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  1. "If you don't agree with my opinion on CV then you don't matter" Ah yes...This attitude again.
  2. Yes we can. Every single platform from reddit to twitter, twitch, youtube and these forums all have one thing in common.... a steady stream of constant hate for CV. There is no way it can be the same "vocal minority" across all these platforms. I have not seen one significant source of positivity about CV that wasn't completely delusional and trying to convince themselves more than others that CV are okay.
  3. Vekta408

    Whats the point of AA again?

    You mean gutting the captain skills for AA and making DFaa a waste of space?
  4. Vekta408

    CV Planes Regen

    Fix CV, Fix HE spam, fix overpen mechanics... fix all the nonsense and maybe things like CV griefing, subs, asashio, and kitikami griefing wouldn't be a thing. Stop defending what's broke because of a myth about team work that doesn't exist. Can't fix it all but they could at least actually fix CV since it's the one thing that takes a dump on everything else in the most unfun way possible on or off whatever spread sheet WG views everything through.
  5. Vekta408

    CV Planes Regen

    And this is why it will never ever work. "but still" he says Always the least viable option and completely unrealistic "solution" is offered. Instead maybe fix the broken dumpster fire that CV still are. But no...that would mean a single class of ship doesn't get to grief every one and everything else in the game. *insert spread sheet meme here*
  6. Vekta408

    Whats the point of AA again?

    That happens when the CV player just eats your flak repeatedly and hasn't put an iota of thought into what they're doing as fast as they can recall and launch planes. Of course they're going to ....eventually... have half capacity squadrons. It'll take forever unless they're a real plane-feeding try hard. We can talk about that when that 1 strike doesn't dump on you for more than 50% of your HP because you decided to try and do any one of the many jobs that DD's are expected to do.
  7. Vekta408

    CV Planes Regen

    "huddle up in a giant static death ball and hope your CV out farms me before your AA is stripped off by HE spam" That's all that really amounts to. It's just making the campy static meta we've been stuck with for years even worse and making T10 the soul sucking, boring experience that it is.
  8. Vekta408

    CV Planes Regen

    Every wonder why DFaa is a dead consumable? Because you can get DFaa expert in a non AA spec Iron duke and get dumped on in a full AA spec texas repeatedly. You can repeat this same RNG nonsense all the way up to tier 10. IF you have to depend on RNG and CV players eating your flak then yes AA is useless and it's a waste of time to spec for it. The so called "AA ships" in game can't even defend themselves with their continuous damage let a lone provide "AA support".
  9. Vekta408

    CV Planes Regen

    You can do things on purpose to mitigate BB salvo and "invisible DD" torpedo damage. You don't have to rely on flak RNG or the CV player being clueless. You just have to sit there and take it in the face regardless if you're sitting literally next to and/or in between a few AA ships.
  10. Vekta408

    A new player's experience ruined by CV

    No no... you said on average. Please produce this tier 4 BB that averages nearly 200K with 49 torps hits.
  11. Vekta408

    A new player's experience ruined by CV

    Welp, it wasn't a battleship it was a CV and you said that was an average at best game in a BB. So I want this battleship that you speak of that averages 49 torpedo hits at best...in tier 4. Doing nearly 200K "on average" in tier 4 in a battleship? With those super slow ships you think you're going to travel enough to even get the opportunity to farm that much damage? You expect to just get krakens every game in tier 4 before those players yolo and die to someone else?
  12. Vekta408

    A new player's experience ruined by CV

    49 torp hits and 8 kills is average to low for a BB at best? Where is this BB and how can I obtain it for my account?
  13. I would tell them to run.
  14. Vekta408

    "Permanent" camo dilemma

    ^this You give them real money and in 5 games they can decide you got your value and "benefits" out of it. Then they can take it away and tell you that they're not ripping you off because you got the value and "benefit" of generating extra fake in game money.