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  1. poeticmotion

    WG has Nerfed my Battles

    OK boomer.
  2. poeticmotion

    WG has Nerfed my Battles

    Have you considered that you might not, in fact, be the juggernaut? That you might actually need to get gud?
  3. poeticmotion

    If I were in WG's shoes, I would do this:

    I'd love to see a ranked sprint at tier 3 (Vampire ftw), 4 (Clemson FTW!!!) or 5 (so many gudbotes I can't pick just one) but a full ranked season or clan season would be too much down there.
  4. poeticmotion

    Poetic's Reviews

    Thanks! <3 To +1, there's an icon in the lower right of each post. Hover over to see the different options you can apply and then click to choose.
  5. Disclaimer: I am fairly average, skill wise, and definitely no unicum. Also, while I did consult numbers and stats, my reviews are primarily based on the feel of the ship and my performance in her. This is of course a limited sample size, and is affected by my playstyle (which is generally fairly aggressive leading to occasional overreaches and a low survival rate.) Your mileage may vary. PvP stats in Albemarle at time of review: 16 games, 10 wins, 63% win rate. 53K average damage. Best game in Albemarle: 4 kills, 100k damage. While I usually play up each line without skipping ships, I won Devonshire in a early access crate and then skipped Surrey straight to Albemarle when the patch dropped since you get a daily bonus for playing Albemarle (or London) during this event. I have not been disappointed in this decision, as Albemarle is my new favorite researchable mid-tier CA. She's got a few quirks and she won't work for everyone. She's got a medium to high skill floor without a super high skill ceiling; she's a workman's ship, getting the job done without a ton of gimmicks or consumables or special tools. She's got short range and lofty shell arcs, and she's not nearly as nimble as her British CL cousins. Positioning and proactive movement are even more important in this ship than usual; she's stealthy, but when spotted in open water she doesn't have the speed or agility to dodge like CLs do, and her rmor scheme is trolly but hideously vulnerable to accurate fire. Offense Gunnery: Citadels For Dayssssssss These guns, y'all. I like them. She's got a 3x3 203mm main battery, and her gunnery is solid. These guns are accurate, hard-hitting, and if you can anticipate opportunities and have the right ammo loaded, you'll be rewarded. She hammers broadsides of any tier at any range with AP. and her HE lights fires and delivers direct damage to angled targets with aplomb. Her reload is pedestrian, 13 seconds, which is a bit faster than Atago, Mogami, or Amalfi but at the tail end of the pack after Baltimore, Charles Martel, or Hipper. Unlike her lower-tiered siblings, she's got competitive range, right in the middle of the t8 CA pack, and she includes a spotter plane. However, her shells are floaty enough that you really want to seek opportunities to engage more closely; she's no sniper. Her AP isn't the highest damage, but it penetrates easily and accurately; I've been hitting citadels much more consistently in her than I'm used to with tier 8 cruisers. And her HE is outstanding; she murders DDs quickly, lights fires on BBs every salvo, and delivers consistent direct damage. The 3x3 A-B-X layout is a nice step up from lower tiers and an advantage over Hipper or Atago; you can keep 6 of your guns on-target even while angling properly, and they rotate rapidly for a CL (22.5 sec/180-deg turn). I didn't have a problem out-turning my turrets, and was able to switch sides with my guns quickly when I had to make a radical course change. The only downside of her guns is that her rear turret firing arc is very limited, and she doesn't have the agility to wiggle, unmask, shoot, and wiggle back to angled in many situations. Early game, you're going to want to mostly use your front turrets except when you can isolate an opposing ship while limiting angles to return fire. Albemarle is fairly survivable, but does not forgive critical mistakes easily (more on that in the next section.) Her front turrets have better arcs than her rear turrets, making her able to keep 9 guns on target when kiting fairly well, but her limited speed and agility make kiting a dangerous game. Torpedoes She's got a quad launcher on each side, and one nice touch is she's got 10km torps as opposed to the 8km torps on the lower tiers or her CL counterpart Edinburgh. They're the same torps found on Neptune or Minotaur; 62 knots, reasonable damage, and single-fire capability. And, just barely, you can stealthtorp with her; she's got a very narrow (.2km) window to torp from stealth. In practice, that's going to be hard to work with, but it works well with oncoming ships. Her torps are excellent for kiting; 10km range means you can launch at ships 13-14km away chasing you and force a turn or flood them. I sank a Georgia this morning this way; my team had collapsed on one side and I was running away; dumped torps at a Georgia 13km away coming out of the cap, wiggled and dumped 4 more, and he ran right into the second