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  1. So used to <40ms pin. In PTS i have 120ms ping, quite unplayable for Random, only comfort play some PvE games.
  2. Grinding XP in PvP vs PvE

    Another good analysis job well done.
  3. Great work on take times analysis all those data. Avg 200+ battle is the reason I never serious about rank battle.
  4. Congrats to both team. Good job O7. Is there a game replay I can watch?
  5. Hitting Personal Milestones

    Congrat Kevik! Talk about goals, I am slowly work on my 1600 WTR. base on my progression last 90 days, it need at least 6 months.
  6. Kraken Unleashed 100 and counting

    6.8K game played. 126 Kraken ,4 solo warrior and near 500 confederate. Most played in DD and CA.
  7. So I sold the Kutozov

    I plan sale mine right before 6.14. Not because I don't like her in fact because I love it too much(278 game, 65% WR, 96500 AveDamage, 1806 WTR), I need give other ships a chance to shine plus I can make a good use of 10K gold for other premium ships.
  8. SALTY Clan Battle Guide!

    no more moskva cancer?
  9. Upcoming tier 7 premium Ashitaka

    another premium BB with reuse model...I already see games with 8bbs on each team this weekend.
  10. High tier ships or the Sims which have base XP bonus. For me I occasionally get 1600+ base XP on a tier4 game.
  11. It must be 6.12 issue. I got mine yesterday, he is in reserve once mission completed.
  12. took me 2500 game to blue, another 3000 to purple, I might took forever to get all deep purple. More game played less progress(%) it makes.
  13. There are missions that play tierX ships get super containers as a part of Anniversary events. I am not sure it also ended or you can still earn them today, I can not check it anymore.
  14. Holy ship. I feel so lucky I get mad about my losing streak yesterday and using my free xp to get my 3 tierX ships, I suppose do them today (28th) in order to use less free xp. I just realize I saved myself 3 super containers and one of them include Nikolai I ! WG really mess up the mission end time information on the website.
  15. Congrats for the Mutsu and Hydra flags, I got a Nikolai at same day. So no complain.