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  1. Alsace getting Nerf'd

    Lyon's sigma is already 1.5, main battery accuracy has never been lower than that. Like I said, we'll see soon enough who's right. I don't care about Republique very much, so WG's desire to make the Alsace grind more miserable to entice FXP spending to reach the T10 won't work on me. I'll just call it a line with my Richelieu.
  2. Alsace getting Nerf'd

    That's partially WG's fault for their design choices wrt Republique's primary weaponry. Well, we'll see after Wednesday if Alsace will actually still be worthwhile to play, or if WG nerfed it into worthlessness.
  3. Mouse Makes More Medals

    It would be hilarious imo if the Apex Predator medal depicted Khornate!LWM.
  4. AA mod or Artillery Room for NM

    I beg to differ. I once citadel'd a NorCar with my New Mexico at roughly 19km on the old Northern Lights map.
  5. Alsace is a beast

  6. Alsace is a beast

    Actually, with the proper choice of captain skills and upgrades it's currently possible to get 4 salvos in 30s at low HP with Jean Bart's reload boost active.
  7. Alsace is a beast

    Alsace has the smallest gun caliber at tier and an already shotgun-like grouping with the 1.7 sigma and German dispersion formula, and her reload time is already on the slow end at 30s when some of the other 15 inch guns she sees in her MM have 26s reload; she already gives up quite a bit to get 12 guns at T9. Further worsening both those stats at once is too much.
  8. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    Wasn't Z-39 released? You are thinking of T-61, imo.
  9. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    Z-39 was dropped from T8 to T7 in the development process.
  10. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    Assuming the given concealment numbers include her permacamo, Alaska can achieve a surface detection of ~12.83 km. If camo is not included, that figure is instead ~12.44 km.
  11. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    No, they do not. Alaska's AP shell weighs 1140 pounds. Kron's AP shell weighs 1039 pounds and Stalingrad's AP shell weighs 1030 pounds. It's the muzzle velocity that causes the increased damage.
  12. USS Alaska - Dev Blog!

    The AA is fine. Equal mid range to an upgraded Richelieu and better long range AA DPS. As for the AP shells, they do more damage than any non-Russian railgun 305mm shell (because lol Russian Bias) and should have the trademark 762 m/s velocity for SHS.
  13. He's made it part of his signature that he only plays PvE. Do you have signatures disabled?
  14. He's made no secret of the fact he only plays PvE. And throwing out his experiences with Alsace and FdG because "oh, it's not Randoms" seems more than a little elitist of you, or at the least, disingenuous.