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  1. landcollector

    So are we going to tell WG no for RU CVs?

    Pointless. The only feedback WG listens to is their Spreadsheet.
  2. landcollector

    So are we going to tell WG no for RU CVs?

    Russian tech tree really has no business having CVs added to it, but WG doesn't give a whit what any of us think about what they do or don't do. So, little point in complaining or otherwise expressing disapproval.
  3. landcollector

    The much misunderstood Tiger 59

    That's not very high praise. If a T8 ship isn't effective against planes two tiers lower, that's quite bad; being effective in that situation is expected.
  4. landcollector

    The much misunderstood Tiger 59

    So far, only 6 people have played the minimum number of battles (40) with Tiger '59 to be tracked on WOWS Numbers, and they account for close to 1/4 (~22.9%) of the total number of battles the ship has on NA server. Not a big seller apparently.
  5. In a debate such as this, you have a duty to backup stated claims when asked. If you are unable or unwilling to do so, then you forfeit the argument.
  6. Surely you can point out the post that implies WG wanted to uptier GC post-release to T7 then. If not, well, I can discount your posting saying such to be bogus.
  7. Post your sources on that or retract. I mean, technically you're right, but 38s reload is still terribad and nigh-worthless when combined with the awful shells and superior competition OK has.
  8. Ehhh, you're overhyping Congress somewhat. I'm expecting at least 1 or 2 more rounds of nerfs if she is as OP as you claim.
  9. landcollector

    Will you buy premium ships in the future with high confidence?

    Do they overprice their pieces of content quite as much as Lesta/Wg does?
  10. landcollector

    Premium Ship Review - Hyuga

    *Looks above* That certainly didn't take long, huh?
  11. landcollector

    Tiger 59 is the new California

    *Looks at thread title* You do realize that's not exactly an optimistic title, yes?
  12. landcollector

    So how much did you bid for the coal?

    is it really, though? An approximate cost for a T10 tech tree ship is 20M credits; Coal costs for T10 Armory ships are a bit scattered about, but average out at 246,400 Coal. Doing a bit of math results in 100k Coal more reasonably being opening priced at 10.146M credits. As for the referenced straight up $ price for Coal, well, that's WG overcharging for things as usual. No shock there.
  13. landcollector

    So how much did you bid for the coal?

    0 credits, because I consider even the minimum bids in the auctions to be significantly overpriced.
  14. landcollector

    Auction house - 100k Coal

    True. I am posting my opinions just as you are yours. I haven't played their products in 5-6 months now (just getting the daily log-in things in case WG ever turns things around), so that ought to tell you a few things.
  15. landcollector

    Auction house - 100k Coal

    You shouldn't, and are unwise to do so.