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  1. SkullCrush80


    Great tool, thanks! For some reason I cant find the Des in the ship list on the database tab.
  2. SkullCrush80

    Need new clan

    MudRaker227 D3BT is always looking to possibly add new players. We like to div up with potential players and play several games before just adding people to the clan. This gives us a chance to see if they are a fit for our clan and if our clan is a fit for them and what they are looking for. Feel free to add me in game if interested.
  3. SkullCrush80

    East Coast - Looking for Group!

    CAPNATION D3BT is always willing to look at adding new players to our clan. We like to div up with potential players for several games and see if they are a fit for us and we are a fit for them. Feel free to message me in game. SkullCrush80