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  1. roytwo

    Italian Cruisers - Serious Discussion

    So far playing the Italian line, the torps are too slow, the ships side are made of paper, guns reload to slow, and the SAP rounds are about useless IMHO
  2. Some nice rewards...BUT, I wonder how intense the grinds will be. You have to be 40 hour week played to get through some ot these past grinds.
  3. Would have tried for a better score, but four games in a row spent most of the game dodging the endless attacks from the two CVs in ships with hardly any AA . You guys have managed to take the fun out of this game in big scoops. Used to enjoy the low tier games, One CV that eventually ran out of planes . Now one flight can mount numerous attacks with little AA damage to counter. And if the two CVs corporate it is endless dodging
  4. roytwo

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    Rescue dog Bentley
  5. roytwo

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    Exactly, I have tried several settings and none give me a not too loud Main gun sound with the secondaires and AA at a proper volume. And it varies widely between classes
  6. roytwo

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    Wait, you are saying the slider labeled "Gunfire volume" adjusts the volume of the gunfire? Well if you guys are going to use such cryptic labels for the sliders , how are we big dummies supposed to figure it out? When I adjust the "Gunfire volume" to a level where the BB big guns don't kill me, I can barely hear the secondaires and AA guns. And then when I switch to a CA or a DD the guns are completely silent if I don't go back and triple the setting I used for the BB guns. When I first played the montana, with the settings where they have been for a year or two , When I fired my first salvo,I think I went deaf for ten minutes . Almost knocked me out of my chair. There is a definite issue. I just run your stock game " right out of the box" no modes ,etc
  7. roytwo

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    I have issues with balance. Main Guns on BBs are WAY too loud. If I set them at a tolerable level then play other type boat, gun sounds are too low. Also I can't hear the secondaries or AA at a level where the BB guns are not blowing out my eardrums
  8. Game has never crashed on me in over 3 years. Gotten three in last few days. Complete lock up of computer, have to restart
  9. roytwo

    Ranked Star Loss

    I agree, the lost star part of rank makes it less fun and I am out early. I have suggested that the top three of the losing team don't lose a star instead of only the top one.. that would help.
  10. I keep the tech tree V's and above for the snowflake, frenchflake events. worth 1000's of coal. Also I like to go back and play the V's and VI's every once and awhile. There are some different maps at that level and it seems like less intense play and often more fun when I want to take a break from the X's and IX's.
  11. roytwo

    So, about the new event tokens...

    Grinds are getting more intense and the rewards , well less rewarding. A lot of work for a 10 point commander with a few weak extra benefits