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  1. poeticmotion

    USCG Alder coming home to Duluth, MN.

    One can only hope the Junipers serve as long. The USCG gets more mileage out of their ships than the Navy ever dreams of.... when my Dad served on USCGC Ingham (one of the old Treasury-class cutters) she was the oldest serving warship in the industrialized world (not counting the Constitution or similar "in-commission" museum ships, of course.)
  2. poeticmotion

    USCG Alder coming home to Duluth, MN.

    The Juniper-class doesn't get nearly the love they deserve. Those cutters get worked hard, and they do all the dirty jobs, from light icebreaking to buoy tending, but they still have a surprising amount of capability to do all the other jobs the Coast Guard gets tasked with. Easily one of the best black hull designs the USCG's ever had.
  3. poeticmotion

    refund for Siegfried

    Siegfried went from being my favorite cruiser to meh. She's still good; I went 2 of 3 in ranked with her tonight and did OK, although not great. But the fun factor is severely reduced. I love secondary build brawlers, and Gneisenau was one of my favorite boats, so I loved Siegfried. But the secondary nerf hit her hard; she's not as tough as a BB so I can't wade in to knife range early or mid game 95+% of the time, and it was just nifty to have a cruiser that combined great secondaries with concealment that meant I was in secondary range as almost as soon as I was spotted. I really wish they had given Siegfried a special buff to get her back up to her old secondaries range; I know it doesn't quite count as nerfing a premium, but RB points are the biggest pain to grind in the game and although it really isn't a huge nerf performance-wise, it does take a lot of the fun factor away. I had zero regrets about the grinding I did for Siegfried until this rework. Now I have regrets, and probably won't do RB grinds anymore (especially since I've sharply reduced my amount of time playing this game because of how frustrating it's been over the last year...I quit for a few weeks and now I pretty much log on to play a few rounds of ranked a day, if that.)
  4. poeticmotion

    Do any ships actually scare you...

    There's no such thing as a scary ship. Only scary players, and even then great players don't scare me, they're just a challenge to meet.
  5. poeticmotion

    Premium Ship Review #115: Bourgogne

    Bourgogne makes me look better than I am. Pre-nerf Alsace is my favorite BB of all-time and Bourgogne gives me everything I loved about her plus some. She's got a high skill floor; she's strongest when played aggressively, but she's got a low hp pool. Her armor isnt terrible, but it's not as tanky as most other ships optimized for aggressive play. Angling and positioning are super key to being successful with her. But she has a huge tool set and a lot of ways to influence a match, and if youhave an aggressive mindset but are smart about it, she's well worth it.
  6. poeticmotion

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    Problem is I'm a decent player, but with my skill level and playing mostly solo I can't seem to get my numbers up to where I am able to get into a competitive clan. I'm in a mostly social clan right now of people I know IRL, and getting curbstomped in CBs sucks. But most decent clans have higher minimum requiirements than I meet, which is fair. I'm in that weird spot of being better than average but not quite good enough to play at the level needed for good clan battles teams. I think I'd do well with a good CB team and a competent shotcaller, but I'm not good enough to carry a team in CBs and with my current clan, that is what I'd need to do. I've played a few games since posting this but definitely cut down on playing time. I'll probably log on occasionally for my research bureau grind and see whether the next season of ranked makes me want to start playing regularly again.
  7. poeticmotion

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    Thing is, that's my entire playstyle. I prioritize winning over all else, even personal stats. It's part of why my PR is lower than expected for someone of my win rate and experience level. It's why I'm a gunboat DD main, and if not a gunboat DD I prioritize fast, versatile ships. PR is very heavily weighted to raw damage. I don't play to damage ships, I play to win games. That means killing the wounded ship even if there's a juicier target for more damage, spotting, cap control (be that capping or denying cap based on what the situation is / what ship I'm in), tanking CV strikes, chasing down the DD that is harassing the team rather than hunting a CV across the map for a juicy kill...my entire style is 'do what is needed to maximize win chance.' That's how I got my win rate up into the fifties to begin with. It's not enough anymore.
  8. poeticmotion

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    I miss doing those. Just hard to get inspired anymore when not having fun playing :/
  9. poeticmotion

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    OK. You play your way. But this has zero relevance to my post. For grinding purposes, losing PVP games is still better rewards than winning co-op games. Hence, it's foolish. AND lol "watch your words." If you're here just to argue, cool. But 'lol just play co-op' illustrates a total lack of reading comprehension.
  10. poeticmotion

