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  1. HO scale model railroad. I am in a club. If you want details even if you are not local plz pm, we have started digital videos and photo shoots due to covid so if you like HO scale... Also I hit up car shows with my '68 buick and do a little astronomy and CB radio.
  2. starforce2

    Any CCs you can actually trust these days?

    are they currently accepting more CC aps?
  3. starforce2

    rudder repair bug

    yes, if you are holding A or D when the rudder repairs, the ship continues strait. You must release they key and reapply. Your rudder used to show rudder shift it was just red showing you it wasnt responding, if it repaired or you hit R it would engage automatically if you were holding they key down at the time of repair. This seems to happen on all ships not just DD or BB. I've had it happen on numerous ships.
  4. If you happen to be holding the key down for stearing (A or D by defult) when the rudder repairs due to timer or clicking repair, your rudder will not auto engage. It used to, it doesn't now.
  5. Can we get some stats on the rental usage in ranked, like how the progress was spread, how much they were used and which ones were popular?
  6. starforce2

    Ranked out in an Underated ship

    I ended my ranked sprint with 7 wins in a row (33 battles total) after a 32% wr start, and used mainly helena. I tried duke once and scharn once both massive losses. My final battle I watched a scharn take almost no damage from from a battleship AP volley after volley and nearly broadside I think it was a colorado and I swear the scharn had no dispersion either. My scharn is clearly defective...can I get a refund?
  7. Ok so if I want the captain packs such as "first wave" and "second wave" or the ships I need to buy them soon. I started the collections when they came out, not finished with them though. Whats confusing is there is a timer here: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/11363/ But no timer here: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/specials/11361/
  8. so in the premium shop, it has counters on the admiral packs for the yukikazie and montipilar ships, but not things like the containers and the ships by themselves, or the captain packs. The news in the game launcher titled last chance almost seems to suggest it's all going away, but it was rather vague. So are all the purchases going away in a day or so or just the admiral packs?
  9. starforce2

    Wows Blitz

    since there's no forum for it I assume it's ok to discuss. Are there any buddy codes or promos going on? I coulda swore, on a streamer page or something I saw an invite code that gets you free ships eventualy, similar to new player stuff for regular wows, but now I cant find it. Anything like that going on?
  10. starforce2

    Rejoice all, for Azur Lane returns!

    I am glad this is back, I missed it the first time because I took a break from wows. I used all the port slots that came with the game, didnt really think I was good enough to make spending money worth it and my computer would overheat after a match or 2. So thanks WG!
  11. What do they have for voice overs? I didn't play much space, and dont recall much voice stuff with the dolphin ship which I played, but I am trying to decide which captain I will get. Since I have no 10 pt capt for ijn I think I will go that way, but I am just curious if they have unique voice overs esp the non-human ones? I have 360 ironium and I dont think there is a way for me to earn more at this point unless I get some from air drop containers? (not sure if you get any from those) I didnt get to play much during the last 2 or 3 weeks and didnt like space station after a couple games of it and didnt even try torp beats. Maybe next year. Also, that neuvo de julio that is featured in the fly strike missions, I am thinking of getting it, how is it? I am good in a helena, atlanta dallas, getting better at furry taco and fair at brit cruiser t5. Based on what Ive heard boise is probably going to get bought. Not sure about the neuvos so if anyone has imput have at it.
  12. starforce2

    Update 0.8.2 - Bugs Report

    Ever since space battles hit at the beginning of the month Ive been having issues with frame rate drops esp when going from scope to max zoom out, whatever you call that view (open water? free cam?) the lag has been particularly bad when planes from the german carrier and the siapan show up, but has been happening other times too. Rain and terrain dont seem to do it. Now keep in mind I have shut all my other programs off, and previously I had no issues running wows with 12 tabs open in the browser, obs streaming, half a dozen firefox tabs, discord, and a virus program still running. Seriously. 12 gigs ram, core I5 3ghz, gtx 1050, direct x 11 and win 10 64bit. Been loosing frames like crazy. usualy it runs in the 60's or 70's but it will drop for several seconds into the 20's and 30s at various times in the match. Ping is unaffected. Time of day seems to not affect it. Reboots windows updates and vid card driver updates have not solved it. Virus scanned with 4 different programs, ect. I cant figure it out. I hope the next patch that gets rid of space does the trick cuz thats when it started.
  13. can streamers earn this if they are not able to become a CC?
  14. starforce2

    Why do so many people not use camo?

    I havent been buying dubs camos, but I use event camos for the benefits. The only time I dont use camo is in coop, unless I have a perma camo, like the CCCP on the okt rev...thats too good not to use. I have halloween camos too...just havent earned ships that high yet.
  15. so if i disable automatic updates, and prevent the game from updating, I can continue to use my replays after tonight? I have a ton to record, I can probably just copy my install, I have the HD space, if I want to play before I finish with them.