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  1. Fletcher7_1944

    Alaska in Co-op

    I put my 18+ point Buffalo captain in it, as DM's is optimized for firestarting and AA. Buff's is more of an offensive survival build- I'm just lacking superintendant (which will be my last 3 points) Imo, Alaska has more in common with the slower firing CA's than with DM/Salem, so I play it like them- choosing my shots more carefully, and waiting for the right opportunity. For instance, a Nor-Cal was charging the cap I had just taken and left, and was coming in between 2 islands- one of which was screening me from him. I simply waited, all guns trained on the mouth of the channel, for him to sail on out. (he'd be dead broadside to me) Then BOOM! 1 very dead BB!! After that, me and our t10 German BB took after the last remaining Red BB. I charged him from in front, he came in at 90 degrees, so we had him in a crossfire. He didn't know WHAT to do, lol. He was reversing off an island he'd rammed, chasing one of our cruisers- and we caught him flatfoot. I could see his turrets wavering between him and me- luckily, he chose to shoot at the tank! Shortly thereafter, he died to a hail of 12" HE shells, fires, and 15" AP salvos. So far, it's worked best to think of Alaska as just a (really) big CA- and play it accordingly. A better protected, much higher hp, one, but a CA nonetheless. Or perhaps a lightly armored battlecruiser. Ie don't go picking solo fights with BB's, or taking on groups of cruisers, lol.
  2. Fletcher7_1944

    Low Tier Bashing

    I have a "thing" for all those low tier premium protected cruisers- like Albany and Diana, and Oleg. I love the way they look, and they're fun to play.
  3. Fletcher7_1944

    Iowa in PvE...hmmm

    BB's are a bit tough to make bank in right now, due to the sheer volume of DD's and high dpm cruisers farming co-op for all they're worth. You run out of things to shoot at rather quickly... I did have one extremely profitable game yesterday, in Alsace. I got to the 40(?) secondary hits mission, so I grabbed my French pewpew monster. I just charged the center of the map, where I knew the largest concentration of toasters would be- and just poured it to them. I don't think the bots knew WHAT to do with a giant [edited]BB charging them hell bent for leather, and spewing 100mm shells like a firehose, lol. The DD and cruisers died quickly. The Henri IV ran away, and the bot Alsace ran itself aground. Then tried to ram me in reverse. Nope. Not today, pal. I ended up with 90k damage, a whole bunch of cap defense ribbons, 3 kills, and hardly got my paint scratched. And, oh yeah- 250 secondary hits! I think I MAY have gotten enough, lol! God, that ship is fun to play!!
  4. Fletcher7_1944

    Low Tier Bashing

    Absolutely!!!! And I had a large meat fork in one hand, and a cleaver in the other. I was shouting all my best British profanity, though. I'm doing the Fly Strike Win! mission right now, for the free loot- and doing the daily base xp missions for the florins and crowns- for all the goodies in the CV bundles. So I've resisted the urge to play Wyoming or Courbet and do just that. I now have 2 CV's in my port that I'll never play, but all the flags and coal they come with I sure will use. Just 3 more ships needed to get the achievement for 200 ships earned.
  5. Fletcher7_1944

    Iowa in PvE...hmmm

    Perma camo helps quite a bit, due to the baked-in repair cost discount. I buy it for ALL of my tier 9 and 10 ships. That way I can save my premium camos for other ships- because this is essentially a permanent Ocean Soul. Tier 10 seems to be pretty good for making credits now- partly due to the permanent camos. I also think the clan bonus helps a bit, too.
  6. Fletcher7_1944

    Alaska in Co-op

    Yep- I love my Alaska, and have never played it anywhere BUT co-op. I think of it as my Baltimore on Wheaties, lol.
  7. Fletcher7_1944

    Low Tier Bashing

    Normally, I like playing high tiers, too. The ships are beasts, and fun to play- and as you said, it pays a lot better! Some days, though- like yesterday, tier 9 or 10 games have a minimum of 5 green toasters on the team... That gets old. Esp when WG gives us THREE bot BB's, and THREE bot DD's to go with our Hindy and Salem... So I dropped down a bunch of tiers, and ended up playing Exeter and Leander much of the day. (I never had much luck with Leander- until I started playing it like a gibbering, foaming at the mouth lunatic, lol. THAT worked!)
  8. Fletcher7_1944

