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  1. I’m a danger noodle and I approve of this message
  2. King of the Seas V Announcement Trailer

    Warships Supremacy League is going international, together with King of The Sea we will be hosting the tournament on NA and on EU on the same days. The top 3 teams of each server will be playing each other on Sunday February 4th! Signups open from the 10th of January at 12:00 EST to 23:59 EST 14th of January. Group stage on the 21st of January starting at 15:00 EST, 3 matches per team. Round of 32 to semifinal on 27th and 28th of January, max 2 matches per day starting at 15:00 EST NA-Final and NA-3rd place on the 3th of February starting at 15:00 EST Super Sunday, best 3 teams from EU and NA fighting each other on the 4th of February at 12:00 EST. Supremacy League Discord- https://discord.gg/uyKMw9f
  3. WSL Season Five Playoffs start this weekend and here is a video I made to get you hyped up! Check the description for the times and streamers who will covering it. It has been another successful regular season for NA comp and we will see who comes out on top in the three different divisions! -TheSneakySnake
  4. The next round of competitive World of Warships is on the way with Supremacy League Season 5! 40 teams will compete in three divisions to determine who is the best team NA! Timeline: September 9 and 10- Qualifiers September 16 and 17- Qualifiers (If Necessary) September 30- Season Starts 6 Weeks of Regular Season 2 Weeks of Playoffs Games will be streamed on Twitch via multiple different casters https://warshipsupremacyleague.com/ https://www.discord.me/supremacy
  5. AureliusIII, I have to disagree with you on that; i was worried too when I switched from the Pensacola as well. My win rate in the NO and average damage has jumped up even more (from 78% and 71k in the Pepsi to about 83% and 76k on the NO). Yes, the stock NO is trash, but I found myself just using more and more HE with the ship. Unfortunately, cruisers these days rely more and more on it. I found my best engagement range at around say 10-13km, close enough to hit citadels on cruisers and still far enough away with time to dodge. I've never used my WASD more in a cruiser than this one. Here is some gameplay from my YouTube channel; hope this helps!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frzchlCC-vw -TheSneakySnake
  6. _TheSneakySnake_

    Hello Forums!, TheSneakySnake here, just finished up getting all my stuff edited on here and will be using the forums from time to time. I have a YouTube channel with some friends, BIA World of Warships, and we currently have 224 subscribers. Be sure to check it out! I've been playing WoWS since January and I love it. See you guys and gals on the battlefield. -Snake