set. Vision She's got standard cruiser hydro, but no radar. Still, when combined with good stealth (9.8km) and her wickedly effective HE, she hunts and kills DDs with aplomb. She doesn't have the speed to run down a DD in open water but she's a powerhouse in islands and using terrain for ambushes. Also, Albemarle doesn't require a deep capt build, so you can take RPF without crippling yourself elsewhere. Her good stealth also helps get her into position to ambush cruisers; her AP power and accuracy lends itself to patiently working into position and then announcing your presence with a 9-gun AP salute directly into a red cruiser's cit. Offense TLDR: This is a ship that rewards patience. She's an ambush predator, like French DDs were before the Kleber nerf but in a totally different way. Albemarle functions well for players that know when and where to push and have the fire discipline to stay dark until they have the right spot. Pop up, kill, then go dark, heal, and stalk the next victim. Defense Survivability: A floating citadel The good news is that Albemarle's citadel has a decent HP pool (43800hp) and very good armor for a cruiser, with a stronk 152mm armor belt over her critical spaces and strong deck armor making her hard to pen with HE. The bad news is her citadel is absolutely gigantic, stretching from the front of the A turret to the back of the X turret, and with parts of it reaching almost up to deck height. It's very exposed, and with no turtleback or spaced armor features. If you show broadside to a BB and he gets a salvo off, you're done. And with 152mm of armor covering most of her sides, you're not going to bait overpens; AP fuses will arm, and she will get wrecked. Now, it's not as bad as it sounds. She has the RN superheal; 20 second duration, 1 charge base but 3 with superintendent and premium consumable, and it cools down in 80 seconds. She can heal almost half her HP back with a single heal, including 50% of citadel damage. However, with only 3 heals and a quick cooldown? You've got to manage your heals and DCP well, and know when to pull back or when to push. If you're too aggressive too early, or if you pop heals before you need them, you'll be out of heals 7 minutes into the game and be unable to contribure much late-game (that's if you don't just get devstriked for being too aggressive.) The way this works in practice? Patient players who position well will find her the tankiest, most survivable CA at her tier. But she's very vulnerable to mistakes, and she's very prone to getting devstriked without a chance to use that great heal if you overangle. If you survive it, you can bounce back and be in good shape again. Also, with that quick cooldown, it's really tempting to use your heal too early and often, especially since when you take damage it tends to be in big chunks. It's a balancing act, but try to be patient with your heal and wait until you've taken enough damage to be worth burning a charge. AA She doesn't get a fighter consumable, but her AA feels comfortable at self-defense. She doesn't have the 'fleet support' long-range AA of USN ships but she's got enough to handle herself. Planes will get through, but most of the time, a smart CV will get tired of losing planes quickly and pick an easier target. I was routinely the team leader in plane kills, even in t10 matches. Small smaple size and I saw mostly t8 CVs, but still, she's solid. Concealment and Agility Her combo of good (9.8km) concealment and good enough AA to push planes away unless the red CV is determined to kill you makes it easy to go dark when needed. But you won't outrun a DD keeping you spotted. This isn't a ship that can weave about in open water drawing enemy fire and dodging it; you bleed too much speed and you don't have much to spare. If you're trying to kite away from a strong red flanking force while your team is on the other side of the map, which is a valid tactic in French and many Russian cruisers, you're screwed if you're surrounded by open water. That's not to say you can't hold down the weak side; she excels at that so long as you have an exit strategy and terrain. Defense TLDR: Don't bait overpens because 152mm armor belt means you won't. Angle, save your heals for when you need them, don't be afraid to go dark, and don't try to open-water kite. Islands are your waifu. Stalk and kill, don't run-and-gun. Setting Up Your Albemarle Captain skills The good news is Albemarle doesn't require a deep or specific captain build to be effective. I'm using the following: PT, Last Stand, Adrenaline Rush, Jack Of All Trades, Superintendent, Concealment Expert, RPF. 203mm guns don't really need IFHE and you don't need DE with a 17% chance already, especially when she's not a dedicated firestarter (I average about 50/50 to 60/40 split between HE and AP.) Her AA is also fine without speccing for it, unless you really hate planes. Concealment Expert is super useful to get your spotting range down to 9.8km (in conjunction with the slot 5 concealment mod.) RPF helps hunt down DDs or get into ambush positions. Upgrades Pretty standard cruiser upgrades here. Slot 5 is concealment, slot 4 is steering