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  1. Fletcher7_1944

    Weekend Spree 17-19 April 2020

    Worked, worked, and worked some more. Watched a lot of youtube. Played 0 games. Not even tempted. I think it's closing in on a month since I played last... No interest at all, and the changes coming down the pike further kill my interest. On the plus side, my credit card balance has rebounded!
  2. Fletcher7_1944

    A call for civility...

    Yes sir. My days of being a firefighter are over. My back and knees delight in reminding me "Hey A-Hole! You aren't 20 any longer!!!" Making the decision to stand down from active service was one of the hardest of my life. The interest and desire were- and are- there, but physically? Um, no. I do my level best to keep my trap shut, and not inflict my temper on anyone else. After all, we're all here to have fun, and who wants to listen to some guy rage? I also try to make sure that when my fingers get to talking, My posts are not directed at any one person- but to a situation, or annoying bit of bovine doo doo. (That tends to be the stuff that most frequently sets me off anyway. Getting RNG trolled; random nonsense; blatant bot cheats, etc) Occasionally, I fail- despite my best intentions. Sometimes a random dummy NEEDS to be called out for it's [edited]. Act like a cnut, and I'll call you one... And I don't mean bad play, or "you aren't doing what I want you to"- I mean deliberate acts of sabotage, or some dweeb screaming insults and filth in chat at me or someone else. Telling such a person to shove it- preferrably sideways- changes nothing, but it makes me feel better, lol.
  3. Fletcher7_1944

    Worst Republique coop game ever?

    Sounds like my last few Colorado games... Which is why I haven't been playing. The other half of the equation is a) players misuse of smoke, blinding the rest of the team, and further reducing opportunities to participate in the battle. b) superquick games- the logical conclusion of the current meta. It's like the perfect storm for BB (and any other ship with a slower reload, that relies totally on it's guns to deal damage- like US CA's) play. WG's ridiculous bot programming, that has them chasing DD's all over the map doesn't help either. BB's effectively spawn way out of position, because we (most of us) can't hope to keep up with the charging DD's and CL's- who pull all the bots away from us, too. What's the point of being the tank, if nobody bothers to shoot at you- and you're stuck throwing hail Mary's at nearly out of range bots, as they're the only targets. I'm more than 3/4 thru the Repub legendary grind, but rarely play it any more. It costs too much to play in this meta. Kinda like Musashi- you have these massive guns with all sorts of range- attached to a massive, ponderous hull with YAAAAAAA!!!!! dispersion. It's the perfectly WRONG tool for the job, lol. It works out, more or less, on the ships with lots of barrels- or those with all 8 on the bow. The shotgun spray ends up landing a fair number of hits. With Repub and Gascan, that same French dispersion leads to games like you had, because you just have the one turret fore and aft. For whatever reason, Repub seems to be more vulnerable to having games like that than Gas Can. Not sure why.
  4. Fletcher7_1944

    Ships you thought were OP until you got one...

    Depends on which ship, really- and who the bots are obsessing over that match, lol. I have awesome luck in Seattle, for example, because the reds most often ignore it in favor of chasing the DD's all over the map, or dealing with all the yolo torp cruisers. Thus, I'm free to gouge them for crazy amounts of damage! And Jean Bart is always a good time, lol.
  5. Fletcher7_1944

    The GRIND Was Real - Done! (PVE Thread)

    I fully intend to remain content with 1 single star in the first directive. No interest at all in the ships, and even less interest in yet another long grind in the current meta... Attempting to do anything alongside players who either don't give a rip, or are so desperate to finish missions that they play like doo doo- and make the games doo doo for everyone else, too- is not fun. Not at all. I have yet to get a single token, and I'm perfectly happy with that. Congrats on finishing the grind, Admiral! Your capacity for masochism is impressive, lol!
  6. Fletcher7_1944

    Will the global economy...

    Yeah, as a co-op main, premium time is mandatory. I'm going to need to keep getting that, if I want to continue playing. Doubloons, too. I jumped into that research bureau thing with both feet, because I really wanted Colbert. Which completely decimated my free XP. I'm down to 130k from an average of 1.7 million. And I have SO much XP marooned on various ships, the only efficient way to convert it is to just dump doubloons into it. (I have 250+ ships, and digging through them all choosing which ships to convert is a major chore) Sadly, I changed my mind about Colbert and passed on it. I'm 1k tokens short of Ohio... As for things like crates, bundles and ships? I'll be passing on those for a while. I have an "essential job", so I'm still working- I just don't see the need to reward WG for the GODAWFUL meta they've created.
  7. Fletcher7_1944

    Ships you thought were OP until you got one...

    Lol- true! It used to be a beast in co-op, and still is- when driven by the bots... Powercreep raising it's ugly, pockmarked, warty face. These days, I just seem to get RNG trolled any time I play it. (or did before resetting the line- I'm still on Colorado) Not QUITE fast enough to compete with it's contemporaries, and not well enough armored to deal with all the extra big guns it now faces. Meanwhile, it's once vaunted AA suite has been effectively gutted, and it's secondaries suck- because good secondaries are Mass's thing. The learning curve to play it from Colorado is brutal as well, lol. It IS still a lot more accurate than the South Dakota class premiums. The guns don't have the same oomph they used to because of all the armor power creep. (and the paper armored cruisers it has way too much pen to deal with) The much vaunted "fix" for tier 8 mm was mostly a flash in the pan. Tier 8 is still a pain to play- and now, so is tier 7. I don't play many games there, except to work on ships I'm grinding- like Benson; Oggie; and Mogami- or favorites like Bayard, Cleveland; Wichita etc. Notice, none of the ships I mentioned are BB's? lol. ( Kii and Gascan do still get some action, though- I do like those.) Oddly enough, I have the best time and luck playing tier 9- which everyone else seems to hate, lol.
  8. Fletcher7_1944

    Ships you thought were OP until you got one...

