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  1. Ericson38

    Grand Battle is just awful

    Here I come in Montana...
  2. Ericson38

    Grand Battle is just awful

    Me for instance, but just getting off work, I was hoping to play a round or two of it in my Montana ( floating tater version ).
  3. Ericson38

    Is Brawl a Joke?

    Not enough players, or too many players per match, reduce that by 25%, problem somehow goes away.
  4. Ericson38

    Kuznetsov vs Moskva

    Moskva has one of the highest detections in the game period. Yamoto will see you 1st (they read the lineup, know what they are looking for, and hang back), as well as will all other red BBs. No smoke, but OK radar, so you are on the early take down list. So don't rush in, be very careful with it.
  5. Ericson38

    Hipper or Baltimore?

    Player Ranking [Suihei Koubou] (coocan.jp) Hipper more damage per battle by 2K. Then you are on your way to Roon and Hindenburg, which I think are WAY better uptier cruisers. Look at Hindie's damager per battle, about the best there is at non premium T10.
  6. Ericson38

    This has to stop

    Randoms ? I don't understand everything, but I do run real boats. So I will fall back on that.
  7. Ericson38

    This has to stop

    I've posted about this too, lopsided matches are benefitting what aspect of online gaming exactly ? Swapping two or three players before battle starts takes microseconds at the server at the outside. There has got to be a solid overriding reason why they let battles continue with lopsided performance metrics.
  8. Ericson38

    This has to stop

    Players need stats in order to play better ? You already know your mental stats win you win or loose a match. The other issue you bring up will be there all the time no matter what happens with public performance metrics.
  9. Ericson38

    This has to stop

    Maybe WG should just flush all player stats out of their database, such as WR, average damage, PR rating, etc. What is it really for anyway ? Then, MM could probably be considered impartial, as there is no data to steer team assignments one way or the other. All the game's functionality would still be intact, but player performance would not be brought up in heated public discussions.
  10. Ericson38


    Planes don't kill ships by themselves. Planes either spot someone that wasn't, or steer a ship off their path to dodge a torp spread and then end up being 'spotted' and now arranged broadside to something they don't want to be broadside to, in a matter of 15 seconds.
  11. Ouch, and true...good points. I'm already tepid with WV at T-8 without dead eye. WV's real role may be to become a large sea bass for the Monterey Shark Aquarium. Calories are life, you know, yum. Slow turrets, gun director not aligned to turret az-el positioners in a few decades, and slow mover, about like a bait barge in San Pedro's inner harbor. I'm sure the testing included the occasional New Mexico-WV driver in the mix.
  12. Something tells me not to take my WV out for a daily cruise just now. Logging into a battle like that, just why ? I know the ISE players are hoping I do, that's what they paid for, maybe an under achiever AA but high HP BB stop fest, but I don't want to hand them one. Let the ISE ships eat on each other. I would just be in the way. Will watch from a villa I rented at the shoreline.
  13. I'm going to shoot 6 bow on salvos from my Moskva and take out the turrets of which T10 BB, very easily (or as quick as 6 salvos take) from under 15 km. I have been in that position with my Moskva (1 Million XP in it ) quite a few times and that has never happened to a T10 BB I was opposing. They just quit shooting back ? Are you sure about this ? Time to load HE and start a campfire on the spot then, right ? I don't think so with Moskva, but I can't speak to the other 3 T10 Russian cruisers. I also have Petro, Riga, and the Donkey prior to Moskva. No Stalin.
  14. Moskva can hit targets really well, as far as flight time and dispersion. It only does about half the damage per salvo as my Petro when you average it out though. Curiously, I just looked at the main battery hit ratio in my account- Riga-38% Petro-36% Moskva-31.6% You- Petro-29.9% Moskva 30.6% But you do more battle damage in each ship than I do by quite a lot (about 10K more).
  15. Ericson38

    German and American Submarine tech tree models

    Anyone watch these-