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  1. The 100 Club (Co-op)

    My top ships in Co-op. ( According to my main page profile) I'll ignore the kills from Randoms; Ranked, and operations because I'm too lazy to colate all of that data, lol. Svietlana: 262 Colorado: 259 Texas 253. Interesting- none of those ships has been played recently. Other 100 club members: St Louis: 148 Nurnburg 159 Chester 111 (several of those were from last night,lol) Hermelin 176 Konigsberg 112 Wyoming 238 New Mexico 191 New York 189 Arizona 147 South Carolina 125 Bayern 119 Konig 121 North Carolina 110 (more kills than games played!) Nassau: 128. (and I only have 78 games in it!)
  2. What Makes Me Grumpy

    Yep, had a guy in a Bismarck pull that stunt in a pve match the other day. He claimed he'd hit the button by accident and was leaving. He was our only BB. What the hell!? You won't even try??
  3. Premium Elitism

    $%#& double post...
  4. Premium Elitism

    I do the same. 134 ships in port, and they aren't going to sail themselves! Extra port slots just keep appearing, too- I can't remember the last time I had to buy one, lol. I even play my tier 1's and 2's just for the fun of it. SOMEBODY has to give Chester some love- may as well be me!
  5. Had some twit actually do that the other day in a tier 9 Co-op match. He was in our only BB. Apparently, he didn't like the looks of things (we were the only humans)- and said "OOPS!! Wrong mode- good luck I'm out" Then went AFK. And we won. It was one of those rare games where the green team bots are actually good. I was hoping for a loss, just so that guy's records didn't get credited with an undeserved win- but why should I have to suffer a loss, too? So I played it anyway, and played well- and made out like a bandit credit wise, while he got stuck with a bill. And 2 reports for unsporting conduct.
  6. Enter a match with a squishy cruiser, like a New Orleans- and get almost nothing else but tier 9 and 10 BB's to fight. Several matches in a row. So, being the fart smel- er smart feller that I am, I switch to playing a DD- and get nothing but higher tier CL's to fight against. Alternately, If I instead play a BB, everyone else is in a DD. Or the occasional Random match where the other team has us beat in just about every category. 1 extra BB; 1 extra DD. More high tiers; more radar ships, etc. Including 3 man divisions of whichever ships top the current meta. In return, we get a fail division of 2 and an extra low tier ship. We won't mention the times we grab AA ships because there are lots of CV's in queue/ games- and they all disappear until we stop playing that ship. My Atlanta has NEVER seen a CV, believe it or not. If we DO get a lucky carrier match in our Texas, for example- it's ALWAYS a Saipan. Switch to something with poor AA, and suddenly they're crawling out of the woodwork again. It's enough to drive you to drink, sometimes...
  7. Roma Kobayashi camo in a nutshell.

    Do we earn extra credits or xp if we put shots through that ridiculous beer can? Or could it be that this is the "raised citadel" we've been hearing about?
  8. POLL: Community Feedback on Roma

