a problem that has not allowed a large player base the ability to play clan battles. Sorry if it sounds like we are pissed but yeah we are pissed.
  9. Treeodeth

    what just happened ?

    25 hours and still not addressed, gg CB
  10. Treeodeth

    what just happened ?

    So a problem thats been reported for over 24 hours and keeping many players out and still cant get a response that there is a problem much less a solution.
  11. Treeodeth

    what just happened ?

    So they still didn't address this problem
  12. Treeodeth

    what just happened ?

    Still waiting on blue to post that "oh hey guys we are aware of an issue and actually addressing it" Someone wake up Boris already.
  13. Treeodeth

    what just happened ?

    Still nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I still love the Khab and have no problem holding down the left mouse button for 20 mins. Pick your range and your fight, use that mini map in the corner of your game screen it helps alot to not walk into a smolensk or american cruiser under 9km. If you play the Khab right is still super fun and can be effective. Yes it is power crept upon but can out tank the Kleber every single day of the week still the klebers weakness is no heal its strengths of course are speed but a team that shoots at the kleber kills the kleber.
  15. Treeodeth

    Why are so many Shima's using 20km torps?

    The 20km torps have a 2.5 km surface detect vs the 12 km torps with 1.7km detect which makes a huge difference in the % of torps landed. The shima has a terrible torp reload which is why i run 12km torps and typically only launch on targets whos broadside I have and typically in the 5.9 - 6.2 km range. Then its either a kill or a miss as sometimes they just pick the right time to move but its not uncommon for me to get multi dev strikes in the shima while launching as few torps as possible.