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  1. roytwo

    premium account

    I generally see the get 360 days of "premium account" for half off in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Do not recall ever seeing them during anniversary week
  2. Just built a new PC and since dedicated GPUs are so hard to come by at a good price. I went with an AMD Ryzen 7 5700G APU with the onboard Radeon Graphics to hold me until affordable GPUs are a thing again. Supposedly the fasted integrated graphics ever. It can run max graphics at 2K at 76 FPS but 4K drags me down to 45 FPS. But it looks marvelous. Not bad for a $300 combo CPU/GPU, pretty happy with it
  3. Mine logged in fine yesterday , right now I am at 4 minutes and still waiting. That is why I came here to check if something is going on.
  4. Just built my latest this month: Cooler Master MasterBox NR600P Case MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK Mother Board AMD Ryzen 7 5700G APU 8 Cores - 3800 MHz Noctua NH-U12A chromax black two fan Cooler Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB RAM WD_BLACK 2TB SN750 NVMe Drive Corsair RM850x Full Modular Power Supply Noctua NF-A14 Chromax Black Case Fans times 2 Plus 3 Preinstalled Cooler Master Fans (1-120mm, 2-140mm) Windows 10 Home LG 24-Inch 4K UHD Monitor Price was $1,311.69 for all the parts and a Windows 10 flash drive directly from Microsoft, plus $270 for the new 4K monitor Running perfect so far, everything is holding cool temps, ready for the Free Windows 11 update when I am ready. Issue less assembly. The AMD4 socket still has some legs for new CPUs, The Case, Mother board and Power Supply leaves plenty of avenues for future upgrades. I will add a dedicated GPU when availability and prices are right, but until then the onboard Radeon Graphics on the Ryzen 5700G is pretty good. It is said to be the "Fastest Integrated Graphics Ever" , we will see. Been building my own systems for decades, starting with my first, sporting an AMD Am486DX4-100 CPU. 100MHz, now that was speed....in 1995...LOL Assembling your own Puter is like hot rodding for nerds. The part I find most challenging is getting all the latest drivers installed and set up correctly. The mother board came with a driver's DVD, A DVD? What is it? 2010?
  5. roytwo

    Premium Account Base XP doubt

    100% correct, I bought my last premium time last December. So many missions and events use unmodified base XP to progress, it takes a big bite out of the value of premium time when I am playing so many games just for base XP. I can do that on free play just as well for free.. Will not be buying anymore. I felt like that yearly purchase was my cost of entry to play as not to be a full freeloader, but I think I will go back to freeloading. They Should add a modifier for base XP for Premium members or should allow us to turn premium time on and off as not to waste it playing days and days for a base XP mission.
  6. roytwo

    So, the Missouri "sale" is here

    To bad there is not an in game marketplace, I will sell you my MO for $99.00 , it is only a few years old hardly a scratch in the paint.
  7. After reading through this thread I have come to the realization I have spent way too much time on this game ( But the Only money is the yearly premium time each XMAS when it is on sale.) . Too much time ,Because I have the MO, 5.4 million Free XP and 23 million convertible XP
  8. Every time WoW sends me a survey, I suggest this. Advancing is way too dependent on the team you are dealt. By expanding the not lose a star to the top three of the losing team, it would reward the top most productive players on the losing team while not punishing you for what the Match Maker dealt you.I become frustrated fast with consistently scoring 2nd and 3rd and losing a star , playing for hours and sometimes not even finish where I started at. I want to play Ranked, but it is often not fun...or funny.
  9. roytwo

    What Does This Symbol Resemble?

    I see two women, one with large breasts and a dwarf doing something naughty. but that could just be me.
  10. #1 Time: Each new challenge , event seems to require more and more grind time to complete. Add to that Twitch time and this game can be almost a full time job. #2 Credits: Trying to grind out all the tech tree. Each new tier IX and X, with buy cost and outfitting cost adds up to a pretty big nut. And playing high tier ships don't yield a lot of credits per game. I often have to start playing my high credit yielding ships in rotation to build credit balance before I go back to grinding out a line. As for The rest , I have what I have and really don't worry much about it.
  11. I generally spend about $60 each new year for next year's premium time and a couple other small things during the year as my yearly contribution to the game. I figure that would be about what I would spend to buy a game. And I have actually been thinking about stopping it this year. My issues are primary that the challenges are become more and more time demanding to accomplish, the whole twitch thing to get game benefits annoys me, like I got to find extra time to play the game, and now I have to find time to watch other people play the game. And the in game rewards seem to be shrinking. Also hate the idea that there are so many challenges that require base points, something not helped by my paid premium time.
  12. Unlimited ammo. If limited maybe DDs would actually have to fire aimed shots instead of repeat Hail Mary spamming in just a general direction with no targets in sight
  13. I spend hours a week playing this game, now I have to spend hours watching someone else play it also
  14. My last one was the 50 doubloons
  15. roytwo

    Keep or sell?

    I made the mistake of selling some ships early one to get the port slots. Then WG came up with things like the twice a year snowflake events and other things that you can reap rewards just for a ship sitting at your dock or taking it out for a fight twice a year. I figured the decisions cost me a few thousand coal and iron thus far. So I keep all premium ships and all tech tree ships tier V and above. I make sure I earn my two monthly free port slots, so I am not motivated to sell anything. Approaching 200 ships soon and have never bought a ship.