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  1. DeadMeat_015

    What good or benefit is Karma?

    I find it very useful ;) Karma is useless, but in a game full of angry people (including me at times) I'm uselessly proud of my Karma amount. I have no basis for whether its good or bad vs others, but of all the stats I dont really care about, I'm most proud of how much Karma I have. I feel like I busted my *** to get them and keep them lol ( i have mouthed off from time to time :) I believe, if you generate positive Karma during your time playing the game, it shows that you are a team player out to win the game, not just stat padding or just sailing around at max distance trying not to die.
  2. DeadMeat_015

    How to improve Russian Radar Cruisers

    add torpedoes
  3. DeadMeat_015

    Starting the game

    Is it true we are losing the easy game loader? I only play Warships and I really prefer it. Please dont make me use the other one
  4. DeadMeat_015

    The real problem is radar

    getting rid of the 12km radar would help
  5. DeadMeat_015

    What on Earth happened to this game?

    Why I basically stopped playing anything but COOP, is because as a mostly DD main, I am a the CV's main meal. That part is ok with me, and having CVs in general are alright with me. What I have a problem with is not having a CV consistently in the game. Most of my favorite DDs have a definite surface setups that make you a much easier target in CV games and have anti-air setups that really reduce the capabilities of said DD in a surface only game for no upside. The larger the ship, the less this is an issue IMO and it feels really unfair to me. I want to be able to have ship/capt setup that works best with my playstyle, so I can be feel competitive for what ships are in the match. Example: Been playing some ranked to get steel for a Somers down the road. Having fun in the Daring but yesterday had several games where I was the only DD in a CV game and once they found me it was constant attack till I was dead. No problem that is what CV should do, but I could use a different setup to make it harder to chew on me. So today I hop on in the afternoon (busy) and I see 4 CVs in que. (dont always get to see the que when its busy, I have fast internet & computer). Looks like there should be CV games so I spend real gold to convert the setup in my gearing to full anti-air to at least get a little back for the day before. 3 modules changes at 25 DBs each, 475 DBs to rearrange Capt. skills. for a total of 550 DB later I press play. No que, get a straight load in, so I could not back out if no CVs, and ......, guess what? Thats right! A no CV game. I know they wont give me button that I can press to never have a CV game, but how about a button that gives me only CV games? or allow us to have 2 setups that auto load depending whether a CV is present or not. To me, lets either have them in all games or not at all. The lack of consistency and feeling robbed of real money bothers me. I dont mind spending the money(and over the last few years I have spent some money), I just dont like spending it for nothing, worse spending it to make your DDs less competitive when you guess wrong or get screwed by fast internet and rarely see what is in the que before you drop
  6. DeadMeat_015

    Total number of players per side

    So you are fine with the static play-style 7x7 creates?
  7. DeadMeat_015

    Total number of players per side

    Yea the maps would have to be bigger, Im not exactly advocating for 64 players. Mostly curious why WoWS only does 24, most multplayer games seem to want more than less per server. As far as distance between ships at the end, the game is only 20 mins, so i dont think that would be a problem or maybe make the games 25-30 mins long? 15x15 would be fun to try. No one seems to be defending or hating on the 7x7, so I guess most are just fine with that for ranked/competitive?
  8. why cant we have 12x12 for ranked/competitive and 18x18 or 32x32 for random? ranked/competitive is my biggest issue when it come to number of players. 7x7 (ranked), losing the first ship dramatically reduces your chance for a win IMO. Many players at that point, start playing to not lose a star and the losses just snowball. Plus 7x7 games on small maps, end up being very static island hugging affairs that are boring and frustrating IMO. I would like to see a 12x12 ranked season, where the top 3 on the losing side does not lose a star. It would be a much more enjoyable experience, again in my subjective opinion.
  9. DeadMeat_015

    Friesland question

    never mind lol was looking in armory nor the tech tree
  10. DeadMeat_015

    Friesland question

    Is the Friesland no longer available for free xp?
  11. You should play DD and show us all how its done, since you seem to know how a DD should be played. I wonder what your DD stats look like?
  12. DeadMeat_015

    Is DD in Coop more powerful than other classes?

    I have to say yes, but also depending on which DDs. I have been playing a-lot of coop lately for a variety of grindy reasons starting with going for the legendary Gearing module. Prior to this I mostly played the AI in scenarios battles and there the DDs are mostly a detriment and CAs/BBs king. I use the Fletcher torps in my gearing and have the reload down to 85 seconds. The Benham down to 65 seconds. I have stopped farming numerous time because I felt guilty about how little damage/kills I was leaving for those on my side of the map to get. Its not really skill it just experience and how coop works (dumb dumb AI). I think it would help if Coop didnt end till all AI ships were dead, I've seen numerous matches ending far too quickly with 1-3 AI ships still alive
  13. DeadMeat_015

    A UNICORN of the WOWS

    just got another one, so I guess they are not as rare as you think lol
  14. using a terrain glitch I guess. WG you missed a spot in map testing
  15. DeadMeat_015

    A UNICORN of the WOWS

    Had one last night, myself. Rammed the dude because I was running the flag and had a bit more health than him but it killed us both lol