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  1. landcollector

    What is the April Fools' Day event?

    Eh. Still low effort imo.
  2. landcollector

    What is the April Fools' Day event?

    Wow, a "special" CB lasting all of, what, 5 hours? Really phoning it in this year.
  3. If WG isn't getting enough income from 70 dollar plus premium ships, bundles, premium time (which is a necessary component of actually getting the XP payouts in Ops you seem to loathe/resent), loot crates, etc. then the income problem is on WG's end not the players'.
  4. Why should it, beyond the miserly and spiteful stance of "Only Randoms should have meaningful economy"? Or are you doing yet another trolling post of dubious at best merit?
  5. landcollector

    It’s time for a USN BB Split Culminating with Ohio

    You may have interpreted my post the wrong way. I'd love more Standards showing up in game, and have been waiting a long time now for California and the promised WV44/45.
  6. landcollector

    Euro Destroyers Part 1 - PTS directive preview

    Given that WG has total control of this forum, they do not need you to defend them. At all.
  7. This is just a terribad idea. Cutting BB damage by 3/4 makes their HE worse than DD HE (nerfed Montana!HE is 1425 compared to 127mm HE being ~1800) and their AP maybe a couple hundred damage more than CL AP (nerfed Montana!AP is 3375 damage compared to 152mm AP being ~3100); all the while having a 15 or so second reload (which isn't that great for a CA to begin with at higher tiers).
  8. Not really a viable comparison for you to make. The difference between Baltimore's best detection and her radar range is ~100m. That's nothing compared to Nevsky's multi-kilometer zone of stealth radar potential.
  9. He and I would greatly differ in opinion then.
  10. Against AP, maybe. DM would still wipe the floor with Altered!Montana given your parameters. The better pen doesn't mean all that much given the relatively minor damage difference in relation to shell sizes as well as the vast differences in DPM.
  11. You've unbalanced the game to a significant degree. Let's take an example-, say, Montana shells. You would be cutting Montana's max AP damage from 13,500 down to 6,750, her max HE damage from 5,700 to 2,850, and her HE fire chance from 36% to 18%. All while maintaining the same base 30s reload. Compare these altered values to DM's characteristics: Max AP damage of 5,000, max HE damage of 2,800, and HE fire chance of 14%. With a 5.5s base reload. This idea of yours takes away the BB's potential alpha strike capability and turns them into very bad, slow firing superheavy cruiser equivalents.
  12. landcollector

    PSA: Operation Narai being pulled for repair in 0.9.1

    "If you want FXP and credits, don't bother unless you have in-meta T10 ships for CBs" is another way to interpret this.
  13. landcollector

    PSA: Operation Narai being pulled for repair in 0.9.1

    I'm doubtful of the "Narai will hopefully be back in 1 or 2 patches" statement. I agree with those speculating that Narai is going the same way as Dynamo/Cherry Blossom/etc.- being removed and never returning for the foreseeable future. Sorry Fem.
  14. But, it is? https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/vehicles/9993/
  15. landcollector

    Steel boats changed to Coal boats

    It's funny to me that you're complaining about your once exclusive Steel ship(s) becoming more available (the claimed devaluation) while at the same time demanding free Steel that will only further water down the value of that resource (ie also devaluation). Nice contradictory stances there, eh?