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  1. It was the point of how not to play in that I was way to close but with the edge map mechanic and a lot of play to know how to get that wiggle. Might have made it out alive if I had noticed the freddy earlier kinda embarrassing that a freddy got that close before I noticed him. Still one of the most fun games I've had in a while.
  2. Last I checked a freddy at 8km and an HIV inside of 10 km isn't distance. It was more of the point it would have been smart to withdraw and get the correct distance for survival and damage. Ignoring the fact that I tanked 1.9 million in 4 mins of play and racked up enough damage to lead my team in scoring. It wasn't a smart move but it was a fun one.
  3. This would be the opposite of what you should do but it was so much fun.
  4. Treeodeth

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Yes I agree we need to get rid of CYCLONES!!!!!!!!!
  5. Treeodeth

    Ranked just aint FUN

    Did you know that you can CHOOSE to play something else, you are not held hostage to play ranked. I know this may come as a shock.
  6. Hey LOU seen you quite a bit this season on the way to 5
  7. So far in the sub rank 5 games doing just as well as 15-5 some are better shots but they get to focused on killing me and get dev struck by my bbs. The single dd matches are tougher by far then the 4 dd matches and I have a shima buddy spotting. As far as it not being a team ship is silly, its the player and the ship not just the ship and not just the player that make for a deadly combo. Yes a lot of khabs may sit back and farm fires on bbs I would much rather go after their cruisers and dds, im not there to save a star im there to earn a star and knowing im less likely to save my star means I NEED the win. You want to talk about a non team ship that describes about 65% of the bbs sitting back 20 km behind farming bbs not shooting at cruisers and dds.
  8. I catch a fair amount of salt being the Khabby in ranked, but I have a 57% win rate in ranked. I also do more damage then any of my other dds, take more potiental damage , same amount of spotting damage. Most matches are heavy dd and heavy bb's, a khab can bully both. A typical dd doesn't want to push into a khab, and you would be surprised the number of shimas that will pick a fight with you with their GUNS. Most games im tanking well north of 1 million and seen 2.4 and lived through it this season. That is a ton of shells not aimed at other ships on my team. Picking fights with DM's at 11 km is laughable as his guns don't have the accuracy to hit and now hes focused on me and not the true dds. It can be real fun when I have a shima torping and spoting for me, and watching those cruisers so focused on me they eat torps. Or with a good bb that shoots the cruiser to focused on me and going broadside to a bb is my favorite. I don't save many stars and im not leading the pack most wins but I do my job and not be a hero.
  9. Not using your HE would be like using the torpitz without torps, driving a shima without torps. The HE is that entire lines gimmick yes the AP is strong on a Conq and having HE loaded up when that DD pops up 13km out and you hit him with 4 HE rounds as opposed to 4 over pens makes a huge difference for your team. To completely ignore HE in a british BB just seems not very smart.
  10. Wait can we go back to the guy who doesn't use HE in a British BB, ummmmmm why play this line if you aren't going to use it strength?
  11. Treeodeth

    Why keep the Khabba?

    I use heal since I feel its better to draw long range fire off my team since trying to hit a full speed juking Khab is a low % shot and if they are shooting in my direction my team isn't getting shot at. My avg potential damage is 1.2 million per game and ive seen lots of games with it way north of 2 million. Other games they will completely ignore you while being under 10 km away from them. Also what other DD can you get Die-Hard in !!!!!
  12. Treeodeth

    Why keep the Khabba?

    I got the legendary module mounted up, the turn is noticeably worse on the ship. Range is up to 14.6 and 3.7 on the reload avg damage up about 10 - 12k but feeling less effective now instead of fighting at 11 km im out at 13km which means more shatters and useless shots and less accuracy so cant decide if I like it. The ship is a blast to drive around at 46kts and get fired out. I've had a 3.5 million pot game that I lived. I like the ship but she feels weak with range and all the shatters at 11+. Shatters on cruisers just sucks but if he turns broadside I will take the ap pens and rip off 4k-5k salvos easily.
  13. Since they changed the Det mechanics I would say that I have detonated much more, but ive had 75% Dets and 5% dets and got flags for both of em so tbh I just don't care about it that much, but I have noticed an increase in the amount of dets.
  14. Treeodeth

    My How to play Gearing replays

    Nah im messing with you I see you a lot same team and opposite teams, I just know when u are on the other team that you wont do the normal potato dd thing hoping I spawn opposite side of you I prefer taking on the potato DD's. Had a benson open up on me in my Khab and I just felt bad for the guy but what was I supposed to do.