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  1. stargazer2020

    Commander skills for Thunderer

    I have had the Thunderer now for a few days and I am trying to figure out the best build for commander points. I have gone to wiki and ask others but no one agrees on anything so I figured I would put it to the community. I have a 16 point commander. Wiki says to spend points where I don't think it would best for my play style. I pretty much only use this ship in clan battles and would like the optimal build from more experienced players. Thanks to the community for your help.
  2. stargazer2020

    Error Contacting Server

    I can log into the game but my clan chat and friends chat is not there. Also get kicked out of a match halfway through.
  3. stargazer2020

    Not Happy with Battles

    Thanks guys, that explains a lot.
  4. stargazer2020

    Not Happy with Battles

    Can someone please explain to me why battles end when there are still enemy ships and not one cap point has been taken. Every battle today has ended before we could cap anything or even destroy all enemy ships. I am loosing out on xp,dmg and credits when this happens. Thanks for your support