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  1. Fletcher7_1944

    New ship day!

    I have to agree with that. Low damage torps, but a quick reload, at least on Gabolde. Speedy pew pew pew DD's are definitely entertaining to play in low tiers! Jaguar was an instant hit when I first took it out after completing the mission.
  2. Fletcher7_1944

    New ship day!

    Yet more new ships! Just finished Wakeful, and on to Acasta. Then switched to Gabolde, and finished it in 2 matches. I'm now the proud owner of a spanking new Fusillier. The new Soviet Pewpew monster has totally destroyed high tier play- I'm seeing 3+ per game (in Co-op!), and matches are ending quicker than ever. I managed 16k damage in Monty- and ONLY because I got lucky, and the red Monty turned out to dodge torps, and showed me his broadside when he was nearly dead. Landed one salvo and POOF! game over. The other 3 salvos were wasted when the red ships exploded before they could get there. I'll pass on any more of that mess, thankyouverymuch. Since high tiers aren't worth the bother, and I want to keep my credits where they belong- I switched to playing low tier DD's. Finished up 2, with 3 more to go : V-170; Fusillier; and Bourrasque. Gangut needs to be finished up, too. Part 2 of the French DD directive just got longer, with only tier 5-7 ships to do it in. So which new ship will I get next? Any bets?
  3. Today's video is about the Kittyhawk, and her collision with a Soviet sub in the sea of Japan. Worth the watch. Nothing like losing track of the ship you're shadowing, going to periscope depth for a quik peep- and finding it right there in front of you, coming on at full speed! I'm betting there were many sets of soiled drawers on that submarine that day, lol.
  4. Ain't THAT the truth! I was so excited for Bourgogne- then they made it a steel ship... I'd have gladly paid cash for it- a boosted, un-nerfed Alsace? HELL yes! And twice on Sundays.
  5. That's true- Mass is the only BB that shares a similar schtick as Georgia. You can use any US BB captain, but you won't get the most out of the secondaries, unless you specced for it. (AA spec would be close, though) Georgia. Massive guns, and hillarious secondaries, BUT: A) yes, they do overpen cruisers all day long. and B) 6 guns- even if WG did buff the accuracy before release- means you are VERY reliant on RNG. TBH, if I want a secondary BB, I play Alsace; Repub or Gascogne. Mass is too inaccurate and troll-y to hold my interest long... Salem: LOVE this ship! Not only is it a great credit earner, but it's also a great ship! The superheal helps keep you in the game longer- so you can keep eating things with those guns. Jean Bart: I'm saving up for it now, but French BB's are nearly always a good time. Just keep in mind, the reload booster is unique to this ship. Yoshino. Can't say- I don't have it.
  6. Fletcher7_1944

    Reset a line.. my initial impressions

    I've settled on the US CL line as my first reset. (soon as I finish roon and get the 5th tier 10 tech tree ship) The low tiers were some of my favorite ships to play, and I would still have Atlanta and Boise if I needed a USN pewpew fix, lol. I will miss Cleveland until I get it again, however. Side benefit: If I use Halsey (16.5 points), he'll be at 19 long before I get to Worcester again. I play the others far too much: Montana; Repub; Alsace; Buffalo; New Orleans; Colorado, etc. to start those lines all over again. German CA's I may consider resetting, too. That French CL they released for research points looks too fun to ignore completely. (if Bayard is any indication of how it may play)
  7. Fletcher7_1944

    <Bleep> Your AA Support!

    The sad thing is, people holler and yell for AA support in matches where there ARE no CV's... Support for what, exactly?? Please take my sounded horn in response as an audio facepalm.
  8. Fletcher7_1944

    New ship day!

    I ended up with 3 new ships yesterday, before I'd had enough, lol. Finished Leander grind; bought and fitted out Fiji. bought and fitted out my previously researched Worcester. Got Gabolde; fitted it out, and took it out for a spin. Could have easily been more; I have Nagato; Mogami; Gadja Madah; & Langley researched. Just didn't feel like spending the credits. Also have Roon; Monarch; Benson; & Wakeful at least half done; and Schors; Kiev; Ognevoi; Gangut; & V-170 all in progress as well. Somewhere in there, I managed to knock off a bit more than 1/3 of the xp for Le Terrible's mission. This, despite a rash of consecutive games where the bots came AFTER me- darn things just popped up charging hell bent for leather strait at me... And always when I didn't have the room to stay away, so unavoidable point blank torps later- I'm back in port. And, of course, the usual 3-4 minute instawins. I logged out, waited an hour or so then logged back in- that seemed to work. RNGesus had a hard-on for someone else, and I got to actually play! lol. Just one more tier 10 before I get to decide whether or not to do a line reset. I'm strongly considering doing the US CL's, I enjoyed the grind the first time, so why not? Also, I have yet to start the legendary grind. I'll have to look into it more, that French premium that's on offer looks interesting. (cuz it's French, and I love what they've done with the French ships.) You'll get my US and French BB's and US CA's back when you pry my cold dead hands off of them.
  9. Fletcher7_1944

