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  1. So... the Texas... wow.

    TBH, just about ALL BB's with 2 gun turrets have wonky, pound your head into the keyboard dispersion at times. You just get used to it, lol. I enjoy both NY and Texas. Those guns hurt things when they hit, and the maneuverability is great.
  2. Me too. I got ungodly amounts of camos. signals, doubloons and credits. ALL of which I use regularly- and I look forward to the presents each year to stock up. I also got the ships I'd passed on buying the prior year- none of which has ever left port. (Well, I did play Kidd once, and wasn't impressed.) Oddly, the one thing I didn't get was Premium time, lol- not even one minute. I only remembered that, because I'm now down to 20 days, I think- the last of LAST year's winnings. I didn't buy any Frenchie boxes- no $$ to spare. (just bought a house) However, I did pull Bretagne; Normandie AND Lyon missions out of the mission rewarded ones. That kind of surprised me. Haven't tried the first two yet, but Lyon is fast becoming a favorite go-to ship, and I'm more than halfway through it. I'm pushing for the Richelieu to play in Ranked! While we're Saluting WG; May I add my own huzzah! For the awesome Normandie camo they're giving out at the completion of that mission? That one looks awesome! As does Dunkirque's special extra camo- the dark grey with the french flag. Lyon is jealous, and wants a kewl kid camo if it's own, lol!
  3. Your "Cursed" ship....

    There's a couple. Gnevny. This was the long, long grind from hell. I did not enjoy this ship at all- after they bumped it up to tier 6. I simply couldn't eke out a decent game in it... As soon as I earned enough to get to Minsk, it was sold- with a vengeance! Sadly, I'm nearly to the tier 6 on the Pan Asian line- which is the same damn ship... Tirpitz. This one is truly cursed. I have never had a good- or even enjoyable game in it. It's like the Anti-Christ of German dispersion took up residence on this ship permanently. I swear the guns on my Tirpitz are broken. The ship can consistently miss a broadside cruiser at 6km. Missouri. Aside from low tier ships from my newbie derp days, MO has got to have the lowest survival rate of any ship I own. It's a shell and torpedo magnet!! Also, the guns on it are either or with absolutely no middle ground... ** Alabama. She carries a Ranked curse! Any time I bring her to ranked, the guns just spray shells in random directions- anywhere BUT where I aim them. If, instead, I bring North Carolina? Laser accurate. Try and explain that without bringing up curses or bad juju, lol. Normally I love my 'Bama, and she was the first to break the 200k damage barrier for me.
  4. Why Coop is better than randoms

    #1: I've actually seen bots "talk" in all-chat before, lol. Usually the last one alive saying RUN!! Surprised me so much, I almost ran myself aground, lol. Probably just as well they don't talk much. No gloating, $hit talking, or useless nonsense posted just to annoy everyone. #3. Maybe so, but they ARE very good at anticipating where you'll be in the future- just like the DD's and torp spammer cruisers- and they can make it very difficult to avoid them. The Dive bomber squadrons tend to have very good aim, and off-the-charts fire chances. They'll exploit distracted players busy dealing with surface ships, or just troll you relentlessly until you burn and flood to death. They'll also use the much raged about tactic of parking fighters over DD's to keep them lit up. While they aren;t like that #$%&&$# CV unicum everyone hates to see in the red CV, they're often far better than a lot of human CV players, lol. (unless they're on the player team- then we get the scrub bots) I like to play ships with good AA, and I like to shoot down planes, so I don't mind seeing them too much. (Except for Saipans. EFF Saipans...) #4: Except when there's a mission going on, and folks are farming Co-op matches for "easy" kills or mega torp hits, (you've seen the type: yolo into the biggest bunch of bots and spew torpedoes in every direction to farm hits. get creamed. rinse and repeat.) Then it sux! Especially if you're in a damage over time ship when the yolo kids are in town. #5 Speak for yourself, lol. I have plenty of currencies piling up- more FXP than I'll ever be able to use. (unless they release a fxp premium I really want) #6 Play enough Co-op and you'll run into a bot rampage, or the "evil" bots. ( like someone maxed them all out and then hit the HARD difficulty button) The more games in a row you play, the more days in a row, the more likely this will happen. Play a DD? Quadruple the chances, lol. I'm sure there's some random program that determines the bot's abilities and aggressiveness levels- and it's just as streaky as any other RNG factor. It's sort of our equivalent to a unicum division, lol. Both will wipe the map with you if you aren't careful. I like the smaller teams, and more action packed playstyle. Not so much camping, or players riding the edge of detectability at max range. The bots are almost always up for a good fight, and they'll come to you! It provides me with enough fun to keep coming back to it.
  5. Well, this looks encouraging. I LOVE my Baltimore, and was very concerned that it would be gutted in the downtiering. The loss of the heal and the tier 9 upgrade is already a serious blow- too many other "adjustments" would make it a completely different ship. Good to see it will still be tanky-ish and retain a high RoF! As for being available - possibly- for tier 8 Ranked: I'd play it! That AA suite will come in handy! So will the radar. (and a 10 sec reload to punish those I expose with that radar? Sign me up!) Pensacola is what it is- you either love it (like me). or you sigh with relief the moment to earn/buy the xp to get out of it. These changes look somewhat encouraging, too.
  6. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Yeah, I'm not looking forward to that... Guess I'd better enjoy it now while I still can. I'm not especially impressed with the tests of the "new" ships. It is possible that NOLA might end up being more fun to play- since it'll no longer see tier 10, and can now beat up tier 5's.
  7. Your last "oh derp" moment

