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  1. It's hilarious that people think CC's are making money off streaming wows. Making money for what? a single can of Starbucks? Some uber eats delivery? No, they're not making money off wows. It was pointed out today that the, at least the OG cc's, didn't just magically appear. They made successful content before they were a CC. If they make any money at all it's not from wows. Some of them have actually talked about wows making money for them and it wasn't anywhere near what you think. The first thing they did when accused off or asked about that... was this...
  2. They will tell us the spread sheet says they're fine and "the majority of players asked for them". Then they will do nothing for the next 2 years until something forces them to do...something. Who knows what that something will be though.
  3. That's like saying the range nerf on the Thunderer meant anything. losing Invisi-fire doesn't mean squat when HE shells don't care what angle your target is at *and* give you DOT just for being able to touch someone...anywhere...with your HE.
  4. What are you talking about. HE spam is stronger than its ever been.
  5. Vekta408

    Why are CVs the teams scapegoat?

    It was painfully obvious even before the CV rework how bad the CV rework was going to be. It's still painfully obvious how bad it is. Please tell me (as an even more obvious example) that you don't need to shove your hand in a fire to know that shoving your hand in a fire is a dumb idea.
  6. Vekta408

    Why are CVs the teams scapegoat?

    Once again... concerning CV and CV balance issues. When someone says "Have you ever actually played CV?" At least one person needs to remind you... We don't need to eat Tide Pods to know that it's a dumb idea.
  7. Vekta408

    Why are CVs the teams scapegoat?

    It's not a simulator at all. That is why they have no place in *this* game and why they have been impossible for weegee to balance.
  8. Vekta408

    Why are CVs the teams scapegoat?

    They don't have a place in the game and it doesn't matter what they were in world war II. That was over 70 years ago and most certainly not a video game.
  9. Vekta408

    Bring back secondaries!!

    So the entire german BB play style was because players are snowflakes and other players shouldn't get punished for yolo torping for the easy dev-strike. That doesn't make any sense and that's horrible for the game. It doesn't make any sense to say that players that would like to have effective tools to compensate for the massive amount of RNG forced upon the game is bad for the game.
  10. Vekta408

    Destroyers Buffs?

    You know what's funny about AA... how fast AA mounts get stripped from all the various sorces of HE in the game. Some ships get an extra kick in the nads because their AA is so soft that one HE volley strips 10-20% of it... per volley. You wanna talk about "continually decrease over time" ... well okay sure lets talk about things decreasing... Wouldn't it be nice if AA mounts regenerated... over time... like planes
  11. Vekta408

    Bring back secondaries!!

    You play the angle and catch them in their turns around island and objectives. You put yourself into positions that they have to push into you (or around you) ...like objectives or places ships tend to push from. You play the mind game and bait them into chasing after you. You use your other team mates positioning and force them to turn away (or into) the rest of your team with your torpedoes. You punish them for forgetting you're around and not turning. You only have 69 games in destroyers. 2 out of your 3 highest are premium ships with longer torp range than concealment. You didn't give yourself the chance to learn this.
  12. Vekta408

    Bring back secondaries!!

    I guess it means they'd have to learn how to stealth torp from outside 7km... like every player that has played through the Farragut with 6km torps. Imagine actually having to pay one iota of attention to a couple key details of the game.
  13. Vekta408

    Bring back secondaries!!

    At 4km...at 4km....what did you expect? What did you do, actively try and catch secondary shells like a baseball catcher behind home base?
  14. Not a single iota of evidence has come out that suggest it's a "extremely toxic minority" since the day rework CV went live. They have been the most universally hated thing in warships across all the social media platforms that have any warships presence on them at all.
  15. Vekta408


    Classify the hybrids as CV the way they should be if they want to have CV strike planes regardless of how bad the planes are. That would make too much sense though and make it less profitable for weegee.