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  1. I play my Kongo more and NC BB very seldom so I don't loose a ton when can't log into battle. Just got logged off with my KGV, the little red cruisers were so happy about that. Gone.
  2. getting booted out of battle again today a whole lot. Not to bad earlier this AM. Failed to connect to server, try again later. HOW MUCH LATER.? Battle has started already, bad SW programming.
  3. Still getting booted....the video you have to watch of ships getting destroyed is actually what is happening to my ship after I select a battle. Just got in to 1/2 a ship, instantly deleted my Algerie with a Fuso. Great stuff, costing me money every time. Typically no problem getting into the operation of the week (Killer Whale) battle with Cleveland.
  4. Whaayt ? The very large amount of data from many players in independent battles (mostly) ensures that the Win Rate parameter accurately indicates the statistical bell shaped curve with the median (or center) at the single Win Rate # value, along the X axis. Too small a sample size (proportional to the confidence interval) would indicate data that was not large enough sample size to state the Win Rate likelihood (chance).
  5. I have problems to. Why would it work sometimes and not others if it was a miss-configuration ?
  6. Saint-Louis tips?

    This sounds about what I was a afraid of. I'm researched on it to.....but don't want another Donkey experience. The fight style you describe basically gets the whole red team looking for you within 5 minutes, and then, since you are fast, they end up taking out the tail of the ship versus the mid section, which takes out the rudder. Oh My.
  7. King George V

    No insult intended.....play on !
  8. King George V

    Playing against them is much easier, generally. I just tried it to see how they acted today with my KGV. Whatever specific battle recommendations and experiences you post, good for you. In my case, I got over 80K damage in the CO-OP game, where 55K is typical in Random, so I could take liberties with BOTs. I was surprised how many battles you had with them, BOTs play different, or you would play more Random. In my experience, BOT BBs sail in straight lines and don't anticipate you putting up your spotter to see them over the range. They don't use smoke the same, although they will pop smoke, and fire at you out of smoke. They are just different, not as much finesse, but more brute force. Do they pay attention and make a mental note when you go into and out of detection ? Do the fire blindly to where they think you are in smoke and get it right many times ? Do they know that your Myoko can nail them with aft facing 9 km torps if they follow you in pursuit ? Do they switch between AP and HE at the right time ? All these things will determine how effective a play style and ship fit out is, right ?
  9. King George V

    I was reading your posts and thought I could use that information myself, but you know playing those BOTs are totally different than real opponents. So your recommendations and observations are going to be more valid in those kind of games.
  10. King George V

    I was just looking at your stats and it shows you play mostly Co-Op with these ships, only 170 games Random total.
  11. Uninstalled and reinstalled, no difference here. Gave up trying to get my T7 French into the actual battle, so I am here. Error connecting to server, but I selected the battle on the same server already. Says PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER.....really ?
  12. KGV is the most fun battleship in the game ! That and my T7 French cruiser.
  13. Wow, reinstalled game, works ok every 3rd time.
  14. Thank you. Will the Cleveland at T8 (or the new Pensacola) be fully researched, as my Cleveland is ?