gears to make her rudder shift passable, slot 3 is aiming systems mod for that dispersion buff, slot 2 is your pick (I run the damage control mod since I use last stand) , slot 1...I haven't detonated yet but if you want to save flags and hate detonating, pick the detonation mod...if not, main armaments mod is the way to go. TLDR: Albemarle, The Noble Craftsman Albemarle's not a flashy ship, She doesn't have overly fancy gimmicks; she doesn't spam HE in mass quantities or have fancy ammo or guns or smoke. There's no one thing she does insanely well, and no memeworthy attributes to make her a streamer's delight. She's a work pony, not a show pony. But as far as work boats go, she's one of the best. She's the epitome of what a heavy cruiser should be: deadly to DDs and other cruisers, with enough tools to keep from being helpless against a BB but still at a distinct disadvantage. Strengths: Gunnery: Both her ammo choices are solid. She can and will delete any same-tier or lower cruiser with two good or one great AP salvoes, and she can take huge chunks off DDs with her HE. And although she only gets off a salvo every 13 seconds (a little less with AR after taking some damage), 17% fire chance on HE means she lights her share of fires; with even decent RNG you'll light a fire every salvo or 2 on a BB. Her floaty shell arcs at range take some adjustment, but I found her guns to be fairly accurate. A little derpy on occasion, but I think a lot of that was me adjusting to her ballistics when engaging angled or distant targets; when I had a shot at a broadside, she'd rarely let me down. Resilience: No matter how careful you are, cruisers are fragile. You can angle against everyone you see, and then you get spotted by a DD and blapped by a BB halfway across the map. It happens. All you can do is mitigate that as best you can. Albemarle's got a citadel and armor scheme that's pretty much designed to get wrecked by broadside shots but be trollish when angled. You're going to eat devstrikes in her just like any cruiser, but her superheal is good enough that if you eat a bad salvo and survive it, you'll bounce back with enough hp to be a factor in the game. AA: She's got enough AA to make same-tier CVs pay for attacking her. They'll get through, but it's going to hurt. Even t10 CVs will lose some planes trying to punch through your aura. If a CV focuses you, you'll have a rough time, but you're generally able to look after yourself and deter repeated strikes. Weaknesses: That citadel, yo: It's big, it's ugly, and it does not forgive mistakes. Albemarle will NOT perform for you if your positioning and angling game is weak. You will die badly if you show your side to an even half-decent player. She's not ready for this jelly: She does not have the baked-in agility buffs of British CLs. She handles competently with steering gears mod 1, but she doesn't have the speed to outrun pursuers or the agility to dodge shots. Map control: Her lack of speed and average range hurt her ability to flex across the map to react to the red team, and also renders her reasonably toothless in open-water weak-side flank play. She's best off using terrain to pop ambushes and supporting the flank of your team's push; you can absolutely play the weak side if you've got terrain and a good sense of where red ships are and where they're likely to go. The devs named this ship well; the first Duke of Albemarle was a key figure in the Restoration and known for his pragmatic approach to both warfare and statesmanship. This is a similarly pragmatic boat, one that rewards skill but doesn't forgive mistakes. Her superheal is great but make no mistake; you will get devstruck without a chance to use her if you take foolish risks or YOLO. She has an armor scheme that rewards angling and punishes not angling even more than most; she'll bounce her share of AP but give a flat side and she's going to take multiple citadel hits. She's got great torps for area denial, or torping a smoke cloud, but not enough to rely on them as a primary weapon. Her AP and HE are both strong,, but proper ammo selection is key to getting the most out of her. Like her namesake, she simply does her job and does it well. She can very quietly carry a mediocre team in the right hands, but she isn't going to have monster games. She can consistently pop off very good games. She can carry late-game with the right mix of opposing ships, but you don't want to be in a situation where you have to kill a smart BB to win as she can't kill them fast enough unless they derp and when spotted she's going to take hits. You'll see results like this fairly consistently once you learn to play her well.: I don't have the rest of the line yet, but Devonshire and Albemarle make me excited to play the rest of the line. If you want a ship that does its job, is balanced but strong, and rewards thoughtful and workmanlike play but punishes derpy mistakes, this is your cruiser. I hope you enjoy Albemarle as much as I do. PVP stats in Albemarle at time of review: 16 games, 10 wins, 63% win rate. 53K average damage. Best game: 4 kills, 100k damage. A link to my previous reviews:
  6. poeticmotion

