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  1. poeticmotion

    Yueyang nerf is just wrong

    I'd say closer to 5-10%, but hey, hyperbole is the greatest thing in the history of the universe.
  2. Been there for the last week. But I also have weeks where I win games I shouldn't and get carried when I don't deserve it. It evens out. And it makes a solid carry even more rewarding when you're in a losing streak. Had two truly epic carries tonight (it says something about how bad the team sucked when I carry that hard, because I'm an average player.) Feels good man, even when you lose every other game. When you lose games you have no chance to carry but you manage to pull your team to victory when you can, it helps make up for those bad losses.
  3. poeticmotion

    Fix the N. Carolina

    She's pretty balanced, to be honest. She's not as tanky as Bismarck or Tirpitz overall, but she can bow-tank like a champion and is reasonably tough when angled. Her sides are very weak and she has poor torpedo defense, but one can mitigate that with positioning. Her guns are very powerful in the right circumstance and at the right range, but I wouldn't call them insane. They're very good, easily my favorite main battery for a t8 BB; although they have quirky aim due to low velocity, that's easily adjusted to, and she combines 16" guns (tied for best-in-tier with Amagi) with a better turret layout than Amagi. As far as speed....the sudden speed jump from Colo to NC can get you in trouble, but it can also get you out of trouble. You don't want to charge in using that speed given your weak sides, so your speed really comes into play when you're pushing with a group and can actually keep up unlike Colorado, or when you're repositioning in mid to late game. Charging in early is a death sentence as you are bound to show side to someone with predictable results when you're angling to multiple threats from too far up, and you will not survive a turn in front of multiple BBs. Your citadel is just too vulnerable. That's why I called her a lancer in my first comment; she's at her best when she can bow-tank and move in, but you've got to control your position and move in with caution. As much as the meta of moving up and then back in-reverse is boring (and dangerous if you get DDs torping on your flanks) with NorCar, you find yourself in that position often if you're not good at positioning and anticipating map flow.
  4. poeticmotion

    Lightning vs. Jutland

    This. I love Daring. I love Lightning. Jutland was OK but not enough to train a third RN DD capt up when I already adore my Fletcher.
  5. poeticmotion

    Fix the N. Carolina

    It depends. If you aren't cautious, or if you can't keep track of opposing reload times instinctively, it's safest to bow tank and pretend your #3 turret doesn't exist. NorCar was my first tier 8 and I played her that way for a year once I figured out how weak her sides were. Once I got good enough to have strong map awareness and keep track of things like reload times without thinking about it, I started wiggling to expose my #3 turret more often. You can do it safely if you're careful and you know exactly when to cut your rudder to minimize exposure and get back to proper angling while unmasking your #3 turret just enough to get a salvo off. It is more important to stay angled and avoid damage than to unmask rear turret for another 3 rounds downrange, but knowing when you can get away with it does increase your damage significantly. Then again, I've played hundreds of games in NorCar; for most players, you're absolutely right, stay angled.
  6. poeticmotion

    Fix the N. Carolina

    North Carolina is the best mid-range lancer in her tier range. With stealth build, she can sneak into her ideal engagement range and wreak havoc with ease, especially after early game when DDs and CLs have been thinned a bit. Her accuracy is not ideal at sniper range but she's deadly accurate at 10-14km, which is where you should try to engage from. Her range advantage is meaningless, she's an average sniper at best. But once you adjust to her low velocity shells, she can get plunging fire shots at lower ranges than many other BBs, which means absurd damage dealt to BBs vulnerable to plunging fire at ranges where they don't expect to face it. She has very weak sides but she can bow tank like a champion and properly angled is very survivable. She uptiers into t10 games better than any other t8 BB. The key to NorCar is positioning and reading the flow of a game,, anticipating where DDs and cruisers will be and using terrain and your instincts on game flow to put yourself in the right position. When you can pick the right spot to bow tank at ideal engagement ranges, you can absolutely murder any cruiser and many BBs with ease. You can 1v1 even a Yamato if you catch her on the flank when she doesn't expect you and her guns are pointed away; a couple salvoes right into her side can take half her health before she can rotate her guns to fire back. (Just got a Yammy assist this way on Hotspot a few days ago... He charged into B and I murdered him from A before he could turn. Two salvoes right into his citadel before he could turn away, 60k hp gone, and by the time he turned to angle against me my teammates finished him since he had to show side to them to angle me.) And mid to late game you can use her stealth and bow tank strength to lance in and brawl if you protect your vulnerable sides. The Colorado to NorCar shift is a major adjustment and the single biggest change in the line; you lose the overall tankiness of mid-tier USN BBs and have to play a more patient, methodical style and play to her strengths. But Iowa plays very similarly and Montana has some similarities, so once you make that adjustment you'll be fine. Just forget everything you learned playing Colorado and learn how to NorCar. There's no t8 BB I would rather take into a t10 fight than NorCar; if you can't make her work, the problem is the player, not the ship.
  7. poeticmotion