    First game out in Benson; Land of Fire map, Domination mode. Several of us head out to the West side, where all those little islands are. I decided to circle around the outside, as the bots hadn't been spotted yet. Then the Red Benson gets spotted 9 km away from me, and he's alone so I change my mind and go after him. Turning in instead of going around the island I'm by. Well... It turns out he's NOT alone. There's another DD- and THREE cruisers right behind him in the smoke cloud I failed to notice. I tried to bail, but was in among the islands and thus unable to dodge effectively. (without grounding myself right in front of them) The avalanche of incoming shells blew me apart in seconds. I think I managed 3 or 4 hits and maybe 1100 or so damage before I blew up... Not my finest hour, and I shut down in disgust and called it a night after that, lol.
  8. Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    I had a completely unexpected great Baltimore game this past weekend, Saturday, I think. 4 of us headed left out of spawn for the west cap: Me, a Colorado, a DD and another cruiser. We ended up meeting the bot Balti, an Iowa, a T9 RN cruiser (I always forget the name, as I haven't got nearly that far in RN's...) and another BB. Next thing I know, our DD got popped, and I'm all alone over here vs 3 tier 9's... Colorado said screw this, and headed for the middle, and I never did figure out what happened to that other cruiser. Without any other real choice, I just started fighting like a madman! I brawled all 3 at once- and WON. lol. Racked up a huge number of citadels vs the two cruisers, and pounded the hell out of Iowa's secondary deck and bow and stern areas. I ended up at 1/3 health and on fire, but all three of them were dead. Thank god my DCP came off cooldown right then, and Balti has a heal, lol. After that, I joined our Colorado in B, and we beat up the red CO, then played peekaboom with the red Amagi until he died to end the game. Until then, I'd been having a TERRIBLE day in cruisers. Man, this ship can be NASTY! LOVE those fast reloading 8" guns, and that AP.
  9. Made in German vs Made in French...

    I like a good brawl in my Lyon, too. The only thing that really holds it back is that glacial turret traverse. But man, do those secondaries open up and bombard things when you close range!! Some days it's like having your own built-in Atlanta. I've been playing my Dunkin more often lately- just to get used to playing an all forward armament ship- so I don't just fall on my face when I get Richie. Tier 8 Ranked beckons, and I'd like to be able to use it confident that I can hold my own in it.
  10. New players in co-op

    I bought me a Kutuzof not long after I started playing. It only took one match for me to realize I'd gotten myself in way over my head. I set it aside, and only recently started trying it out again. 38 games is some serious masochism, there... I thought the point was to have fun- not to get roflstomped by players far more experienced than you, or to lose match after match. Same holds true in Co-op: the bots you face in tier 8+ battles are NOT the same ones you used as punching bags in tier 1 and 2 games... I'm guessing this player was in a Tirpitz, eh?
  11. Nicholas or Farragut for its tier?

