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  1. ArtfulNothing_

    Clan battles: steel in bravo league

    Both A and B will play their own ranking. (B in Gale - A in Typhoon) However, any clan member can play either squad and receive those rank rewards. Alpha playing B in Gale will only get Gale rewards. B team members would get their Gale and Typhoon rewards if they were filling in or playing a few Alpha games.
  2. ArtfulNothing_

    Patch 0.11.1 super cv incoming

    CV & DD will now be getting charged for munitions usage. That's interesting. Is that on top of what is already cost?
  3. ArtfulNothing_

    PSA: Italian DD's Incoming - On WOWS Stream Right Now

    Way different smoke on these, though.
  4. ArtfulNothing_

    Bekah's stupid ideas Vol. 1

    Uh... I bathed regularly twice a week, Tue. and Thurs. with the guys during my high school career. Never once did I "cheat." I'm almost sure the general populace has done the same. It is naive even to think it would be " technically cheating." I'm not sure where you get these ideas, but I believe Becka may have the better of them. This opening statement chilled me and is why I am replying. Do realize it is her life and not yours, no matter what you think or feel about those ideas. To even imply they are "stupid," you said twice by-the-way is not only condescending but also abusive verbally and emotionally. Not only that, you then continue to tell you to put a stop to them. That is a controlling issue on your part. "Like any decent fiancee would do." I wouldn't go so far as to pat myself on the back just yet. Adding your self-righteousness is only adding more fuel to the fire you are building. The moment she wakes up and realizes, don't be surprised if you find yourself standing there alone wondering what the heck happened. I'm not saying this to be mean or cruel towards you or your post, just trying to share advice coming from someone who has traveled this path with a person like that. It has taken me many years of self-reflection, inner thoughts, and therapy to realize what it was, what I went through, and why I didn't take action sooner. Do with it what you will, good luck and fair seas.
  5. ArtfulNothing_

    Meme Ready Secondary Ships (Black Friday)

    The Mass back in its heyday was the meme ship. It is the one that you basically have an Atlanta strapped to each side for secondaries. There were/are particular meme builds you could set the ship up to. You could basically park in the secondary range of another ship. Not even have to fire the main guns at them. The secondaries would take them down fairly easily. Since then, it has received a few nerfs here and there, then eventually taken out of the game altogether. Personally, I've not played mine in forever, so I can not attest to how good the ship meme builds is now at achieving those memes. However, it was removed from the game if that is saying anything. Massachusetts secondary armory : 127 mm/38 Mk.12 on a Mk.32 mount 10 х 2 pcs. Rate of Fire 15 shots/min. Reload Time 4 sec Atlanta main armory: 127 mm/38 Mk.12 on a Mk.29 mount 8 х 2 pcs. Rate of Fire 12.5 shots/min Reload Time 4.8 sec.
  6. ArtfulNothing_


    This is not a complaint rather an observation. Where I work does the same thing, so it's nothing new, but I wonder who comes up with these ideas in the first place. You receive an email or notification ( X is happening ). Other than that, it tells you nada, but it contains a link. The link has "here is an intro/about" which also includes another ( go here for info ) link. Finally, you'll get all the information if that doest have yet another (go here for more info) on a specific subject contained on that page. Seriously it's like you are training your brain to click redundant links.
  7. ArtfulNothing_

    New keyboard needed !

    You could build your own. Buy some cheap throwaway KB until you finish your build. How to Build a Custom Mechanical Keyboard - Switch and Click Any Logitech will withstand gamer abuse.
  8. ArtfulNothing_

    about returning ships...

