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  1. Ericson38

    Bismarck utterly spanked by Lenin

    I saw a Kremlin come slowly around an island and just set there, so I unloaded 2 full salvos at 13 km for about 3K total damage. His 1st salvo back did 20K+ damage. I am trying to dodge, he just sat there. I was trying to train 3 turrets on him, he had just has bow guns showing.
  2. Ericson38

    NTC is Being Reworked

    With a single click, cancel all your research-restart each line at T1 (WG could tell that many players desired this). I personally am not impressed with the T1-T4 ship models, their small scale maps, or their capabilities. Could not wait to get out of them.
  3. ….and if you don't yet, you have to get to them first, research them and maybe play them, then single click yourself back to T1 for that tree. Meanwhile, being late to the party, your second trip up that line will be against some powerful and experienced players that got to 'here' before you. Simply Wild.
  4. I have a couple of T10s, but the NTC is reserved exclusively for players with at least two T10 ships. What is the recommended game plan for those that don't meet this "requirement" ?
  5. Ericson38

    I just click with the Chapayev

    I have had it for a couple of years, and will say now it plays better than ever. I just did 47K damage (cap contest, no mountains in the way) to a Kremlin and 27K to a Montana, again, nothing in the way. I have a 19 pt captain with IFHE and DE and CE, as well as BFT, AR, EM, and PM.
  6. Ericson38

    We Need Subs Now

    How tight they can turn, accelerate, stop. Dive down to get under depth charges, how fast can they change depth ? The deeper they dive, the less time they have under the surface. Battery time and recharge time ? They can run with just air snorkel and periscope showing to charge batteries, with less than surface speed, but higher than submerged speed. Planes mostly dropped torps, I don't think they launched depth charges to get submarines to surface. But once surfaced, machine gun fire to sink them. I don't think planes had torps that could locate subs with sonar (homing). Planes looked for trails, and were directed by nearby ships. Ships had range and bearing data only. Once over the target, they had (more) reliable depth information. Subs can take and heal damage from depth charges. A single torp, maybe, depending on where it landed (aka CIT). Last ditch, subs had deck guns. No subs in this game going after commercial shipping, all targets are warships. As far as detecting a sub, harder to do if they are resting at some depth without engines. Deeper, harder to detect. Subs fire from bow and stern tubes. I'd play them over CVs, as I have a constant 340 msec satellite delay that goes over a 1 second about every 50 seconds, and you can't approach a ship with a plane very well with those comm link variables.
  7. Ericson38

    Lots More Deplaning

  8. Ericson38

    Lots More Deplaning

    Please do some checking.....I play them.
  9. Ericson38

    Lots More Deplaning

    Had a T8 CV sink my Bismarck today with 3 double torpedo strikes. Not experienced that in a while, and the CV was no where in sight, of course. WASD just bleeds speed you know.
  10. Ericson38

    Got locked out of battle in 0.8.5

    I have had been able to reload into a match multiple times, sometimes into an untouched ship on the other side of the map or even facing backwards, sometimes into a ship on fire, and sometimes into a ship going down.
  11. Ericson38

    Got locked out of battle in 0.8.5

    I have had it happen before, and after sunk, AT LEAST made the attempt to get back into the battle, only to see my ship sunk, and going down. AT LEAST I made the attempt, not like as described in the penalty.
  12. Ericson38

    Got locked out of battle in 0.8.5

    Yes, a big deal to me. I logged back into the game and the main port before the game had finished, successfully. In the last SW version, I would be taken back to the battle, even if sunk. This time, battle not accessible, and was told ship was in battle, pick another ship. That was about 3 minutes in port before the Bismarck showed back up. This is a change. I waited for it, didn't pick another ship.
  13. Ericson38

    Got locked out of battle in 0.8.5

    So I finally get the message, Penalty lifted for your compliance with the RULES. What rules are there about disconnects ? Are you nuts WG ? This ain't Russia. If you can't be sure it wasn't intentional, then don't apply the penalty to start with.
  14. Ericson38

    8.5 will kill cvs again

    T8 CV sunk my Bismarck with 3 sets of double drops, easy to do ! We sunk three of their ships total. Our team was running for cover most of the game. Yes, a real real fun game. Where was that CV anyway ?
  15. Ericson38

    Got locked out of battle in 0.8.5

    No Mods. Teamkill Penalty applied it says right on the big warning.