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  1. Vekta408

    Has fire been nerf'd too much?

    lol what. This makes no sense.
  2. Vekta408

    Low tier is for learning.

    Co-op doesn't really teach anything of value for randoms. It's basically target practice in the most simplified form. I've take several co-op players into randoms at t5-6 (because that is how far they got in co-op) and they were completely overwhelmed even as top tier. Deer in headlights. Now that training room is more readily available they'll learn far more from 30 minutes to 1 hours in training room than they will in a month in co-op. It's just so different and lacks so much of the things expected of a player in randoms.
  3. Vekta408

    Has fire been nerf'd too much?

    It's not the fire chance that's the issue. It's the constant power creeping of higher and higher ROF and more ships that have high rates of fire. They have another in the works to add to the ROF push in the Marceau, a DD with nerfed Colbert guns on it.
  4. Vekta408

    Kremlin OP?

    *casually citadels at 18km in back to back salvos* So terrible ..... I ca-...I can't breath!
  5. Vekta408

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich or Graf Spee

    PEF I never had any issues clapping CA that think they're safe because German dispersion. With the special model that PEF gets It has very un-german dispersion. I don't know where the stuff about it not being accurate come from. Turtleback is nice but if you play any other BB that doesn't have turtle back it won't really be an issue for you. More armor, secondaries that are good for the tier, AA that does something and a heal Spee It has a heal... I can't think of anything else that stands out about it.
  6. But....you just play like normal and button smash the tokens into the bundle gumball machine. It's literally getting stuff for free for doing the thing you'd be doing anyways.
  7. Vekta408


    That still doesn't change the balance nightmares already baked into the game nor wg track record for it. Subs will be no different.
  8. 1.) The overpen mechanic is just another excuse for nonsensical shell impact RNG. It's really dumb when a player can sit broadside for 2 minutes and not get punished for it until RNGesus says so. It's far too much like poorly written plot armor. 2.) Why should this one (russian) CL magically not get punished unless forced to switch to the ammo type that everyone face palms and complains about battleships spamming since the introduction of Royal Navy battles. 3.) That's fine as long as it can get punished for making a mistake. As it stand it can make a mistake(s), farm for 2 minutes and still not get punished 4.) Yes, you probably should lose. Still the smol not getting punished. 5.) *looks at Kremlin* magical shell pen, can only be penned with HE by 1 or 2 ships, unicorn bow and belt armor, 46% torpedo reduction, accurate at long range when it's supposedly suppose to be a weakness, Some of the best AA in T10, awkwardly high secondary DPM....but lets reduce the health on the AA mounts.... Oh yeah...there is no Russian Bias here....
  9. You learn the mind game in low tiers. Its also is a better place for new DD drivers to learn HE vs AP and practice judgment in when to use them. It's far less punishing to pick the wrong ammo type in the lower tiers than it is in the tiers. It's the place to learn the not so obvious and the subtle things that make up a DD player. Yeah it's true the enthronement changes dramatically but I have seen so many face-plam worthy and obvious co-op strats in mid and high tiers that it needs to be said for almost the entire player base that's not the way to go for the sake of everyone else that is going to get stuck with them.
  10. Vekta408


    He's not claiming the sky is going to fall. He's stating the obvious. The game doesn't need another balance nightmare. It already has one. They still can't even half way sort that one out and you magically expect this to be any different? Given WG's track record how does it surprise you that you see many "killjoys" comments in these threads? Time and time again WG is show how poorly they approach any kind of meaningful attempts at balancing anything.
  11. I have taken people into training room that wanted to play DD. After some tutoring they generally decide to play Battleships or Cruisers when they see how much stuff we have to do. On top of the already steep initial learning curve for DD they have to deal with 2-3 CV matches. That's the equivalent of throwing a 10 year old into a cage with 3 starving hyenas. Going into co-op until tier 5-6 is going to make it even worse for the fresh-faced DD player and the rest of the random teams they're on. The issue with co-op is you learn almost nothing, for Destroyers that's doubly so. The 3 CV nonsense has to go. 2 CV is...I guess tolerable. But in a tier spread where AA is pointless to even talk about it should only be 1.
  12. Vekta408

    Help me choose a tier 9 BB

    Soyuz feels like easy mode. Won't make you money though without premium.
  13. This will only work in tier 4. Good luck with that against Enterprise, Saipans and Kagas. Midways and Haks.... yeah...hope your AA crusier's RNG is good for the entire match. Just stick close... at 5km... because we need more circle jerking in the game. AA is the most inconsistent, RNG mess its ever been. All you can really do is huddle together and hope your stacked AA scares them off long enough for something to happen in the match. Even with all the AA stacking, "defensive" fire if a CV really really wants to take a dump on you, they're going to take a dump on you... repeatedly.
  14. It does kind of suck that floods aren't really that dangerous anymore. On boats like the Sims it really gimps you out of being able to leverage your torpedoes to have an impact. Besides the token fire it's better to just go for raw alpha damage from your torps rather than trying to get a sticky flood. In a clutch moment, again, it really gimps you on boats that don't have torpedoes with at least a decent amount of alpha damage per hit.
  15. *points* People seem to still hit ships with IJN torps so try more I guess