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  1. What is the deal with the Black Swan?

    Just about all of the tier 1 gunboats are loads of fun! They have to be, in order to induce players to stay. That said, My preferences are the Cheng An and the Bougainville. Both of which I ground out in one match in Co-op, lol. Both of these ships can blast out plenty of citadels with their HE. Erie was my favorite before they changed everything, with Hermelin in second place, due to it's very strong AP.
  2. Finished the collection today, and got over 700,000 credits for all those dupes! Got a Kidd mission from the last container, so more credits are headed my way.
  3. Possible Solution to Radar

    Lol- get everyone to spend their coal on the Radar upgrade, equip to as many radar ships as possible, and turn the existing river of salt into a full blown torrent?
  4. Geez- What a day...

    Well, it started out good anyway. The plan was to use MO, Bama, and possibly others to powergrind the hell out of Nor-Cal's 17 3/4 pt captain. And it worked well! Lots of fun had, and an obscene amount of credits were earned! Captain is now MUCH closer to 18 pts. Along the way, 2 daily boxes were earned, and the coal mission crushed. Then I got bored... Decided to work on Queen Elizabeth- in Randoms. Why? Longer developing games, and more to shoot at. Queen is the living embodiment of SLOW- slow everything: speed; reload; turret traverse. And it's easily trolled by RNG. Not a great combo for the typical 6 or 7 minute Co-op game. (with 3+ of that waiting to find each other and chasing down the strays) Welp, didn't work. The ship is just as worthless there... Good idea, bad execution. I decided to cut my losses, and sell this stinking, hot pile of turds, and free xp to KGV. I had a seriously bad attitude after playing a few games in this stinker. No more! KGV turned out to be a much more fun ship to play, and it's even better than I expected! Added bonus: I upgraded it entirely for free with upgrades already on hand, lol. Now to set the WORLD aflame!!! BWAHAHAHA- cough, cough, cough.. er em excuse me... Then tried Lyon, a ship I'm far more comfortable in. Nothing doing. Not a fun game, trying to hold 3/4 of the reds back with just me and a Nagato. (rest of the team all charged the other side.) I got my licks in, but the cumulative damage was telling. Off to try the OP of the week. (cue sad, defeated laughter) Everything went great- until it didn't. Then the follow -up waves of reds started pouring in from everywhere. Yep, we lost. Now I understand the mega thread discussing this mission. I don't remember it being THIS nasty- glad I 5 starred it in it's first incarnation. Oy- why couldn't I have just stuck with what was working... So I went back to MO. Was having a pretty good game, beat up the red MO, then went after the Red Hindy that was charging our smoked up, low health DD. His Torps and my shells hit simultaneously- poor CA never had a chance, lol. Now on to the annoying pest of a CV that appeared to the South. Then my torpedo warning went off, and before I knew it I got hit for 3/4 of my health by a massive salvo! So I looked around, and all I saw was our Gearing. I could only guess as to WHY he plugged me like that, was he mad that I got the Hindy kill? Was he just one of "those"? I saw RED! and in a fit of indignation, I blapped him. And let the flooding sink my ship. There was, of course, some back and forth in chat after. Then came the real kicker: I noticed in the after game report- I'd been sunk by the Hindenburg! Yep- had I bothered to LOOK, I'd have seen those torps were RED... UGH! So, if you're reading this; sorry man, my mistake. I had a rotten attitude going, and you just happened to be there when the lid blew off. Again, my apologies. Needless to say, I called it a day and shut the game off. Not cool to play with that frame of mind. Nothing like jamming your own foot in your mouth up to the knee!
  5. All of the above. Bought enough Dunkirk containers to complete that collection. Bought a few signals. Now just accumulating them until There's something I really want/need. None of the ships interest me- most I have, others are rewraps of existing ships- but "quirkified". Or just not my cuppa. Tbh, it's been a VERY long time- over a year- since I bought ANY premium ship. Too many meh's and/or weak sisters. None has been worth any money to me. No clan wars for me. Nor do I have the patience or masochistic tendencies to rank out- I just play that until it's no longer fun, or I've had all I can stand of the Cap'n Salty's... Thus, I'm completely ignoring Steel, and will also ignore the new resources coming up.
  6. I have 53 dupes, currently- and five more items to collect. Should eventually make for a nice payday!
  7. To paraphrase what everyone else is saying: " It depends" On what the other team does. Leave the middle unguarded? Send a force up the middle to take their cap, and flank whatever side is giving you the most trouble. Paying attention, and leaving a rear guard? Then it's a high risk, not so great reward tactic. Do they have a competent CV, setup for strike? NO! Don't do it. You'll just be feeding him your ship. In Co-op, this tactic has a whole different affect on the match. DD trying to run the gap early? You'll meet the entire bot team, charging in for your blood. (meanwhile the rest of your team is sunning themselves out on deck- because you pulled the entire bot team in behind the islands, and now nobody has anything to shoot at) I often see DD's sit right by the mouth of the strait, and wait. The bot team does just as above^. One of two things will happen: "The Great 2 Brothers Turkey Shoot" As the charging bots all run into waves of torpedoes and die- game over in >4 minutes (yawn) OR, your luck runs out, and they steamroll over you like a runaway train. NOT fun for the DD player, but often turns into a free for all for the rest, if they've seen it coming and returned to the cap. Those who spawned out on the flanks, and/or committed to the East or West caps are SoL- by the time they get to where they can shoot, it's usually all over. Imo, this map has a high probability of turning into a game of "ring around the Rosie" or "whack a mole", no matter what mode is chosen, lol. Lol- they should have called THIS one trap- it's far more apt! Choose the wrong side with a slow BB or CA? You're screwed. Enjoy the low/no damage snoozer. Get sucked (suckered) into pushing too far on the East side? Enjoy! YOU are the fish, that ring of islands is the barrel. This is one of those maps that I like less and less the more I play it, lol. ( The infamous "entire team stymied by a single DD sitting in open water in the middle of the cap" game was on this map in the East cap.)
  8. Do you like credits?? I got an atlanta mission out of one of those crates and, like you, already had it. When It was completed, I got a SHIPLOAD of credits, plus the free port slot and 3 pt captain. It was enough to make me hopeful for more of these missions! They're simple base xp missions, so there's nothing to DO- just play the game and you'll grind them out as a matter of course. Weird- I ended up getting a Sims mission out of a mission container this weekend, too! I have ALL the offered ships, so these are nothing more than fancy credit boosts, with a free port slot and captain thrown in, lol.
  9. Weekend spree