    Fat rodent's bottom... Nice! I've played two matches in my Benson so far. (just got around to fully upgrading it- I hate playing stock hulls.) The first was absolutely atrocious: Got spotted by the bot Benson- and 3/4 of the bot team joined in on the "HEY! Lets sodomize the destroyer!!!" game. An avalanche of incoming shells crushed it with no chance of escape... The second was a 4 kill, 100k damage+ romp. I thought I was a dead duck several times, but Benson somehow managed to turn the tables on the enemy. One of those HOLY $#%T!!! edge of your seat games,lol. I'd like to think the second game is more indicative of the ship's potential. Esp since the first game resulted from me changing my mind at the last second- and going right of that island, instead of left. (which would have prevented my getting spotted, and allowed me to see the other DD and several cruisers following that Benson...) As for the OP, I'd give the Farragut a slight edge as the better for tier DD. Simply because Nicholas is where you get to learn how to use those fickle USN 5"/38's. I'm sure that's frustrated far more players than just me! When you get to Farragut, it's become second nature, and you can hit the ground running. However, once you've learned the guns, Nicky can be an absolute animal! Having 2 torp launchers per side allows for some very profitable BB encounters- not to mention some epic recoverys from unexpected close encounters AFTER you've just emptied both launchers on one side, lol. " HA!! You thought I was defenseless, didn't you??!" So far, I haven't found any real stinkers. The closest I've found are: Sampson- I hated it when I first played it- but that was because I had NO idea what I was doing. When I corrected that little problem and came back to it, it was night and day. Now I love the little guy! Mahan. It's sluggish feeling after the speedy Farragut, and has a different way it likes to be played. Once you figure that out, fun and hillarious games are back. Trying to learn the long range but slow as heck upgraded torpedoes in Co-op resulted in more peril to allies than enemies... Seriously, those things stick around forever if you miss- long after the battle has moved on. Not the ship's problem- just a slightly steeper than usual learning curve. I ended up loving this one, too. I just re-started the German DD line, since I like all-purpose DD's like the USN's so much, I figured to give this line another try. I tend to be about as subtle and stealthy as a bull in a china shop- so IJN DD's really don't fit me well. RU gunboats are fun, too- but I like the more well rounded USN DD's better. So far, so good- had some very nice games in G-101 yesterday.
  12. Epic Blunder of the day

    Ahhh yes- The "always" welcome "help" from torpedo chuckers when you're in the middle of a close range brawl... I've eaten more friendly torpedoes that way... Not to mention getting killed, due to said "helper" blocking my guns at the wrong moment, and giving the SHOULD be dead enemy a free shot at me. It's enough to make ya wish secondary damage to "allies" was still a thing. At least the stupids had to pay the price for diving in between two brawlers then... Had some fool do the former to me yesterday- and nailed me with 2 torpedoes. He said nothing. When I pointed out that he'd hit me, he got mouthy in chat and started taunting. He got reported for chat abuse AND unsportsmanlike conduct.
  13. Best Tier 8 for ranked

    I greatly enjoyed playing ranked last season in my New Orleans. Did very well with it in a lot of games- all depends on how things shake out, tactic-wise. The radar was quite useful for revealing smoke hiding and cap camping DD's and Edinburghs. Good AA with Def Fire was nice for the odd CV included game. I had a great time crushing red CA's with 8" AP MURICA! Freedom shells. ( my NOLA loves to eat Russian and British cruisers, or IJN that insist on trying to use torpedoes offensively.) After reading some of the replies here, I retroactively enjoyed it even more, knowing that some think it's worse than an AFK, lol. I plan on playing it again this time, and have started playing it more often to get back into practice with it ! Nor-Cal was another favorite, as was Alabama. I had more success with North Carolina- even though it's a bit squishier- because it's slightly more accurate. Even did fairly well in Hipper, and finished the grind in record time by playing it there. Eugen seemed to do a touch better, but that may have just been a head fake. They have the advantage of being very well armored for a cruiser, and difficult to simply nuke out of hand like so many others. Not the BEST choice, to be sure- but it isn't an instant lose like some seem to suggest. I didn't have a lot of others- Benson, Kidd, Martel, Kii- all were earned/ won during Ranked or shortly after. I wasn't ABOUT to bring a new and unfamiliar ship into a Ranked battle. Oggie and Kiev I had, but had 1 game only between the 2 of them, so they were a no go. Torpitz is my personal kryptonite- I despise that ship, and never seem to do well with it. Playing it in Ranked? Um, no. That left Atago, Kutuzof, and Lo Yang. I tried my hand at all of them. I think I had the best record in the latter two. If I can finish Lyon quickly enough, I will play the Frenchie, too. I'm halfway through Gneisenau, and enjoying it more, but I doubt I'd play Bismarck if I had it- this season looks to be DD and Graf Zeppelin soup... I do not play CV's at all, so I cannot make any suggestions. Other than to say that GZ in it's current form is a monstrousity, and I'm not looking forward to that. I can easily see it being spammed excessively- with the predictable effect on gameplay, and the numerous resulting rage threads. As someone else said: play what you are most comfortable in, and know well. The single tier. small team, high reward format does make it ideal to power through grinds as well. Cap'n Salty's and chat whiners are going to do their thing no matter what anyone does- it's what they do. No point in basing your ship choices on what they demand.
  14. Low tier BB question?

