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  1. Ericson38

    Hatsuharu - Is she a worse Fubuki?

    I have both of them right now, 13 point captain in Hatsu and 10 pointer in Fubuki. Enjoying them both, trying to see which line I want to go further in. Averaging between 22 and 23K damage in both right now. WRs in the 50%-60% range, so very playable. No radar ships encountered yet. Not common to see Chappy or Cleveland in these battles.
  2. Let me just say this....I like the title of your subject. Having just got one myself that I do very bad in, I bought a couple of IJN T6 torp boats just to practice in, and have fun matches in. I'll play the Fletcher with Premium time only, otherwise it will break the coin bank, and disappoint everyone else too. We have about the same # of battles in ole Fletch, around 40, but I was doing 16K damage in mine, you better than 26K.
  3. Ericson38

    Hatsuharu - Steering or Propulsion in Slot 4

    Sounds good then, glad I asked.
  4. I'm surprised with this little boat, reminds me of my older Minekazi days. Doing much better in her than in the British Icarus. In module slot 4, I have always ran decreased steering rudder shift time in a DD. Is that the recommended upgrade for this boat ?
  5. Request denied, re-submit 90 days. Report back to your barracks now.
  6. Ericson38

    MM - Let's Be Fair

    Not me, I only do damage per game for these two ships at the bottom 10% of the ship player population. I wasn't unlucky at all. This is what should be happening. I don't want better WR than I have already. I have to get a lot better. One reason I'm not invited into clans. Who was unlucky were the team mates that lost when I queued into their team. About 65% of the time, they lost too, good players or not.
  7. Ericson38

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    A little background of me and DDs- Mahan 465 battles, 49% win rate. Benson 145 battles, 47% win rate. I don't 1st time cap in either the Fletcher or Lightning. Not good at it, so won't do it. Last usually less than about 1/2 way through the battle, never made it the end more than 10 times out of 90 battles. Typical taken out by gun fire from other DDs (1st) then CL (2nd), not torps very often. Main battery hit ratios in the 30-35% range. Torp hit ratio 2-3% range. Both boats maxed out, captains are 16 pt (Fletcher) and 11 pt (Lightning). Lightning has perma camo from award.
  8. Ericson38

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    Where does WG post about MM ? Link if you have one please.
  9. Ericson38

    MM - Let's Be Fair

    I'm certain that I'm 1/12th of each team's problem. I'll give it that much. As far as the rest: WG MM is what it is. Algorithms don't have faults, they are what they are. Everyone wonders just what it is though. WG is not definitive on what MM actually does, as they typically don't weigh in on these posts.
  10. Ericson38

    MM - Let's Be Fair

    W/R has already been manipulated (for all). I have 33% WRs with Fletcher and Lightning (90 games), and according to NA rankings (server), my damage per game is at the bottom 10%. Either I caused these team mates to have a bad match just by showing up in the queue (2 out of 3 times), or I was paired with a team with similar skills as mine.
  11. Ericson38

    How is it possible to have a sub 35% WR?

    I'm bringing giftwrapped losses to complete T8-10 player sets 2 out of every 3 games when I play my Fletcher and Lightning, 11 team mates at a time. Seems almost criminal to do this to the team just to play those two ships. This after 90 games. I'm also in the bottom 10% on NA server player ranking on those two ships. I had, back in the day, a 49% win rate on Mahan after 465 games, for what its worth. And 47% on Benson after 176 games. About 47-51% WR on everything else, currently.
  12. Ericson38

    MM - Let's Be Fair

    Why don't we start with what the MM actually does (algorithm or process or rules), then comment on it, versus starting from scratch. It would be more productive for the general community and WG can be a participant too.
  13. Ericson38

    WG needs to factor player ratings into MM

    I am a 10% player in some ships at this time (Fletcher and Lightning and Jervis). This on the NA WoW server player rankings. If there is a real bell curve for player performance, I'm out on a tail for sure. Not many out here to form a team with, so I get packaged into players better than me all the time. I still have terrible win rates in those 3 ships (about 33%).
  14. Ericson38

    Bismarck to soft for tier 10?

    What about the Harugumo mythos ? Never even heard of it until WoW. Why, I struggle to spell it right.
  15. Ericson38

    Matchmaker, Win Rate and RNG

    I have a 35% win rate with Lightning after 38 games, 11K damage average. Bottom 10% on the NA WoW server for this ship. Right, not pleasant to play at all. My overall WoW win rate is 46%. Skirting directly along the BAD PLAYER category on this board. Just played a T6-8 match with a Lightning on both sides, everyone else T7-6 for DDs. I did 25K damage and sank one (one of my best matches), coming up 3rd from bottom for team rank after match, which we lost big time. Winning (red) side also had a T8 Lightning, and this player sank 5, was at the top of his team post match, has a 65% WoW win rate, and a Lightning 51% win rate, also after 38 games. I think WG groups players into matches based on more than ship type and tier. I would add 1) how many games in ship, and 2) either ship win rate or overall win rate. Why would WG put a successful player on the same team as a lousy player. That would not seem fair, as some have pointed out on this board (i.e. "I am a great player with a lousy win rate, so why is that, WG?"). Since WG never comments on what goes into MM algorithms, this is just my opinion. Next battle in Lightning against T8-10 players. Yes and we lost. Haragumo at 5% health and me at 25%. No contest for him.