    How true!!! I ended up getting ALL the ships I passed on last year via Santa crates, lol. (save the CV's, of course, which weren't on offer) I'm going to wait and see. I have Cesare, so I don't NEED a Pasta BB. Plus, the review I read the other day made it sound pretty forgettable. Also, I'm currently poe after the holidays... p.s. what IS up with the silly beer can??
  9. Yep^^ I try to balance out "grinding" with playing games in other ships, too. (and not just when I get killed early and don't want to wait,lol) Typically, it's 3 games in a particular ship, then I switch to another- unless I'm on a roll, or am very close to some short term goal. (the next captain xp point, a mission nearly done, etc) I am NOT a free player, but am a Co-opper. It took forever to get my first 19 pointer, and I'm still a far cry from my second. It took a concerted effort, as well as using every trick in the book. signal and pennant boosters every game. Camos that also award cptn xp. ruthlessly exploiting +200 and 300% first win events. For instance: I took a ship I liked to play (Colorado), and played it several times every day. Since I also have 4 US premium BB's- I put this captain in each of those every day, too. This captain was already at 14 points when I decided to just go for it. This was right around the time WG added elite captain xp, and I dumped all the free elite xp they gave us into this cptn. When I got near the end of a point, I'd also use free xp to speed up it's advance. Now I use this one to earn elite xp to speed up my other captain grinds. My current closest captains are my North Carolina at 17 points. (currently in my Missouri from the 3 million credits mission) and Baltimore at 16 1/2 points. There may be another 1 or 2 16's floating around, too- just don't feel like looking it up... I've grown bored with BB's (did several CA and DD grinds lately, and BB's just feel so SLOW and inaccurate now...), and switched my 19 pointer to my Sims with a full US DD respec. It's still specialized in Colorado just because I haven't gotten around to training him to something else. Overall, I don't go too crazy obsessing over long term goals like another 19 point captain, or more tier 10 ships. I now just play. Whatever appeals to me that session- whether it be seeing how many citadels I can get in one game with St Louis; being the terror of the seas in Derzki or Izzy; or just grabbing something I haven't played for a while. And the credits; free xp; and signals, camos, etc just roll in. I'm actually working towards my second million free xp right now- at 1.65 mil currently. The insane amounts of doubloons I got from Santa crates this year enabled me to finally clear out ALL of the xp stranded on my elites and premiums, and I still have nearly 50k. Ranked + Papa Papa and Ouroboros definitely helped, too! I most definitely learned from the days when I kept my eye on the "Big, distant prize". That's a great way to get frustrated and burn yourself out- and it certainly did. Pushing and grinding too hard led to several extended "sanity breaks".

    Yeah, well I'm old and never compared the two side by side- just going from (sometimes questionable) memory... It did strike me as odd that Hood can be a LOT tankier than it should be- I had numerous ships attempting to beat the hell out of me on Narai at once, and Hood just shrugged it off. Quite a few of those ships were wrecked by Hoods return fire, I might add. Which is why I recommended it for that operation. On other tries, it acted just like the BC it's supposed to be and wilted under concentrated fire. Needless to say with it's massive length and slow rudder, torpedo spam is kryptonite to it... Same for Duke. Hood's AA has never made any big impression on me one way or the other- I just don't recall it ever really bringing itself to my notice. My Hood apparently doesn't get harassed by CV's much. Duke of York DOES. And has amassed impressive plane kill totals. It's also failed me utterly when it's been softened up by HE. I recently took a real close look at it's AA suite, and I see what you mean about fragile: The 8x PomPoms are sitting right atop the B and X turrets! I'm sure it gives them a really good field of fire- but man are they exposed. And all those drums of ammunition surrounding the gun barrels totally unprotected- just waiting for a shell or bomb to come and set them off. To my layman's eye, those things just look like poor designs... Too many eggs in one basket-One unlucky hit, and you're down 8 guns! And how did they even keep that beast fed?? I seem to remember Yamato having a similar issue- most of it's AA power was in exposed open mounts- many in areas that left it extremely vulnerable- and life must have been absolutely hellish for those men when She came under concentrated air attack. I was watching a documentary about Yamato's last day, and in interviews with US fighter and bomber piots, they said they strafed the hell out of it- particularly targeting the open AA mounts- and it looked like a bloodbath on deck to them... Then came the bombs. I was thinking about that while looking around Duke's AA suite. It's no place any sane person would want to be when the shells and bombs are a-flying. The more games I play in them, the more I favor Hood. Duke's occasional flashes of brilliance are far outstripped by it's moments of meh, or just feeling downright hapless. It's like a perfect storm of everything that makes playing a BB frustrating- all in one ship. The one really good thing about it is that while it takes crazy amounts of pen damage- it can also be annoyingly hard to kill outright. I've tied up the bulk of the enemy team for many long minutes- all trying to kill me- while leaving the rest of my team with the free run of the map. And yes it ended predictably: they finally killed me (while denying me the ability to do much damage in return)- but lost the match. By the time I sank in one memorable match, we had a 500 point lead, 2 of three caps completely uncontested, and all reds but the death ball hiding in the bottom corner were dead. I really wish I could have spied on their chat- I'm sure there was a LOT of salt being spewed, lol!! Now that the missions are over, I really don't see Duke leaving port very often- if ever.
  11. This is likely the same bit of code that causes red and Green bots to charge each other- then stop and chat for a while, until something makes them move. As well as what caused a bot Pensacola to charge right up to me in my Mahan- then stop and just drift slowly by w/o firing. He had me dead to rights: all of my torps were on reload, I had half my health, was on fire, and had my engine blown out. I said screw it- I'm dead anyway, and rammed him. In slow motion of course, lol. Just nudged my bow over and let him drift into me. To my complete surprise I killed him- and survived! Weird things sometimes happen in Co-op, man! Of course, the bots will also ram you if they get the chance- you can't count on them going into sleep mode.
  12. I had a bot CV once that yelled RUN!! in all-chat when it was the last enemy ship left. Surprised the heck out of me!
  13. I feel the same about bot Atlantas and Saipans. I cringe every time I see one on the team. "Aww, man- you brought that in here??" The bots are just way too good in those ships. (when you don't get the stupid ones that just sail around randomly, barely firing) The way it usually works out, I only really see Kamakazi R's when I'm also playing a destroyer. And since US DD's are my weapon of choice- I don't worry too much about the IJN ones. Bots epically fail with the IJN DD's greatest asset: Stealth. They just come at you like any other bot ship- and get gunned down. Full disclosure- I play mostly in pve, and upgrade my ships fully as soon as I get them. (otherwise it would take TWO forevers to grind them out, lol) So not all of us are grinding stock hulls.
  14. Duke of York: inperspective

