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  1. HyPHerFaZe

    Scored a cool Patch in Asian

    yup it's years of service. Or endurance whichever you prefer.
  2. HyPHerFaZe

    Anchors Away Tour 2020 - Master Thread

    I was a bit confused looking at the list thinking you're coming back to Yorktown Feb. 2020. I'll come to Wilmington I've been planning a trip up there anyway. Nice to have this info in time to schedule a vacation day, thanks for that. I don't want to sound too greedy but those of us that made it last year and planning on making the tour again this year. Or even those who make it to more than one event Is the in game patch the one and the same from last year?
  3. HyPHerFaZe


    A Hello Kitty camo!!! I'd buy a buddle of those in a heart beat. In range and or broadside why yes they would be a priority target. Other than that the only reason would be because they're red.
  4. HyPHerFaZe


    WG has in the past and if you look may be still running a design a cam contest. You could kill two birds with one stone enter those with a camo for the ladies created by a lady. Personally myself included It doesn't take long into the Wild Wild Web to understand why most prefer internet anonymity. That being said I'll vote for it if it a nice looking camo.
  5. HyPHerFaZe

    Red Takao Camo

    Think I'll just pass on buying the red version since the blue will now have even more rarity to it in game. Just my way of coming to terms with WGs insanity
  6. HyPHerFaZe

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    I'm guessing the red camo is to draw in the players that already have these ships. I question since I don't see the red Takao camo for purchase in game or sold in the store. If you did buy it for 56 bucks would I now have a pair of Takao's or would it break down to two camos one ship. NVM I found my answer
  7. HyPHerFaZe

    [TF39] Recruiting new players

    Good Luck! @Tapioka70 See ya on the high seas o7
  8. I just had my WoWs birthday and received the 4yr patch. I remember grinding out all the ARP ships. The first time it wasn't all that easy. The second time brought on a bunch of complaints because it was cut back and you could do them in a batch IIRC and was a way much easier grind I've kept all of them. Kept whatever captain that came with them on that ship. I have so many double captains it gets confusing. They are still sitting in the barracks. It's good I suppose that all the players that wasn't around back then now gets a chance at them. However, what is burning me is that Ground Hog Day is this weekend. I suddenly feel as if WG has played some sad joke on me. Seems like now there is never nothing new just some re-puke. ... Maybe it's just me. Good Luck everyone
  9. HyPHerFaZe

    Matchmaker monitor

    How can you consider it a cheating tool when it offers nothing you couldn't get off of WoWs stats page? This is on the level of just plain silly. You don't have to believe me. All you have to do is use it a few times to realize it offers nada.
  10. HyPHerFaZe

    CVs against DDs

    Honestly I come to the forum everyday and read through most of the post. Here it is yet again another blah-blah-blah of 10 pages of bull It's always usually 1 of 4 options "git gud" "if this where real" "back in muh day" or trolls who apparently have nothing better to do. That may sound crass to you but look at it from my average joe point of view. If someone came here to the forum and said that they had just gotten, oh lets say Alaska. They post asking how to play and spec such a bote. They would be inundated with all kinds of feedback to which they could possible be an effective player in the Alaska. This 10 page thread however minus one or two post doesn't even attempt to help said player. Not only that! But, the 1-2 post that where half-hardy attempts to give advise gave the same ole blah blah that has been repeatedly repeated hundreds of times over the last year none of which works effectively. So..... Where is the good advice? Where is the "this will work often enough". Where are the many replays and y-tube videos showing any sort of How2 Oh yeah I forgot
  11. HyPHerFaZe

    CVs against DDs

    Curious minds want to know
  12. HyPHerFaZe

    making video

    @Lord_Zath made a decent video on how to make videos to get someone started. You can dig around on his Y-Tube channel and find it. I made myself this small cheat sheet from it. Start replay don't hit any keys - Don't start the game let it start by itself. Once the replay starts CTRL+G = Removes all text CTRL+SHIFT+Backspace = Free camera (You can fly around and watch the game) Number pad/Arrow keys = free movement L,R,FWRD,BCK (when in free camera mode) INS = Will speed up replay DEL = Will slow down replay HOME = Normal speed END = Pause/stop slows down replay If I recall correctly there where some other key functions. However, these were the only ones I was interested in.
  13. The results are in although Mr. Conway had me sweating there for a moment. These perm camos do look somewhat better than the floating restaurants from last year. As for any gripe WG really seems to have dropped the ball on designing . For the love of it! The Silly-wag the exact same as last years Iran camo. Anyway.. I digress. A lil added humor
  14. Thanks... I'ma crossing muh fingers and rolling the dice
  15. Can someone confirm before I buy crates that if I happen to draw a Silly-wag that I'll also get the standard camo. Meaning one that does not have the big ugly chicken figurehead on the bow.