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  1. How would YOU design the USN BB split.

    Perhaps not, but at least you have a decent chance of hitting something in the same postal code as your aim point.
  2. How would YOU design the USN BB split.

    Then balance it in other ways, because your current idea makes for a terrible play experience.
  3. How would YOU design the USN BB split.

    1.5 sigma with only 8 guns and longer reload? That is very punishing and sounds like an unrewarding and miserable ship.
  4. Any info on the new USN CLs?

    T7s get better matchmaking than T6s, so I question your assertion.
  5. 0.7.3 USN Cruiser Changes

    Assuming this doesn't change, Pensacola's 45s traverse with no upgrade is going to be Suffering.
  6. Mouse finds Happiness.

    Blood for the Blood God, Hulls for the Hull Throne! In seriousness thanks for the laugh @LittleWhiteMouse. It was appreciated. (RIP Ducki)
  7. The AA, maybe, even though I agree with those saying her speed alone caps her as a T7. But the displacement would not be too much a factor imo, since Nagato and Hood are T7s with 65k and 67.7k HP respectively (more than a number of the T8 BBs).
  8. Republique is BAD!

    Are you referring to Preventative Maintenance for the skill? I was under the impression that it doesn't work for AA mounts.
  9. Gold of France perma camo

    Simple, really. The bling shines to the point where it's harder to actually see the ship. :P
  10. What Happened to Monaghan's guns?

    I'm likely to get Monaghan regardless of her stats, due to her history.
  11. I completed the ribbon tasks by doing Tasks 2 and 4 simultaneously in PvE with Richelieu. I slung nothing but HE to get incapacitation and fire ribbons and got closer than was likely wise to increase my secondary hit ribbon count for over 3 hours earlier today. It was rather suboptimal play, as there were many occasions were I could have erased broadsiding/bow-on bot cruisers with 380mm AP. The XP missions will be a relief in that I can play BBs the way they should be played again.
  12. A little disappointed with Lyon so far.

    Huh. I guess I'm weird then, but I've loved the look of her from the beginning. *shrugs*
  13. The Gold of France Missions

    For Richelieu at least, I see the option in my port to purchase the Maid of Orleans permacamo for 5000 Doubloons.
  14. French BB Quests

    You can have multiple running at the same time.
  15. Please keep Operation Narai around

    They didn't say when though. Likely to be months from now imo, at best. Anyway, ran Narai will a full team 4 times tonight (plus one run of Aegis), had a good time in each of them. A nice sendoff, I think.