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  1. DeadMeat_015

    I'm sick of unbalanced teams

    Personally I just think it should go to + or - 1, some MM tweaking and do a bunch of ship balancing (even premium ships).
  2. DeadMeat_015

    Tier 8 MM needs to be fixed.

    I rarely wait longer than 1 minute for a random que, even when the pop is less than 3000. If it is over, most of the time I dont even get to look at how many/types of ships that are waiting in the que - it just goes right into the battle (especially when over 8k players on). I think, without a doubt in my pretty little head, that this game can support +1 OR -1 tier match ups without excessive wait times. This is how you fix the problem IMO. How this will effect game balance exactly? I dont really know, but IMHO it deserves a try for a day or a week to see what happens.
  3. DeadMeat_015


    @rr69 Thanks for the heart attack!
  4. I love the Kidd and at the moment she is being very good to me. Took a few months off and since I came back I have been playing a lot with the Kidd. With a 19pt Capt, SE, 4 heals and IFHE she rewards my aggressiveness and mitigates my stupidity/recklessness. I also run the rudder module and the special engine boost module, with the speed flag, lets you cruise around for 12 mins at 42.something knots and makes the ship responsive as hell. I dont run it AA configured at all anymore. If you like US DDs get it now before, like the Fujin, its gone forever because its just too OP Some short clips from this run
  5. Hail Mary, full of grace These torps I shoot in your name Turkeyday is upon us and I want a Great Big Turkey Leg Amen o7 Sir
  6. @Falls_USMC The Kidd is just great. I know we agree on that my friend. Reason #23 the Kidd is brute and a bully.
  7. DeadMeat_015

    Fujin means 'You Fish Food Now'

    I dont have alot of experience in the Gremy (16 random battles before ranked) but I did fairly well. In this format the way I play him, I couldn't do crap. If I cap contested I died, if I hung back and tried for a lot of fires I got yelled at (and wasn't to effective either tbf) Good Luck!
  8. DeadMeat_015

    Fujin means 'You Fish Food Now'

    How do you brag when you are not that great? Put me in a BB, Im helpless. Most cruisers hahaha. T9-10? meh. Can't even get myself out of T10 ranked before I quit in frustration. I am reckless and live for the "Glorious Death", (dying 7ish minutes into a random match but still #1 base xp and a win). I had a fantastic sprint 1 Ranked and I just had to tell someone. Sprint 2 went well but not as good as S1. The leaderboard is up for S1 https://na.wows-numbers.com/season/id,101/ and generally I never look at these things but I had a really good run (mostly using the Fujin) and wanted to see where I stood. In things like Average damage, max damage and W/R , I was not near the top. But in average XP I was 19th, max XP -11th, and in average Frags 40th out of 12,707. My K/D was 5.0. In the Kami sisters I was 1st in avg xp, 1st in max XP, and 8th in average frags out of 1127 players. Season 2 was still good (leaderboard not up yet) but my stats have gone down enough to not be near the very top like S1. My average xp dropped by 468 and my max XP dropped by 1050. Using S1s numbers it would be around 175th for avg XP and 475th for Max. My K/D was 4.63. I think it is the paint job the Fujin has is magical in nature :) Also, this is a team game and I think I was fortunate with the teams MM gave me. I could not have done what I did without teamwork and if you were in any of my matches o7 and Well Done! DeadMeat_015
  9. DeadMeat_015

    Kamikaze Replay Thread and Tactics Discussion

    Couple of ranked games, this boat is so fun. I think the paint job gives it magical powers. Fujin is Japanese for "Fish Food" :)
  10. @Falls_USMC I think with your gunnery skills (48% with US 5in! Hacker j/k) IFHE will up your AVG when MM starts being kind again. I know that many factors can determine how well I do in a match besides MM (time of day, tired not tired, indica vs sativa, music/tv choices etc etc) by I swear MM has changed for the Kidd. Your results confirm my (most likely untrue) bias. I played at least 50 battles in the week or so after 7.5 dropped at over 65% w/r, took some time off and I believe the next 15 I played were after 7.5.1 dropped (again confirming my unconfirmed bias). I am also seeing comments in chat "the Kidd is cancer", so it does make me wonder if WG is getting lots of complaints about her. But it is also my understanding that MM tries to make everyone 50%, so it just may be its normal. But I swear in over 6000 some games I have never had such a swing, in such a short time, of consistently poor teams and constant bottom tier as I have in the last week for a single ship Also I thought that Defensive AA Fire Modification 1 was for T9-10 like the radar one, I may have to go back to an AA build myself for awhile. Especially if I am going to get such terrible MM, it maybe time to go more passive anyway, which I tend to be when running AA. I will give your AA build from page 1 ago I think because the worst thing I hate about running my AA build is the 15.5k range on the guns. Plus having the extra smoke and DF is a plus, but losing the 7.2k range is a pretty big negative IMO, because if you wait till they spot you it takes them forever to get out of your umbrella. I will miss running the engine boost tho (with the special upgrade module), as it really does make the boat a joy to drive while its running. Also, what is your secret for your gunnery skills?
  11. DeadMeat_015

    Premium Ship Review: Atlanta 3.0

    Hello Miss Mouse, I like to run my Anti-Anti-Air Atlanta Capt is like this along with AA mod 2 module on the ship. With flag that gives me an 85 AA rating(7.2k range), click on with manual targeting and planes just melt I have destroyed 9,046 nasty little aeroplanes in 1632 Atlanta battles( also almost all solo not Div) (only been running it like this for last 800-900 battles or so). IFHE is nice, but versus DD/CA it is not really necessary. Against BBs you just keep setting fire after fire. If you are not shooting over 1000 rounds a match you are not playing it right :)
  12. DeadMeat_015

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Thank you and thank you for helping the community and I decide whether or not to spend our hard earned money. o7 Its a lot of work you do for us and it is much appreciated
  13. DeadMeat_015

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Hey LWM, what do you think of the changes to the Indy? Have you had a chance to play her since the changes? and does it change you opinion of the ship?