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  1. Fletcher7_1944

    Weekend spree

    Friday? Decent. Played a few, but just couldn't get any sort of groove going. Saturday? 3 and out. Nope. Sunday- I came back with a vengeance!!!! I was very close to getting my 17th point on Alsace, and Dallas was more than half done. I took the bit in my teeth and just ran with it. Got a mix of decent games and the "new typical weekend teams" ( the ones that are dominated by a couple of players, and end VERY quickly- with crap leftover for the other 6 players) Got my point, ground the hell out of Dallas (up to appx 71k before I HAD to shut down and go to bed), and played the odd match in something else just for fun. Ended up getting all 3 daily crates, blasting through a BUNCH of RN missions; and finishing both coal missions for the day. I also broke down and bought Nelson, just to finish those segments, too. Only played one match- doing enough to finish 2 and get half through a third. Also ran into some kill stealing bi$%hes- inc one who charged right between me and an island Just so he could block my guns and get torps into a beached Nelson I was trying to get to. I came VERY close to just firing anyway... Instead, I reported him for unsportsmanlike. Some of these weekend warriors could make Mother Theresa cuss like a drunken sailor. Overall, a VERY profitable Sunday. (those Skylla/Basilisk flags + a red Dragon= very much xp!!) And Dallas was just the avatar of fires yesterday, lol.
  2. Fletcher7_1944

    A ship I could not tame, a ship I could not stand...

    Huh- I loved Mahan, and continue to play it sometimes- esp to do torpedo missions. However, I DO play pve nearly full time- with excursions into Ranked and Ops. Benson was a great ship, but I won't be playing it or grinding any further up the line. Playing a high tier DD in pve is a waste of time, camo and flags. Unless you hide in the back and do nothing (and earn nothing), you're dead as soon as you're spotted. The super long range of the ships there, combined with their high damage potential and Bot accuracy and hyper focus on DD's is a match made in hell. Not worth the time or effort. I have a Kidd, so I kinda do have a Fletcher (not a very good one, but still)- which the observant might surmise was one of my long term game goals, lol. As for the title question: RICHELIEU. I tried every way I could think of, and in Ops, too. Simply could not get along with it. Since it's a one-off dead end ship, I felt no shame in fxping through it to get Alsace- which is one of my favorite ships to play in the game. Richie just doesn't have the right tools for the job- fighting charging bow tanking bots before they're right on top of you. Going WAY back, Kongo just plain defeated me. In fact it annoyed me so much, I haven't played IJN BB's since- even though I've owned Fuso for nearly 2 years. I know, now, that most tier 5 BB's are pretty meh all around, and the constant tier 7 fights don't help. But such was the stain it left on my memory...
  3. Fletcher7_1944

    Help me decide

    Absolutely! Leningrad is Minsk with 8 km torpedoes. I'm also a Minsk fan, and Leningrad was right up my alley. Truth be told, I've actually owned Scharnhorst almost from the beginning- and never played it. At first it was because the queue was World of Scharnhorsts, and I wanted to let that die down some. Then I forgot all about it... Now I've moved on, and am no longer grinding German BB's. If you're hoping to use coal for an expensive ship like Jean Fart, or Salem, I'd wait and get that first. The inexpensive ones you can always fill in later, but 220k+ coal takes a while to accumulate!
  4. I actually had all 7 of these long prior to this. Of them, only Missouri and Cesar see any play. 1) smoke pew-pewing ain't my thing, neither are Brit cruisers, so... 2) It was great way back when, but everyone knows how to kill it now. Essentially Oktober's kid brother. 3) Gud Bote!! I'm actually more impressed with it's maneuverability than it's firepower. At LAST- a tier 5 BB that can compete in the dpm/hyperactive torp bote meta. Enjoyed the hell out of it in Ranked sprint. 4) IJN DD's aren't my thing either. Got it during the original event when it went on sale. Have never played it... 5) Kutuzof. First premium I bought, believe it or not, lol. Because it looked badass! Not a bad ship, I just don't play RU cruisers that much. 6) Gremlin. A premium Gnevny- my old nemesis. The AI HATES this ship, so it sits in port rusting. It may very well be a good ship, but it's life expectancy in a Co-op game is appx .5 seconds once the bots get in range of it. (and they swarm in from all directions even before you're spotted.) Thus, I've never managed to do anything with it... It left a bitter taste in my mouth that'll likely keep it in port forever. 7) MO. Now we're talking! Bought mine the day it came out- been printing credits ever since. The Boise twins, on the other hand, are HELLA fun to play!
  5. Fletcher7_1944

    Premium Ship Review #114 - West Virginia 1941

    Yep, ya gotta love the 2 barrel splits.
  6. Fletcher7_1944

    Premium Ship Review #114 - West Virginia 1941

    I went and bought it KNOWING that it would most likely be a useless port queen. Playing it has only confirmed that assessment. The guns are just plain disgusting- like sniping in Bismarck level disgusting. And this is within secondary range... And, since guns is literally all this ship has- the AA is just as bad as Normandie's or Arizona's- there's basically no point in playing it. Unless you just want to play a ship that makes Massachusetts look accurate. I wanted it, because it's the WEST FRIGGIN VIRGINIA, and because I loved Colorado. It DOES accomplish the task of looking nice sitting in my port, though.
  7. Fletcher7_1944

    DD's in coops

    Lol- I don't know what's more irritating: When they have that huge, mechanical woodie for your ship, and trash you the second contact is made, or when they ignore you entirely, and leave you with nothing to do, but play catch up and lob extremely low probability of hit shots at max range driving away targets. It's like the borg has decided Player xyz is going to have a $hit game, and will not be allowed to accomplish anything. Lately, though, the issue has been DD and high dpm torp cruisers doing everything possible to end the match in 3 minutes or less- and totally screwing over the rest of the team in the process.
  8. Fletcher7_1944

    Boise appreciation thread

    Just got mine a week ago, and love it. And while I haven't posted numbers like you guys get- I play co-op, so only 8 reds to shoot- Boise definitely can mow down most things that come it's way. It eats destroyers. It pummels cruisers. It burns BB's, and gouges nice chunks of damage out of them with each salvo. And that quick reload heal is the bee's knees! I haven't had the opportunity to fight a CV with it yet. (they become as scarce as hen's teeth whenever I queue it up...)
  9. Fletcher7_1944

    Post your 2018 Crate Haul....

