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  1. As someone else pointed out; As a BB player, I've had the urge to push BURNED out of me by teammates who run at the first sign of red- leaving me to get focused, burned down, and/or citadeled to death by every red that can see me. Why? Because I'm the only ship the red campers can see. The flip side to that are those who charge forward full steam- and simply leave you in their dust. I actually laugh at them when they start whining and raging at me for a lack of support. When they do this, they also leave you vulnerable to Sneaky DD's looking for prey in your back field, and to CV's who see a lone, slow mover. I can usually tell within the first couple of minutes, what sort of team this will be. If it's going to be one of "THOSE" matches, I'll either join them in playing super conservatively- I'm not sticking my neck out far, knowing that they do NOT have my six. Or, I may just end the pain quickly, and try to salvage SOME xp and damage, and just go for it. Sometimes this works in surprising ways- the other team occasionally gets fraidy cats, too who can be intimidated into doing something rash by a charging BB or cruiser. Mostly it just means an end to the frustration and the opportunity to play a different ship with a different team. When you DO manage to find others who will support a push, contest caps, etc- it's like winning the Powerball! Sadly, that's about as often as it seems to happen... One of my most fun games ever was when an Alabama, a Conquerer and a DD/CA combo and my Monty charged up one side of the map and just chased out and crushed everyone before us! The red team was NOT thrilled to see that steaming full speed at them! Also, I know exactly no-one who plays this game, tend to play at odd hours, and generally don't really enjoy divisions. (they often queue into matches so quickly, I can't change ships or put on "war paint"- and end up going in nekkid; or get stuck waiting until the leader gets out of battles.) I do not have team speak, either. This sort of thing is exactly why I rarely play randoms- because it's the most unexciting and frustrating way to play the game. Lol- greed for faster earnings or more elite xp sometimes leads me to queue up in Random anyhow, and I nearly always regret it. (or the desire to play a tier 6+ DD at ALL...) I have to agree that the only way I see this changing is a major change in how we're rewarded. What we have now is the result of how we get paid- for individual achievements, farming damage, etc. And, of course, the increased accuracy and potency of high tier ships- combined with protection that hasn't scaled up nearly as well. They'd open up Pandora's box if they tried to fix it by doing much with the latter, however. Imagine the salt if, say, Yamato suddenly got the accuracy of a NY or NM,lol! Or if ships suddenly got a lot tankier. (no need to imagine that last- just read through any thread posted by a non USN BB player about the buff to high tier US BB citadels,lol- whines for days.)
  2. I was surprised to see one yesterday, as I'd forgotten it even existed. (totally proving the OP's point, lol) I blew my wad of free xp on getting Montana in time to do the birthday missions, so getting Nelson got put on the back burner. But, as others have pointed out: New shiny's have appeared since Nelson was released, in particular Oktober with it's free container a day just for winning one game mission; and the new EYE-Talian BB- which is the first of it's kind in-game and LOONNNGGGG awaited. (I think Kii might have dropped after, as well.) My thoughts on Nelson: "Good God- she's hideous!" and "Boy does it eat citadels well!" This last when it popped out from between two islands only a few km in front of me- and completely ignored the Colorado aiming right at it's broadside in favor of a ship way over yonder. He never even attempted to dodge. Ok- thanks for the free XP and credits, I guess,lol. Single ended ships are annoying in a meta of running around at range trying not to get shot, and/or kiting. In Co-op, it would be especially annoying what with the bot's lust for chasing players around. Try to turn in to bring guns to bear: eat citadels or torpedoes. Try to kite- get nickel and dimed to death with no way to fight back.
  3. Well- that wasn't what I was expecting from reading the thread title... ( I figured the OP had gotten chat banned or warned about language etc,lol- maybe I've been reading the forums too long...) So what's the appropriate term for the players that hit full rudder right in spawn- completely oblivious to the chaos and consternation they cause to the teammates over there? Yesterday, I darn near became the filling in a Algerie sandwich, when the Oktober to my right went full left rudder and nearly rammed me, while the Gneisenau to my left and behind turned right. I slammed on the brakes, and sat back to watch the fun when these two rammed each other. Oktober was buried in full zoom tossing shots at something all the way across the map, and completely oblivious. Gneisenau was paying just enough attention to turn in behind "Uncle Josef"- but would have rammed me if I hadn't stopped. I was sorely tempted... Instead, I turned away and went elsewhere- as far away from them as I could get. " NO cruiser support for you!!!" What happened??? I thought this idiocy had stopped being a thing a long time ago...
