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  1. Vekta408

    Hatsuharu - Is she a worse Fubuki?

    I got the Hatsu from the campaign thingy. Playing Shinonome and Fubuki I have to say the Hatsu was far more comfortable from the start than fubuki/shin has ever felt. I was very surprised and quite pleased. Since I got perma camo for it now I might as well keep and enjoy it.
  2. Vekta408

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich need buff only 2 things

    My PEF must have been pumped full of steroids then. Mine has been nothing like that since I got it a few days ago. Donno what to tell you.
  3. Vekta408

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich need buff only 2 things

    In what way is it garbage though? I can see it has weaknesses but I just don't see the "garbage" part.
  4. Vekta408

    PEF *

    To be fair the absence of turtle back armor scheme does mean it eats more damage from pens. That I can't deny. Specially that strip of 150mm armor over the secondary gun casemate on the side. With a good angle your belt/upper belt can bounce and shatter a lot of incoming shells...but that 150mm strip...ehhh...yeah that hurts if they can hit it. It has some weird flat surfaces so even angled it can happen if they hit you just so... (at least as far as I can figure) From shooting at and (I guess) being shot in the same spot I get a lot of juicy pens that way on other PEF. As far as damage goes...I suppose I can see the logic. PEF seems to do huge chunks of damage all at once when shots are landed though.
  5. Vekta408

    PEF *

    I donno mang... Mine has been shooting lasers since I got mine a few days ago. There have been a couple matches were I've had typical "german accuracy" but aside from those couple games...lasers all day. Dink, boop, poppin ships around 15km. Can't really think of anything special I'm doing.
  6. Vekta408

    PEF *

    I think it's more accurate to say don't try to citadel other BB. You can get some very juicy normal pen damage on them though.
  7. Vekta408

    PEF *

    With the accuracy mod I've been hitting cruisers for 20K around 15km. I thought it was a fluke but I've been doing it over and over again. I started pretending that it's a very forgiving cruiser and its been doing work. Try accuracy mod if you haven't already.
  8. From the DD Side: I'm not going to "come out of nowhere and reckt you" I'm going to see the BB doing something awkward, focusing on something else or circle/kite outside detection waiting for him to make a mistake or commit hard to something. IF I do come out of nowhere it's going to be at 3km screaming around the corner of an island. It never "just happens" From the BB side: If a DD "comes out of nowhere" and reckts me what was I doing that he "popped out of nowhere"? I more often than not just got punished for doing something either A) Not-smart B) very risky and/or desperate C) wallowing in the miasma that is my own obliviousness. There are few situations (mostly at the very end of matches) that a DD has the room to set up this one scenario were the DD actually has a clear and substantial advantage. And this is way before HE or AP ammo type even becomes the most concerning part of the equation. A BB doesn't need to pop out nowhere to blap a cruiser...but it's hilarious when you pull it off. Yes...it can be done. But again. Saw it coming...the other guy just saw it 1 salvo too late.
  9. Vekta408

    PEF *

    It's the most forgiving cruiser in the game. That's the "gimmick".
  10. Vekta408

    PEF *

    Hmm... mine must be broken. Seems ok to me.
  11. Yeah... guy gets lucky and suddenly it was suppose to prove something.
  12. Vekta408

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich need buff only 2 things

    Shoot above the belt just like you would with AP from another cruiser. That sweet spot between the super structure and upper belt. Juicy pen damage.
  13. Funny thing is, more often than not when someone F3's something other than a BB and I immediately fire on it from my BB I end up getting a random kill on something that isn't a BB. While all the other BB around me fire at the thing 15+km away and miss what they were trying to hit.
  14. Seems like to me he wants a psych F3 button and for RNG not to exist in the game. The guy is never...ever going to get what he wants. Kind of a pointless rant.
  15. Unfortunately that's not how it always works. RNG tends to say no a lot. And if by the time you press F3 there should already be shots in the air to dev strike the radar ship...then why do you need to press F3? Wouldn't just thinking "I'm going to press F3" magically make shots appear in the air to dev strike whatever it is you want dev struck? Your rant doesn't even make sense.