    Iowa in PvE...hmmm

    To be fair, it's a pain right in the tookus to play ANY BB in Co-op right now. Much less make any credits doing it. The meta has gone so far over to DD's and torp/DPM cruisers, that you may as well not play anything else. Back when you COULD expect to do reasonably well in a BB in co-op, the Iowa class was kinda feast or famine. You could crush everything you saw- or the bots would flank you, and you'd die quickly. This is the OG bow-on ship. Tanky as hell bow- squishy as hell sides. The citadel buff definitely helped, but Iowa is still very vulnerable from the side. Not really a great quality with the current crop of BANZAI!!!! charging bots, lol. It's fast- fast enough to get itself in real trouble, but not maneuverable enough to get itself out. Also, good luck trying to dodge the point blank cruiser torpedoes in this ship! I enjoyed the hell out of my Missouri, but man did it get crushed sometimes.
  9. Fletcher7_1944

    Is everyone having fun?

  10. Fletcher7_1944

    Weekend spree

    I tried a couple of games Friday and Sat, and... Nope. Sunday I never bothered to log in. ALL the fun has been sucked out of the game- and replaced with lame! and WTH??
  11. Fletcher7_1944

    Which steel ship to get

    I looked at both, but decided to save my steel for Bourgogne. Alsace is already on my top 3 list of favorite ships, so why wouldn't I like a BETTER Alsace? lol.
  12. Fletcher7_1944

    Low Tier Bashing

    Just one small correction: South Carolina was the US's answer to Dreadnought, not a pre-dread. It IS a dreadnought type BB- our first. Other than that, I agree. I see an awful lot of "It's a tier 3 nobody cares..." on these boards. (I don't watch any of the video guys, except for the occasional Jingles vid- because I like his sense of humor. I'd rather PLAY then watch someone else do it, lol.) A totally unnecessary statement, and also inaccurate. It gets old. Some of those low tier ships are just plain FUN to play! A needed antidote to all the higher tier grinding, and frustration generated salt. As many have no doubt also discovered- quite often, when you go back and replay them, after moving up several tiers- and learning how to play- they turn out to be pretty darn good. I'm continually surprised at just how effective South Carolina and Wyoming really are- when you actually know how to BB. The tier 4 Frenchie is a little beast, too. Other than the obnoxious dispersion WG saddles BB's with, there is nothing at all wrong with the 12" guns on the US and French BB's. ( I thoroughly enjoy the occasional game of "Eat THIS, B%&CH!!!!" With So-Cal, Wyoming, or Courbet.) And that's not even counting the DD's, lol. I mean just how obnoxious is a 10 torpedo broadside on a tier 3 ship?? I HATED Sampson when I first tried it, now I love it! That little thing was MADE for edge of your seat knife fights. And also, don't be talkin' smack about my protected cruisers!
  13. Fletcher7_1944

    I think I'll End Exeter after Round 2

    I bought mine, too- to spare myself the misery of yet another marathon grind. (and because the bundle contains a huge fistful of all the flags I needed- and it was reasonably priced!) Powered through the must use Exeter series of missions via 2 days of non stop spamming it, lol. I saw the 30 plane kills opener task and said, LOL!!! not happening. It's actually a fun little bote. Not a monster carry bote or anything- just fun to play: Like the RN version of Yubari. But for Halsey's sake don't try to brawl with it!! It isn't any better armored than the RN CL's- it just has bigger guns with HE. I haven't really played jack since. Took an inspiration break for a day after The Great Spamming. Since then, the games have been utter trash, and I've shut down early each day... Not worth the aggravation of paltry 20k damage BB games- or incredible disappearing team games. The desperate "I must have ALL the kills NAO!!!" types are still out there- and then there's the "What the?? Where did the team go??" When you get the YOU are the last Hope!! 4 minutes into the game. Or everyone's favorite: The teams all cowering behind rocks, and all 8 bots are shooting at me! Dead in less than a minute blood pressure raisers.
  14. Yep friendly torps are spotted from the moment they are launched for a reason.
  15. I see this kind of play a lot, and totally agree on how irritating it is. Not just torps- they do it to gunbotes, too. "Screw you, pal- I'M getting this kill!" They definitely need to look at how they design mission requirements. This last batch- fly strike win- esp has completely borked up Co-op for a lot of people and ships. People just play incredibly stupid- and desperate- to rush through missions as quick as possible. "Who cares?? It's just Co-op..." "Um, the folks who regularly play here do- because you've screwed up the meta, and often cost us credits and consumables."