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  1. landcollector

    Puerto Rico Dockyard(2) Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Fire/Flooding damage mission was even more nightmarish than anticipated. Needed 12 Aigle games to get 95k Fire damage, total garbage; got 24 Spotting ribbons in that same series. Was getting 200% tilted after that, so took out my Kaga in two horrendous throwaway matches to get the last 11 spotting ribbons I needed (my apologies to the teams I burdened). All that's left is the cruiser PD mission for this week. I'll do that suffering tomorrow, had more than enough "fun" tonight.
  2. landcollector

    Best Battle: It’s Record-Breaking Time!

    The randomly awarded Maximum Firepower crates are the real carrot for this, with the T10s and the T4 Red boosts in their drop pools.
  3. landcollector

    Halsey and Yamamoto talents still tied to Achievements...

    Then what's the point of spending all that time grinding through the long Halsey campaign when there are the Doe captains obtainable in the Armory that have the same enhanced skills he does but are much more accessible? Nothing? Laughing at the PvE Mains that were wasting their time and resources for no observable benefit?
  4. landcollector

    New rip you off economics are a joke

    Level 1s and 2s, I'll believe. Level 3s, not so much.
  5. landcollector

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.8

    Anniversary tokens to spend in the Armory iirc, like credits, some special 6th Anniversary themed permacamos for select ships, etc. Don't remember too much beyond that.
  6. landcollector

    Puerto Rico Dockyard(2) Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    I've completed the credits mission and am ~100k damage away from completing the BB mission using Pommern. I will say the BB mission has been rage inducing. First handful of matches were good, 70-90k or more damage a pop. Once I got within ~300k damage of finishing, the game decided to start trolling me with godawful dispersion (seriously, htf do I not citpen a bow-in Atago at 7km?) and [edited] maps/spawns leading to multiple sub 40k damage games so far. Edit: Finally done for the night. But thanks to the above mentioned RNG trolling finishing a task that should have taken 8ish games took 11 instead.
  7. landcollector

    Maximum steel and RP from Puerto Rico Dockyard

    It comes from completing the dockyard missions after whaling- you get 250 Steel (plus a little extra if your Clan base is built up enough) per dockyard phase token you get from the applicable missions.
  8. landcollector

    WoWS Anniversary details are up

    Not quite accurate, it's getting a win or over 300 BXP for the standard one gift drop.
  9. landcollector

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.8

    Coal/Steel is Xmas not Anniversary. Always has been that way.
  10. landcollector

    Bonus Exchange Facility in Inventory

    Use them to get through XP/FXP/CXP missions faster, or grind a line faster.
  11. landcollector

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.8

    The "it" is an unlinked econ bonus package for a T7 ship.
  12. landcollector

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.8

    Something to note is that the final reward has changed from what was initially told to us. From DevBlog 354- I guess WG has actually noticed that many players regard Distant Voyages crates as nigh-worthless anymore.
  13. landcollector

    Does Clan bonus apply to PR ticket exchange?

    I said I chose the most recent example, if you bothered to exercise actual reading comprehension.
  14. landcollector

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.8

    Except...randomly chosen when not in a div. That's a deal breaker for me, I avoid Newport and avoided Ultimate Frontier whenever possible.