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  1. poeticmotion

    Asking for advice Georgia build

    I run a full secondaries build and she's my best performing BB. She's already very survivable with the quick heal and very accurate with the improved special battlecruiser dispersion, so a full secondaries build is even more viable on her than most ships. With her speed, I rack up a ton of damage by playing her like a lancer, picking my spots to charge in and brawl when I can isolate an opponent and disengaging when needed. She's borderline OP in this configuration.
  2. There is a huge penalty for standing still; it's called being much easier to hit, especially for the kinds of ships that BBs [edited] about (CLs behind islands and DDs with high shell arcs.) In a DD or CL with high shell arcs, I rarely gunboat in open water against maneuvering ships at long range because i won't get enough hits to justify the risk of getting blapped by something with much higher alpha and flatter gun arcs. That's how you die badly; I pick my spots. But a stopped BB? That makes it worth it to open up, and I'll farm a ton of damage from how many shells hit if he's sitting still. In something like Fletcher, I'm not going to hit a lot of shots from 10km on a moving, angled, jinking target. If he's sitting still I'll hit 90% of my shells on him and light multiple fires in a few salvos.
  3. I'm sorry people are able to fight back when BBs are supposed to be invincible. Hardly sporting for your targets to actually try and sink you.
  4. I mean, he's not just a lousy 10 point captain...he's got a nice SE buff compared to standard captains and several really good special abilities that synergize well with French DDs. And yeah, he's only 10 points....but most active long-term players are sitting on a lot of commander XP. I've got 4 million in the bank myself; if I decide to push the HOF and grind out the tokens, I can bump him to 19 points as soon as I get him without difficulty, and most players active enough to unlock him can do likewise.
  5. Smolensk is not that big a deal. In the hands of a good player, she can wreak havoc, but that's true of any ship that gives you a big toolkit in exchange for glaring weaknesses, because good players know how to compensate for those weaknesses and get the most from her tools. Bad players sit in smoke, spam HE, and then cry about aimbots when you blindfire an AP salvo into their smoke and devstrike them because they're sitting still and Smolensk has cardboard armor. Good players use smoke as another tool but position well and have the situational awareness to know who is aiming at them and when to move. Thing is, though, even if Smolensk wasn't in existence, those same players would be just as effective in other ships; potatoes just blame the ship because they don't want to admit they simply need to get gud. The biggest threat Smolensk offers is the fear it instills in opponents. Had a Smolensk div on the other team the other day and their team won mostly because half my team was afraid to move forward because OMG they might get shot at by the Smolensk. This is a team that had two tier 7s in a faildiv, the worst CV player I've ever seen, and still won solely because too many of our guys would rather sit 20km back than enter the Smolensk's range. It was infuriating. And the Smolensk div wasn't even very good; I devstriked one in smoke with my Georgia before getting focused down because everyone else in my team was either dead or on the I/J line.
  6. poeticmotion

    Aigle for coal? Any happy Aigle drivers?

    It's useful for a French DD captain trainer. I've done well in mine and it's a fun boat, but it's quirky AF and not something many players can carry in. If you want a good mid-tier DD to have fun in, there's better choices at that tier (T-61 is a blast) but Aigle is certainly a decent DD.
  7. Hindy can literally one-shot a Smolensk from any angle. Smolensk is Hindenberg's food.
  8. poeticmotion

    I noticed something weird about Monarch

    Monarch is a dumpster fire. The only British BB I didn't like. My review of her was pretty brutal: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/136575-a-throne-unfit-for-royalty-monarch-review/
  9. poeticmotion

    T-61 vs Shinonome

    T-61 is hilariously borderline OP in good hands. Her torps are similar to Shino (same range, slightly faster, slightly lower damage,) but they reload fast. The only real advantage Shino has is a 3x3 launcher layout, which is a bit more versatile in many situations than T-61's 2x4. But T-61 also has hydro and decent guns; she's the most versatile and well rounded DD at her tier. She can do whatever is needed to win games. Shino is a pure torpboat but T-61 is just about as good and has a vastly better capacity to hunt DDs, control caps, and play fleet support DD. T-61 in the hands of a good DD player is a carry monster that can find a way to win no matter the situation. Farragut was my favorite DD for years, but T-61 took her place because she's a very similar boat insofar as the influence she has on games, and the trade-off of having better torps and hydro against lower gun dpm and German smoke is worth it, plus being able to torp from stealth in open water makes her a bit stronger when uptiered.
  10. poeticmotion

    Torpedo rationing

    Well, yeah, I never said one should never use the fan. There's no issue when that's not my argument.
  11. poeticmotion

    Torpedo rationing

    People don't realize just how powerful the British ability to single fire torps can be. Being able to design my own spreads, as an experienced DD player, means it's very rare for me to not get multiple hits, or to devstrike even something that is bow on and would normally only eat a torp or two from a spread, or to guarantee at least one hit no matter what the opponent does.
  12. poeticmotion

    Which BB line to grind?

    These are general observations of each line, but there are fluctuations from tier to tier. USN t4-7: versatile mid-range fighters and decent brawlers but slow. USN t8-10: mid-range lancers. Strong bows, weak sides, fairly quick. You can brawl if you have secure flanks but a salvo into your side will end you quick. Ideal engagement range 10-15km, pushing if you know your sides are clear. IJN: with any line, sniping is not optimal, but if you have to stay in back and snipe these have the best long range accuracy. German: best pure brawlers, but they suck at range and have been hurt by both powercreep and the meta. Nothing kicks more [edited]inside 8-10km, but especially at high tier you'll often find yourself in situations where it's hard to engage within their effective range. French: with secondaries builds, they're as deadly up close as German ships. They're faster and have more versatility due to better accuracy at range, but they aren't as tanky. You can't just wade in like with a German ship, but if you know how to angle and position and when to push, they're fantastic (my favorite bb line, personally) Russian: I have not done well with this line, so ymmv. They're optimized for close range accuracy and built around their very good main guns, but not terribly quick and have terrible secondaries. Tanky when angled and strong against HE but if you expose your side to any BB you'll eat multiple cits. They seem to reward patience, positioning, and people who prefer high alpha over high dpm even by BB standards.
  13. poeticmotion

    Torpedo rationing

    Depends on the situation. I like to hold one salvo in reserve for opportunities in slower reload ships but if I've got a good chance at a devstrike, I'll take it.
  14. Farragut. A true Swiss army knife, tools for every occasion, she's done well by me in every competitive t6 event.
  15. poeticmotion

    Friesland will not going have torps

    German torps are mediocre due to low dmg per torp, but certainly workable. British DDs are very good at torping. French DDs can torp fairly well although they are more gun oriented. Pan-asian DDs are strong torp boats. And there have been many premiums recently with strong torps. Please know what you're talking about before vomiting on the forums.