    Poetic's Reviews

    Just a link page for my various ship/line reviews that I sometimes do. Changelog: 2/16/20 - Made post with all reviews to date. 2/17/20 - Added Albemarle (t8 RN CA) BBs Cruisers **DEVONSHIRE COMING SOON** DDs
  7. poeticmotion

    All Cruisers need heals period

    Plus rocket damage, plus you were apparently really bad in that game since you only did 300 dmg 4 min in and got one-salvo-deleted. But K, whatever.
  8. poeticmotion

    All Cruisers need heals period

    Cruisers are (generally) more accurate, faster, more agile, harder to hit, stealthier, and have much higher sustained DPM than BBs. There are a few cruisers that probably should have heals and don't. There's a few that probably don't need heals but have them. But a blanket 'cruisers need heals because BBs have them' statement is objectively wrong. BBs, as a class, have certain advantages (high alpha, heals, high hp pools, etc.) and cruisers, as a class, have certain advantages. Learn to leverage the advantages you have. You want to give all cruisers heals because BBs get them? OK, but as a trade, BBs get cruiser stealth and cruiser-level accuracy. See how that works? This is a bad idea and you should feel bad.
  9. poeticmotion

    Anyone still playing Kleb?

    She's a shell of what she once was. I've always played her primarily as an ambusher and DD hunter instead of a long-range HE spammer, and that's a LOT harder with the nerf. My win rate and average damage with her took a hard nose-dive since she was nerfed. :/ She's still a viable HE spamming long-range speedtank a la Khab, but I already had a Khab. She's gone from being my favorite boat to a port queen; I don't enjoy how one-dimensional she is now. She needed a nerf, but the nerf they chose was the wrong one. There's plenty of long-range HE spammers in-game already, and while that was one part of playing Kleber, I *really* enjoyed hunting down and ambushing DDs or using terrain to pop up and ambush cruisers and BBs. I've gone back to using Daring as my main t10 DD and playing more cap control/fleet support, but I really miss my Kleber.
  10. poeticmotion

    How to Deal with the Smolensk

    Imagine thinking this a fresh opinion worth posting about in February 2020.
  11. poeticmotion

    Opinions on the London?

