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  1. Captains! The time is finally upon us for the NA and SEA server clash! After enjoying last weeks clash between the best EU and CIS teams, the top three teams from NA (PWP, O7 & R-F) will be squaring off against the top three from SEA (VOR, UMP45 & SOLA) on Saturday, March 30th @ 22:00 EST (March 31st @ 02:00 UTC, March 31st @ 10:00 SGT & March 31st @ 11:00 JST). Join us on Twitch to catch all of the action! The following stream teams will be casting: Aloop & TheSneakySnake Doyl3 & Admiralpng 3rd Place Match (Best of 3) SOLA (SEA) vs. Rogue Fleet (NA) 2nd Place Match (Best of 3) UMP45 (SEA) vs. Devastating Strike (NA) 1st Place Match (Best of 5) Panzer Vor (SEA) vs. PWP Fleet (NA) Map Pool:
  2. _TheSneakySnake_

    The O7/MIA Torpedo Jousting Tournament is returning!

    I’m a danger noodle and I approve of this message