  4. Yup, yesterday my beloved New Orleans got decommissioned and sent to the museum ship row. It's absolutely unplayable- and certainly unenjoyable- in the current meta. Hipper and Eugen rarely got played anyhow. MM is only one of the reasons, and not the biggest one. The meta is the biggest one- being crapped on by tier 10's every match is just the icing on the cake. Play quality has been going downhill fast the last couple of weeks, and I end up shutting down in complete disgust after only a few matches more often than not. This is true pretty much across all tiers, but tier 8 cruisers tend to suffer the worst. The only tiers I have found to be even remotely fun are 4 and 7. I haven't played 1-3 due to missions requiring tier 4 at a minimum. Scenarios can be fun, but I'm not in a division, so I'm locked out of anything but the Rasputin one- and there is zero reason for playing that any longer now that I was on a team that won it.
  5. It means: " GET THE HELL OFF THE KEYBOARD, CAT!!!!"
  6. I've been working on the 40k base experience Halloween mission- A masterful troll on WG's part, by the way,lol. And getting nothing but over in 6 minutes or less rofl stomps with puny damage and base xp totals. ( hard to contribute much when either A) the enemy team is all but dead before you can get your 2nd salvo off (darn slow BB's lol); or B) your team simply ignores SPOTTED DD's, and allows them to charge strait for your BB. Thus, the game has been getting shut off after getting my first win in Oktober, and a daily container. For the sake of my sanity and the few hairs I have left on my head. At this rate, I'd need 2-3 months to accumulate that much base xp. AAARRRRGGGGHHHH! is right. Screw it- I'm just going to spam Svietlana and pew pew pew everything that moves. Likely won't speed things up- but it will be fun!
  7. Most of us survived- Trans took all the damage... I jumped out in front to tank what I could in Igor, but they kept shooting Trans, too. That, and since everyone stayed within the circle, we moved too fast for much tanking to go on. Transylvania was always right there for them to shoot at. Now we just need a heal and a 19 point captain for the regular St Louis!! < troll face>
  8. Same as last year- team all huddled together, getting into each other's way- and making the Transylvania go at warp speed so we got overwhelmed by the final group. Trans got toasted because of it. Game started with, we're doomed; gonna lose, blah blah blah... Now I remember why I didn't bother playing it.
  9. Good Gravy- is this an update, or are we reinstalling the entire game??? MAN this is taking a long time! Not to mention chewing through my data plan like a pack of hungry teenagers.
  10. I know- I'm just stubborn, and hate skipping tiers,lol. Plus, I had the same overall impression of Leander as I do with Emerald. It's basically more of the same, one tier higher. I would like to get Fiji- just in the interest of science, of course. It appears to be somewhat of a different animal. If I still don't care for that one either, then I'll call it a grind.
  11. Well, I hate to say it, but a quick look at the avatars of a big portion of the membership may give you an idea where a lot of the US BB's are CRAP smack talk is coming from. A good deal more is likely culture shock from DD and cruiser fanatics that just can't stand slower ships,lol. But, no- they aren't bad. They just aren't IJN or German BB's. The addition of German BB's, with their trollish armor and very good long range AA kind of stomped on the US's toes a bit. They're all fun to play, once you learn the playstyle. Even South Carolina- which so many have crapped on in this very thread. They're also very consistent- one ship builds on the last and plays very similarly, up until Colorado- the pinnacle of the Standard type BB. Then you need to readjust with North Carolina, which is an entirely different animal. Like the jump in playstyle going from light to heavy cruisers. To me, that's a plus- you aren't switching back and forth between battle ships and battle cruisers all the time, ala the IJN line. And the low tiers don't hit you with completely different gun arrangements every tier, like the Germans do up until Bayern. (nor is there a singular oddball thrown into the middle of the line, like Gneisenau) To succeed, you need to develop good gun skills, good situational awareness, and learn how to use the armor scheme. (hint: with all the "standards" you want to take incoming fire on the belt armor NOT the bow! This means heavy angling, not just a few degrees off bow on. ) I find the US BB's to have a good balanced combination of offensive might and defensive protection. Gunnery-wise you're kind of in the middle between the very long ranged and accurate IJN BB's and the horribly inaccurate-at-range Germans. You can do long range, and you can do mid to short range. Armor-wise, same thing- better than the IJN (there's a very good reason they fight at long range), but not as good as the Germans. I ended up liking them all, and own every one from So-Cal to Monty. In the end, Opinions are like butts. It's best to try the US BB's for yourself and see what you, yourself think, rather than relying on what "Everyone" says. We all have different things we look for in a "good" ship.
