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  1. You should play DD and show us all how its done, since you seem to know how a DD should be played. I wonder what your DD stats look like?
  2. DeadMeat_015

    Is DD in Coop more powerful than other classes?

    I have to say yes, but also depending on which DDs. I have been playing a-lot of coop lately for a variety of grindy reasons starting with going for the legendary Gearing module. Prior to this I mostly played the AI in scenarios battles and there the DDs are mostly a detriment and CAs/BBs king. I use the Fletcher torps in my gearing and have the reload down to 85 seconds. The Benham down to 65 seconds. I have stopped farming numerous time because I felt guilty about how little damage/kills I was leaving for those on my side of the map to get. Its not really skill it just experience and how coop works (dumb dumb AI). I think it would help if Coop didnt end till all AI ships were dead, I've seen numerous matches ending far too quickly with 1-3 AI ships still alive
  3. DeadMeat_015

    A UNICORN of the WOWS

    just got another one, so I guess they are not as rare as you think lol
  4. using a terrain glitch I guess. WG you missed a spot in map testing
  5. DeadMeat_015

    A UNICORN of the WOWS

    Had one last night, myself. Rammed the dude because I was running the flag and had a bit more health than him but it killed us both lol
  6. DeadMeat_015

    This season being all epicenter is awful

    As I previously said, was responding to
  7. DeadMeat_015

    This season being all epicenter is awful

    Ok, but let me give you a counter argument. These sprints should be 12x12 (Top 2 or 3 on losing side doesn't lose a star) with all appropriate maps and modes. An event, that is just like we practice all the time in randoms, would be neat. I've always hated how concentrated competitions are in WoWS. Or even a 16x16 or higher every now and again.
  8. DeadMeat_015

    Ranked Sprint / T7

    My friend, there are many many terrible players in ranked. Turn off chat, if it bothers you and get in there! Unless someones is paying you $15 dollars an hour, play the game in whatever mode you want. Screw what we think! Besides you get better playing the game, by playing the game. GL/HF and get in there
  9. DeadMeat_015

    Ranked Sprint / T7

    Just ranked out. Yesterday I was 1-6 today 11-1. Enjoyable but, and I cant believe I'm saying this, kinda wish it was a little more grindy.
  10. DeadMeat_015

    Since everyone's making a thread about it NTC

    All I know is I cant get any friends or family interested in this game because of the G R I N D, so now WG wants to add more grind. Go figure
  11. I have the opposite problem, Im retired and have no life. I have finished everything available and have 362 fuel tokens. So I would need to buy 29.2 containers to get the Benham right now and I thought about it. WG has thought this out, they are going to give me every opportunity to give them money because I really want that ship. These little pauses are to tempt us folks who refuse to give WG any more money again (again!) because this really is a grind like no other I have participated in other than Kami R when I first started playing and was just not good enough to get it. I think when I get within $30-$50 I will pull the trigger. The game mode is not bad, I only wish it was easier to tell who is on what team and how many they have left on the UI in game. Would be a big help
  12. DeadMeat_015

    PSA: If you want free Benham, DO YOUR DAILY MISSIONS

    Exactly, I dont understand the confusion. WG wants you to get x# of fuel tokens by the end (but not enough) so that you have to spend something to get the Benham , as Burnsy said this is how WG makes money.
  13. DeadMeat_015

    Ship coupon is live!!!

    had 10,650, with the coupon it was 10,500 and already had the Flint. Those were the only steel ships I cared about so I'm very happy. After my first ranked season, I knew I would never get it (dont have the patience/carry skills for ranked) under the old rules. When it was the only DD with radar, it was more of a prize, but I am still very happy to have as a USN DD fan! Thanks Wargaming :)