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  1. Yes, it's totally an insult that a video game doesn't pander to historical accuracy nuts by including a class of ship that doesn't fit the game parameters. No one is arguing the RCN didn't contribute to victory in WW2. But there are no tier 1 premiums, and corvettes would only work as a tier 1 ship. If they ever do a commonwealth (Canada/ANZAC/etc) DD line, Canada will likely be included and maybe a Canadian corvette will be the tier 1 ship for that line. The issue with the RCN is that most RCN ships of the era were retreads and hand me downs from the RN or USN, and very few of them were DDs or larger. Certainly not enough for a tech tree of its own. There's no doubt a commonwealth DD line will happen eventually and Canada will likely be represented on it as they had a bunch of DDs (all or almost all RN designs). A commonwealth cruiser line is possible and Canada had two cruisers that could go on it ( a Crown Colony class CL so a Fiji clone, and a Minotaur-class (the Crown Colony variant, not the paper Minotaur-class included in the RN line) , but that's about it. HMCS Ontario (the Minotaur-class) is a tier 6/7 depending on how they balance her, HMCS Quebec (the Crown Colony-class) is a tier 7/8 depending on how they balance her. But that's it for cruisers, and you cant build an entire cruiser line with two hand-me-downs. They would work in a pan-commonwealth line, though, or as premiums. But we don't even have the Italian tech tree filled out, and Canada is a lower priority. Be patient.
  2. poeticmotion

    Low Tier Random Battles infested with Bots

    It's great for stat padding, though. I've been harvesting achievements and racking up 100K+ games in Clemson.
  3. poeticmotion

    Victory at the Battle of Saipan

    Been regrinding Colorado in prep for the new USN line and OMG she's so much better than the first time I grinded her back in spring 2016, but the speed is just as punitive as I remember. She's not the worst ship in the game anymore, but it's reminding me why I like my BBs fast; I may not be able to handle those 23-knot new USN BBs anyway. Might need to stick with my JB and Bourgogne. Still, missed a Kraken by half a second here...got 4 kills, salvo to kill #5 was about to land when another red ship died to end the game. :/ So I can't complain too much.
  4. poeticmotion

    Update 0.9.6: Another tier 8 ranked battle

    You seem excessively whiny today. You can buy ships at any tier, so your conspiracy theory that tier 8 ranked exists to force people to buy ships is hilarious. And 'a select few'...wut? The game's been out for half a decade. Almost the entire player base has multiple tier 8 ships. And a new player can grind to tier 8 fairly quickly if they stick to one line and grind hard, but if you're so new you don't have a tier 8 ship you probably don't need to be playing competitive game modes yet. T8 is a fairly well balanced tier with a lot of good options in each class. Whine less.
  5. poeticmotion

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers are awful.

    They're collecting dust, apparently, because you would rather whine about counters than adapt. Radar is easy to play around. Bait it, then evade, or mark where they are and shift to a different area of the map. I have ZERO problems with radar in high-tier DD play, and I'm not even that good (high side of average, at best, and even that's debatable.) CVs...I don't whine about them because I can play around them most of the time, but a good CV can shut me down in a way no cruiser can. A good CV player can shut me down in most DDs no matter what I do, period,. Even an average CV player can shut me down or sharply limit my ability to contribute, if they focus me. A good cruiser player can't shut me down entirely unless I overextend. They just don't have the mobility or radar duration to shut me down without overextending and leaving themselves vulnerable to my teammates. Radar can force me to play more patiently but doesn't have a big impact on my game overall except when I get impatient and don't have an exit strategy, and that's my own fault. But with a CV, it's out of my hands. If I'm in Halland or Marceau, I can sometimes kill enough planes to make the CV stop focusing me, or if I'm in an RN DD I can pop smokes quick enough to get some cover, but no matter what I do I don't have a way to counter the spotting and damage a good CV can do to me without staying close to teammates, which negates my usual style of being out front spotting, controlling caps, and hunting red DDs. And that's OK, because CVs are in the game to stay and I'll do the best I can when I'm in a CV game. But you're hilarious if you think radar is more detrimental to DD play than CVs, and you are probably a terrible DD player if radar makes you scared to play DD.
  6. Meh, took me well over a year to save up for Bourgogne but there's no other steel ships I want. So I'll just keep slowly saving and maybe by the time I get steel built up again I'll have something to spend it on.
  7. poeticmotion

    ask and ye shall receive: Kitakami is BACK!