  12. That is an awesome idea. I know every time I get the urge to give them a try- I end up not bothering. Because the game they play is SO different from what the rest of us do, and there's almost no information out there on how to actually play one. I've watched the you tube videos, but they focus almost entirely on manual drops- which you cannot do until tier 6. That, and I learn best by DOING, not by watching videos. An ingame tutorial explaining how to do this, or that etc would be a huge help. Personally, I'm not in favor of nerfing BB AA- at least not US BB AA. (it IS supposed to be our flavor after all) I think it would just cause even more rage and frustration. As a North Carolina/ Alabama/ Montana driver, my ship is literally COVERED in AA guns- they WILL to leave a mark if you stray too close. Just think of it as a backloaded tax for all those matches in the low tiers where you trolled BB's with garbage AA mercilessly. Besides- according to the forums and chat, aren't you supposed to selflessly give up any chance of earning xp and credits via doing damage, and ONLY run Air Superiority??? What do you need those strike squadrons for anyway,lol. <troll face>
  13. This, too. I just start out the day's gaming with a quick Oktober game in Co-op to get that win. No flags, nothing but premium DCP. I have WAYYY too much xp sitting in premium ships right now, I don't need more,lol. After that, I'll normally switch to whatever I feel like playing that day- possibly even Oktober. It shares a 10 point captain with Nikolai. Honestly, once the masses figured out the easiest and most effective way to kill a Nikolai- swarm it with DD's and torpedo cruisers- it sucked all the fun out of playing it in pvp. It sure didn't feel OP then,lol! Hit play- start moving towards where you want to go- get spotted- EVERY torpedo armed ship on the red team charges at you, and you spend the remainder of your very short game dodging torpedoes- and eating them. Rinse repeat. That was EVERY random match I played in it after a few games. Oktober, having a nearly identical set up, including all the disadvantages of same- AND a limited use DCP, AND seeing tier 5 mm, holds absolutely no draw for pvp play for me... Same tactics work just as well against it. Only difference is your AA is more than just Boris shouting communist propaganda at enemy planes via a megaphone- it actually shoots down some planes! As nasty as a 12 gun broadside of WG's Stalinium Soviet guns can be- it's oh-so-easy to out maneuver your turrets. And it's citadel protection is nothing to write home to Mom about. The closer the enemy gets, the more time you spend waiting for your turrets to catch up. It's an interesting novelty ship to play, but nothing more. That gloriously hideous perma camo is definitely worth it, though. I like to imagine my enemies screaming AHHH My EYES!!! Yesterday, an enemy Colorado managed to get way too close while I was slugging it out with my bot counterpart. (our 2 colorados had turned an ran for the back- refusing to push at all. Thus it was up to me to defend our cap from the onslaught of charging bot BB's) I knew I hadn't a snowball's chance in Hades of surviving the encounter- my guns were all pointed the other way, and I was at half health. (Standard mode battle, Fault Line map.) So I rammed him. If I gotta die- YOU are coming with me! So, yeah OP: to avoid the frustration of the usual losing streaks while simply trying to get that ONE win to get the container- just play a match in co-op.
  14. B-but I LIKE fugly camos... The louder and uglier the better! Make the other guy have to suffer for looking closely at me,lol.