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  1. Vekta408

    I see the forum is back to normal...

    Only if they want the player base to shrink even more.
  2. Vekta408

    Devastating Strike needs nerfed

    You don't have to be perfect all the the time. RNG plot armor helps as much as it hurts you in this game. If you're having problems with the concept of angling and mini map usage, this dev strike thing is only going to get exponentially worse for you. I suggest staying in tier 3-4 until you sort that out.
  3. Not they won't. It just cuts down your RNG and makes CL even more reliant on RNG to do damage 50% less.
  4. Vekta408

    DD candidates for Tier 7 Ranked Sprint

    It matters. Any DD with similar alpha or high DPM can push a Haida. There is a "cone of danger" where the Haida's firepower is the most effective. Outside of that it can have a lot trouble stabilizing . In a 12 km gun fight both the Lenny and Blys have a very noticeable edge. The Blys especially with it's 7-shell salvo and flatter arcs can wreck a Haida pretty hard. The problem with the whole 1 v 1 thing is making it happen when you want it to.
  5. To be fair, some T8 ships up tier far better than others.
  6. Vekta408

    MatchMaking - THE un-fun component

    Yes, they can, they will and they have. It's one thing if I were talking about just my games. I've seen the same thing happen to good players (like the ones in [ZR]) stream it and have it happen to them to over and over again. Plane as day, watching the train wreck along with them and the rest of the viewers. It is what it is.
  7. Vekta408

    MatchMaking - THE un-fun component

    If your team is going to throw, they're going to throw. Doesn't matter how good you are. We've all had those teams. We've all had those teams back to back to. No camo, sails broadside, peeds from the second/third line, yolo straight line heroes. No amount of skill is going to compensate for 11 others people derping their way back to port.
  8. If you smoke at the start of a match you end up blinding your team more than anything else. Going out there at the start of the match is what DD do. In some way weather it's projecting map presence or contesting a cap it's just apart of the job. So you don't get struck by aircrafts. Now the other DD get to push right up and torp-spam your smoke. If you leave your smoke to avoid the torps...you get struck anyways or get shot. Smoking up every time you get spotted by planes at the start of a match isn't practical. At best you avoid getting dropped on that one time. At worse you blind your entire team, the other DD get to push you out and you hand over map control of that whole contested area for free.
  9. It doesn't even have to do with DD at this point. They make balance so wildly inconsistent between tiers and core game mechanics. It's a hot mess between AA, kill secure annoying dot spam and CV ship controls. CV have always countered DD. This new CV make the game a miserable experience in general. If that's suppose to be "balance" I can see why there are a lot of people saying they're talking a very long break from the game and closing their wallets.
  10. Vekta408

    The iChase Case

    Yeah that game. Non stop focus because lul AA isn't inconsistent. It's hilarious that some full AA ship hardly shoots down 3 planes and then there is me in a completely non AA spec Algerie somewhere on the fringe shooting down 27 on my own. iChase makes a good point. inconsistent game play mechanics
  11. Vekta408

    update 8.4 can't help DDs

    Actually I was there playing the game. I dealt with it for 15 minutes until it came down to me having to hold the cap and get zerg-dropped because I was the last ship willing to go play the objective and deal with it in epicenter. Next time I will be sure to fully expand the menus for all the other things that no one else wanted to deal with ontop of the CV throwing everything and the kitchen sink at me.
  12. Vekta408

    update 8.4 can't help DDs

    Except the part where he reapplies DOT endlessly to the point that DCP can't keep up within reason. It's fine as long as you don't have to deal with the 10 other players on his team and their DOT chance. The difference is I can do something about them since I can shoot them back and/or find some kind of cover. You don't need to depend DFaa to try and do anything at all to mitigate their damage. I not once did I say it was OP anywhere in my post. What I did say is this kind of balance and meta we current have with CV doesn't work. It's terrible, unfun and makes no sense. I agree with iChase on this. There is no consistency at all when you factor in these CV and the current AA system. You get nonsense like this game where you just have to float around taking un-ending DOT to the face and cannot do a single thing about it no matter how well you manage your DCP or dodge. It doesn't stop regardless of what you do, what you have or the build you come up with.
  13. Vekta408

    update 8.4 can't help DDs

    That's all fine and good if it weren't possible for them to fail their way into hitting you repeatedly regardless. This is just one example of getting hit repeatedly through defensive fire. He lost 30 planes in a steady stream of drops. Non of which DFaa stop or even slowed down whatsoever since it no longer panics strikes. He failed his way to hitting me despite having dfaa and dodging. They don't have to have "that ability". Supposedly loosing planes at that rate is suppose to give them a some kind of penalty and diminish there ability to strike. It doesn't. At all. There is no longer anything defensive about DFaa. All it does is let you shoot down some more planes after they hit you anyways. The part that makes it even more annoying is if your that player that is playing the objective because you have to you're going to have to tank all that with your face regardless if you have DFaa or not. You'll shoot down planes but not before every one of those strikes hits you aside from the ones they wiff on. Then on the flip side if the CV is bottom tier against your top tier AA it's crappy balance for the CV player. This kind of wildly swinging balance that is bias towards CV or every other ship class is terrible.Given the way this is I don't see how they can balance this where it doesn't screw either CV or ships that aren't CV. I was literally spammed to death through DFaa while constantly shooting down planes. All I could do was hold the objective and hope I could drag it out long enough to pull far enough ahead in points that my death wouldn't matter. The planes never stopped coming. I was able to stall just barely enough that we had more points by the time the cv chewed through me and then started grinding down the rest of my remaining team.
  14. Vekta408

    update 8.4 can't help DDs

    So...don't do....things that DD are suppose to do? mmmmmm'k
  15. M'k... then wg can see less money coming out of the player base instead. Eventually they'll start doing more things to squeeze money out of players and cut cost negatively affecting the game more. They'll take that seriously when it starts to hurt their bottom line.