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  1. T 61 now on sale.

    Just out of curiosity I have a math quiz. I got the T 61 early release using the doubloons from Santa's 1-5 dollar crates. If I bought the bundle now with the 10pt captain How would that all pan out? And would you get doubloons back for the purchase?
  2. Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    Going somewhat by @LittleWhiteMouse recommendation what about this? Would Adrenaline Rush in the build be better? How about a build using Radio Location? I'm really liking this bote so far. It has me to playing the Z-52 again/more. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1100000000100001011010000000000119
  3. I sunk a corgi. A corgi I was not. A pirate I am. A pirate will forever be. I sail with the Arrrrr flag on most every ship.. Please tell me WG the flag will be different than the last 2 pirate events
  4. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    Whale did! I've got (had) around 90k in dubs horded back. Almost every prem imaginable. Tons of camos and flags that will give basically the same perks as the type 20'camos so I've never bought any of them for my tier 10s so.... why not. It's not like WG would ever give me my cash back for the dubs. It's bank just laying there long-missed. I've also bought many a WG product to only see it later down the road deeply discounted. I can see this one at the day of launch being in some sort of bundle, or weird camo attached to it that will make it 100 bucks. That will be cash (along with a lot of salt) out of pocket to anyone who didn't take advantage now. I may be wrong wouldn't be the first nor last.
  5. Oh, joy. Copper.

    I'm one of those who has thousands in gold, millions in credits, million in captain XP, billions in XP. All of the free slots, captains and camos I will ever need. I'm one that can get any new ship line to X and put a 19pt captain with all the mods the morning it releases. As soon as the arsenal came I used the coal to get the only missing thing I didn't have in mod upgrades and flags. I didn't play ranked for mods. (BTW the 10 dentation flags a day can be scored easily by sailing around a few games in a Russian DD) For me now, my old currency(s) holds no value other than a new line of ships. I would have much rather be able to used some of those to have bought the things in the arsenal. Myself I don't see any value in the coal. You can buy it up in crates. The Go Navy crates is just the beginning of that. Thankfully they've added coal to the 3 crate per day option. I was selling mindless numbers of type 5 and below camos. Steel only being obtained in ranked or clan battles, for now, IMO is the only thing that the I'll call the "git gud" elitist players have to look forward to. Personally it makes no sense to me why they're (WG) is going to add more new resource into the game for things like special ships, camos and captains. There was already a system in place to obtain these things with a worthless bunch of pictures and icons included in those. I would have much rather they (WG) used their resources to have made new maps some or sort of team play 3vs.3, 5vs.5 scenarios. Something, anything! Anything but make my hard earnings worthless. Oh and BTW! I only have a few days left of premium account. I'll only be buy a little at a time now instead of all in for a yr. tldr; WGs thinking - MORE COWBELL!!
  6. Ocean: the unicorn of maps

    Ah! The days of walls of torps from the unseen and shivering CAs in a cloud of smoke. Oh! How radar has changed things
  7. Why are the Sharks Winning?

    This event is across all of WoWs servers. There may be misconception on the NA thinking of our national bird the Bald Eagle. At least that is the first thing that comes to mind. It could be looked at in a broader perspective. There are Sea Eagles. The White Tail and the Steller's Sea Eagle which are the largest birds of prey. Why WoWs would pick a bird and a fish? :shurgs: beyond me.. Any who... GO! #TeamShark Steller's Sea Eagle
  8. Where is Eagle/Shark prompt?

    Wouldn't it be grand to put the "go live" date/time along with the patch update notification? Instead it's tucked away somewhere down in the article... SHEESH! Rocket science.
  9. Server Issues

    I still can not log in 9:29 EST
  10. I'd like to have the 300 special flags and the camos. I just find it hard to justify those for 80 bucks.
  11. New Port View

    With the new port view I'm wondering about all those Easter eggs that was supposedly on every ship. Personally I like the new view. I'm seeing things I never spotted before. Found this on the Giulio Cesare. Not sure what it is though.
  12. noobs buying premium ships

    A noob playing nood with his premium Lo Yang. Now there is a thing someone SHOULD NOT see.
  13. noobs buying premium ships

    There is a camel in this photo? Where? I don't see a camel. Is it on that hill? Please point it out to me I've looked and looked and looked.
  14. Yup I'm so old the crap has done dried up and I don't even smell it anymore.
  15. I bought the 5 pack of Santa's Big Gifts ($13.29).. Got a bunch of the Fir camo (45) an assortment of the pennant flags (?) and Kidd with a 10pt. captain.