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  1. Hi

    I see from your forum postings you know how to discern ship game play ... so I was wondering if you could help me with a  question or two ?

    How would you compare the Thunder vs Slava vs Champagne in game play -    I like the idea of trying a sniper but also concerned with the credit earnings as a secondary issue ?

    And how do you make Alaska work - it seems I am not quite understanding when to push, with out getting deleted ?

    I am getting close to having enough FXP to get Agir or another supercrusier but not so sure about the other choices - any thoughts ?

    Finally I like the look of the Pommern -  I would like to try a brawler ; what is the best way to play her ?

    I have almost enough coal to cover Thunderer and Pommern. I think I like BB game play best atm.

    And I have the Georgia + Jean Bart already both fun ships. And I have a higher battle count on Asia server and will transfer here when they let me  !

    Many Thanks for the reply ; if you have time . D




    1. poeticmotion


      I'm terrible at Alaska, so I can't really help you there. I have one, but high-tier cruisers aren't my strong suit. She's a great ship and a lot of people love her, but I'm too aggressive for her. I have the same issue you do; I get too aggressive and get deleted. 

      I generally don't play sniper-style and don't have Thunderer, Slava, or Champagne, but Thunderer seems to be the most versatile and lowest skill floor.  Champagne seems to be a ship where people either do great or terrible; I love French BBs but I just don't like ships that are optimized for long-range play.

      As much as I love German cruisers and BBs, Agir I don't have and don't want. LittleWhiteMouse does a really good job of reviewing her here. Siegfried is hardeer to get because research points, but she's a much better ship IMO. I love mine. I'd save your free XP for something you want that's good, Agir generally gets poor reviews. I'd recommend following @LittleWhiteMouse if you don't already, her ship reviews are generally on point and invaluable to me in deciding whether a ship fits my style of play. 

      Pommern is, hands-down, my favorite premium of 2020 and arguably my favorite non-steel premium ever. I love playing brawler BBs and Pommern is the best pure brawler for her tier in the game. Sme people have said negative things about her accuracy, but I find she is fine at 10-12 km which is as far out as I like to be and while her accuracy drops off past that, with 12 guns she still gets hits even at range. Personally, if I had to pick between Pommern or Thunderer, I'd pick Pommern, but they;re both good ships. It's really up to you whether you want another t9 thats just as good as GA or JB, or a T10 that's a totally different flavor of ship. 

      With Pommern, you want to get as close-in as you can whenever you can without overextending or getting outnumbered. She is super tanky but she still eats full pen dmg even though her citadel is very tough, so you don't want to get in a situation where you can't angle against other BBs or where you're getting HE spammed by multiple ships. When you're top-tier you can pretty much bully most lower-tier ships and wade in. When its a t10 game, be more cautious but still willing to wade in when you have support or can position to mitigate damage. 

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