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  1. Hi

    I see from your forum postings you know how to discern ship game play ... so I was wondering if you could help me with a  question or two ?

    How would you compare the Thunder vs Slava vs Champagne in game play -    I like the idea of trying a sniper but also concerned with the credit earnings as a secondary issue ?

    And how do you make Alaska work - it seems I am not quite understanding when to push, with out getting deleted ?

    I am getting close to having enough FXP to get Agir or another supercrusier but not so sure about the other choices - any thoughts ?

    Finally I like the look of the Pommern -  I would like to try a brawler ; what is the best way to play her ?

    I have almost enough coal to cover Thunderer and Pommern. I think I like BB game play best atm.

    And I have the Georgia + Jean Bart already both fun ships. And I have a higher battle count on Asia server and will transfer here when they let me  !

    Many Thanks for the reply ; if you have time . D




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    2. Dano07_


      Thanks , great reply.

      During Rank when I was in my GA , I had a one on one against a Pommern - and she was a tough nut to crack.  I couldnt citadel her , next time I will try and burn her down.  And even when I kept a distance of 10-12kms she seem plenty accurate. So I will get her  !!

      The thing with the Thunderer is - I dont know if I want a TX - as T9 earns better but I do like the idea of a british tranier.

      With the Alaska ; I think if i could return it , I would but there must be some way of getting a good game out of it while still being a little aggressive !

      There are some other FXP ships like the Azuma etc but again the reviews have not on the while been great 

      You mentioned you play DDs - what are your favourites and any Specials / Premiums especially  ( Italian one is coming soon ) ? I used to like them before all the CV spotting made me mad




    3. poeticmotion


      I adore gunboat DDs, especially British and French. Cossack, Marceau, and T-61 are probably my favorite premiums (and Kamikaze but it's not available anymore), Clemson and Daring are my two favorite tech tree DDs. 

    4. Dano07_




      Thanks for the reply  

      Is there a secret to playing French DDs - I saw some terrible play during Rank, on those ?

      I have the T61 , I will think about the Cossack  but  Marceau is a big coal investment  - how do u typically play these ?

      I am surprised you did not include JPN gunboats they are my go to atm  ?