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  1. YukikazeTheSnowyWind

    Italian DD's

    I sure hope so man. I know about the Paolo Emilio T-X. But I am anxiously awaiting further news. I am just hoping that enough people will get behind a post like this to make a difference. But thank you for your input good sir. Any and all responses are welcome.
  2. YukikazeTheSnowyWind

    Italian DD's

    I am a huge fan of the game War-Gaming has made in world of warships. My favorite tech-line in the game is easily the destroyer. While I currently love the destroyers that are actively featured in the game. I would love to see the Italian Destroyers back on the list of new content to enter the game. I really like the way the cruisers played out and I would thoroughly enjoy seeing my favorite class continuing the legacy of the Italian nation. Please War-gaming take into serious consideration my request. Thank you for your time reading and responding to the feedback.