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  1. Fletcher7_1944

    Don't forget about the Italian cruisers

    Lol- I've already forgotten about them. Got to Zara, called it a day, and haven't looked back since.
  2. Fletcher7_1944

    American BB Update Needed

    As I'm currently re-grinding this line, this thread perked up my Spidey senses, lol. The biggest problem I see- and I play in Co-op- is that currently fast torpedo boats/High RoF ARE the meta. This makes slow ships with slow reloads VERY difficult to earn xp and credits with. Gunships of all types, and those that depend on damage over time suffer as well. You just can't get to the fight quickly enough or deal enough damage before it's over. I'm on NY now, and that slow, slow ship is driving me nutz! I KNOW it's a good ship, and it's plenty capable of kicking serious booty, and tanking lots of damage. (hell, I dropped a Sinop from all the way across the map with a single salvo 2 days ago, lol) It's just the 4 zillion DD's and torp cruisers in EVERY match- and the yolo torp spam meta they bring- ending every game too quickly for BB's to be relevant. Not sure what WG could do to improve that. Other than improvements to the mm or AI. A slight boost to speed and reload? More grease for the turrets? I have to agree with simple power creep being the primary culprit in meh-ing the US BB line. And not just all the extra BB lines- the flood of thin skinned cruisers; uber-rapid fire ships; and "everything's got torps but the Americans" ships have done it too. ( and I called it on the issues endless new torp carrying ships would cause years ago) They've completely shifted the meta away from one where "typical" type BB's are well suited. In other words, US BB's have a great set of tools. Too bad it's the wrong one for the job... I also agree totally with fixing the AA to make that our schtick again. Improving the performance of the 5" secondaries would be helpful, too. Currently, most of them are pathetic, anemic, window dressing. They needn't be Alsace/Jean Bart levels of godliness, but they need to do SOMETHING. In Randoms, it's SPEED that holds most of them back. Ahistorical or not, slow barges just aren't that useful or competetive in the games we have NOW. That ship has sailed. Too many fast ships have been introduced, and the nature of gameplay has changed. So, I AM suggesting some soft stat tweaks to AP performance. If we're going to be left in the dust- unable to keep up with the battle, or respond where needed in anything approaching a reasonable time- at least give us the ability to hit and do good damage on a consistant basis.
  3. Fletcher7_1944

    Absolutely Loving Yoshino!

    I was all set on getting Yoshino with all the coal I was getting from snowflakes etal. The decision was made, now I just had to buckle down and knock off all those flakes! Then I pulled an Azuma out of a Santa crate. Took it out with my best IJN captain to get the steel, and... Jeez, this thing blows! It literally brings nothing to matches that other ships don't do better. A tier 10 version with 20km torps isn't going to change that. I don't do Randoms often- esp at tier 10. Clan battles even less often. (we're called the Lone Wolves for a reason, lol. Getting enough guys together to play CB's is like herding cats...) Long range torps are worse than useless in pve- they're downright dangerous. About all they're good for is making you pink, lol. So, other than torps, does Yoshino get anything to make it shinier than other super cruisers? Thus, Yoshino was removed from my shopping list. Thunderer and Smolensk never made it on in the first place. ( I have Atlanta and Worcester, and will shortly have Colbert. Why buy ANOTHER machine gun HE spammer- in a line I don't play much- when I already have 3? As for Thunderer, ho hum. RN BB's are yawners, imo- and the changes to Conq's armor- which also apply to Thunder- make it a whole lot less scary than it used to be.) So, now I'm sitting on a pile of nearly 220k coal, with nothing interesting to spend it on. Too bad it can't be converted to steel, so I could get my Bourgogne...
  4. Fletcher7_1944

    Newish Player asking about cruisers, factions and what fits my style.

