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  1. Helena: Tier VII Jack Hammer

    Is it very close to the last T6 Cleveland ? I haven't researched it and the old Cleveland particulars are gone now, right ?
  2. Is US Cruiser gameplay.. "sad"

    Camping behind an island, try to move between islands as ships move towards you. Single salvo out of game, they hate being lit by a lurker.
  3. Is US Cruiser gameplay.. "sad"

    My T8 Cleve is a joke of a ship compared to my other T8 cruiser, Takao. My T6 Cleve was great, had 951K XP in her. New one is a coward's boat.
  4. Why no Mogamis in game?

    What is the difference between Atago and Mogami, besides no 155 option on Atago ?
  5. I'm going with B hull 1st also, and use a spotter plane for longer range.
  6. Underwhelmed by Cleveland

    Compared to my old ARP Takao, the new T8 Cleveland almost feels like a set up for T6 players to get into T8 games so that high tier players can enjoy sinking these little flotsam. Takao (203mm) has great torps, heal, more hit points, excellent flat guns, with slightly longer range, higher hull speed, and lower detection range. Only the AA on Cleve is better, and the turning radius a bit smaller. On the secondaries, Cleve has two more 127 mm mounts, but 1.3 km less range and 1 second longer reload, along with only 80% of the HE shell damage as does Takao.
  7. Are the revamped USN cruisers fun?

    Agree very much with your post 340man. I can't break 15K damage most games with new Cleve, so thought it best to try an old familiar ship, my Takao ARP, which I racked up 55K damage in. It was also a T8-10 battle. For a few days I thought it was me, but you have to play the Takao carefully like any other T8 cruiser in a T10 match.
  8. I can't claim rewards for PT 0.7.5 part 1 and 2. Did they change the process or make it automatic ?
  9. Underwhelmed by Cleveland

    Explain this...would like to learn more. I think the basic problem is that at tier 6, players got in the habit of doing a lot of stupid stuff but still making the Cleveland work.
  10. Underwhelmed by Cleveland

    Used to get 30-45K damage per game in older one, had 921K xp in it, now get about 4-15K damage per game. No where near as much fun to play.
  11. Light and Heavy, which is generally better ? I would think Baltimore would be. But all the fuss has been about the Cleveland. The Balti has good AA as does the Cleve. I had over 920K XP in old Cleve, and now have 0 xp in it, and have 18K XP in new Baltimore. Insight please.
  12. T8 Cleve Captain build.

    You are right, played it this AM, and there the 190K commander XP sits.
  13. T8 Cleve Captain build.

    Right, which mission ?
  14. Cleveland - Spotter plane?

    Spotter does increase your firing range for that 100 seconds. I have tried both. Like the spotter better so far, as I haven't started poking around caps with mine yet, as there are Tier X DD's in there too. Had 921K XP in my old Cleveland, and I used to go into caps without much regret in the past.
  15. HMAS Sydney

    Anyone see the show on History Channel recently about the close range battle between the HMAS Sydney (Leander Class) and the German Aux cruiser Kormoran ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_between_HMAS_Sydney_and_German_auxiliary_cruiser_Kormoran