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  1. Same happened to me last night, game froze three times, good thing I did 3K damage with my Kongo between crashes, or would be pink by now.
  2. anyone using satellite based internet service?

    In the training room against one BOT on the ocean map I was seeing in the 320-340 ms ping range. This is one against one, so I'm thinking that maybe it won't be much worse in battle, since the data rate itself is pretty good. I was noting about 1/3 second from time from left mouse button click to fire main KGV guns at the BOT. I wonder what the amount of data exchanged (to and from WG server) is for a typical 20 minute game. More for a DD player, but curious what the amount can range to for a BB. Has anyone characterized this ? Then I need to call Hughes and ask them about my plan......
  3. anyone using satellite based internet service?

    I guess I could open a ticket and give a heads up to tech support that I might turn pink immediately after not playing for a few months. Hughes is OK on download speed, once you get past the delay (latency). No phone line here, but cell coverage is OK if you stay close to the rear deck. On the plus side of things, I can see boats at anchor from where I'm typing this.
  4. Just moved to ultra rural location, only offered satellite based internet (all that is available), namely Hughes Net. Anyone able to play the game, or tried, using sat based connection ? I played a BOT Iowa against mine in the training room, but don't want to go pink trying to get into battle.
  5. Official Description of the feature we are talking about- World of Warships is a game in which players team up for a single purpose—outfighting the opponent at sea and in the air. But let's make it clear—players are all human. We all have emotions, and no man is wise at all times. It definitely won't do any good to your team if you miss a teammate's maneuver and send your torpedoes right into his path, or if you succumb to anger or frustration and send a salvo at your ally, or if you forget that you've already pressed the "Battle" button and go do something else. In World of Warships, we've always kept an eagle eye on, and tried to act up on players whose behavior does not always correspond to the rules of the game. The upcoming Update 0.7.4 bring in an enhanced system for tracking offenders, bringing it to a whole new level. What was not addressed in the above is the NOCON issue, not talking about the door bell ringing. No connection is the biggest issue I have, can't enter the battle once selected. This was a problem with my cable internet, not sure what the satellite internet connection is going to be like.
  6. We just moved to a rural area with a satellite based internet service. Instead of going into battle with the latest drop, I want to play on the test server to see if I have the connection speed I need. But I see that the PT server is not accepting connections right now. Was not pink in January, so don't want to risk that status on the main server after reading through all of this. Have downloaded the latest patches for the test server and main server, but those downloads took longer than I recall when running over cable internet at the last house.
  7. Question about French BBs

    I have played it a bunch on the test server. Like Bismarck much more. Tried secondary build on both. Bis sec's are 11.3 km range, about the same as DDs that are coming up on you. They start shooting as soon as someone peeks around a point of land, blasting into the hill side sometimes. T7 Lion is very different design than the T8.
  8. I have been the British line to KGV and USN to IOWA, but love the T8 Bismarck on the PTS server. It is better than British or French T8s in my opinion.
  9. Bismarck seems extremly mediorce...

    Since I played NC so long, got to be why I find Bis so refreshing....! I went down the wrong tree. When pushing for game ending cap, the DDs don't charge like with the NC. It is amazing. Also, the main gun accuracy hit when maxing secondaries is not as bad as you would think. Not nearly.
  10. Bismarck seems extremly mediorce...

    She plays stronger than T8 French BB in PTS right now. With max secondary build, main guns are still fairly accurate. She is my favorite on the PTS. In T8-10 matches, she is still OK, since I play the Iowa, and know how to be careful now ! I really like Bismarck in PTS, where it is more, shall we say, freelance. Its the only BB I have ever sank 4 ships with, T8-10 battle. The secondaries are so brutal close in, it stresses out the sound and graphics to render it in real time.
  11. IOWA - Is it right to hate her?

    Didn't catch the detail mid to Mid high, was thinking you said mid to high. Oh well.... I see you get about the same damage I get in the Iowa, about 50K per game, whereas you are getting a 61K average in MO. I still play Iowa but less like a BB and more like a high perf cruiser w/o torps. As a T9 BB, an Iowa is what I look for first to breach a citadel on. Kongo and KGV are good general purpose ships in my BB world. Even the new T5 French BB is pretty good if you can stand looking at it for any length of time.
  12. IOWA - Is it right to hate her?

    That's how I equipped and play mine, kind of like a Moskva.
  13. One Shot Iowa Kill with Missouri

    I find that in Iowa, another Iowa is the easiest ship to get a citadel penetration on. When I see multiple BBs to fire at under 20 km, I'll pick another Iowa (poor skipper) to throw AP at, as a CIT penetration happens about 1 in 4 salvos that way. Don't know why that is, but easier than almost any other T8-10 BB.
  14. IOWA - Is it right to hate her?

    ?? I actually play it less because of the high service costs.