    A bit of an addendum: While the 6" guns of the US light cruisers do indeed have a higher floatier trajectory- as compared to the laser guns on the Russian boats- you get used to it quickly. It also means that you can take advantage of low cover, and shoot over it- while protecting yourself from much of the return fire. A good way to get out of trouble when more enemies than you expected show up! lol. They hit hard, though, and sheer volume means plenty of heavy damage salvoes. From tier 7 up, you have a lot of guns, and those guns have an increasingly rapid rate of fire. At tier 10 Worcester is a demon from heck- stupid high rate of fire, and both types of ammo work equally well. Don't be afraid to switch to AP, if the situation calls for it- 12-15 6" AP shells offer a lot of citadel chances vs a broadside target! VS a BB, aim for the secondary deck and/or extremities, and rack up lots of normal pens- you can erase a lot of health quickly that way. In my experience, both Cleveland and Seattle can and will do incredible amounts of damage- you'll master those floaty arcs pretty quickly. (it also helps to learn to choose targets wisely- that guy way out at max range in the DD or cruiser jinking and jiving is mainly going to waste your time, and frustrate you- leave them for later.) If you want some extra help learning to hit with floaty shells- play the US DD line, too. Those 5"/38's they get are about the floatiest of all- but they're devastating, once you learn them. It's also a fun line to play I tend to play mine as fire support. Using the nice selection of consumables when appropriate. The heavy cruisers are another story. The guns on those bad boys are their greatest asset! Wicked AP that will tear just about anything a new one. Plenty good HE, too, but HE spamming isn't really the best use of these ships. Keep an eye out for Alaska, whenever they put it up for grabs again- it's pretty much the ultimate expression of US CA's. Wicked 12" guns of destruction, lol. I like pretty much all of them. Pensacola WILL try your patience, with it's squishyness and seen from space detection- but it'll also teach you valuable lessons in how to US CA. 10 of THOSE guns will hurt things, provided you can avoid being focused. New Orleans is better. faster, more maneuverable- and stealthier. It's still squishy, but it's better equipped to mitigate that. Baltimore adds better protection, and the super-heavy AP shell. Buffalo adds an extra turret. Des Moines adds the modern auto loading 8" gun- with it's crazy rate of fire, and the automatic 3" AAA gun. These ships are citadel machines. Look for flanks to exploit, and opportunities to punish broadsides. Add your firepower to a BB's or a CL's. While they don't get quite the consumable array as the lights do, they still have a useful selection- and make good utility/support ships. They excel at killing cruisers. Both types are extremely handy in games with CV's- as they're among the best AA cruisers around, as a group. You can equip both a fighter and DFAA. I think the greatest asset these lines bring to the table- esp for newer cruiser captains- is consistancy. They mostly all share one playstyle, with each subsequent ship building on the last. There are few outliers and one-offs to throw you curve balls. Among other things this means is few- if any- captain respecs. Just move it up the line as you go. The other big asset is utility. And since they all lack torps from tier 6 on- you can concentrate on using those marvelous guns. German cruisers are also a good choice. They do however, have their own quirks. Namely meh HE, a smaller number of gun barrels, and less great gun handling. Good, but not great AA. Average maneuverability. Assets include: Turtleback armor from tier 8 up, mid range, but fast torpedoes, the best hydro in the game, and very good AP shells. The light cruisers- Konigsburg and Nurnberg, are vicious little monsters- but squishy as hell. The heavies are tanky (for cruisers anyway), and jacks of all trades. Hindenburg at tier 10 is a beast. For an aggressive player, this line is a pretty good choice- the CA's are fairly forgiving- and have good options for both offense and defense. One thing to note, this line does wander about a bit, playstyle-wise. Some of the ships take some getting used to- like Roon, which has most of it's main battery in the rear, not the front. (it's essentially the CA version of Nurnberg- with armor.) They're mostly solid dependable ships, but not flashy. ( rather British, eh? lol) IJN has a very good set of cruisers, too. These are pretty comfortable to play- with tanky bows, accurate guns, and plenty of them; hard hitting HE shells, and long range torpedoes. They're also fast, and offer good stealth. The downsides: Not so great maneuverability- they tend to be very long, and have the big turning radius to go with; HUGE citadels. (10 guns spread out along a very long hull = a very long citadel...); Terrible torpedo arcs. (enjoy Furutaka's while you can- you won't be seeing them again); These 3 things combine to seriously impede your survivability, if you get too aggressive or get caught with your pants down... They also have meh AA, and less good AP. (not bad, just not as spectacularly good as your HE). Consumable-wise, they're fairly basic as well. Myoko and Mogami are VERY solid cruisers, that dish out the damage. Zao is a perennial favorite of the masses, and for good reason. I hear a lot less enthusiastic things about Ibuki, but I'm still on Mogami, so can't really confirm or deny. ( I tend to enjoy ships others hate, though so...) Your torps are for OH SHHHH... moments, long range ambushing, or kiting- not for offensive use. You need to show VERY unhealthy amounts of side to shoot them, and IJN CA's have just enough side armor to avoid being overpenned... Thus, they will get you killed or crippled mostly. They do massive damage, though. They favor a longer range playstyle, and can bow tank most things. Thus, pounding on BB's and other cruiser from range is a better use than brawling. Using that stealth to flank and open up opportunites to play havoc with your enemy's line with your torpedoes works, too. (nobody likes waves of long range, high damage torpedoes appearing from their flanks, lol.) The French, Russian British, and Italian cruiser lines epitomize the phrase "glass cannon"; and are less great choices for getting into cruiser play. RN and Italian cruisers are also the "quirky" lines, and are thus even more challenging to master. With few exceptions, they cannot take a punch- esp if your tormentor is a BB. Their talents lie almost exclusively in offensive firepower. (the brits and Itals do get smoke- and the brits also get heals. but that tends to mean a more passive playstyle than you said you wanted) * judging by the premiums WG released, high tier French light cruisers may be a different ball of twine. But those exist only in premium form at this time. As noted by others, Russian- and French- DD's may also offer some satisfaction to your aggressive cravings. Both lines bear more resemblance to small light cruisers without citadels than true destroyers. (compared to how the other lines play) Both are also blazingly fast, and hard hitting. The main difference is do you want short range torps and smoke? or long range torps; reload boosts- and no smoke? Currently, I'm especially enamored of the French destroyers- few things are quite as FUN as running and gunning! And if you won't die quickly enough to my guns? Here, have some torps! (just yesterday, I got not 1 but 2 cruisers to chase my Siroco around an island. Both got eaten alive! Their buddy in the BB followed shortly thereafter.) Laughing maniacally while you do it is just proper form.
  5. Fletcher7_1944

