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  1. I have a honest opinion. I do not like CVs at all. I tried them out a few times on the PT server when they were available there and gave the play style a big negative, not for me. Making me I'm one of the 90% I'll give the rework a try. I'm enthusiastic about the play style and from what I've seen so far. Enough so I could even become a constant CV player. If this comes to be true you shall pay for hiding behind that rock. You may carry on now with your blah blah blah
  2. The music thread

    Do you find yourself humming the lyrics to elevator music in the grocery??
  3. What would the hours ride cost you? From what I found just from SNA to the hotel was a $35 Lyft ride That's 8 mile 15 min trip
  4. The music thread

    I bring to you Strange Music
  5. Not to be a Debbie downer on this and I'd love to make the trip out for this event. I've been popping in on live stream asking for the past few weeks for more details. For those (like me) who coulda woulda the longer the wait the higher hotel and flight fares become. Since I now see ticket prices have been updated/added $75 airfare has went up + $100 hotel in the area + $25 And the answer to the question still nowhere to be found IS THIS JUST A ONE DAY EVENT!!? Sheesh! sometimes
  6. Dude!! Once the line is released you can grind your lil heart out on the entire line regardless of a Guineas a crate or WTFever.. You say in other post you can't afford or won't buy any premiums regardless if it's a dollar or five. So prey tell what makes the Cossack any different then oh lets say the Smith. Which BTW is on sale for 99 cents. That one would be in the same bote wouldn't it? It's cheap, it's a premium, you won't buy or can't afford it even at a buck. And yes, there was/are things in the arsenal you can exchange for coal or buy outright with real money :cough: "crates!" is just on example. Best of luck with that schooling you're paying for. !@#$%^ some people!
  7. Subs...WOWS Rubicon

    Food for thought .... YW
  8. well this looks cool AF count me it!!!
  9. 5th free code[giveaway over]

    I thought the exact same thing. Only thing I can figure today is the official day. Everyone isn't in the same time zone. They don't do overtime.. I'm sure there is more I didn't think of.
  10. 5th free code[giveaway over]

    Heck yeah!! I'm at work and can't watch Twitch. I'm glad they're getting posted on the forum
  11. Hurricane Florence.

    There were convoys of electrical workers and trucks heading N95 today. I'm in the GA Low Country area on the border of SC. They lifted the mandatory evacuation earlier today for that portion of SC. Hopefully it wasn't a mistake if this thing turns S. I'm a few min inland so... Riding the storm out. Stay safe o7
  12. You can't wait for them you have to go to IHop and get them
  13. Thanks. This is the first time I've ever noticed it. So, I can't say for certainty it has happened to me before. Glad to here it's a curable bug. I didn't wanna have do-overs