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  1. Ericson38

    Soviet Heavy Cruiser Line

    Petro will whip a Moskva. I have had taken 30K + damage hits from them with my Moskva angled and all. This is me taking, them giving. Most I have ever returned was 8K, full broadside at 12Km. How did I get that shot ? They saw I wasn't doing much back and they were waiting for their reload cycle. I got sent to port right after, although I was angled and they didn't really seem to care about that bit of finery.
  2. That would be great, for the common folks. I can't believe I'm at rank 10 in 34 battles this time, and I'm a legendary bad Moskva player with 37K average damage in randoms and 39% win rate over 650 games.
  3. I made Rank 10 in 34 battles mostly in Moskva. Started at 15. Win rate for this ranked is 44%. I kind of shocked myself doing it though, but won the last 6 battles, with 60K average damage. Helps when Stalingrad is on your team, and everyone starts focus firing on the red teams Petro or Stalingrad. At rank 10, I said enough for now, going to let that sink in for a little bit. Played two battles in Venezia (losses) with 68K average damage. Moskva average damage was 51K, but the radar is important, more so than the torps I think.
  4. Ericson38

    One sided games

    With Moskva, I will always get behind a DD feeling out the possibility of initial capping, and if over powering force is detected caused from an asymmetrical team placement by MM, with our CV spotter, then everyone take cover and attempt something else. That's what the 12 km radar is for, not just using it to stay out of TORP fields, like my own personal asset. Also, DDs will on occasion use smoke to help me out of getting roasted in a bow on no way out situation. If you showed your team you were trying to help, you don't get very many negative comments in game.
  5. Ericson38

    On randomness and streaks

    Each team will likely have great and poor players in the highest 3 tier matches. Now as far as causing a T8-9-10 match loss resulting from the presence of a single Potato being on the team compared to the other team's win chances from them having no real Potato players but having a par excellence player, that's a good question. I have ended many Moskva matches after doing 10K and less damage, typically from being spotted and then blapped by a BB. My 14.2 km detection is worse than most BBs, so they see me first. This put a dent in our team, and if my counterpart on the other side is a Smolensk that I was going to work on, now I don't. At the end of a match, there will also be a team with a player with 2-4 kills, about 60% of the time. Going backwards, at T5-6, there aren't many single salvo kills when the targeted ship had close to full health, compared to high tier. At least I don't remember them, Russian BBs at T5-6 being a notable exception when they are the one on offense. It was relatively easy I thought to climb the ladder and get the Russian T9 BB unlocked.
  6. Ericson38

    On randomness and streaks

    I have been right there many times in Moskva after her re release, and went from 49% to 39% win rate after about 400 matches. But you are telling this player to break off T10 play and go back to T5/6, since his T10 play is supposedly so terribad that it also is sealing the fate for the other 11 random game players at T10. Can the player actually be THAT bad, and would not that take special skills all its own, which are not taught in these forums that I know of. Think about what you are suggesting... that they just depart the scene totally and regroup later, after careful consideration of what they are doing to the other players on their team.
  7. Ericson38

    On randomness and streaks

    http://shiny.calpoly.sh/Longest_Run/ Seems reasonable. I have had 11 game loosing streaks in Moskva, as well as 10s, 9s, 8s..... With 630 games and 39% win rate....well there it is. Since I'm not close to a 50% player in terms of average damage, I spend a lot of time in the minus run column, no more then 2 or 3 wins in a sequence in the win column. I can't CIT with that boat, or set fires of a notable consequence. When you see a T10 cruiser or BB sail behind an island, with them broadside and you angled in Moskva, and they back up to let you have it anyway, its gets you thinking. Petro and Smol and Stalingrad will hunt you down at all costs, if they are given the chance.
  8. Moskva used to pen but AP is less effective than HE, lots of AP bounces.
  9. Ericson38

    How to Win at Asymmetric

    Don't look now but low team is all BOTs, no waiting in line anymore. What happened ? WG experiment is underway, and data being analyzed. I hope MM spread gets reduced as a LOGICAL outcome of this Frankenstien experiment. I love to see Omaha take on Cleveland. Such courage in the case of Cleveland. Against Mass BB, I get way more ricochets using AP in WV 1941. Was that factored into asymmetry ?
  10. Ericson38

    How to Win at Asymmetric

    Just played my West Va 1941 (only BB) against two Mass BBs. Their New Orleans sank 6. I love my WV but these are totally unbalanced matches when you are the T6 group. No BOTS in the high Tier group either that I have seen, so no contest for the high Tier group, but I refuse to play the high side as this is FAIR and BALANCED, says WG itself. Very last game an Alabama sunk 4 of ours, including a totally one sided match against me. I'm sure they are proud of their "Accomplishment". I think this shows that the T7-8 Group is way more powerful than the T5-6 Group, even when they are 1/2 the size ship wise. Someone in game chat says high Tier takes 3 minutes to load in, while low Tier takes about 5 seconds (my experience anyway). I also think this a WG experiment on Tiers in general, match making, and Tier spread, etc. They used this to isolate and get a better understanding on how ship features at higher tiers can dominate multiple numbers of lower tier ships. They will use the results of these battles in their next "meetings'.
  11. Ericson38

    which russian line is best

    If you look at the latest Russian cruiser stats (http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/shipstatswk/svr/na/ship_20200905.html) you can see that for T10, the lowest damage per game at 65K average is Moskva, while the highest one is Stalingrad at 88K. All the others are in the mid to very high 70s.
  12. "The fact that you put so much stock in an individual ship WL percentage has pretty much defended your question from being answered seriously. " Win rate is everything to most players. Certainly to those who play ranked. When you win a match, the whole team won, received more credits, got more XP, and unless it was a blowout win, it was why the game was even played to start with, the excitement of it all. These are not fluid and ballistic simulations, these are skill contests.
  13. Random battles, no divisions. Ground up through the line, so knew a thing or two about playing them. No free XP to it or any other ship I have (40 total, 4 T10s). Stats are terrible, about 1/2 the normal server damage for Moskva. Use 19 point captain. Just click the battle button and off to the races. I have ships that are worse in terms of WIN rate, but nothing close to this many games. So at what win rate would you think something was not statistically possible for pure random assignments at 630 games. Its not like they gave me the nuke codes or something and I dropped them over the side in the match. I was just one cruiser out of 12 ships. Last game just played, did 19K damage before sinking. We lost that one too. They had 5 ships left at the end. Now I have a 19 point Donky captain in the the Moskva with IFHE skill. That is not optimal for Moskva. But that can't be the reason for the terrible damage performance or lousy win rate. One captain skill mistake on one ship can't be the reason that 4100 players lost a game in those ~ 380 losses (250 wins) out of 630 played. So its not the ship captain, but it is my faulty playstyle for sure. But I ask just how faulty a playstyle does it take to sour the experience consistently for those I team up with ?
  14. I'm sure 630 games in Moskva is vast enough. And a win rate of 39% means that every time I launch into battle, the rest of my whole 11 players on the team just received a gift, a 60% chance of loosing the match. When I clicked battle, that may have been a random occurrence, but the other players on the team more often than not lost, so did I have some affect on their 'luck of the draw'? If so, then I control the fate of quite a few players without intentionally knowing it ahead of time. Or even wanting to.