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  1. HyPHerFaZe

    Steel/Coal Ships: Which to Choose?

    Project 41 Comrade. The Dauntless one Neustrashimy HYPE!!!
  2. HyPHerFaZe

    CVs in CBs, yay or nay?

    Sure bring them. Why not. As far as not having one in the clan. Someone better get to studying! You're needed on the frontline!
  3. HyPHerFaZe

    why why why put cv's in clan battles

    I see more TX ships having a rejuvenated purpose. Wooster, Mino, Gros. These you seldom seen past Gail. It wouldn't be all about DPM to secure a win. Would it?
  4. HyPHerFaZe

    why why why put cv's in clan battles

    2.3.3. Each team is allowed a maximum of one aircraft carrier 2.3.4. Each team is allowed a maximum of three capital ships (battleships or aircraft carriers) Doesn't that mean in KOTS it could be 3xBB, or 1CV+2xBB ? I didn't get to watch much of any of the swiss rounds is why I'm asking. As much as I dislike the rework (only because I feel like a test dummy) I'd much rather face one in a controlled CB team rather them having 2 good BBs cross firing
  5. HyPHerFaZe

    why why why put cv's in clan battles

    Isn't KOTS 3 capital ships? 2 capital ships in CB would be interesting to see. Mix in the Stalingrad and Harry-Gun-Bote. Talk about a roll of the dice when you push that battle button.
  6. Oh WoW @Femennenly looks like a few didn't make the boat. I wasn't certain if I would be available to add to the adventures because of work so initially I didn't sign-up. However, as this week has progressed it looks like I will be. I'm willing to garner a mask and participate. Also willing to help the new participants and coordinators as much as needed. Laissez les bons temps rouler!
  7. HyPHerFaZe


    I saw the headline was excited I saw the OP and was disappointed But hey! At least the CV rework is fresh and new, right.
  8. HyPHerFaZe

    Why spend money on the Witchita?

    Found it odd that the higher priced bundle came with the special hard to get camos and flags and even more flags. Quite a few actually. While the middle bundle came with what was the normal highest tier doubloons credit incentive but now with a lesser captain. IMO I see it WG keeps upping the anti cash grab scheme. Or maybe it's since all the stuff happening now and since around Christmas has left a bitter taste in my mouth IDK. On the other hand, I've always wished for an 4th option where I could pick and choose of which of all those addons in every bundle I could purchase as a bundle. Anyway, from a big whale as of late for me the answer is a big fat NO!
  9. HyPHerFaZe

    Huang He love fest

    This is an older screenshot. I've always had a love for the Huanghe. One of my favorite ships to play. I swear when it first came out the torps out ranged it's detection by a few meters. Then one day it didn't
  10. WG development drops the ball on a ship that they were told wouldn't be balanced. A year later still promote the ship as enticement for certain sales or giveaways (You have to figure they had these numbers before the end of January) Developers doesn't have to spend their time creating any new asset. They'll just regurgitate the same ole ships over and over again. (insert an already growing list here) Only the artist had to be involved. Follow that up with a new tactic. A second round of sales of the same premium ships moved to a different tiers. Within a few hours of a little nip here a little tuck there by the developers they new boat for sale. Yeah WG cutting cost and making more money. You're right, acting like a business.
  11. HyPHerFaZe

    Tip #1 for new captains!!

    When you don't have map awareness bull strike.webm
  12. I didn't realize so many lawyers played this game
  13. HyPHerFaZe

    Premium Ship Balance [Poll]

    I can not speak for other people. Personally I do not refer to any mined data. "as advertised" https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/hold-the-anchovies/