    Definitely. I found most of the RN CL's to be a royal pain in the butt to play. (pun intended) It took me FOREVER to grind out Leander, after getting it in the 2016 Holiday campaign. (Danae WAS fun- in the yolo torp role, however!) Then I got Fiji. Was prepared for more disappointment- got holy CRAP- this thing is nasty!!! instead. Aside from much sucky- which I don't have- your list of loves is also mine. "The Donut" turned out to be not only really fun, but wickedly effective. As for the other list, Missou can be really fun- or it can be rage inducing. (Just like Iowa!) The other 2 I find kinda meh. At tier 7, I greatly prefer to play Fiji; Helena; Boise; one of the Myokos, or N'Orlins to Belfast. And at tier 8, there are plenty of great cruisers I love- like Cleve and Bayard.
  9. Fletcher7_1944

    Ships you thought were OP until you got one...

    I felt the same way for quite a few games. Like what the hell am I supposed to do with this thing? What's all the shouting about? Then it finally clicked. Not exactly sure WHAT I did differently, but Georgia suddenly started showing flashes of brilliance more and more often. I think I was too hung up on the small # of guns and the glacial turret traverse. With a ship this fast, it's a real delicate balancing act to keep your guns on target once in secondary range! It's absolutely brutal when you can make it sing, though! On topic, I have a real history of total suckage with ships everyone else raves about, lol. I'm the guy who loves the ships the boards love to hate.
  10. I think the main reasons the designers of this ship went this direction are: 1) these weapons are primarily meant to be used in the AA and defense vs small, fast surface craft role. As well as defending the ship when beached. The high rate of fire and availability of both specialized and GP ammunition (think Bofors 3p and AHEAD) are very well suited to this role. Having two doubles your rate of fire, allows you to engage more targets simultaneously, and provides for some redundancy. (in the event of mechanical problems or battle damage) They're just upsized versions of the standard auto cannon found on nearly all modern warships. 2) weight and space. 3", 100mm, 5" etc guns are full turrets, with much of the workings below decks. They're also quite heavy. This ship needs every inch of space it can find. Space below decks is at a real premium, between the ship's mechanicals; stowage for all those vehicles; storage for gear and supplies; and living quarters for the crew and the embarked marines. Those larger guns are better placed on the frigates and/or DD's escorting you. Let them raise the hell, while you go about the business of putting the devil dogs ashore, lol.
  11. Fletcher7_1944

    Weekend Spree

    I didn't play at all, since last Fri. Logged on Yesterday, played 3 matches, and logged off. Absolute rubbish games... If this keeps up, I see my time as a WoWS player coming to an end.
  12. DD's and Cruisers that use their smoke poorly. By this, I mean the ones who charge in, full tilt- then pop smoke at the first sign of red- completely blinding the rest of the team. "Thanks, dude. For giving the enemy team total cover. Now they're free to do whatever they want, and we can't shoot at them." Every. Stinking. Game.
  13. I believe you're thinking of LPD's and LHD's. They don't have bow doors, though. They either launch landing craft via a well deck, or they can offload at a dock. (and fly off the Marines and some lighter equipment) The LHD's are the ones that look like mini flattops, and the LPD's look sorta like big ocean going ferries. They both have cavernous holds for all the tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, artillery; trucks and vehicles the embarked Marines need.
  14. Well, aside from the highly unlikely chances of a 40mm gun doing that much damage to hardened concrete pill boxes, I think this would be a great way to lose a very expensive ship and strike force. I suppose it COULD be done, vs much weaker opponents, but I think you'd be asking for trouble. I'd want a RAM launcher or two to back up the 40's (or similar missile system), as well as a frigate or DD to back you up, and provide heavier firepower for fire support. As for your other ideas, Something like this, or an LPD fitted with a well deck, would probably work quite well as a transporter/mothership for small fast attack craft. Drones, even more so- you could fit a LOT of drones and their launching/ recovery equipment on a ship this size. The only big problem I can see is the too many eggs in one basket syndrome. You stand to lose a lot, if the ship were to get damaged, sunk, or suffer a major mechanical problem. Plus, all those drones are limited to their combat radius from this ship- limiting the area you could surveil- or whatever else your drones might do. I can see it being a great tool for transporting them, and distributing them to other platforms, and/or as a support ship for them though. Like a floating "Q" for all your fleets' UAV needs, lol. For "Peacetime" type missions, and low intensity environments, This ship would probably be a great addition for a smaller, cash strapped Navy- like a sort of poor man's LPD. Especially if escorted by something with more teeth. For a large Navy, like ours, it'd end up as part of an amphibious group or fleet- with several of them, along with other types of amphib. There, I think it'd be a pretty good fit. You'd really want something else in your back pocket, though- in case that "lightly Defended" area isn't as lightly defended as you thought. A couple of mobile missile launchers and/or some FAC's could ruin your whole day if you were alone.
  15. Fletcher7_1944

    Well folks the forced curfews have started.

    These things MIGHT make sense- IF we were talking about a killer Ebola type virus- and not the glorified flu... It's like being stuck in the opening chapters of Stephen King's The Stand, lol. Just nutty REACTIVE things. (Like PA closing down the public restrooms at rest areas- and replacing them with porta-potties. Like, how exactly, does denying people ANY sort of hand washing facility, and forcing them to use the same dingy stinky blue room everyone else has to use help???) For Pet's sake, we deal with virulent illnesses every year! Why the panic and official over reactions this time?