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  1. Sure it does! WeeGee can't sleep at night knowing all that FXP is out there. They have nightmarish dreams that comes with things like the research bureau. I like being that hording Boogieman.
  2. HyPHerFaZe

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    I guess WG is putting in all their efforts in the subs and the Italian line this year. I mean for the most part we're getting yr old candy for Halloween! I would have at least liked a new Halloween expendable camo instead of re-hashing the two from yrs prior. I'm going to thanks for the few new skins, I suppose, (Is there any?) if luck gives a good container.
  3. HyPHerFaZe

    Russian DD

    May we have a moment of silence for my beloved YY :sadface:
  4. HyPHerFaZe

    Thank you Wargaming for a great update!!!

    Yep, I'm not touching anything. Nvidia ban-hammer is stronk with this game.
  5. HyPHerFaZe

    Okay, what is better to get! Dallas or Pensacola?

    I love the Dallas. Can not stand the Pensacola. Dallas seems light, agile with quick firing guns. Pensa on the other hand is slow, sluggish, takes forrrr-EVER to load. With the Dallas I can get myself in and out of trouble fairly easy. Pensacola I'm just hugging a rock awaiting death. Dallas is a top 10. Pensacola is a definite bottom 5
  6. HyPHerFaZe

    #550 - Resetting... everything!

    You have fallen into the trap
  7. HyPHerFaZe

    Top 3 Best "looking" camo in the game

    Gnevny Kamikaze R Mogador
  8. So much this. I just played a game in a DD on the Trident map. Game starts I said in chat "If I happen to spot the Fujin please shoot him he can out spot me." I start sailing West towards the rock. I spot 2 BB 3 CA and another DD 12-15 clicks out. Realize I've actually only spotted 1 . They're all shooting the Omaha sailing right next to me on my left. I slow, turn out, and the Omaha keeps going full straight ahead banging his cannons. I couldn't even throw a torp volley. Moral of the story: Even if I knew the Omaha had a 100% unicum WR at that point he was on his own.
  9. Yup same here. Last couple of patches I'll get a fatal error crash randomly. I've seen it happen to a couple streamers recently as well.
  10. Do you really need a WR percentage mod for that?
  11. HyPHerFaZe

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    199 botes with 36 extra port slots. I have the 200 club pin. I've never sold a bote so.. not sure what is up with that @Nathan_James_DDG_151 You should have received a bonus code card (looks like a small business card) along with your tee-shirt and other goodies. Once you've entered that code look in your personal assignments there you'll see play x number of games to receive the patch.
  12. HyPHerFaZe

    My newest tumor is growing on me featuring Somers

    Yeah I knew, and understand, it's the last odd point. Curious as to why IFA and what purpose it would serve. Like you, I seldom to never use PT on a DD. Unless, like you say, it's the last odd point. Even then I'm more susceptible to pick EL for quicker shell shifting. After watching the vid however I was thinking maybe if (big word there) the unspotted Shima had been aiming at you wouldn't you have known if PT was being use? Dumb question I know but again never using it I'm uncertain how PT would work. If I'm right in thinking that. Seems it would have given a better awareness of the surrounding situation. But anyway I digress... IFA is an odd choice. Look forward to future feedback in you testing of using it on a DD.
  13. HyPHerFaZe

    My newest tumor is growing on me featuring Somers

    Why did you take IFA instead of PT for your last point? Wouldn't it be better to know how many unseen targets there are behind the cap.
  14. HyPHerFaZe

    Good Luck

    You as well @JediMasterDraco.. Stay safe.. They have announced this evening mandatory evacuations for anyone East of I95 staring tomorrow at noon. I'll be riding the storm out.