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  1. Ericson38

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    So the 14 km gun range is good ? You are getting close secondary distance with some BBs at this range and main gun range of DDs. Called a roasting. DDs and BB secs fire over mountains. So stay away from those. So......out in the open and snipe ? Well, we didn't say that either.
  2. Ericson38

    Buffalo — American Tier IX cruiser.

    Just had my lowest damage game ever in a T9 ship. Shot down 5 planes, that is all. Rocket planes for 11k at at ime, then torp runs until 5 k left, then North Carolina for the finish off. I have a great 14 km gun range also. No torps, no smoke, no Brindisi, no nothing it seemed. DDs move to fast for my turrets. No stand off capability, but could work as fish reef where needed.
  3. Ericson38

    Win/Loss Streak Prevention Mechanic

    I do get discouraged, loosing matches is more normal than winning. So I get used to it for sure, have to. I still like the ships. I used to perform combat weapons alignments on them about 10 years ago. Small teams, specialized skill. On all these losses, you have to grin and bear it.
  4. Ericson38

    Win/Loss Streak Prevention Mechanic

    I have a 25% win rate in Soviet Soyuz after 63 games. What SHOULD I do ? I rank 5622 out of 5626 players in her. A rare bird indeed. https://na.wows-numbers.com/ship/4180620752,Sovetsky-Soyuz/?order=win_rate__desc&p=57 I average 45K in her, as well as in her T8 and T7 little sisters. They are all fun. No complaints really.
  5. Your Tears of the Dessert Game was great. T10 only ? So 3 CITS in the 25 AP shots that weren't HE ? Shell speed and arc relate to firing in the open or under cover like Smolensk. I have never had more than 3 fires per game in mine. I have had 3 CITs (my record), using between 50-80 rounds to get there. I haven't had a firestarter game yet (waiting on RNG maybe, but I don't think that is the case). Just tried (this am) to start fires on enemy BBs T10 GK and T9 Jean Bart. After 108 HE shells landed, got 3 fires total. Then end of game, and we lost that one. Did 77K damage. Fired 375 shells HE shells. Looking at your great report, you fired HE for 15 minutes almost, and 179 shells landed in 15 minutes, which is a LOT. And being in the open, you were detected much the whole time. At a 33% hit rate, you fired maybe 596 shells. What ? Petro is way better ship than Moskva. I have been CIT'd by those many times before I knew what happened. Petro has 3 km detection advantage, which is why early blaps happen. In your world, the Petro is doing almost 10% more damage than the Moskva. In your world, which is impressive to no end, the Moskva is 2nd to last in damage for T10 cruisers.
  6. Not hard, not even broadsided. Would not try that one in any ship at any time.....Plus easy to take Stalin. Yes commrade. Nod to you.
  7. Ericson38

    Why would I want Tallinn over Chapayev?

    How did my tech tree Tallinn come with WG provided (at no cost) perma camo ?
  8. This is exactly was is happening. So I'm tempted to take my frustrated 19 point captain out of my (free to me) Special Ship Moskva and into one of these new ones. I'm in their rinse-repeat cycle now. This is a business....which you forget all about when in a battle.
  9. Mine sets an average of about 1 fire per 30 HE shells landed. She is not the fire starter that Mogami 155s are with IFHE and DE, not even close. Moskva burn down anything, I'm waiting for that situation to arise. Shells to flat and fast for that dream boat experience. You are in the open giving that a try, you know.
  10. Stalingrad AP hits real hard at off angles. Moskva off angle shots are non-events to keep it lit up for everyone in town. Kiting one of those ships with MOSKVA is not recommended. What you want to do is disengage.
  11. Yep, but we are talking working against Petro or Stalin, not Monarch or other T8 BB.
  12. 3.1 km detection difference is like the moon in this game. Not 2 km. Also, HE does not work at all on Moskva unless in a T8-10 game, then some fires set, like Bismarck
  13. So tell me should I go one on one against Stalingrad or Petro-BLAB (your done...sorry) with my Moskva ? They are even then ? I know you don't sell cars, so be more specific than just using over used phrases such as 'without issues'. I have 400 games in mine, and there is no way I will one against one either of them unless I want to punch out early. I tried that when ignorant, then again many times after reading about the angles each ship is effective at. Then there is the base detection difference of 3.1 km which is why I get the big beat down first, then return with bouncing AP shots.
  14. We were pointed in the same direction (parallel tracks), him in front, about 45 degree impacts off the long axis. I posted this in another thread also. It was incredible.
  15. No Moskva doesn't do that with no problem with a faster reload or any reload.