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  1. Ericson38

    I am in heaven -- going on right now.

    At T8, great in a Bismarck, but not so great in a Cleveland, which can't get close enough to do any damage to anyone and live to tell about it.
  2. As someone with a below average win rate, I still can't support giving the losing team some outside help. What would happen is you could have one DD being chased by four ships last 3 minutes of the match. As long as the DD stayed hidden, the points counter would go up for that sole DD's team at a higher, equal, or almost equal rate as for the team with the most ships remaining ? Not the way the world works.
  3. The thing in your example that should be pointed out is this illustrates what will happen when the skills are equal across all players, and that by chance, initially one player sinks the another. Then just factors of probability and chance favors the team with the most remaining players to each attempt to roll a '6'. The outcome is obvious after some number of iterations. In this game though, the players don't all have the equal skill to roll the '6'. Even when a team is down one or two lower skilled players, depending on ship type, the match can be turned around. And those matches aren't that rare in my opinion.
  4. Ericson38

    All Ships in the game stop Moving

    I have had the exact same problem as you, and have uninstalled and reinstalled, with no change. Started in patch 8 for me. Tried various levels of graphics and sound quality combinations. Happens about every 50 seconds or so. Everything freezes (all ships), and then speeds up back to game time. Will throw off when you think you fired your guns too.
  5. Ericson38

    How to lose in less than 10 min...

    Just had one of these blowout beauties. First game of the day no less. Their CV (T8-10 match) does 1477 XP, ours does 480. They lost two ships, we were down to four left at match end. Their Buffalo killed 24 planes. I had the most plane kills at 7 on our team (Brindisi!). A mismatched CV skill (level) between teams is going to sway the match more than a pair of mismatched T9 cruisers.
  6. When servicing a ship after match, do service (credit) costs go up with the number and retail costs of each of the upgrades ?
  7. Ericson38

    Henri V, post mortum?

    I changed out the rudder mod on mine for 50% acceleration increase. Now its up to 34 kts in 30 seconds, no speed boost.
  8. Not just a game, or else WG wouldn't model these things either- WG has done a great job on shell and fuse type, flight, and intersection mechanics considering a ship's amour type, impact angle, specific layouts depending on elevation and station location, and thickness.
  9. Right. WG has done a great job on shell and fuse type, flight, and intersection mechanics considering a ship's amour type, impact angle, and thickness. But once inside, the AP shell is going to do great havoc if it touches a steam line, steam plant, electrical power equipment, reduction gear, shafting, magazine, rudder room, or command and control rooms. Forward of the forward turret is pass through territory for a short term battle for sure (unless HE). WG doesn't take any of this into account, so the SMOLENSK looks like a fool ingame sometimes, surviving AP hits while taking down BBs from smoke or behind islands.
  10. Ericson38

    Henri V, post mortum?

    Speed Boost lasts several minutes, so longer than needed for full stop to top speed to full stop again.
  11. Ericson38

    Henri V, post mortum?

    Yes, out of all my BBs, only the West Virginia accelerates slower than the Henri now. She about matches the acceleration of the Monarch T8 British BB.
  12. Ericson38

    (???????) is ruining the game

    Your win rate is excellent, 85% over the last 145 games according to wow.sNA-Numbers stats. According to This would put you in the top 10 players of the 2.1 million contained in these stats. Honored to actually see one of you posting here.
  13. Ericson38

    How are teams decided MM?

    Your stats are amazing to say the least. A 78% win rate over 331 battles in the last 21 days. Incredible.
  14. Ericson38


    My Bismarck handles better from start to top speed to stop. Try timing it in the training room.