    Low tier is for learning.

    Can I still massacre that player with MY Chester or South Carolina with a 4-7 point captain? Been re-grinding some US lines, and re-discovering some old favorites. (plus low tiers are free of the try hards farming mission requirements to the exclusion of everything and everyone else.) I don't talk trash in chat, though- unless someone else starts with me first.
  6. It was one of THOSE days... Herky-jerky performance; 1-2 second lag between hitting lmb and my guns/torps firing, late load ins, the works. This, of course, meant it was near impossible to hit anything- or dodge incoming fire... I think there may have been a rendering issue, too. I was playing T-22 in pve. knife fighting with a bot IJN DD near an island. I was having extreme difficulty landing gun hits, due to the lag- and he was getting way too close. So I opted for torps. Checked carefully behind him for allies, and waited so my torps were lined up so they'd hit an island if they missed. All was clear. So I lined up my shot, hit lmb- and it lagged. So of course the bot DD was in another area code by the time they arrived... Looked past him, and the coast was still clear, so I turned around and went after the DD. A bit later, BOOM "Don't shoot at your Allies!!!" Ah crud... I still don't know WHO I hit- because there was nobody over there as far as I could see... ( I missed the chat notify, as I was focusing on that DD) Then, of course, my engine and rudder get blown out (again!) by the T5 RN CA over yonder, and it's curtains for me. That was game 2 of the night. I shut down in disgust. First game was in Hipper, and I didn't load in until halfway into the match. Needless to say- didn't do much damage there. Seems par for the course after an update. The day before, there was some herky jerky starts and a bit of lag- which smoothed out after a few games. I was mostly playing low tier BB's, so it didn't matter as much- EVERYTHING about them is slow, lol. Anyone else getting jerkiness or lagging yesterday? (or after the new update?)
  7. Fletcher7_1944

    Anyone playing PVE anymore?

