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  1. I'd like to have the 300 special flags and the camos. I just find it hard to justify those for 80 bucks.
  2. New Port View

    With the new port view I'm wondering about all those Easter eggs that was supposedly on every ship. Personally I like the new view. I'm seeing things I never spotted before. Found this on the Giulio Cesare. Not sure what it is though.
  3. noobs buying premium ships

    A noob playing nood with his premium Lo Yang. Now there is a thing someone SHOULD NOT see.
  4. noobs buying premium ships

    There is a camel in this photo? Where? I don't see a camel. Is it on that hill? Please point it out to me I've looked and looked and looked.
  5. Yup I'm so old the crap has done dried up and I don't even smell it anymore.
  6. I bought the 5 pack of Santa's Big Gifts ($13.29).. Got a bunch of the Fir camo (45) an assortment of the pennant flags (?) and Kidd with a 10pt. captain.
  7. A review (NO SPOILERS) The Last Jedi Edition

    You think we got him? Enjoyed it more than I did VII
  8. RIP Hugh Hefner

    Yes on every magazine cover whether obvious or not there is a PB bunny symbol. Sometimes it was very hidden and hard to find
  9. RIP Hugh Hefner

    Yes!! Those Club magazines. The only thing I've ever found interesting about PB was to find the hidden bunny on the cover .
  10. Every time I detonate in my mind I see some diluted Dev ROTF in an uncontrolled belly laugh holding out a hand to me with some flags in it. Sadly for me, I want to repeatedly kick him in the head brutally until he can not laugh..
  11. "Whom ever did this should be fired!!" No peon you fired
  12. 0.6.10 Crashes on Startup

    same here crash report attached worldofwarships-2017-08-18_10-27-49.crash
  13. I have at least 1 detonation every 12 to 14 battles. Of course I've been playing nothing other than Russian DDs for the last several months. Sometimes I wonder if a water splash nearby will pop one. And I always hear WG's Dev's laughing cynically chanting "Here's you flags!! See you next time around." mysteriously in my headphones.
  14. Time to list my grievances

    Yup I sure do. That number on a Friday night is down a few thousand
  15. WoWS Life Expectancy

    This right here ^^ I played (once) the new Dunkirk thing. The graphics are nice. Other than that....(?) I also played and completed the Bismarck thing. Like it, what's the point of the collection other than a money grab. I bought the new DD right off before I ever playing the event. Chances are I'll not play the Dunkirk thing again because I found it cheesy, rather boring, definitely repetitive. As for the new ship line that's is coming.... Oh well no big deal. I still have to play those on the same few maps that are rendered and re-rendered for "aesthetic purposes" every single update. I know very little about this game or any other. And maybe I shouldn't have an opinion. I do however have money to burn on WoWs or any other game of my choosing. I'll honestly say, circling the same few blocks over and over. Getting or seeing the same outcome each and every time. It doesn't matter how many different vehicles I have to do it in is becoming very redundant and displeasing.