    Well, surprise!! I purchased the Hayate and the black lacquer camo the day it was released. It sat in port until an event came around. I played it one game to remove the star, snowflake, or whatever it was—the same for Austin. And Smolensk, I bought it just because it was leaving the game. I Bought Puerto Rico. It sat in port until I was convinced to play a handful of clan battles. I was almost to the Moskva when it moved to FXP. It never had a captain, so it sat there until you could play it without one, then it to become an event queen. So is Missouri, Bajie, North Carolina. Some are "yeah; I'll buy that" others won in an event or giveaway I don't always remember. I usually discover, "oh yeah, I have that one. Where did that come from." Until then, it just sits there. I bought the Scharnhorst way back when I did play it a couple of times, then found out I was out of my league at the time. Then it sat in port for better than two years until a couple of friends wanted me to division up with them. I would never get a refund, but I Have had them and maybe do since I never finish those events. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there in the same boat, so to speak. Anyway, I digress, @derf_20 this is what you're looking for. https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/10213/#:~:text=Purchases can be refunded when the associated "in-game,Number on the purchase confirmation email. Example%3A c4e9ba14cf3011e5834f38eaa78b2fac
  9. ArtfulNothing_

    Twitch Drops in Update 0.10.9 — KotS Edition

    IDK, Bro having to sink so much time watching the live stream to unlock a mission requiring even more time makes one think you want all of the free time, which doesn't make any of this free.
  10. ArtfulNothing_

    PSA: Twitch Data breach

    I would believe the biggest issue here is that Amazon owns Twitch. Twitch will use your Prime account as a tie-in for free subscriptions and other various things. Unfortunately, the breach has already happened. If as much data is out there that is being claimed, I don't think just changing your Twitch password will resolve much if you're targeted. However, yes, you should change your Twitch password and add Two-Factor Authentication to your Amazon Prime and the CC attached to it if you don't have it that way already. Your own vigilance is your best protection. It gets crazy out in the hallway!
  11. ArtfulNothing_

    WG's Improved Communication vs Player Agency

    The sad part of this is even knowing what I already know about WG. I'd probably try it out. Even the possibility of spending a few bucks on it is even on the table.
  12. ArtfulNothing_

    WG's Improved Communication vs Player Agency

    I liked the new style dev blog post in that it squelches the significant inundation of theory-crafting forum posts that usually corresponds right after a dev blog post is released. It is cut and dry as to what they are doing and why. We should also know @LittleWhiteMouse is correct WG is on a path, and no amount of player feedback will change that. Playerbase concern and feedback may throw them a slight curveball now and then, but the inevitable outcome is just that. WG is going to do WG. You can ride or die. We should all know this if you don't have your head in the sand. I can also relate to why they now wish to release subs into the wilds of randoms to collect more spreadsheets. The issue is would they pull them back out of randoms if they find that more testing tweaking is needed. For those of us that know better, that answer would be no. They will go to great lengths to make subs as popular as possible in the current future. Promos, ads, sales, and discounts will all favor the agenda slash money grab push. The existing player base, in reality, only has one option. The rest will get the pat on the head explanation if they even read it. That being said, to me, this is the scariest part of the dev blog post. ......
  13. RU DDs was my very first line. Not only did I grind them, but I also played them all exclusively for over a year before they became irrelevant in the game. I'm confident my tier IX has more than enough XP to purchase a new tier X ship. However, I'm not too fond of the idea that the XP I have on the Khab is not being used to purchase Delny instead of being moved to the lowest possible tier ship. I understand how it works. Yes, maybe I shouldn't be looking at a free Prem horse in the mouth. But I can't help the feeling I should be getting Freemium Khab Prem camo attached. As well as the free replacement tier X ship Prem camo and its 19 point captain with 0 effort from me.
  14. ArtfulNothing_

    Season 15 of Clan Battles

    Daring + Vampire II, Shima + Hayate, Smalland + Halland If you wish to run those comps, basically same ships. Salem + Des Moines, I'm sure someone here could cite a complete list of comparables to negate the one each. I like the idea, though, of no duplicate ships. I hope it shakes things up.
  15. ArtfulNothing_

    What have you gotten from your 6th year anniversary SCs?

    15k coal a few times 1k dubs a few times 1x time premium time and a boat