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  1. ArtfulNothing_

    Who was your first on screen crush???

    Martha Stuart
  2. ArtfulNothing_

    Tripple Ise + CV

    Then the Dutch will soon be coming to the party
  3. T-61 at the top by a wide margin doesn't surprise me in the least. May be a barometer into why it is being pulled. Then you have the Z-52 as the complete opposite sitting under the nerfed out of existence YY, that says a lot as well. I'm not surprised by the British DDs fairing so well across all tiers. I am a bit surprised by the Russian DDs still being "up there" though. Especially Groz fairing so well. As for the Vamp II I think it is still a bit too early to count it out just yet. Nice polling @Ducky_shot +1
  4. ArtfulNothing_

    New World of Warships Trailer

    Move over PC the console is moving in. Nice video tho they're always impressive.
  5. ArtfulNothing_

    Normal DDs can't do ANYTHING versus CVs!

    This is as comical as it can get. So, how many T10 games does one have to play just to complete any missions and/or directives at the rate? Oh! You won the game and survived you say and that's what counts. The real team player. Although that statement does have me a bit confused. I guess.... what we are saying here is all those players that sail to the edge of the map contribute little to nothing other than surviving while the rest of the team wins is now okay?
  6. ArtfulNothing_

    For those who spend here...

    Are there limits to which ships you can buy? I remember getting a coupon once. I would have used it but the restrictions were horrid on which ships you could actually use it on.
  7. I've never named dropped. However, in the years I've been reading the forum I've seen one maybe two familiar names. When I've played co-op I've never once seen anyone.
  8. ArtfulNothing_

    Twitch Drops in 0.10.2

    Twitch makes me twitch and it's just a juked-up laggy app most of the time. I do get to catch parts of the #happarigged show from time to time if I'm home from work early enough. Hardly ever get to catch the Duck-n-Doddle Twins. Getting codes is erratic if they're not long-term and posted somewhere. Ah well, everything isnt for everyone nor expected. There are also goodies here when you link if you have Amazon Prime Prime Gaming | World of Warships (amazon.com)
  9. ArtfulNothing_

    Catch Leprechauns and get Rewards!

    I see that @Hapa_Fodder is attempting to herd flies in the great outdoors again.
  10. ArtfulNothing_

    how to not get cv matches

    So where are your spreadsheets and math posted? The first question anyone is going to ask you.
  11. ArtfulNothing_

    Two computer questions

    First question NO! Absolutely not! Second question YES! Graphics clarity and speed, as well as connection speeds, can make all the differences in the world.
  12. ArtfulNothing_

    shipgirl discussion thread

    Personally never gotten it I just add the word cosplay to my searches.
  13. ArtfulNothing_

    What to do w MIA clan commander?

    FYI: Even if the Commander gave you or anyone else the clan authority, or even said here take it over. They can come back at anytime, put in a ticket, and WG will hand it back to them without question regardless of what you or any other member say or might have done with the clan. The question you're asking, there is no real for way WG or anyone else for that matter to contact someone MIA. There is nothing really there except an accounts e-mail.
  14. ArtfulNothing_

    cv haters and bullies

    Somebody please. just give this guy/gal a doubloon so they can go buy a clue.