    Rushing it with several torpedo armed ships at once is also a favorite- and VERY effective tactic. Slow turrets means good luck keeping your guns on target vs a fast ship in close, and it's so- so maneuverability and slow speed means you're going to eat plenty of torpedoes. It's premium camp patterns also highlight exactly where to shoot it for best results... Mine also sits in port as a museum- as a result of both your and my posts... Okt Rev is more fun to play- because it isn't public enemy #1, even though it shares a lot of Nikolai's strengths- and has decent AA.
  15. Low tier BB question?

    Mine, too! For tier 3: Nassau. FUN FUN FUN! Get used to missing a lot, now- there are tradeoffs for having that armor and those secondaries. However, I've blown the crap out of ships with Nassau's secondaries alone- I never even looked at that ship- it just blew up, lol. South Carolina is still my favorite tier 3 BB. My advice, hang onto it and come back in a couple of tiers once you get BB play down pat- You'll discover how good that ship really is! Tier 4: Wyoming. I loved this ship from the moment I got it, and like it even more, now that I know how to play a US BB, lol. Kaiser is also pretty good, once you get used to the weirdo turret arrangement. Orion is excellent NOW, but is going to be nerfed soon- we all saw this coming, as it's essentially the same ship as Iron Duke, just a tier lower. Duke is only slightly improved over it. My appologies, I earned Lyon in a mission, so started the line there. I've not played any of the lower tier ones, even though I own Bretagne and the tier 6. Can't say how they measure up, playwise. (Lyon is incredibly fun, though and worth the grind, so there's that) Tier 5: an interesting tier. Arguably the worst matchmaking and the biggest grindwall in the game. (I say arguably, because tier 6 gets blasted with the same crap) Research requirements start increasing steeply from here on. However, I personally liked New York best. Slow as hell, but it has a good solid combination of decent survivability, middling to good AA, and hard hitting 14" guns. Same playstyle you're already used to, and that continues until tier 8. If you feel like spending $$, Texas is just as good- but with greatly improved AA. (be prepared to not see CV's often- because that's the way it goes, lol. When you do, they mostly avoid you like the plague- a win in my book!) Guillio Cesare is a great premium worth picking up if it ever hits the premium shop again. It's modern for tier secondaries and accurate high velocity guns are somewhat offset by the sheer number of overpens you'll get vs cruisers, and the fact that you eat normal pens like they're going out of style. Fast and maneuverable, with a quicker reload than the others- but you will take a real beating if the reds decide you look like a juicy target. (armor isn't the greatest) Likewise, the Russian Oktober Revolution is a quirky, but fun premium- also has the LOUDEST camo ever- and I love ugly camos, lol. all-centerline turrets- 4 of them- with weird angles and horrifically slow traverse- you need to steer the ship to aim sometimes. They hit very hard, though- and you're armor is fairly good. Has a unique damage control consumable- it's better than everyone else's, but you only have a limited number of uses. Superintendant is a must, and premium consumables are highly recommended. * As an aside, this ship is a good trainer for the tier 7 French BB Lyon- which has 16 guns in 4 quad turrets, that turn VERY slowly, and have weird firing angles. Similar playstyle- but with improved secondaries that make close range BB brawls profitable- even if you spend most of the time waiting for your turrets to turn, lol. Konig is a tough little ship, and you finally get a "normal" gun arrangement. It does, however still have 12" guns- and relatively few of them. (8 vs NY/ Kongo/Iron Duke's 10) This is kinda the German BB trait- so-so main battery, but excellent armor and secondaries. decent to good AA, and a citadel that may as well exist only in theory, unless someone is bombing you from afar with big guns or has Dive Bombers with AP bombs. They reward aggressive play, and prefer brawling range battles (where the crappy accuracy doesn't matter as much and your armor is at it's most effective.) Lots of people gush about Kongo, but I didn't get along with it at all. Iron Duke is okay, but I was glad to finally finish it. HILLARIOUS to utterly crush cruisers for multi-citadel salvos with HE -AND set what's left on fire, but that's it's only real standout trick. Otherwise it's just a vanilla WW 1 dreadnought-type BB with the British flavor of great HE, mediochre AP- and slow as HECK turret traverse. It is also not especially easy to sink, so there's that, too. Queen Elizabeth is more of the same. The line doesn't really get GOOD until the King George V- which is VERY good.