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  1. I'm quite certain that Crime Sinister Justin Turdeau would be unhappy about the Canada Day Camo. He would undoubtedly prefer a Peoples Republic of China camo to represent Canada! Yes, I am being serious...
  2. I assigned one of my Elite (19-point) Commanders to a Class VIII BB while grinding the ship to the next Class. I figured that I might as well make some Elite Cdr. XP as well as needed ship XP. (This works just fine for Premium ships). I did not accept Cdr. Retraining for this ship. I realized that all trained skills would be completely disabled but I was okay with that as I wished to return the Commander to his assigned ship after "grinding" for the day. After playing numerous battles with this configuration, I checked to find that my Elite Cdr. XP had not changed. My best guess would be a loss of about 20k to 30k+ Cdr. XP. Annoying but you live and learn... My question is, what happens to all these lost XP? Does WoWs consider this a form of fine or punishment for not Retraining? Their "accounting" system must have to deal with this misnomer in some way. Thanks in advance for you help!
  3. I just started checking other ships out of curiosity and I see the ROON has the same issue, Gunfire Control module displays 3400 XP but popup window shows 25000 XP. ROON Hull B 10700 XP - popup cost 45000 XP.... I call this False Advertising ;-)
  4. I have tried to upgrade both ERNST GAEDE's Gunfire and Torpedo modules but can't do so. There is a conflict of the XP cost of both modules. Attached screen shots of both problems make this obvious. Gunfire shows 3400 XP but popup window shows 6100 XP Torpedo shows 2800 XP but popup windows shows 5000 XP
  5. k_c53

    Naval Legends: Battleship Bismarck

    Let's face it, Bismarck was NOT a "Naval Legend" except in the eyes of the Nazis. It was sent into the Atlantic to conduct convoy raids which it never did. Bismarck was simply a young child who naively toddled into a den of lions and she was slaughtered! Sunk on her first assignment with a loss of 2,100 Nazis. Good riddance to Adolph Hitler's pride and joy - the Nazi scum seriously underestimated the power and the might of His Majesty's Royal Navy! My uncle was serving on HMS Dorsetshire and he watched those final torpedoes launched. He said that watching Bismarck disappear beneath the waves was the highlight of his life... LEST WE FORGET who the bad guys were (hint: Germany, for a second time in 21 years)
  6. Well, if you're in that kind or RARE situation, you can always "Exit to Port" and start a new battle if your attention span is that short. This "mercy rule" is a fairly recent implementation and it is nothing but an attempt to limit players' ability to accumulate resources. In short, it is a "cash grab"... How can it be a cash grab? Play Co-Op with anything over Tier VII and you often end up with MINUS CREDITS - especially BBs. Minus Credits means that you eventually run short and have to buy more in the Premium Shop (more aptly named Punishment Shop)
  7. k_c53

    CV's suck so bad now

    update verb [ T ] /ʌpˈdeɪt/ -to make something more modern or suitable for use now by adding new information or changing its design: an updated version of the software Prior to the UPDATE, (if you can call it that with a straight face) I had Ryujo, Hiryu & Shokaku. Ryujo had been kept for Scenarios and I had just upgraded to Shokaku. The update "robbed me" of my tweaked Hiryu with its 15-point commander. Sure, I was "compensated" but I'd have rather kept the Hiryu, thank you for that Devs! ( Спасибо за это разработчикам!) I specialized in "Fleet Air Defense" so CVs are useless to me now. If I wanted to fly planes, I would simply just play another game and dust-off my Flight Simulator hardware... In only 154 battles with Hiryu, I killed 7110 aircraft (46+ kills AVERAGE per battle) with a top score of 68 aircraft kills. I received 59 "Karma" for my troubles and many other in-game compliments. I rarely placed first but usually in the top 4. But those are just "Glory Days" never to be repeated for I have sold back all my CVs. I hope that the next software change to WoWs is not an "UPDATE" - IT NEEDS TO BE A 'ROLLBACK" OR "BACKDATE"! As and "old and wise" player, this game has very rapidly lost its appeal to me and I'm on the hunt for something new. Any suggestions folks?
  8. k_c53

    CV's suck so bad now

    A "Cool" thumbs-up to you, the forum would not permit me to use the feedback icons to the right....