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  1. Just got reduced from full health to dead by eating an entire torpedo salvo from a LONG dead Jervis- that was also well out of torpedo range when it died. I was nowhere near the spot I was when it got dedded- yet there they were all headed right at me, with no time or chance to avoid. I had changed speed and direction, too. So after waiting all that time for the update to do it's thing, and burning all that data- I get this. Nope. Game shut off. Total crap, and a complete waste of time and premium resources. Are you TRYING to chase players away?
  2. Fletcher7_1944

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    Ahh dat German BB accuracy! It could make Mother Theresa cuss violently sometimes.
  3. Fletcher7_1944

    Weekend spree

    It was YUCK!! PHOOEY!!! until I switched to playing tier 3 and 4 BB's Sun eve. Then it got more fun. I did finish the Courbet, and start Bretagne- and had a monster game in it. No real point to playing high tier ships- the only real mission can be played down to tier 5. Halsey and the legendary mods are not time limited, and can be picked back up when the fun returns.
  4. Fletcher7_1944

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    Ah, okay. I agree. I have to wonder if that right there is the reason my experience with Buffalo is SO different to everyone else on the forum's, lol. Island/back row hiding not necessary- just good aim. (and of course, that the bot team isn't all shooting at ME, lol) Having a window licker bot CV attempting to sink you all game- and consistently losing his squadrons always brought a smile to my face, too.
  5. Fletcher7_1944

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    Sort of agreed on the last statement. You can often have fun playing tier 8-10 in Co-op- but only in certain classes/ships, and only if RNGesus says so, lol. DD's? NO! Cruisers? 50/50% depends on what else is in queue at the time. (lots of BB's? anticipate a quick return to port with little to show) BB's? Usually, BUT lots of spammer ships will ruin your day, and if you get the bionic dodge bots, expect to have less hair at the end of the match, lol. I don't play CV, so I can't say how fun they are to play there. ( I DO like to see them, as I run mostly AA specced ships, and credits and xp are credits and xp, right?) This assumes an all-human or 80% human team. If population is low, or nobody is playing high tier, and you get mostly green bots for teammates, ALL bets are off. For sanity's sake, Yesterday I played only low tier ships- and had much more fun than I've had in a couple of weeks. One stinky match in Montana was enough to convince me that it was going to be yet another suck-fest, if I wanted to play mid-high tiers. So I switched to playing my Favorite 12" gunned BB's, and had a blast. (pun intended!) The upside was that Courbet was one of them, and I was close to earning enough xp to move on to Bretagne- which proved to be a real monster in a Co-op brawl-fest! That thing's secondaries are just as nasty as Lyon's! And those 13" guns hit plenty hard when firing from brawling distance. Wyoming was the real star, though. It taught me the value of ripple firing, and how it improved accuracy. (Yes, I KNOW I'm way late to that party...) I totally annihilated a full health CV in 2 salvos- one that was sailing directly away from me, with only it's stern to shoot at. First salvo punched 3 citadels into it's butt, the second finished it off with another one, lol. This after an exciting brawl with the red Wyoming over the cap- he got ripped to pieces, too. And the match started out very slow- the bots split, and chased our DD's into the A and C areas of Fault Line (Standard match, so no caps there) Leaving me with absolutely nothing to shoot at, so I simply charged thier cap unopposed= till Wyoming caught on, lol. Next matches saw Wyoming continue to citadel everything in sight, and even put a serious hurt on a DD halfway across the map. Normally, that latter is mostly a waste of effort, if I fire salvos. I gotta try this with my French 13" shotgun, lol! (aka Lyon) I've said it before, and I'll likely say it again: If Alaska's 12" guns are as fun as these- I WANT IT!!!! Even if it is squishy, lol.
  6. I think your math is off- the Dev blog you posted said 10%, not 33, so a max 10,000 damage shell would cause 1000 damage, like an overpen.
  7. Fletcher7_1944

    Turenne - Oh God, what a cow.

