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  1. landcollector

    New U.S. Battleship secondaries

    You're going to have to elaborate on that, because the quoted text is otherwise nonsensical.
  2. If they ever listened to their ST corps, they don't really do it these days.
  3. Not as much as you think. That huge superstructure they all have is going to be a magnet for AP shells getting pens.
  4. landcollector

    Why Oklahoma and not Nevada?

    WeeVee41 is a T6 because it's a downtiered stock Colorado hull, a quick and poorly considered cash grab. Just like Mutsu was.
  5. landcollector

    Why Oklahoma and not Nevada?

    Not quite. Colorado, WeeVee's sister ship, is T7, so by your logic WV44/45 is probably going to be T8. That is, if WG ever gets around to keeping their word. Which I have zero faith in anymore. And even if they do, based on how they butchered California's main guns, I'm not sure she'll even be worth getting for any sort of enjoyable play experience.
  6. landcollector

    Pommern Final Review

    The major difference between Pommern and the others is that Pommern costs either a crapton of Coal or a crapton of Cash/Doubloons to acquire unlike the tech tree ones. Consider your outlay carefully, lest you pay out and discover its performance isn't want you wanted/expected.
  7. landcollector

    Oklahoma - DOA

    Wrong. Texas also has usable AP.
  8. You may have been looking at the ship's secondaries.
  9. The base fire chance on Pommern's HE is 34%.
  10. landcollector

    Oklahoma - DOA

    Eh. Opinions vary. I've played a few games with her and found her reload and traverse to be quite slow/subpar for the tier. Wouldn't recommend at all, beyond being a collector's ship.
  11. landcollector

    Narai has returned to the rotation

    Any bets on there being another stealth economy nerf to the Op?
  12. landcollector

    Premium Ship Review: California

    You aren't missing much. It's a struggle to deal any meaningful damage with California in short games due to her nerfed reload and glacial traverse. I cannot recommend this ship for purchase.
  13. landcollector

    ST 0.9.8, new ships

    Oklahoma is underwhelming at best, more likely bad. Those shell parameters match to stock hull New York values, which means the AP is awful and will only be usable against cruisers.
  14. landcollector

    0.9.8 Dockyard : Anchorage! + new premium!

    ? OG Belfast has 4 turrets too.
  15. landcollector

    Hapa: Looking for update on Narai

    Still not as bad as converting Doubloons to credits, imo.