    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    Why would I play co-op when grinding on premium time when that gives me lower rewards than PvP on regular time? And scenarios only apply if on tier 6. That's just foolish. Curbstomps aren't fun whether winning or losing. They're less fun when you're the one losing over and over, but either way they're not fun. Another reason why I don't like co-op.
  11. Honestly, it's not fun anymore. I'm mired in the worst losing streak in five years, but even before then, the standard of play is so low now in WoWS, such a high percentage of games are landslides, that it stopped being fun. Every time I log on for weeks now, I lose more than I win. I'm no unicum, I'm a pretty consistent 52% player, but day after day logging on to landslide loss after landslide loss where I'm at the top of the leaderboard for a losing team over and over and over...yes, statistical probability can be a fickle mistress, but it's getting ridiculous. I even tried playing nothing but Clemson. I can always carry in Clemson. Got curbstomped a dozen times in a row. I just can't carry hard enough. 2-6 yesterday. 1-5 today. I think the last time I won more than I lost was September. And amazingly, when I buy premium time, i win even less. Nothing like rocking out eleven losses in a row when you're running full flags and good camos trying to grind a ship. My PR for the last month is actually better than my average, and I've won 38% for the last month. Screw it. This has been my primary gaming escape for half a decade, but as a solo player, I can't carry these teams. Maybe if I was super unicum I could. I was fine when it felt like I could influence a decent number of my matches. It's 12v12. So yeah, some games I will win no matter how bad I play, some games I will lose no matter how well I play, and maybe 1/3 of games will be influenced by how well I play. But lately, I lose most games that I don't carry hard, and lose a good amount of the ones where I do carry hard. I can't do anything to break the losing streak, and I'm too competitive to enjoy a game where I am powerless to influence the game. I don't know what WG can do to encourage people learning how to suck less. I can handle losing well-fought games. I'm just sick of faildivs, people suiciding, people humping the map walls, people having no idea how to play their ship...and these things have been there all along, but lately, it's getting worse. The curbstomps aren't fun anymore. Maybe I'll try again in a while. Or maybe another game will catch my interest and I won't come back. But this one just isn't fun for me anymore.
  12. Not gonna lie, still a disappointment. Been saving my coupon because Neustrashimy was #1 on my list of wanted ships. Spent my steel on Bourgogne, was saving up for Neustrashimy. Then they pulled her and she could be gotten for coal in a few months, so I was holding onto my coupon in case she showed up before it reset, and then she does and I can't use my coupon. I think it's fair to charge a premium coal price for her since she used to be steel. I've got no issue with that. But I could buy her with steel now with a coupon if she was still a steel ship. I can't use a coupon for her as a coal ship. If I use my coupon now for another coal ship, then I probably won't have quite enough coal to get Neustrashimy when I *can* use my next coupon during update 0.10. So this basically forces me to waste a coupon since I can't use her for Neustrashimy and I can't afford to get something else and then get Neustrashimy when I can use a coupon in a few weeks. Yes, using the coupon reduces her price to about the same as a t10 without coupon. But still have to burn the coupon, and for those of us who manage our coal well to get ships we want, those coupons are valuable. So it's really disingenuous to say that this decision was made to not devalue the Neustrashimy...as I said, it's fair to pay a higher coal cost for her, but this is one step too far. I'm already about fed up with the poor play level in games and being stuck in a rut where I can't carry hard enough no matter what I do. It's been weeks since I had a good day of gaming when playing wows. And there's only so much WG can do about that, but then decisions like this make me just want to take a few weeks off and see whether I find another game I enjoy enough to make it my primary gaming escape. It's a little thing, but it's still really disappointing and tone-deaf.
  13. poeticmotion

    Oklahoma - concept is fine, but needs work

    I like this proposal, but honestly, I'd be happy with *either* her original AP shells that had better pen *or* a shorter reload, especially combined with the better captain skills for low tier secondaries that are supposedly coming in the skill rework (as @Ensign_Cthulhu pointed out in another thread.) I actually like her ok for a low-tier BB; she'll never be a go-to for me as I hate slow BBs, but I see a lot of potential for her to be better than she is now. She's *almost* a perfect example of what a reward ship should be (event was clear and wasn't too hard or too easy for a ship of her tier, and she's both a good captain trainer but still different enough from the tech-tree line to be a change of pace. And even with the proposed changes she'd be pretty close to the tech-tree BBs as far as performance, not too OP or too underpowered. She *is* underpowered, to be clear. I tried her in co-op and I will never take this boat into PvP as is. The combination of weak shells and long reload is really frustrating and punitive, and would be even more so in PvP when the opposing ships don't come right at you; when you only get a salvo every forty seconds, having hilariously weak AP with terrible penetration makes her a frustrating boat. If you have a bad salvo, you have to wait 40 seconds to try again. Honestly, the first time I took Oklahoma into PvP and had a well-aimed salvo land for minimal damage because the shells didn't pen and then had to wait forty seconds to try again, I'd throw my keyboard across the room. And that'd be OK if she had some upside elsewhere that made the long reload/poor pen combo a reasonable balance decision...I'm all for game balance choices that punish poor/mediocre play but reward players who learn how to make it work. But she doesn't have that upside; monstrous tier 5 secondaries on a slow ship isn't going to carry any game ever, and the poor pen/long reload combo isn't something that can necessarily be mitigated by skill too much. TLDR: If WG gives her the original AP shells, the long reload becomes more reasonable. If WG cuts her reload down to 33-35 seconds, a bad salvo due to the poor shells won't seem nearly so punitive. As it stands, what could be a pretty fun, balanced, average but different boat is just too hamstrung by the poor reload / poor penetration combo. It's not balanced, and it's not fun, but changing that is an easy fix.
  14. poeticmotion

    Naval History in Photos: Thanksgiving Dinner

    Thanks for including not one, but two Coastie pictures. :D
  15. poeticmotion

    Can we have decent event ships?

    Tning is, if there were a special gimmick for Oklahoma where she triggered the improved tier 7+ manual secondaries dispersion skill, or if she had either the crap shells or the long reload but not both, she'd be a decent ship. As it is, she's a monster in co-op but too underpowered for PVP.