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  1. I have a C hull Iowa. At ~ 100K damage per game, I can just break even with credit gains-losses. But then I'm playing it as the average damage inflicted for the top 5% of players who have the ship. As an upper 50% member of the player base, I'm at 70K average damage, and the credit loss is 30K - 40K, depending on flags. I can do 70K damage with my Helena more often than I can with my Iowa. Two tiers below the Iowa, the upper 50% player base for the British BB KGV enjoys the same amount of damage (72K) per game, with a nice net credit positive. Two tiers below. Well, it can actually hit what it shoots at, with an acceptable reload rate. Why play it ? I'm not sure, as it is disappointing, as the server stats show.
  2. I agree on the Iowa heal issue too, and since we are stuck with it instead of a real improvement to the Iowa (secondaries), it will be a year or two before an actual improvement gets implemented. I would rather wait for something better than have the heal improvement now.
  3. Ericson38

    The More I Play My Free Indy...

    what really differentiates her from the New Orleans ?
  4. Ericson38

    Can you get worse with experience?

    Just do a long term graph of your average damage over the years and tiers using the tool at: https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1022449234,APA_204/ Click on the more charts button to zoom in. The plots show your WR in the low 50s still. In your case, you have added 5 new ships in the last month, and I don't do well in new ships in general. So is that part of it ? As far as MM details of inputs and processing and outputs, yeah right, we would all love to see that. Curious that it is so guarded. Your trends match the observations posted by Florendo.
  5. Ericson38

    Can you get worse with experience?

    MM looks at your total battle count, and keeps you in the big leagues, like it or not. It is the skill of the players you are against.
  6. Ericson38

    Did they nerf IFHE and US CL accuracy?

    I didn't play for two weeks, but started back up 2 days ago. Helena dispersion has been increased, I'm sure of it. Close up to a DD at 5 km, the HE shells are flying like out of the old Bismarck. I thought I had not hit the X target lock. Still a great ship, but Helena was a bit OP at T7 for a CL. I was burning down BBs with it better than I could with any other ship. It was then the complete opposite experience of my currently parked T9 St Louis. I should try it again, based on how small scale under the hood tweaks occur between drops. BTW, Bismarck dispersion seems to have been reduced slightly. My satellite based internet ping on the Chesapeake Bay is 360 ms on a good day, so not your ping.
  7. Ericson38

    New Fletcher skipper but won't play it yet

    After 16 games, 40% win rate, 13K average damage. Hard to play so far. Play Helena every other battle to get sanity back.
  8. Thanks for reversing that action, now I can play her ! Going back to training room for now.
  9. Well, I won'[t use the new captain until they give me the word. Wiped out my convert XP and elite XP on that one.
  10. I made a mistake this am and accelerated the retraining of a Fletcher captain at skill 15 to 100% from 50%. This took more elite commander and convert XP than I thought, and want to reverse the action, and get the Fletcher B hull instead. I submitted a ticket but none of the categories relate to captain skills and training. So I submitted one anyway. Is this the right approach ?
  11. Ericson38

    Jumping Ping

    Just had two T6 DDs sail right by me in my Helena at 6 km as my aim was way behind me, about 3 boat lengths off their sterns. Steering off, so hit an island. That close and immobile, they thought at the end of the game I was dead already, so sailed past to the green cap. Playing so badly that MM has me playing T5-7 right now, still loosing though.
  12. Ericson38

    Jumping Ping

    Having this problem too, usually stable internet over satellite at 300 ms, jumping between that and 2500 ms. Started yesterday, using Hughes Net on the Chesapeake bay. At 0500 am today was stable at 340 ms, but tonight at 800 ms.
  13. Ericson38

    The problem with Jervis

    I'm down to about 1 to 5K damage per game with it, was better first 20 games than now. Loose credits playing it now.
  14. Ericson38

    Benson, what am missing?

    I guess one could say that you could purchase for 66K credits those additional consumables pre-match, but the 10% rate of fire boost (BFT) is not available any other way. I also ran super on my Benson.
  15. Have the boat, and all module upgrades, including torp reload boost, but on A hull and 15 pt captain from Benson still lacks full skills, only at 50%. When I get enough free XP to unlock the B hull and the upgraded torps, then I think the boat will be good enough for a new player. I play Helena with Type 21 permanent camo to generate credits and free XP and captain XP, so about one month away. All videos show a good captain and upgraded torps. Mine has PM, EM, AR, TA, Superintendent, and CE. I don't think the range fire control upgrade is important.