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  1. 20% win rate in 1st 25 games-Helena

    No team kill, that's why normal statistics don't work here. MM has a bias built in, where your effectiveness on a ship (damage or WR or what ever formula of a set of parameters they decide to use is) is used to place you on a team. I'm now at 42% (and 44% for Dallas). Not as bad, but then there was a large stretch of time where after I got the permanent camo I stayed in T6-8 battles (about 20 battles in a row). That brought things up. I also thought that was stranger than strange, as before the perm camo was awarded, I was knocked out of T7-9 battles all the time. I would just play the stupid thing anyway, loosing some money (but not T8 money) each time, until the camo came along, which I read up on afterwards.
  2. The problem with Jervis

    The word is out, 7 km torps, 6.3 km detection, almost no smoke duration, so you basically give yourself away with your own cloaking device. Come out, and you will, to death do us part. Easy kill. Uptierd to T9 battles against things like Fletcher will make you wish you weren't there. I have T5/6/7 and loose money with all three, combined. There is no way to approach something, compared to the Minekazi, for instance. At T8/9, they aren't that stupid, and you aren't going to surprise them with a 0.7 km buffer. I sunk a Roon, once, since he was so dedicated to sinking a Bismarck, which he did, that he let me come around the corner undetected, but you aren't going to see this situation much.
  3. British DD Mission

    Does that effect me getting Jervis today then, a timeline to Tuesday 0700 EDT ?
  4. British DD Mission

    At least these Bloke captains are hot swappable LRUs.
  5. British DD Mission

    Working on Jervis now, need 14,000 base XP. What is "base XP" and can it be boosted with flags, or other multipliers like camo ? Or is base the XP you get prior to boosts from premium time, flags, and camo ?
  6. 20% win rate in 1st 25 games-Helena

    Dallas and Helena (and new Cleveland) all have the same HE shell makeup and velocity characteristics. Dallas has to penetrate less amour than Helena, so I'm running IFHE on Helena and CE on Dallas. Actually, my K/D ratio on Dallas is slightly better than on Helena. Both ships have 15 pt captains. Kept playing it through and got the permanent camo.
  7. 20% win rate in 1st 25 games-Helena

    I'm still getting overmatched by Dallas players against my Helena, so one of those was probably me LoL.
  8. 20% win rate in 1st 25 games-Helena

    Dallas and Helena (and new Cleveland) all have the same HE shell makeup and velocity characteristics. Dallas has to penetrate less amour than Helena, so I'm running IFHE on Helena and CE on Dallas. Actually, my K/D ratio on Dallas is slightly better than on Helena. Both ships have 15 pt captains. Win rates are in the 40% range on both now, with Dallas having the better #s, when considering the tier. I'm not close to the server average on either ship, but they are playable. Neither as playable as the old Cleveland. WoW is a habit in my spare time, but it used to be way more fun.
  9. Helena — American Tier VII cruiser.

    With permanent Camo which I just won today. Ship has to have IFHE and DE to be effective. IFHE doubled my damage rate. At least.
  10. Question about the Helena

    I just got this camo about 4 games after getting IFHE, which took me immediately to a couple of 100K games, an 80K game, and a 50K game. Even if you don't set a fire, the damage increases with each hit, since the shell penetrates further into the armor before exploding. Just reached 98K experience at the same time.
  11. 20% win rate in 1st 25 games-Helena

    I appreciate your response. In these matches and attendant player WR statistics for a ship-player situation there is a very high standard deviation about the mean in wins and loss outcomes. Meaning a significant series of wins and a equal sequence of losses are not unlikely, defining the width (std dev) and the extreme tails of the distribution (upside down bell shape). These strings of wins/losses are less likely the further out into the tails one goes, compared to the central part of the distribution (one win followed by one loss). We are assuming here that average WR is a valid thing to define in the 1st place, and that there are no correlations between single player performance and other functions that could effect the outcomes (WR) such as low performance players get paired with other low performance players. These would result in a skewed distribution of outcomes, and basically show that the results were effected by things not of pure chance before the match started. Before one can get a feel for a player's performance, assuming they are also learning the ship (not so much in my case since I have 930 games in old Cleveland), a # of games need to be played. Some think 100 matches is a fairly good # before they either continue to play the ship or set it aside for lack of success. I figured 20-30 in this case, due to the prior (T6) Cleveland play. The higher the measured std dev, the higher the confidence internal (# of matches) has to be to draw conclusions, such as a statement that the player really is this bad or this good. The 95% confidence level would require several hundred games possibly, since there are concurrent processes that effect the players performance. These include who is playing at any time (on both teams), team ship makeup, internet ping delay, alertness of player, randomness due to general gameplay hits and misses of flying shells and torps, did I go with the correct carrier loadout, I forgot camo or a flag, etc. When I had played 40 games and saw a very low win rate, and the red team constantly taking out my team early and often, and no close matches, I started to wonder if the MM had steered the outcome by combing lower players on one side, versus what you would like to think it might do, which is not consider player performance. I also had, within the 1st three matches, a 80K damage game and a 3 ship kill game, and wondered just what I saw. Those came initially, not in the middle or late stages. If I had been AFK for those 40 matches, I still say, assuming no teams have better WR averages than other as they are formed for a match, since I was a lightly armored CL without radar, and made up only 8% of the team, that it would not have brought each team I had tried to join (AFK) down to a loss 75% of the time I AFKd. Remember an AFK player still draws resources from the other team which is trying to sink it. Basically what I saw 75% of the time is that the players I was paired with were going to loose the match. And I did contribute and was never AFK.
  12. Is this the company line ? Where do you get off with such a response ?
  13. Now hear this. And don't raise your hand or ask anymore questions, are we clear ? I very much agree with the point that waiting extra time for MM to do a good job of MATCH MAKING is worth it, compared to wasting the resulting 10+ minutes committed to playing a poorly matched game. Maybe we should take a poll on this point, as there are some who say that the question has already been asked.
  14. Got the Acasta last night (what a little gunship it is) and got the Icarus mission this AM in a container. Those two will provide the DD fix I needed for a while, since I went the German BB line a few months ago. No one has really commented on these ships yet. I'm using an old 12 pt cruiser captain for the time being. It did have CE and DE, and the Acasta sets fires to everything. With camo and CE, its detection range=torpedo range at 6 km.
  15. I'm going to have fun at T5 again then !