    Friday I played a bunch. Sat I logged on late, and was nodding off after only a few games, so I logged back off and went to bed, lol. Sunday, I played the hell out of it! I now own 2 brand new ships: Bismarck, and the tier 4 German DD (forget the name) Sunday, I got all three containers, burned through all the coal missions, the Available Indy missions, and unlocked the final task for one of the Halsey missions. ( a LONG grind, doing it in co-op- with 2 single star missions to do over and over and over...) Bismarck took a BIG chunk out of my credits, fully outfitting it and all, but I earned a lot of em back. Also used up all 200k+ E-XP boosting Lyon's captain up to 15 points. Had some huge Gneisenau games this weekend- inc a 4 kill- all-secondary- game when me and a Sharnhorst defended our cap from the whole bot team, after our team got wiped out. Using a dying AFK teammate as a torpedo shield vs the red Gneis was rather helpful, lol. Also had a psychotic Shokaku spend an entire match trying to sink my Buffalo. Notice I said tried. I had equipped both premium DFAA AND heal- and burned through all of them- but I lived! Shokaku was short 40 planes by the end. I had a decent match otherwise, as well- 2 kills, and lots of "SURPRISE! Mo-fo!!!" salvos into broadside enemies who were otherwise engaged with my allies. Tier 9/10 games were kinda stinky for cruisers, though- so I switched to something else after that. After that, I switched gears entirely- and took to pvp games with my USN DD's. Surprisingly, I had a fair bit of fun. It was fairly early in the day, and the salt quotient was pretty low, lol. Had some very fun games, inc a chair edge squeaker that we ended up losing at the last moment. That was in Mahan, and the game came down to me, a Gadja Mada, and a low health Yorck vs a half health Colorado, and Conk, and a Misery. Gadja blew up Co right after I got blown up by a long range salvo from MO. Then our cruiser got popped by that same low health MO. He nailed it with torps and almost killed it, but for some reason didn't finish it with guns. MO was not as polite... Time was running out, so Gadja tried to pick off Conk to boost our points over the top, but his luck just ran out... It reminded me of just how much I like Mahan- it'd been too long since I played it. Also had a funny game in Farragut. After taking the B cap, I dove into cover around some islands to avoid all the fire coming at me from the South. And discovered the red CV just sitting there 10 km away! So I opened up on him, while closing for a torp attack. Their Konigsburg saw what was happening and charged in to rescue the CV- eating my entire torp salvo that had completely whiffed. He thought he was slick, blasting me away with all of his guns- until my torps showed up off his broadside. I could almost hear him saying "AWW hell..." I'd have preferred to kill the CV, but hey- he wanted in on this fight... Feeling kind of burned out tonight. I don't think I'm going to play today.
  10. Lol- nice!!! I was rammed by a Pensacola once with my Farragut- and lived! No idea how. He blew up, and I sailed away- after I hit dcp to stop the flooding, that is! " Ha ha, sucker!! Try and punk MY Farragut will ya?!"
  11. Likely BECAUSE you've been mainlining DD's for several days, lol. I get that, too. If I haven't played any US DD's for a while, I can't hit the broadside of a barn with those guns. Once I reacclimate myself to them, it's a whole nother story. Then if I switch to something else with totally different ballistics- same thing: wth??? Why can't I %$#@ing hit anything??!! That, and RNG LOVES to troll BB players- esp those in US BB's... Devastating guns- as long as you've sacrificed a goat or a small child to RNGesus recently, lol. When you switch between DD and BB, you really CAN'T find two more different playstyles. That likely is a contributing factor to your woes.
  12. Duke of York vs Lyon