    Near as I can tell, she's a Devonshire that gives up a little range and has a slightly slower reload time in exchange for smoke. Devonshire is amazing. Unless I missed some other major differences between Devonshire and London, I expect London to be even more amazing; the survivability buff of having smoke more than makes up for a minor nerf to range and reload (especially since Devonshire wants to be played up close...her gunnery at 14km is nothing to write home about, she's a mid-range fighter.)
  12. This. I am not anti-CV even as a DD main; I've adapted. I don't mind the CV rework as I like a challenge and unless I'm facing a unicum or the enemy CV focuses me hard, it doesn't have a huge impact on me (and if the CV is focusing me, that frees up my teammates which, if they're not idiots, is a big advantage to my team since I know how to waste a lot of the CV's time trying to kill me.) I have my complaints about rockets and such, but they're not the end of the world, and the spotting aspect doesnt bother me as it stands right now, especially at low tiers where there's no radar and thus no other counter to stealth DD play. But adding drop fighters would essentially be a huge buff to low-tier CV spotting, and upset that balance significantly. In games where there's 3 CVs per side. the level of spotting creates a challenge, especially since tier 4 maps are so small. Run-and-gun boats are still viable, but stealthtorping becomes very challenging because 3 even halfway decent CVs can keep the critical areas of the map spotted a good part of the time. For an experienced DD player, it's a challenge, but not one that kills the ability to impact the game. For a newer player, it's very difficult. And that's OK, they need to learn. But drop fighters is a step too far. Giving tier 4 CVs drop fighters would push tier 3-5 DD play from 'workable challenge' to 'this sucks' for experienced players. and make it miserable for newer players. All of a sudden, they can keep 6 areas of the map permaspotted at any given time instead of up to 3. Not always, as there is a cooldown period, but instead of a maximum of three areas lit up by aerial units, it is three with a spike of up to 6, or being able to constantly drop fighters on top of a DD as the old ones wind down. On small, island-filled maps like Big Race, this would be miserable for DDs. Let's face it, fighters aren't really a huge deterrent for attack planes, and tier 4 fighters aren't going to do much. Fighters are far more commonly used, from what I've seen, for spotting. So yes, this might help protect allied ships, but that benefit isn't worth the massive impact it would have on low-tier DDs in 3-CV games.
  13. This. I see a lot of potatoes with Blacks now, and many with Flints. Even Bourgogne and Stalingrad have been out long enough that they're no longer that exclusive...I have a Bourgogne and I'm average at best (and in a very casual clan with a poor CB record.) As far as the OP: Flint/Black have been out long enough that everyone who wants them for steel has them. I would imagine there weren't many people buying them for steel when there are much better options if one saves up for Bourgogne or Stalin. And we really need more mid-tier coal options (Flint) and more DD coal options (Black.) Neustrashimy...I can't remember the last time I saw one. It's the least-played t9 ship, period, not counting Baije which has been out less than a month (and Neustrashimy has been out almost a year.) There's only 17000 battles in her, which is the lowest battle count of any ship in the game thats gone live and has been out more than a month. Even compared to other hard-to-get boats; Somers has been out less time, is steel, and still has 60k battles, or 4x as many battles played. Benham, which was arguably harder to get, has 360k battles, although some people did buy her outright. Black has 250k battles...she's been out a lot longer but still 250k vs 17k? https://wows-numbers.com/ship/3551409616,Neustrashimy/ No one's spending steel on Neustrashimy because by the time you get up to 20k steel, most players would rather wait to get Somers, Stalin, or Bourgogne. And if you really want a t9 DD, Black's a lot cheaper. It makes sense to convert her to coal because she's underperforming and moving her to coal will make more people pick her up, plus provide another DD in the coal armory (and DDs have been underrepresented there, aside from Blyskawica.) I really want a Neustrashimy, the reviews say she's my kind of bote. But I don't earn a lot of steel,so after buying Bourgogne, It would be another year at least for me to save up for Neustrahimy. Even then, I doubt I would have pulled the trigger because 20k steel seemed a bit high for a t9 DD. I'll buy her the day she comes out for coal.
  14. poeticmotion

    Iwaki and Arkansas

    You can play the Arkansas right now. Get a Wyoming. Turn AA off. You've now got about 95% of an Arkansas (except for the upgrade slots)
  15. Condescension aside, your post was very clear in its assumption, but nice passive-aggressiveness.