    So far, I've bought 3x 5 packs (1 big, 2 mega) and a 20 pack of the dollar boxes. My doubloon slot has thanked me- I've been getting lots of them. Likewise, camos and flags. Until this am. I bought that 20-pack to stock up on flags, and boy did I!! I also got free xp, and more type 59's/ holiday camos. And a surprising number of doubloons. (5 or 6, I think, were doubloons!) Was about to go back to the game, when I thought "Hell with it- I'll grab another 5 pack of the megas just for fun" And hit the jackpot. Essentially, everything I was looking for was in those crates: a BIG batch of coal. 3k doubloons Wyvern +50% credit flags (THE one I'm lowest on) Basilisk flags. And a ship!!! I got Nuevo De Julio. I got a big laugh out of that one, as I purchased Boise less than a week ago, lol. But, hey- I LOVE my Boise, and now I have two of em. (gives me hope for what I'll get when I finally amass enough coal to get Salem- like Boise, it's a slightly detuned DM with some different quirks. In Boise's case, it's a quick reloading heal!) So, I'm happy- the annual re-stocking is coming along splendidly. Is it just me, or do they seem to be showering us with an unusual number of doubloons this year? I get some in every bundle of boxes.
  10. Fletcher7_1944

    Worst Played Ships

    That last... Wow, some people must LIKE, I mean truly enjoy extreme frustration if they're doing that, lol. Even inside secondary range, the mb accuracy is questionable at best... AND WG TOLD US ALL THAT THEMSELVES UPFRONT. Dorpitz, same thing- only WG didn't go out of their way to explain just how trollish the mb accuracy was. But if you've played any German BB not called Kaiser or Konig, you already know that, lol. Just wait till they hit Bismarck- the same ship sans torpedoes- same dorpy guns.
  11. Fletcher7_1944

    Worst Played Ships

    THIS^^^^ in spades!!! It's why I never bothered with any of them, even though I've wanted to several times over the years. The "tutorials" focus almost entirely on manual drops, strafing etc, and say nothing about how to control squadrons, how to launch them, or how to manage them. Thus, they got the big nope! from me. Any newb CV driver would have to be absolutely nucking futs to take one to Randoms- you'll get eaten alive by the handful of players still playing them, and who have thousands of games in them. Aside from that, worst played ships could be any a given player isn't familiar with or good in. To whit, ME in a high tier DD, lol.
  12. Fletcher7_1944

    What do you guys consider as a bad ship?

    Emerald. Not a big jump in power from Danae- but faces mm that's an order of magnitude worse. Super squishy, not enough RoF to make up for the lack of HE. Pensacola. Formerly one of my favorites. It was never an EASY ship to do well in, but with the right touch could be made into a nasty mo-fo. Got nerf batted HARD when it dropped tiers- but still faces the same enemies. (who weren't nerfed) Making it worse, it's the transition ship between the light cruisers you've been playing and the heavy cruisers to come. Thus, you're unlikely to HAVE the right skills to make it work... I didn't get along with Richelieu- at ALL. But, it is what it is- a ship with all of it's main battery in front, on a gigantic hull. My distaste for the trollishly inaccurate German BB guns is no secret. Bismarck and Torpitz trolled me so hard, I stopped grinding entirely. What you gain in virtual citadel invulnerability, is more than made up for in normal pens and vulnerability to fires. For premiums, there are plenty of mehs in the low and mid tiers. For example: Don't buy West Virginia 41' thinking 16" guns at tier 6 is going to make you a monster- they nerfed the heck out of the accuracy, making playing it more frustrating than fun. You buy WEE VEE 41' because it's the West Freaking Virginia. Indianapolis isn't irredeemably bad, but it's certainly not good... NOLA is a much better heavy cruiser to play at tier 7. Mutsu is in the same league as WV41. It's entertaining to play, because it's so rare to see one, people forget about it's torpedo launchers. As a daily player, however- uh, no. Krasny Krym. An upgraded Svietlana with torps that actually do good damage. If you liked Swetty Svetty, you'll like this. However, it also got bumped up a tier, and old skool protected cruisers don't really fare well vs tier 7 ships... Sure is fun to do anyway, though.
  13. Fletcher7_1944

    quick down and dirty, which crates to buy?

    I like these, too- they can drop the super-duper double top secret camos, if you're lucky. (the +300% XP etc ones that are hard to come by and are awarded in the barest trickle) Otherwise, you get double fistfuls of the other stuff instead of the single fistfuls the $3 ones hand out. Whatever you can afford. The $1 crates are cheap, and if you play a lot you're probably running low on one or two if the signal flags you use a lot of, right? (plus, for the same price, you can get 3 or 5 times as many rolls of the dice, lol)
  14. Me either... No freebies for me...
  15. Fletcher7_1944

    80 Mega Gift results (Santa was good to me)

    From my whopping 5 box haul, lol- I got exactly what I wanted: A big bunch of useful camos. (Makes grinding high tier ships and the Halsey campaign in co-op take slightly less time!) Dragon flags. (sorely needed, I used a ton pushing for my 2 19 pointers) doubloons. (always happy to get these!)