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  1. Tagline61

    Clan Battle missions are gone!

    Missions have been restored
  2. Tagline61

    Is 1 mil FXP worth $64.99?

    FXP is worth what the buyer values it at. $ has different value to each individual. To some $65 means eating lunch for the week or not. Myself I buy what I want & don't look back.
  3. Tagline61

    Computer Question for WOWS

    4g ram will likely play poorly 8g should play better but not great, especially if it does not have SSD drive & good isp connection Get SSD drive with 16g ram if you can
  4. Tagline61

    Anniversery Super Containers

    This was about 2/3 of my SC. No complaints from me.
  5. Tagline61

    Clan Wars at 4 DD meta

    Several combos of 4 DD's work very well this season with good focus fire. 2 Le Terrible's, a Cossack/ LoYang and Kiev do the job nicely as well. Oh, and French DD AP is nasty on broadside cruisers inside 12km There are a couple cruiser combos that can play havoc on the DD parade though. Most T-8 cruisers not having a heal is what makes the DD's so lethal.
  6. Tagline61

    Smolensk is a disgrace

    What DD has a 32K hp? Harugumo with SE has 29K
  7. If you own 5 T-10's you get 10k free If you reset first line AND make it back to T10 you earn 20K (must play to earn) That puts you at 30K after a complete reset of 1 line. All other resets you do only earn 10K, unless you wait 3 months for the new "season" where you get a double bonus again.
  8. 10K free for owning 5 - T10's. 20K more for first line u reset.
  9. If you have 5 tier 10's you get 10k free
  10. Sometimes it is better to stay quiet and let others think of you as a tool instead of speaking and removing all doubt.
  11. Tagline61

    Just How Many Torps can a Bentham Spew?

    Before AR kicks in outfitted with proper modules etc reload = 65 seconds.
  12. 99 times out of 100 I get the post battle screen basically immediately. I'm not seeing your problem on my end. Sorry no help to you, just my case for reference
  13. Tagline61

    unique upgrade

    Due to CV rework they were removed at least for the time being. They may return "some day", maybe.
  14. Tagline61

    unique upgrade

    CV modules are on hold at this time. Maybe in the future.....
  15. Tagline61

    Is the arson achievement broken?

    It still works as intended. Must do 40 or more % damage of a ships normal HP with fire & kill it also. Not one of the easier achievements to earn. Often time someone else kills it while you watch your fire damage tic...