    Legion of Honor Crate Results, Collection Info, New Capt

    I grabbed 1, just to see what is in them, lol. Which kicked off the collection, gave me an early start on tokens; and got me more premium camos. I'm alright with premium camos- as a Co-op guy, the bonus's are totally necessary to keep progress steady. And if I ever run short (heaven forbid) I'd have to buy them anyway. I like to use crates as a way to load up on premium stuff like camos and special signals; as well as coal and doubloons. Event content is just a nice bonus. I won't say no to credits or normal flags, either- one can never have too many of either, if one prefers to play Co-op. I burn through large quantities of the economic ones, as I equip them every game. This time around, the new captain is the only prize I care about- so keeping the tokens coming is a necessity. (I own all of the freemiums already) So, off I am to play Le Terrible, to grind out the 15k xp, lol.
  10. Fletcher7_1944

    New update problems.

    1. Um, where did the French directives go? That was supposed to start today, right? The tab in my port is totally missing. 2. Tech tree. rather than add the side to side functionality to the tree, the update simply made the scroll bar disappear. Now I have NO way to move the tree around and view the higher tier ships.
  11. Fletcher7_1944

    Smolensk = WOW, WOW, and did I say WOW?

    Yep, used up all my coal- AND the coupon- on Georgia. Thanks primarily to the Frenchflakes, and the grind missions that came with, I'm back up to 180-something k. However, I'm working towards Jean Bart as a next acquisition- so this one will just have to wait... Also, great- just what Co-op needed: yet another extreme DPM monster to make life for lower dpm ships even less fun...
  12. Fletcher7_1944

    Weekend Spree

    Yup- while the opportunity is here (French directive done; EZ Normal/hard missions done; everything I can do in combat missions done) I'm going to work on bringing Soviet BB's German DD's and RN DD's out of tier 4. All are at least half done, but there have been SO many tier 5 and up grind missions, I didn't dare spend any time in low tiers. I HAVE all the early release Soviet BB's and RN DD's; plus one or two bonus German DD's I got from somewhere, but no captains for those lines. I put 3 pointers in them all to do the Frenchflakes, and didn't put any upgrades on them. Thus, they were useless for the directives. (more or less- due to better options) I have enjoyed Acasta in the few games I've played in it, though. That, and I'm completely burned out on high tier play for right now, after the epic grind to finish parts 3 and 4 of that directive. Kinda sad when I have a fleet full of AA monsters, and we're at a point where AA is especially strong- and it took until the VERY end to shoot down 100 planes...
  13. Lol, nice! I may have to try this some time, with one of my epic foot stomping; full body; fold you in half; bellowing at the top of my lungs serial sneezing fits. I'll either murder my own team, or single handedly kill the reds. (or, most likely- send my laptop flying onto the floor, breaking it...)
  14. Fletcher7_1944

    Why does the MM hate my Kitakaze?

    For the same reason the rest of us hate your (and everyone's) Kitakaze?
  15. Fletcher7_1944

    Weekend Spree

    Played the crap out of the game Fri, Sat and Sun, and got the directive finished. I already had Siroco, so was grinding for the doubloons. I now have 155 million credits. Also discovered that I ground all the way through Alsace; ground a captain to 19 points in it (which got moved to Repub); and started a new captain- all without ever having equipped a 3 million credit upgrade... That oopsie was remedied: it now has the reload boost. Also went into inventory, and cleaned out all the A hulls and stock modules (except the torpedoes). Recovered the 3 mil I put into Alsace and then some, lol. The French DD mission drought continued- finished the Hard combat mission (20 dailys) for all the special flags and 3 french crates, plus all the crates from the directive, and got NO missions. Gee, what a surprise... Sunday SUCKED. I couldn't BUY a decent game... Either they were the obnoxious 3 minute and dones; or RNG was effing with me (just HOW many salvos of 16" can I pump into a flat broadside Alabama at less than 10 km and get NO citadels or even big damage??? WTH??? ); Or I got swarmed and focused. Also ran out of reports, due to the sheer volume of obnoxious crap going on. (everything from f key spamming, to careless torp spamming; to "I'ma gonna ram this ship that isn't moving just cuz I can! Aren't I cool?") Also had some spaz in a Sinop continually turning into me- he ran me into an island; then our DD- pushing him out of his smoke; pushed me into a spread of torpedoes; then forced me to go broadside in front of 3 enemy BB's- while blocking my guns. I've never been so tempted to dump a full salvo into someone...