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #1: Vanguard

    My Republique usually has a 16-17 second reload by mid battle between the special upgrade and adrenaline rush (I play aggressive so I'm usually in the 50k hp range after the first few minutes.) This type of play is my bread and butter, especially when I can use terrain to ambush someone who thinks they can get away with showing broadside long enough to turn. (If Republique had even a marginally better concealment she'd be disgustingly OP for this very reason... On maps where I can use terrain easily to play forward and still spring ambushes, like sea of fortune or North, playing Republique is like playing whack-a-mole.) TLDR: I'm looking forward to seeing more Vanguards because imma eat them.
  8. poeticmotion

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #1: Vanguard

    Well, I'm sure it's also because there are a few whales who want dreadnought badly enough as a collector ship to pay for vanguard in order to get her. While I'm sure she'll be available on her own later, maybe even as a reward ship since t3 premiums are often used for rewards during the holidays, I'm sure Wargaming is making some money off of the impatient whales that want dreadnought now. And a lot of those whales would also want vanguard to have the collector twofer of the first and last British BBs (excluding pre-dreads of course) to sail, so it works out for them too. This is smart marketing. I'm not buying Vanguard just to get Dreadnought, but I'm sure I can pick her up later on her own. WG often structures sales like this to capitalize on people with less patience.
  9. poeticmotion

    Spend coal on Salem or wait?

    If they put Alaska up for steel there will be riots. There's way too much demand for her. Stalingrad was a perfect steel ship; it's powerful, but it's not a 'name' ship that people want for historical reasons, and there are similar options available without steel (Moskva, Kronshtadt). Alaska is unique (for the USN) at least and probably one of the five most anticipated ships at least since RN BBs came out...I'm honestly (though pleasantly) surprised WG is likely putting her up for fxp or coal when they could nerf her a bit to balance her for tier 8 and sell a ton of them at $65 a pop.
  10. poeticmotion

    Des Moines Ridiculous Radar

    It's not an airport. You don't have to announce your departure.
  11. poeticmotion

    WG enough bending the knee to DD!

    I'm sorry that you feel this way. Have you considered switching to My Little Pony instead?
  12. poeticmotion

    Spend coal on Salem or wait?

    Same. I'm sitting on 1.1 mil free XP and 200+k coal, still stockpiling, until we find out about Alaska, Jean Bart, and Bourgogne (although as LWM pointed out Bourgogne is likely a steel ship.) But French BBs are my favorite BBs and Alaska also excites me, so making sure I'm ready to buy them on day one, assuming one is fxp and one is coal.
  13. poeticmotion

    USN BB's - time for an overhaul?

    Except that then they'd go from being well balanced ships with a consistent national flavor of being the preeminent mid-range / jack of all trades BBs to becoming OP mid-range/brawler hybrids with no discernible weaknesses other than (in mid-tier) low speed. As it currently stands, BBs are in a decent overall state in relation to each other. There are some areas that need fixing, ships that are hilariously OP or underpowered at various spots, but as a whole every line has a fairly distinctive national flavor and has strengths and weaknesses that make different lines cater to different playstyles. The USN was in a rough, powercreeped spot for a minute, but the buffs to Colorado and fixing the citadels in high tiers helped a lot. As it stands, they're (overall) very well rounded generalist BBs that are opimized for the mid range engagement but comfortable and competent in most situations. We have two lines that are secondary focused. The German lines are pure brawlers that pay for their close range dominance with punitive accuracy at mid to long range. The French have very powerful secondaries and still maintain excellent main battery performance out to mid-range but pay for it with being far less tanky than German or USN ships. If you significantly buff USN secondaries to get them into the same league as German or French secondaries, they'll be OP, as they don't have the weaknesses German and French ships are saddled with to balance their outstanding secondary performance. You'd have to nerf them elsewhere to make them balanced, but then you basically make them play like either the German or French line, which lowers the variety of gameplay options. Something like Massachusetts is fine. It's a one-off premium that let's USN fanboys have a brawler. I think that was a fantastic idea by WG. But let's leave the tech tree alone and preserve the variety of distinctive gameplay options offered by having several balanced and differentiated tech tree lines.
  14. poeticmotion

    Icarus's Wings - Poetic's Tier 6 RN DD Review

    I would almost definitely have kept her if I didn't have two DDs I love at tier 6, but two of my top four DDs are at that tier (Farragut, T-61, and then Clemson and Z-52) so I just couldn't justify it to myself. Jervis is a keeper though. Jervis was a blast, and I'm excited for rest of line.
  15. poeticmotion

    The Lightning ...

    Except your gun bloom renders you visible anyway unless there are islands in between you and everyone in sight, and at long range you won't get many hits on a maneuvering target much with British or USN DD shells. AFT is a waste of 4 points for most DDs that aren't either Russian or Clemson; you get way too floaty at range to get enough hits to make the opportunity cost of a 4-point skill worth it, and it sometimes is even a negative since your detection range goes out to the edge of your gun range even if you're firing at someone close (so even once you kill them you're lit up for 20 more seconds.)