    I tried my luck at 1 vs 1 Ranked. Using Kii, Bismarck (that hydro is an unpleasant surprise for some), Eugen and Tirpitz. Black Mass and Gascogne fared less well. (BM because of it's wonky accuracy, and Gassy because I was always getting put up against Tirpitz's- whose armor my guns aren't that great against. Plus the need to avoid torps led to wayyy too much turret sniping...) Kii turned in a lot of fun games- lots of people STILL don't expect torpedoes from it! Eugen's heal made it the "gift" that kept on giving- I annoyed more than a few DD and CL players with it. Bismarck, and it's hydro put performed Tirpitz for me- even though it lacks torps.
  8. Fletcher7_1944

    Des Moines or Salem for PVE

    I have both, and honestly prefer Salem. Not because of any performance issues- but because A) Salem has that improved heal and cost discount. and B) For whatever reason, the bots like to priority target my Des, but not my Salem. Thus, Salem simply turns in good games more often, lol. Lol- sometimes it really is that simple. Either way, both ships are very amusing in just how many citadels they can punch in enemy ships very quickly. I have Des set up for HE and AA, inc the special armory AA module in slot 2 (that extends the action time of the DFAA), and it has it's own 19 point captain. As it IS a USN CA, I tend to use AP most of the time anyway. I do not have the legendary mod yet. Salem is set up for main battery and survival, mainly- and it uses Buffalo's 19 pointer, which it also shares with Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Wichita. That adds AFT/BFT to the mix. The separate captains is mainly a convenience issue- no need to switch, because both normally have a 19 pointer aboard. Both perform perfectly well in Co-op- and I tend to play them open water, unless I'm using an island to shield me from focus fire. I can't stand island hiding- I'd rather flank, or support a BB/ other CA in a push. Go ahead, bot- show me your broadside, while you attempt to launch torps at my BB buddy, lol. The sisters also work very well when paired up with a DD buddy. It's also quite rewarding when the BB's ignore you in favor of something else- and keep their broadside on display for extended periods of time. You can tear them apart with normal pens, provided you avoid the armor belt. Even land the occasional citadel hit.
  9. Fletcher7_1944

    Anyone playing PVE anymore?

    I'm "still" here. It took awhile to download the new update, as I ran out of high speed data for the month- and my account doesn't reset until the 20th. Finally finished yesterday afternoon. I alternated between taking first win bonuses off high tier ships (mostly grinding E=XP), and grinding my 2 reset lines. US BB's was on South Carolina, and I finished that last night- then started on Wyoming. Games were a lot more fun without all the power grinders, yolo-ers; and rammers! Lots of pinkies, though. Gotta say- even though I started the grind totally stock, Wyoming is just as fun, and just as DEADLY as I remembered. It's a citadel MACHINE, and a murderer of cruisers, lol. How refreshing to not have guns so big they plow right on through without doing damage! With all the paper skinned cruisers WG keeps adding to high tiers, BB's are becoming more and more irritating to play- thanks to the overpen mechanic. But these 12" guns are deadly!! (which is likely why I love my Alaska and PR so much!) It was quite amusing to force feed a Chester citadel hits through his butt, lol. Strait through the bow, too. (w/South Carolina) All modules are ground out and installed now. Even had a best evar! game in t-22. Quite possibly the fugliest ship in the game. Gunned down a Nicholas, then whaled on his buddy in Emerald long enough to get his to chase me behind an island. The torpedoes he ran face first into did VERY naughty things to his ship.
  10. Fletcher7_1944

    Stage 1 Done + New BRN CA Impressions

    It'll be a coupla days before I can start work on the objectives- as usual, the new patch comes a week before my monthly data resets- and long after I've run out of hi speed gigs... Since this one is over 2 gigs- and yesterdays server glitch got me, too- it'll take a bit to download. They look pretty doable, though- so I'm sure I'll catch up. Same thing happened the last 2 early release events, lol. I'm glad Exeter is no longer going to be an orphan! Just not sure I NEED another line to grind right now: German cruisers (on Hipper) US BB's (on SC) This and the above are resets- I'm only appx 4500 pts from getting Colbert! Ital cruiseres ( on Zara) RN cruisers (on Fiji) IJN cruisers (on Mogami) French DD's ( on Vauquelin) German DD's (on T-22) RN DD's (on Acasta) USN DD's (on Benson.) I've been doing this one on and off for , like, 2 years, lol. Soviet DD's ( On Ognevoi) Soviet cruisers ( on Schcors) And more captains to work up than I can shake a belaying pin at.
  11. Fletcher7_1944

