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  1. IOWA - Is it right to hate her?

    Ii play my Iowa once every 3-4 KGV games, as that is how many of those games it takes to make up for the credit loss of one normal Iowa game. Agree with all the above observations. T IX Lion plays good on the PT server, I would say.
  2. French BB Bretagne awesome

    what happened to talking about the Bretagne ? I am always in T5-7 battles in mine, and think the Kongo may play better.
  3. I'll shut up now. WG is reading my posts. I'm impressed. Thank you.
  4. 75K is what was deducted, according to the details post battle, with zero shells fired. If you can be logged into the port server and set up the battle, there is no rationale expectation that you can't get logged into the battle server too, unless it is too busy, like a choke point somewhere. I don't like AFKers anymore than anyone else, but each should be looked at for what really happened. Tried to log on about 7 times, finally made it, second loss on my team at that time.
  5. I want those credits back, no game was played with me. If you really speak for WG, at least say so. Otherwise, do something else with your inputs;.
  6. I was able to log into battle once sunk, want my credits refunded please ! I see you take your money from me easily. Not good business.
  7. Here's mine for playing part 1 and 2 quite a bit. There are no bonuses available at this time.
  8. One Shot Iowa Kill with Missouri

    Iowa not fun to play, loose a lot of credits for the novelty of it (break even at 137K damage), alternate play with KGV for credit restore and joy of game in general. Worse ship to encounter is Kutzov, will follow you around until you are a cinder.
  9. You need about 120K-130K ship damage per game to not spend additional credits to play Iowa. Think about that. MO makes credits even with 30K damage inflicted on red team per game. Last Iowa battle I had 87K damage to red team, 108K repair costs, and broke almost dead even though I had 10 percent repair reduction flag and 20% additional credits per battle flag, else would have been 30K credits deficit for one match at close to 90K damage inflicted.
  10. Want to try Iowa again, but need to wait for sale. I just keep checking the tech tree. I also don't recall what the % discount is. Anyone recall ?
  11. USS Cleveland teir 6

    So would WoW simply flip a switch and make the Cleve the old gal she used to be (before my getting her) or would she be OP at T8 ? I have never really played what I call an OP ship considering MM leveling.
  12. Monarch underestimated

    Lane...Ouch, that is what I was afraid of, since I really enjoy the accuracy of the KGV guns. It is just a large cruiser for me, since detection range is fairly low, reload is fairly fast, and shell arcs are flat. Shell dispersion is so low, that I do a double take occasionally, as the NC dispersion is much higher. Going up a notch, I don't see many Monarchs in ranked (about 1 every 5 games or less).
  13. Bismarck vs NC

  14. Pensacola....advise pls.

    "I'm quite interested to see what happens to her with the upcoming line split, but she is long overdue to be put into a lower tier. I just hope she keeps her awesome guns when they put her down a tier. What gets a lot of players is they get used to the no-brain-required play style of 'hurrdurr spam HE for the win' that the Cleveland encourages and are put into a ship requiring substantial skill; more so due to eating tier 9s. Hell, if she got the Indianapolis' radar she'd be much better than she is now. " I have been wondering that too, will Pensacola get a nerf on the way down to 6, or is she already weak at T7 to the point where she lands at T6 with no changes? This is important for me as this is where all my Cleve Capt skills (15 pt) is going, and the 900K ship XP.
  15. I have been converted

    Just had two 30K+ salvos on ranked from Tirpitz (15 shells AP, 72K damage). Out of game within minutes. There is no way the NC hits that hard at start of game. Range was ~ 17 km.