    What he said^. Plus, they're two different nations, and 2 VERY different playstyles. I'd keep Lyon hands down. Guns and secondaries notwithstanding, Lyon is about 2/3 the size of Duke- and is FAR more agile because of it. Duke is literally so huge, it has trouble getting out of it's own way, much less torpedoes or dodging shells. If you like to play massive beasts, get KGV instead. Same ship, just not gimped like Duke. ( or Iowa/Missou; Monty; or one of the high tier German behemoths for that matter) I keep mine around just for grinding extra first win bonuses on my top RN captain. I use this and Hood for that, but mostly end up wishing I'd played something else. Can't say I ever felt that way playing Lyon (once I figured out how to play it, that is, lol). Yes, absolutely TRASHING some luckless cruiser driver with an HE salvo is highly amusing. But so is doing it with 16 13.5" AP shells. I like to get in close, where the pet Atlantas Lyon has strapped to her sides can get to work on my enemies. Lyon suffers from slow as hell turrets just like the Brits and the Russians- but the ship itself is pretty agile for a BB, and I usually don't have much trouble hiding my citadel or using the rudder to keep my guns on target. Save for the odd knife fight range drive by- but NO BB's turrets turn that fast, lol. Meanwhile I'm listening to Pow!pow!pow! and watching my damage counter rise. After first Normandie and then this, I'm kinda sad that Richelieu went in a totally different direction...
  13. That's actually how I earned my first 19 point captain. My Colorado had my highest, so I would play it, then Texas, Arizona, Alabama, and Missouri. That's 5 first win bonus's- plus I used +100% premium camos (I have a TON, so they cost nothing extra), Equal Speed Charlie London, Zulu Hotel, and pennants when they became available. It took some effort, but I got to know Colorado REALLY well- and it's still one of my favorites. Now it's on Benson, and gets shared with Sims, Indy and Atlanta. Re-specced for US DD/CL of course. I used it on Kidd, too- before that ship broke my will to play it any longer,lol. Whenever I get around to trying out Monaghan. it'll get this captain, too. (LOVED Farragut, so...) I also share a 15 pointer between Hood, Duke of York, and Queen Elizabeth. He's being groomed for KGV. Don't know how much longer I can take QE, though... For others, I've got 2 17's (North Carolina and Buffalo), and a bunch of 14-16's. Colorado now has the 14 pointer that used to be in New Mexico.
  14. Is Hindenburg as trollishly tanky as Hipper? If so, ME WANTY! I remember that thing giving me absolute fits in Ranked 2 seasons ago. "WHAT??? WHY the F%$# can't I citadel this full broadside Hipper 8km away in NO???" Then I took a closer look at the armor viewer in port. Cheeky, WG Verrrry cheeky... I'll get there eventually- got Roon sitting in port, now. In the grand scheme of things, my top 3 favorite cruiser list looks like this: 1) Baltimore. 2) Eugen. Hipper is 2.5, but Eugen's heal puts it on top, lol. 3)Buffalo So, I vote Hindy, lol. If it's a gun cruiser that hits like a train, it's on my Me Likey list.
  15. I'm now down to only 9 pieces needed to finish the collection- and I have more duplicates than collected items. All I can say is that it's going to be one heck of a payday when I get the last item, lol. At this point, I'm hoping for more ship missions- because I already have them all, and the Atlanta mission paid like MAD when I finished it!