    Weekend Spree

    I was taking a breather from the constant grinding of the last few months- and attempting to avoid the last minute desperation grinding and salt, and the stupidity that goes with- so I didn't even log on Fri or Sat. Sun, I had a lot of time on my hands, and was bored, so screw it! I'll work on my reset lines, and make some progress towards Colbert. I'm now at 52500 points out of 57k needed! I'm also down nearly a million FXP, lol. But what else is it good for? A few thou here and there to avoid stock hull grinds can be earned pretty easily- especially with how freely WG hands out Papa papa and Ourobouros flags. So, US CA's are back at Des Moines. (and I was getting rather favorable MM, to boot) That got me to 50k. Now I'm doing US BB's, and German cruisers again- mostly because I was having fun grinding low tiers again- I even did it the slow way- stock hulls and all, just to squeeze every FXP out of each of them, lol. I only needed to do one line to get the tokens, but what the hey. Nobody was powergrinding missions in tier 2.3. or 4, and the games were mostly pretty fun. I'm on Hipper (here's where I ran short of FXP. I had enough to grab Roon, but not Hindy- and without the x2 bonus, I needed both to get enough tokens for Colbert) And just got South Carolina. I love that ship, so it should be a fun grind. Likewise Wyoming, and New York. Had a lot of fun playing Chester; Dresden; Kolberg and Karlsrhue. And also Nurnberg.
  12. Fletcher7_1944

    So how far did you get?

    Nice! I'm afraid I have another year's snowflake event to go in order to gather the steel for Bourgogne... I'll console myself with getting Colbert instead. (Not there yet- but it's a much more attainable goal at this point.) The 330k coal and 25% off coupon I also have are waiting patiently for WG to add something interesting to the Armory. Not bad for having essentially 0 coal less than a month ago, after buying Jean Bart!
  13. Half the fun of grinding Guepard was in gunning down tier 7 and even 8 cruisers with it, lol. Yeah, they were bots- but still- by all rights they should have mopped the floor with my little French butt. As for the OP: Welcome aboard! I. also am a refugee from Tanks- and left for essentially the same reasons. I mostly do Co-op, as I prefer the adrenaline junky playstyle to the camp n snipe of Randoms. But occasionally I'll venture in for a few games just for some variety. Speaking of players cooperating, one of my most memorable was a Gorizia game- with both teams camping and afraid to fight. I decided to move up on a flank, just to see who was there, and get something to shoot at besides peek a boo! there and gone max range targets. Apparently, one of our DD's was just as tired of the passive stalemate, because he joined me! We proceeded to terrorize that side of the map- sinking several reds and forcing the rest to pull back to protect their cap. I got a It's Just a Flesh Wound! achievement when I nailed a cruiser who had been running from me all game with a long range salvo- that landed after his teammates had killed me. Fun and exciting game, and I wish I had thought of inviting that DD player to div up, when I had the chance...
  14. Fletcher7_1944

    So how far did you get?

    Finished directive 3, gathered up every single token I could via log ons and dailys- and used them on boosts. Also bought all 3 premium boosts with dubs I either already had- or obtained via crates. I did grab a 4k bundle from the shop at the start. (to keep SOME on hand for captain transfers, etc. The first booster would have left the cupboards nearly bare) I also bought Gorizia, as I'm grinding the Pasta cruisers- and wanted the early access to the tier 6 ship missions. That contributed 8k dubs when directive 3 was completed, too. The ship completed 3 days ago. I've been taking a break since. Both due to mission burnout, and wanting to avoid the last minute desperation grinders, who will most certainly be filling the queue for Co-op these last few days... Took it out for it's shakedown cruise, and found it to be everything I'd hoped for: The biggest, baddest USN CA on the block! lol. Damn that main battery is brutal! Whoever designed these 12" US cruiser guns is one nasty evil guy- and I love them for it.
  15. Fletcher7_1944

    There's a new kid in town!

    My Buffalo captain 19 pts, is set up for AA. (which is what I'm using on PR) so while I didn't equip any secondary upgrades, the captain does have BFT/AFT on it. Which adds range and reload to the secondary battery. My druthers are to set up USN CA's for main battery, survival, and AA/utility. Enhancing their strengths, and keeping them alive a bit longer. Their jobs are primarily to blow big holes in enemy ships; kill planes; and support the team. I'll leave secondary brawling to my BB's- those with the armor etc to pull it off, lol. I try my best NOT to get that close to a red BB/torp cruiser/ CA in these- with no torps, and accurate guns that hit hard at med to longish range- there's no real reason to. As is, the secondaries are enough to light ambitious DD's on fire, pop modules etc- until I can swing my guns around and finish the job.