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  1. ArtfulNothing_

    Game is Compromised

    Silly boop the first vid is the console game WoWs LEGENDS Not the PC game you're playing. Furthermore, that looks like more of a bug, not an aim assist. Most likely though is some potato that doesn't understand how aim lock works anyway. On the PC it's X. The second video is just Zoup being Zoup nothing new. None of these are haks but rather mods. Most are tater assist that gives no more info ingame that any good player doesn't know, couldn't figure out, or could do anyway. Are there things out there? Maybe so. I don't actively search for them. However what you've posted and what you're saying here is just a tater saying tater things.
  2. ArtfulNothing_

    Stream Code for German Carriers

    The lack of servitude in the WG staff is truly lacking! They should be taking Monday and Wednesday off. Half a day on Friday to make up the time they could be spending with us on the weekends. See there I fixed it. Problem solved! I didn't realize some of the other staff members had their own personal streams. I haven't caught any of them during their off-hours or weekends other than yours. Which I'll have to say is kinda boring at best with its lack of #Oceanmap
  3. ArtfulNothing_

    Stream Code for German Carriers

    Well, I still say that some of these "Official" streams need to happen on the weekends when us hard-working nine-to-fivers have the time to watch them. Also in a timeframe that works across all NA timezones.
  4. ArtfulNothing_

    GET Mr. Hyde out of the Armory !! now!!

    Okay Then!... +1 to OP for pointing out yet another of WG's vodka induced craziness
  5. ArtfulNothing_


    Was there any update on the stats. What are the current ones it will be released with?
  6. ArtfulNothing_

    GET Mr. Hyde out of the Armory !! now!!

    I don't think so. This is a standard advert exercise for most businesses. You'd be hard presses finding one that didn't use this practice. Every time a cashier says "You saved x amount today!" I hold out my hand and ask where is my money?
  7. ArtfulNothing_

    ST 0.9.7, Unique Upgrades

    My poor Zao just got Yueyanged
  8. ArtfulNothing_

    German Carriers: Early Access

    Yet another event... You have to pay to get an RNG loot box. I think these people at WG that comes up with this needs to seek help from their local gamblers anonymous. But hey thanks for saving me money
  9. ArtfulNothing_

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    A division of a Halland, Shima, and Kita spawn into the game.
  10. ArtfulNothing_

    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    Cruiser not a DD
  11. ArtfulNothing_

    Happy 4th of July!

    Happy Independence Day!!! PSA: Hand sanitizer and fireworks don't mix. Don't set yourself on fire. Stay safe and socially distant.
  12. Anyone saying there isn't any video games that is physical has never had a Vive or Rift. Some of those will make a Wii player look amateur. Anyway the more of the article I read the more of it being nonsense was relevant.
  13. ArtfulNothing_

    0.9.7 news?????

    That's an Atlanta!! I couldn't make it out for the palm trees. Will be good camo for island hugging though on some maps But yeah looks like Pan-Am ships
  14. ArtfulNothing_

    0.9.7 news?????

    That Hot Tropics camo sheesh
  15. They have have come up with a solution all by themselves. Next season is Tier VI. WG keeps us all in the dark and we have no clue about their vodka induced ideas or where they're going with them. For all we know last CB season was an action in data collection test to solidify issues with CVs at Tier X. For all we know a boycott didn't have the first iota of influence for the announcement of next season to be Tier VI CB or of changes being made in any other ships. It could have all already been on the burner so that even more data could be collected to make the needed changes so that the majority of the playerbase and clans would be happy enough to negate what the individual don't like.