    Turenne was definitely a smelly one, but Courbet is a lot better! Just finished grinding it tonight, and set up my Bretagne. First match in that, I got 3 kills and 100 secondary hits- inc it's first secondary kill. I'm liking Bretagne so far! Like you guys, I started the Frenchie line at tier 7, because it was the first mission I completed. (Got Bretagne second, and Normandie after that) Then decided to play my way through the lower tiers just for giggles. So far, all but Turrenne have been solid performers! My choice for tier 3 BB fun is So-Cal. LOVE those 12" guns!! The slow assed speed? Not so much- but at least the maps are small. Nassau is hillarious- those secondaries just eat things. Main battery has a hard time hitting the side of a barn from inside- cuz German- but what's not to like about a nasty brawler?? At least Turrenne doesn't stink as bad as Kawachi, or that British abomination.
  8. Just played my first match in it, and holy cats is this thing nasty!! 3 kills- inc a secondary kill- and 100 secondary hits. (2 Bretagnes and a New York) My question is: For the third slot upgrade, which is the best choice? AA? Will boost my AA up to a 63. Secondaries? This seems like it may be a good candidate for a secondary build. Main Battery accuracy? Can never have too much accuracy! And it boosts the secondaries, too! I currently have Dasha on it with 10 points: PM; AR; BFT; AFT. It was on Bougainville. I only have appx 97k Elite XP, so I'll be improving Dasha the old fashioned way. Looking for an alternative to Texas- with decent AA- just in case TX's slow speed proves to be a major hinderance. The secondaries on Bretagne are a nice plus, in what promises to be a DD heavy queue.
  9. Fletcher7_1944

    Absolute garbage games.

    So far, the last 3 days have been: 2 and done; 2 and done; 1 and done. Gee what a fun way to spend time! Not. The fun has progressively been sucked right out of it. Terrible bot team tactics, ridiculous bot cheats, endless RNG trolling, you name it. And it just gets worse, never better. Judging from the forum threads, and the occasional foray into other modes, I'm not alone in this experience. I've been spending less and less time on this game lately, and am about ready to pack it in for good. Why waste my time on something that only pisses me off? I can get that for free anywhere else on the internet... The folks at WG HQ really need to start thinking about player retention. Not just free gimmes- actually addressing the many quality of play issues. You know, the ones that even a casual perusal of your forums would easily spot? It isn't noobs, or bads ruining the game for everyone.
  10. Lyon; Missouri; and Monty. I just love to play em! So-Cal, if I'm in the mood for low tier fun. The 12" armed US BB's are just too much fun to play! The tier 4 Frenchie is great fun, too.
  11. Fletcher7_1944

    Best Tier 1?

    Oh, I definitely love that ship! It, and Bougainville are my go to tier 1's when I need some gunboat fun. Both will citadel the doo-doo out of things, and both are fun to play. I have a French Dasha in my Bou- and I swear it makes the ship better, lol.
  12. Fletcher7_1944

    What was your favorite cruiser line to grind?

    The French line has been a blast! I have Martel, but STILL haven't played it yet... (I got it around Christmas time) Mainly because The captain is a bit low on skills for tier 8, and I've been grinding other things. My favorite- and the only line I've ground all the way to 10, is the US CA's. They just work for me. I'm a gunboat guy- I like blasting things with my main battery, and I prefer to use AP whenever I can, as opposed to HE spamming. Torps are just a distraction- one that gets me killed more often than not when I try to use them... So, voila'- this is the line for me! Great AP, with accurate guns that hit like tanks. AA to make CV's look elsewhere for amusement- and which racks up profitable plane kills when they insist on trying anyway. (Buffalo and Des Moines are just pure evil in this regard) I'd give second place to the German cruiser line- but only because you have to grind through so many stinkers to get to the good ones, and because light cruisers with poor HE are kinda silly. That said, I loved Nurnberg, so go figure, lol. The CA's have all been really good so far- Yorck is the ship that made me a CA main- and surprisingly tanky compared to the others. Hipper and Eugen are big favorites. Roon is waiting for me to get off my duff and set it up. (hmm I'm seeing a trend here, lol) I have to agree with the OP inre the Russian cruisers. I just didn't have that much fun playing them. Effective as heck in the right situation to be sure, but insanely squishy. Brit cruiser are the other line that just left me cold. I don't like gimmick lines, and this one is the poster child. My keeper was Danae (and the tier 3) simply because at tier 4 you can get away with playing it super aggressively, and wreck things with the torps. The others? meh. IJN, I'm working on Myoko now. It can be damned effective, but it's also a citadel magnet ( I LOVE shooting at them!), and the slow turrets and awful torp arcs... I like it, and I'll probably get to Zao eventually, lol. My experiences may be different than others' because I like to play pve. I just can't stomach the camp n snipe meta that more or less defines hi-tier pvp play. Thus I often have very different experiences in certain ships. Example: Buffalo. You see endless hate directed at this ship from the pvp guys- but I LOVED mine! It's a perfect fit for hi-tier pve games, which have a VERY different meta. TWELVE of those 8" guns o doom, are just really fun to play with. And, like I mentioned earlier- the ridiculous AA earns me a lot of credits and XP from silly bot CV's who don't know enough to leave an AA spec USN cruiser alone. Yes, you will get your butt shot off if you play stupid, or of the bots decide that YOU are "It" that match- but so will every other cruiser. Eating cruiser's citadels and punishing BB's dumb enough to show me broadside are it's specialties- and it's greatest pleasures. (but hey- I'm all for buffing it, if that's what WG wants to do)
  13. Fletcher7_1944

