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  1. This is less a buff, and more a reversion of a stupid and unnecessary nerf that they did some patches back.
  2. landcollector

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    Actually, a completely healthy Jean Bart with SE and a Hotel Yankee flag will just barely survive ramming a 90% HP Musashi, with 2094 HP. If one wanted to take SE on a BB as a troll-ish (and still stupid) ramming build for some strange reason anyway. Still not a likely outcome as Musashi's secondaries are possibly going to either pen your superstructure and/or set a fire or two during your approach.
  3. At this point, I'd suggest to wait for reviews (when she *finally* is released by WG anyway), because if the above poster is speaking the truth when WG is done with her she'll be a mere shadow of her current self.
  4. You've got to be kidding... Welp. If true, she's likely going to be nerfed into the ground and no longer worth anything close to 1M FXP (perhaps not even 750k or lower).
  5. Wait, what?! That's even worse than I thought.
  6. Is it really, though? Both kinds of games are bad experiences, but in the current system, at least you're free to queue up another ship and play another match (likely without a CV). In this rework, you're stuck in an unfun game.
  7. Is it really though? Or are you taking your opinion as objective fact? AA seems very weak and underwhelming to me after watching multiple videos, so I dislike the rework and am not looking forward to the months of painful and unfun patches as WG attempts to balance and tweak their Frankensteinian mess of a rework (and will likely fail at)
  8. landcollector

    Buyer Beware... Prinz Eitel Fredrich

    This is, and remains, a trite and meaningless line to say outside of trying to memepost.
  9. landcollector

    Mouse & Lert's Most Memorable Premiums of 2018

    I'm not actually hopeful anymore about WV44 @Lert , more skeptical now than anything else. Firstly, given that WG has probably long since planned out this upcoming year in terms of premium ships to release, we're not likely to see her (if they even follow through, which is not guaranteed) before 2020 or even 2021. Second, one of the things that would have made her stand out/been a selling point (depending on her eventual tiering anyway) would've been as a USN BB that has actually strong long range AA before T8; this has imo been weakened or even made moot with the major defanging of AA as a mechanic post 0.8.0. TO be a bit more constructive though, it was nice to see yours and LWM's choices and reasonings.
  10. Because nerfing a ship over her entire dev process, saying she's ready and then going "just kidding, she 's not and have another nerf while we're at it" 10 days after the fact, and then still expecting players to hand over an inflated cost of 1M FXP for something that is becoming quite mediocre survivability-wise is quite frustrating to see.
  11. This statement makes no sense whatsoever, making the ship worse for the person using it and better to shoot at and farm damage from is not "a better ship all around".
  12. Perhaps, but if that is WG's line of thought, asking for 1 million FXP for a deliberately underpowered ship is rather...Questionable, shall we say.
  13. Do not put words in my mouth, please and thank you. I never said you weren't allowed, I do not believe my post warranted you adopting a sarcastic/condescending tone in your response to it.