    It's NOT a free ship- they are also charging money for it. Not to mention all the time and effort grinding for it. The particular quirks they chose to make it different from KGV- combined with the already obnoxious RN BB traits- make it irritating to play, and a good deal less effective than it could/should be. It just feels slow, sluggish, and hapless in the face of enemy fire. That's what's not to like. Not a great inducement to get people to shell out real money for premium ships- and this one isn't cheap! They needn't be blatantly OP- but they shouldn't actively work against you, either. Nor should they annoy a big portion of their owners to the point of saying Screw it- it's a port queen. Duke of York just makes you scratch your head, wondering why WG hates British battleships- and their players- so much.
  15. Lol- yesterday I launched torps at a Bot cruiser stuck on the rocks. He somehow went from a dead stop to full reverse in time to back out of the way of my salvo. He then proceeded to ram the same island again... They also like to wait and twitch just enough when I hit fire to make you miss. When I try that same tactic, I get rekt... The DD's will twist and turn when you put your sights on them to throw your aim off. (when I play randoms, I like to troll enemy DD players by locking my guns on them- whether or not I have a shot- just to mess with their heads.) I also have seen them suddenly stopping, slowing or going full reverse randomly- usually while under fire. It's pretty common actually. This is just stuff that's programmed into them to make them harder to deal with. If they had the same bots in tier 8 matches they do in tier 1's, it'd be way too easy- like playing an old Atari game, lol. I did see something weird yesterday. I was in my Mahan (or Sims, I can't remember) On Hot Spot. heading South into the C cap area. I'd just shelled the bot DD to death, and me and a teammate were working on the bot Pensacola. I ducked behind an island to break line of sight, so he's stop shooting me. The Pepsi then turns and charges right at the island I'm behind- like a man on a mission! He rounds the corner and spots me- then slows down and hesitates, unsure what to do!! He ended up coasting right up to me, and I rammed him. He died, and somehow I lived??!! It was surreal- like a slow motion chase, lol. And a lil ol DD ramming a heavy cruiser to death and surviving?? Now I've seen it all! Reminded me of seeing the red bots and the green bots sail right up to each other- then just stop and apparently share a cup of coffee or something. They keep this up until someone targets them or shoots them. Then they suddenly wake up and start fighting again.