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  1. LOL. I will buy those flags if WG sell them with silver. It is one of most useful flag for DD and quite hard to gain by achievement. For me only 480 given by 6K+ game played.
  2. Play Hipper instead, you get 99% money saved. If u don't like Hipper, you won't like Eugen.
  3. CA can get away by not use aim mod. Stick to AA range mod give u team a healthy no fly zone.
  4. Too busy, only played 7 game all weekend. Saturday 2 lose and quit go play PTS. Sunday 4 win 1 lose all at top XP spot. And one Izyaslav with 158K damage reaching all time high 5000 WTR.
  5. The Pan-Asia line is more intend to players at Chinese sever. They are in war with Japan during WWII. Do you know on Chinese sever, all japan ships don't even have their historic names, just to avoid get involve politic conflict.
  6. Total Games Played 6346 Survived 3171 BB/DD/CA/CV ratio: 16%/35%/49%/1% Detonations: 48 Detonation Ratio: 0.76% I do run detonation flags on DDs if they are available.
  7. I feel German DD will be more valuable after the smoke change. I played several Minotaur games in PTS, Z-52 with hydro really counter other DDs and CA/CL with smoke. I just can't use smoke if German dd close by.
  8. from tier5 and up. IJN CA all have slow rotate 203mm gun. which all need 'Expert Maskman' and 'Demolition Expert' can even boost ur fire chance , they all have fighters so DCCA is good 1pt skill, also PT,AR,Vigilance,CM are must have on all CAs, for last 3pt put on 'Superintendent' which give u extra healing on ibuki/Zao.
  9. play sniper at beginning, once you get focused just kiting with HE, later game in 1on1 condition or u are not focused, Roon can be a AP monster plus u have trops for yolo.
  10. Myoko, all later tier IJN CA and ARP ships can share same captain build (except 155mm mogami). Other nations does need redistribute captain skills when u moving to tier9/X
  11. high WTR = u carry hard, high WTR + high WR% = u carry even harder and that satisfying. Don't compare to other players, compare it to yourself last month performance.
  12. Get Yamamoto, unlock Des Monies and Hindenburg. Still half way on the tier9 grinding.
  13. For random, I just bring a CV, it can keep all teammate away from air strike, it's working greatly to get 4-5 stars every time. A team with a CV have huge advantage complete the task. A team with lots dds are doomed.
  14. good point. 1 day sample is too small, even I agree conq OP.
  15. Simply cost me 0$ on mine, about 15$ on my Missouri, brought whole bunch PAPA PAPA signal to speed up the grind.