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  1. if you are in the late game and are detected you do know a stealth ship is around. you should not be able to get a clue if I am targeting with guns or torps, having the guns ready in case you run into enemy DD you didnt realize was there while stalking others is important , because sometimes the first few shots means the difference in a DD knife fight . It is an unfair advantage IMO
  2. As a DD main, I think PT incredibly unfair in that you can tell if I am locked on to you while I am in stealth. If you cant see me, you should not be able to have that info. Till I learned to run around with Torps selected, because switching from guns to torps let others know torps were launched (which also leds to the mind games you alluded too). It is an unfair advantage IMO, especially to BBs in the late game. I would like to see it changed to reflect only ships you have detected or made into a 4 point skill like RDF Also I think, for DDs/CLs anyway, Incoming Fire Alert is better because it give you a chance to avoid salvos from ships you are not focused on while battling others.
  3. The_Necromancer_015

    Captain skills

    I guess very few people feel this way? Am I being un-reasonable in feeling this way? Also, to be clear, this is not an anti-CV post
  4. The_Necromancer_015

    Captain skills

    The one thing that i want fixed is still not fixed. I play differently when a CV is in the game vs when they are not. If CV's were in every game then I am fine with one Capt/ship equipment setup. But Cvs are not in every game. I want to be able to have a CV profile/Surface profile that automatically loads depending on what type of battle I get. It is not fair, especially to the DDs/CLs, because CVs always gets a CV battle and never has to modify their tactics, Captain builds or ships builds to be competitive
  5. The_Necromancer_015

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    I think a solution would be to allow you to set up a Captain skills & ship equipment for CV games or only surface ship games that is automatically loaded when you start the match. Charge me 25 doubloons I dont care, I just want to be able to have a CV setup or a Non-CV setup.
  6. The_Necromancer_015

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    Edit: worked on my reading comprehension, and answered my own question.
  7. The_Necromancer_015

    Do CVs Belong in WoWS?

    As a DD/CL main, I am generally the CVs preferred target. What makes me upset (and why I mostly play coop now), is I want to be able to set up my captain & ship for a match with a CV. If you do that, spend real gold I might add, you get less CV games and are now at an disadvantage in all surfaceship battles. What would make me happy is, if wargaming allowed me to have a CV setup & a surface only set up, that is automatically applied when the match starts. I wish to be competitive (or at least try to be) even tho AA defense is still pretty weak these days. CVs always know if they are getting a cv game and thats unfair IMO
  8. The_Necromancer_015

    The new ship announcement is infuriating

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Forrest_Sherman_(DD-931) not to mention they have gone way past WW2 for European ships, so I want a DD my Dad served on put into game
  9. The_Necromancer_015

    What good or benefit is Karma?

    I find it very useful ;) Karma is useless, but in a game full of angry people (including me at times) I'm uselessly proud of my Karma amount. I have no basis for whether its good or bad vs others, but of all the stats I dont really care about, I'm most proud of how much Karma I have. I feel like I busted my *** to get them and keep them lol ( i have mouthed off from time to time :) I believe, if you generate positive Karma during your time playing the game, it shows that you are a team player out to win the game, not just stat padding or just sailing around at max distance trying not to die.
  10. The_Necromancer_015

    How to improve Russian Radar Cruisers

    add torpedoes
  11. The_Necromancer_015

    Starting the game

    Is it true we are losing the easy game loader? I only play Warships and I really prefer it. Please dont make me use the other one
  12. The_Necromancer_015

    The real problem is radar

    getting rid of the 12km radar would help
  13. The_Necromancer_015

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    Why I basically stopped playing anything but COOP, is because as a mostly DD main, I am a the CV's main meal. That part is ok with me, and having CVs in general are alright with me. What I have a problem with is not having a CV consistently in the game. Most of my favorite DDs have a definite surface setups that make you a much easier target in CV games and have anti-air setups that really reduce the capabilities of said DD in a surface only game for no upside. The larger the ship, the less this is an issue IMO and it feels really unfair to me. I want to be able to have ship/capt setup that works best with my playstyle, so I can be feel competitive for what ships are in the match. Example: Been playing some ranked to get steel for a Somers down the road. Having fun in the Daring but yesterday had several games where I was the only DD in a CV game and once they found me it was constant attack till I was dead. No problem that is what CV should do, but I could use a different setup to make it harder to chew on me. So today I hop on in the afternoon (busy) and I see 4 CVs in que. (dont always get to see the que when its busy, I have fast internet & computer). Looks like there should be CV games so I spend real gold to convert the setup in my gearing to full anti-air to at least get a little back for the day before. 3 modules changes at 25 DBs each, 475 DBs to rearrange Capt. skills. for a total of 550 DB later I press play. No que, get a straight load in, so I could not back out if no CVs, and ......, guess what? Thats right! A no CV game. I know they wont give me button that I can press to never have a CV game, but how about a button that gives me only CV games? or allow us to have 2 setups that auto load depending whether a CV is present or not. To me, lets either have them in all games or not at all. The lack of consistency and feeling robbed of real money bothers me. I dont mind spending the money(and over the last few years I have spent some money), I just dont like spending it for nothing, worse spending it to make your DDs less competitive when you guess wrong or get screwed by fast internet and rarely see what is in the que before you drop