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  1. The underlined is somewhat misleading. DoY's AP does the same citadel damage as New Mexico's, while the former's HE does more damage than the latter's HE, yes.
  2. Makoto Kobayashi: Warspite

    ...I'd buy that.
  3. It does not. I purchased Alabama before unlocking NorCar and the latter was not immediately unlocked. Same with my recent acquisition of Missouri wrt Iowa.
  4. Musashi Grind Thread

    Probably going to pass on Musashi. Just not interested in her right now, especially not at the likely higher FXP cost Wargaming is setting for her.
  5. By spamming Operations with a min-max flag loadout (and admittedly a fair number of doubloons to convert the XP on my T6/T7 ships) I went from ~100k FXP to almost 1.3 million in around 3-4 months of intermittent play.
  6. Then get Mo first and work towards Musashi. After all, you'll have much more time to earn her.
  7. There's also the Harekaze, The Kamikaze sisters, and Shinonome (though the latter is a campaign reward only). Plus the Asashio currently in the dev pipeline.
  8. No Roma :(

    ...Well, that's an abomination.
  9. Slightly worse than tier 6 imo. Her mid and long range AA is similar to a B Hull New Mexico, but her close range AA is vastly inferior in both range and DPS to that same New Mexico's 20mm Oerlikons.
  10. CO-OP needs help

    I would gladly support this. I would have actually tried the tasks for the Battle of North Cape campaign if Scenarios were permitted.
  11. There's only so many ship classes to go around. Whether you like it or not, clones/sisters *will* happen at some point.
  12. CO-OP needs help

    WG's increased effort into Scenarios means you are factually incorrect about them not caring.
  13. CO-OP needs help

    In my case, I'm mostly fine with PvE rewards as-is (especially since taking advantage of XP modifiers recently led me to get a 9500 XP PvE match in Duke of York). I find PvP unenjoyable to play alone and the people I know are competent are not always available to div with.
  14. CO-OP needs help

    Have you tried the Scenarios/Operations?