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  1. FlakDiver

    Jurua, anyone get it yet?

    Quite good one ! Like the Gallant indeed and I love the Gallant, so... I didn´t liked the "snake" skin. I´m brazilian and that skin reminds me a Carnival Car... So, I think that is not suitable to dress a real Brazilian Navy ship as a carnival dancer or like it. I admit that the camo is a nice piece of art. Well done designers ! Cheers.
  2. Muito bom !
  3. Greetings. You missed nothing, I guess. IMHO opinion people incorrectly use charts like these to support the discussion. The picture above shows "average numbers", but doesn´t show the performance of those players. An important thing to care about is the number of samples ( battles ). They are different. And yet more obvious, the ships are not the same and I suspect that some of those are meant to be more difficult, in a tech tree progression meta, than others If the ships were the same when the issue in the analysis is played by people of different skill and/or in different circumstances we need to segment the data and use standard deviation to sentence if a ship is good enough or better then others. The picture below illustrates my thoughts: Same ship, right? But different performances by different segments of players. Best regards.
  4. FlakDiver

    Just Got Mr 1ST Coal/Steel Rewards Ship

    Congratulations One of the best BB of the game. A true monster ... You couldn't choose better !
  5. FlakDiver

    Yoshino, Georgia, or hold?

    Greetings all. I saw terrible reviews of the ships you mentioned. I have the Georgia. It's not worth you to rush to get it. Everything in this game cost you time or money. Coal is output of time invested ( as doubloons is money ) . If all ships in the armory stand there, lets say, forever, or you produce coal in a pace that you can buy every coal ship whenever you choose so, then: "Yes, go get it, life is short, you can't exchange coal for blue chips bla bla bla..." Otherwise ( and this is my situation )... The answer is "Depends !" Maybe hold it for something that suits you better is a wise decision. Best regards.
  6. FlakDiver

    Diferencial Competitivo!

    Inscrito. Grande abraço.
  7. FlakDiver

    PSA: Azur Lane packages on Premium Shop now

    Greetings all. I don´t have all the dolls, but from the ones I have, the Yukikaze is more unique voice over. The others change the tone and some lines but no much difference. The Yukikaze is very funny laughing in torp hits and stuff.
  8. FlakDiver

    Are premium camos worth it?

    Greetings. I think that premium time is a better investment, unless( considering the ship you buying the camo for ): - you play that ship too often. - you do really good in her. - that camo is gorgeous. - the camo comes in a bundle that makes the combo unique ( for example, Kii with Kobayashi premium camo has more outcome that with regular premium camo ). In other hand, premium time will reward you as more time you spend playing. I mean, if you play now and then maybe premium ships and premium camuflages are better investment. Otherwise, I don't see too much return in the investment as the game rewards you with many boosted camuflages for free. Best regards.
  9. Greetings everyone. I would like to say thank you for the OP. Almost all of his thoughts were on my mind for a long time since the rework. I hadn´t organize them to put here as he did. So kudos for you. I wish to add that many of the CV reviews in YOUTUBE are like that OP posted: show CV potential in very optimal circumstances. There is also a bunch of other midia featuring other kind of ships doing damage like no tomorrow. I wonder why CV samples causes that controversy and the others don´t. This video in particular proves, IMHO, all that OP stated: Why ? did you see how many things had to happen to a CV do damage ? Maybe is nothing for you, so then I invite you to play a CV.: player didn´t do nothing besides go to damage. Nothing wrong with that and he seized all the opportunities he had. But, beside the GOD RNG he had( perma floods and fires in almost every run ) , the enemies colaborated a lot. The Republique, Henry and Musashi sequence was hilarius. Change course, speed and reforce AA weren´t in reds dictonary. The other green CV was some sort of support CV so the Enterprise could shine... and she did. Also a double CV cap happened. How is the odds for that in 100 games ? To see how CV ( or any other ship ) can perform, I invite you to watch live streams, like twitch.tv ones. There you can see good games averaging 100k 150k at best, The real rare ones goes to YOUTUBE. . You can also see entire squadrons vaporize in flak, players roaming around the map spoting for the team or to supply AA to cut off BB. All these services for no raw damage. Maybe we should disscus that too. Cheers. PS: I don´t agree that Flambass colaborates for angry. I watch Flambass content and it is all fun and joy. People are angry for other reasons. Some reasons I fully understand, but don´t support., the others, I just can´t reach.
  10. Another idea: Another way to think AA balance can be: Shell damage you can mitigate by angle the vessel to the trajectory. The defender don´t control the exact amount of damage you mitigate by doing this, nor the attacker due to the dispersion and stuff. So the AA mechanic may act in the other direction, the more broadside you are, more eficient it is. This scenario could lead to simple choices to make : Player decisions: Moving to broadside the planes but in the way get important damage from the surface ships. Team decisions: - To stay scattered to better shot position. problem: to have weak AA and so to be a CV preferential target. - To be togheter to enhance AA. problem: you may camp, by slow advance, losing cap points and be flanked by surface ships. Not to mention to be nuked by DD. ---- Thinking in a CV that can support a sector ( limited range ) or 1 cv per game. I agree that many CVs per gam can be overwhelming. Cheers
  11. Good morning, I mean, in real life, a CV planes swarm could sink any target , an issue already adreesed as you mention. Cheers
  12. Nice discussion guys. About the first observation, I don't think that's a bad thing. Strategic choices has to be made. It's awful for CV captain to deal with AA when the enemy is well positioning. The way I think: WG could think about reducing the CV range of action. IRL a BB will crush a DD/CA/CL/CV no matter distance due to its guns firepower. So the game balances the resistance of ships using damage mechanics, guns reach and concealment factors. The major unbalance factor in CV IMHO is the ability to do damage in virtual infinite distance, carrying load capable of destroy anything in one pass . Someone once said that the CV shells are carried by it's planes. I think that is a good way of thinking CV interaction with others ships in the game. About the human control of flak, I think that's not possible without create another complicated gamemode. Cheers
  13. FlakDiver

    8.0.3 CV is still OP Against DDs

    Greetings all Take a look at the DD behavior at the start of that game. Actually, take a look at whole red fleet behavior. If you do like that, the CV will catch you for sure. That´s is the unique scenario where you can do any damage in a CV. Any other, more often, scenario you got your squadrons pulverized by AA bubbles and so on, after the first pass. Best regards.
  14. Greetings, On top of that, I recommend Flamu channel for this matter. There's some YouTube stuff that makes some poor rated ships overpowered. Flamu's is not the case. Cheers