    Tier X meta is very disappointing

    That's why I play my tier 10's only in Co-op. Because it's FUN being able to play aggressively and brawl in those tier 10's I played so hard and so long for. You really have no choice- the reds are coming whether you like it or not! lol. A notable exception is DD's- the guy(s) who programmed the high tier bots to hate destroyers THAT much are the devil incarnate, and they truly suck for doing that to us. But not having to hide behind rocks, or trade maximum range shots with ships that disappear as soon as you hit fire? EFF YEAH!! I have a premium account, and am a member of an active clan that essentially exists to pool oil so we can all benefit. With economic flags, I have NO trouble amassing oodles of credits, even though there is only 75% as much enemy ship XP on offer, and the payout rate is lower. Yeah, XP earnings blow compared to Random, but who cares about XP at tier 10? (And they just invented even more special signals and premium camos that boost captain xp, for those with a not yet 19 pointer on that tier 10 monster.) Heck I'll even admit that my little pitch has an ulterior motive- More humans joining hi-tier queue for PVE means fewer green bots to stink up games for us, lol. I've played my share of mid and tier 7/8 Random games, and don't want to imagine how it could get MORE campy than that... (shudders) Just reading all the threads about it here is enough to convince me to avoid it completely. It's necessary for my own sanity.
  14. Fletcher7_1944

    Is the Boise good?

    Well, this is worrisome- I came very close to pulling the trigger on it this weekend ( cuz of the doubloon event), but ended up getting T-61 instead. As a primarily Co-op guy, I found the long reload and durability problems to be a real issue. Esp the durability- bots don't miss that much, and a cruiser that can easily be curbstomped from any angle is not likely to be fun to play. The same issue is making my Dallas a tearing out my hair experience. LOVE the ship- but those salvos from left field taking 95% of your health in an instant get old fast. Even Kirov wasn't getting ROFLstomped this often- and IT could be deleted by a Nurnberg in a couple of salvos. (they were my favorite targets!) The slow reload on Dallas can be a real annoyance at times, too. Luckily, I use Adrenaline Rush, and Dallas eats lots of damage, lol. (gotta look on the bright side, right?!) Playing passive and kiting etc isn't really an option here- your enemies don't oblige you by staying at range and allowing you to just disappear whenever you want- they come after you, and they all have the epic level radar and RPF skills permanently active. If it DOES keep you alive, it's only because you took yourself out of the fight- and you do and earn squat. I have to admit, though- the heal does make it VERY attractive. That addition made Eugen one of my favorite tier 8 CA's to play- from being an Oh yeah- I have that! port queen. ( now obviously, Eugen/Hipper are FAR more durable ships than Boise/Helena- but you get my drift.) So does having a premium CL that actually plays like- and uses the same skills as- the tech tree ships. Marblehead and Atlanta are nothing like the USN CL's from T6 up, and are best served with good DD captains. The American 152mm really isn't THAT bad- and it can be truly nasty when AP is appropriate- but it IS "challenging" to use effectively, due to it's slow muzzle velocity, and high looping arcs. I think you just got rumphumped by a bad run of RNG, OP. It happens to me as well- getting robbed blind by salvos that hit right where I wanted- and do nothing for no apparent reason. Next game, the same salvo gouges out a massive chunk of health... Keep trying! USN ballistics can be... weird. But once you get the hang of them, you can put up some seriously good games with em. (witness the struggle everyone has the first time they get a ship with 5"/38 main battery guns. They'll make you curse, scream, and want to ragequit- until you get used to them. THEN they rock!)
  15. Fletcher7_1944

    Weekend spree

    I didn't play much till Sunday- I worked too late the other days, and suffered from Don'tfeellikeititis... Sunday was weird... Some good games, some bad- and lots of WTH??? I stuck around until I finished the missions I was working on, then moved on. The highlight was finally topping 100 million credits. And getting a triple coal container. That should tell you all you need to know about how the day went, lol. The clincher was my last Montana game. Several of us pushed the left cap- and so did nearly the entire red team. A massive brawl ensued!! What would have SHOULD have, been the highlight of my day was anything but- as my guns were shooting nothing but pretty pink powderpuffs and rainbows. At ranges where Monty should have been annihilating things, I was getting a whole heaping helping of nuttin'. Ended the game with TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND damage done, and survived- and I was right in the middle of the fight!! Game shut off in disgust. Weird stuff like that was happening most of the day.