    I have been advocating for years for a special april fools' event where everyone gets a Kitakami and you have 12v12 kitakami fights, but I never expected it back in the actual game. Still, WG knows that everyone's going to want one just for the memes. With the right build (concealment is 10.6 BEFORE upgrade/capt, so around 8km fully specced, plus Torp Acceleration) this will be a feast-or-famine ship, like Asashio...capable of absolutely monstrous games with the right lineup, but overall probably not particularly strong when it doesn't have things break its way. Even with skilled players, she'll be a non-factor in heavy radar/hydro/CV games unless she gets lucky, but in skilled hands she'll run roughshod over teams without a lot of vision control. For poor to average players she's going to suck, but they'll have fun with her.
  8. poeticmotion

    Thoughts on Ludendorf/Pommern

    Press F for pre-nerf Alsace. That ship made me look so much better than I am.
  9. poeticmotion

    The "worst" ships in the game

    Post 5 simply says she's powercrept (with no exapnding info), that more ships have hydro (true, but not many more at that tier) and that her torps have high detect ranges (which doesn't seem to matter as I have a torp hit rate in Kami higher than any other DD I own, and given I spray a lot more torps because of the quick reload, that means I'm hitting an absurd % of my torps I actually aim at a ship.) I've got 1k battles in Kami, and I'm an average player overall but Kami makes me look like a unicum. She's the most disgustingly OP ship for her tier in the game.
  10. poeticmotion

    The "worst" ships in the game

    Acasta was very mediocre. There were some good points made in her favor in the replies to my review of her, and she isn't terrible, but she also isn't good. She's as fun to play as an accounting simulator.
  11. poeticmotion

    The "worst" ships in the game

    Benham can't get away with rushing BB after BB to torp at suicide ranges. Tier for tier, Kamikaze is a more dangerous boat. No radar unless uptiered into a t7 and even then rarely, no effective secondaries, and a lot of seals to club. Benham is a great high-tier torpboat, but Kamikaze is my second favorite seal clubbing boat after Clemson, and she has a much lower skill floor than Clemson to properly club those seals.
  12. From the timing, likely a USN line split, probably a BB line split to move fast BBs and battlecruisers into a second line as they have the material to work with, but potentially a second DD line as there's also plenty of material there. I would have expected Italian DDs or BBs first as Italy is the most underrepresented WWII major maritime power, plus the USN already has a lot of ships out. However, I wouldn't have expected yet another Russian line when they're very overrepresented, so who knows?
  13. poeticmotion

    The "worst" ships in the game

    Kamikaze is still hilariously OP. Years of powercreep hasn't touched her. I do things with Kami I would never attempt in any other DD of any tier.
  14. poeticmotion

    A Large Idea - New Game Mode

    It 's a nifty idea, but there's some issues. I can see queue times getting long as you wait for 12 people to load in with the same nation, especially for the less popular or more powercrept nations. Also, the game isnt really balanced well for this; different national tech tree lines have different strengths and weaknesses, but the game is balanced for the way it is now, with mixes of different ships from different nations with different strengths and weaknesses on the same team. Even setting aside player perceptions of some nations as OP or underpowered, some tech trees would really struggle against others in a nation-versus-nation format even though they do well in the current format. Take, for example, the RN...UK BBs are mostly built around HE-slinging BBs which means they will have trouble stacking fires when all the BBs are slinging HE (their AP is much more useful than people think but thinking of the way typical players play them), their CLs are AP-only and very situational... As a second example, take the Russians...at lower tiers, there would be ZERO effective torpedo threat as almost no pre-tier 8 Russian DDs have torp ranges higher than 4k (excwpt for premiums Grem and Leningrad, and Grem is super rare.) So they'd be super strong for anti-DD work and speed-tank HE spam, but in a normal round a mix of DDs from different nations provides a variety of threats for opposing ships. Also, only three (soon four) nations have carrier tech tree lines, which would be problematic in and of itself for queue waiting times as any nation which has CVs is going to play other nations with CVs more often than not if there are any CVs in the queue, and could slow down queues even more for those nations waiting for a CV matchup. And...I'm not sure if the game population as it stands is strong enough to support another full-time 12v12 game mode. I *could* see this as an interesting experimental format in ranked sprints, where WG has shown willingness to test out odd or non-traditional game modes (like the 1v1 sprint over the winter.) Doing a ranked sprint season where teams are single-nation would be interesting, especially up at a higher tier where the prevalence of premiums with differences from the normal national flavors gives some variety. But I don't know how hard that would be for WG to code into the game, since I'd imagine this would require a pretty heavy rework of the current code for matchmaking.
  15. Z-23 with 150mm used to be one of my favorite and most weird ships to play. I would never use her in competitive and honestly don't take her out often anymore (Cossack is my t8 go-to these days) but she's hella fun when I'm in the mood. Citadelling cruisers with 150mm AP and then watching them freak out about it never, ever gets old. She's a monster when top-tier even though she doesn't uptier nearly as well as some other t8 DDs. Maass...yeah, that's the low point of the t6-10 line. My second-least-favorite German DD, after the T22 (although I played T22 before her buffs, so Maass may be actually worse in comparison for her tier now as T22 got buffed a few times since release.)