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  1. Dear Wargaming: I am a World of Warships (WOWS) player. In this stupid email, I am going to propose a collaboration between WOWS and Warship Girls R (WGR). WGR is a Chinese smartphone game, and it is the first Warship girl game that launches in China. As the result, the potential customer base of this collaboration is larger than normal. I spent a bunch of money on those anime ships and captains, such as ARP, HSF and AL. So, I think I proved my consumption-ability by buying those weeb things. I really love those ships, even I haven’t played them in a real game, (wonder maybe I prefer buying not playing) I still buy them. And captain, yes, those anime captains with original voice covers are a big factor that keeps attracting weeb players such as me. Here I am going to list 3 reasons that why WOWS should collaborate with WGR. 1: Even though Chinese players didn’t spend much when compared with other regions. However, what if a collaboration with a Chinese game and covered with mandarin? People are willing to pay when they meet their own culture, and no Chinese weeb player can refuse a chance that has an anime captain saying weeb mandarin during the battle. So, it will be a successful collaboration for Chinese players. 2: WGR players have large potential powers. It is true that WGR itself is dropping down, but those players still love their girls. They chose to leave for different reasons, but they are still there. It is like Dota2, not many players are online but it looks like everyone knows it and still have willing to pay for it. Another example will be Stellaris, a 4X game developing by Paradox. In this game, WGR players created a WGR mod. What makes this mod unusual, is a large amount of text and events. This mod has a 1.727 GB file size, which is much larger than other event mods. In addition, WGR has a sub-mod that provides the gamer with some more advisors choice in-game. Usually, what Modder do is find and use original document in-game, but WGR mod doesn’t. Instead, they find those CVs and pay them to do the voice cover, for a mod in a Stellaris. I think these two examples prove that WGR players have the potential power and ability to support this collaboration. 3: Plsssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really reallllllllllllllly want to see Lady Lex appear in WOWS, I love both games but how long shall I wait if I didn’t do anything? I wrote this useless letter and hope maybe it can affect WG’s decision. I feel like I am doing something meaningless. But if you do not try it, how can you know the outcome? Even there is only 1% of change, I shall still go for it. If any staff sees this letter and reads it here, I shall say one more thing: pls, I beg u, I want to see Lex and maybe Saratoga, maybe Missouri, Le Fantasque, Toshkent, V.V., and all other girls in WOWS. If you guys have any concerns about this collaboration, feel free to contact me, I will do anything I can to make my dream become true. Look at Lady Lex here, aren’t u heart beating? Well, at least I am. Damn, I feel stupid, maybe I will delete this later.