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  1. landcollector

    Steel and Coal, a problem

    Eh. I have little to no interest in Ranked or Clan Battles as they are now (and as such have almost no Steel), so it's not even long and (very) slow in my case, just straight out Not Happening. *shrug* I've accepted that.
  2. Most ships carried enough ammo that it is not possible to empty their magazines in one 10-20 minute long battle. /thread.
  3. Interestingly enough, at least one division of WG is getting a clue since I believe WoT is getting rid of friendly fire soon-ish.
  4. landcollector

    Devastating Strike needs nerfed

    Hyperbole. A BB can mess up just once and be deleted by devstrikes too, be it salvos from other BBs or torpedoes from DDs and cruisers.
  5. landcollector

    Devastating Strike needs nerfed

    What tier? Because low and mid teir cruisers do not have thick enough bow/stern plating to resist any sort of BB caliber AP shell, manuevering and luck are your primary defensive options.
  6. landcollector

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    Imo, if she needs a nerf, do it to her concealment. Speed and reload are fine as-is.
  7. Wrong, that's for the cruisers. BB is 15%, straight from the OP.
  8. landcollector

    USN Battleship Alternate Tech Tree Branch?

    Blame WG for adding the Russian battleships before an Italian line.
  9. landcollector

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Oh please. WG chose the exact wrong approach (retiering with no/minimal stat changes) to start with in their attempt to rebalance GC instead of nerfing over performing aspects like her concealment while keeping her a T5 and they got staggering pushback for that bad decision, whatever people's motivations were for that pushback.
  10. If that were the main reason, then many other T6 and T7 ships need the same treatment according to your logic.
  11. I'm a little miffed that WG decided to nerf both the credit and XP gains on 2/3 of the French BB line.
  12. landcollector

    It’s time for a USN BB Split Culminating with Ohio

    Not quite true. Remember that Kaga has 203mm secondaries that are hull-mounted.
  13. landcollector

    It’s time for a USN BB Split Culminating with Ohio

    Do you consider your own suggestion tree dumb too, then? Pennsylvania class? Already in game with Arizona. Tennessee-class? A near copy of the New Mexico with just maybe a bit better guns and/or TDS. Late 30s SoDak class? We already have Massachusetts and Alabama for that class.
  14. landcollector

    It’s time for a USN BB Split Culminating with Ohio

    I am curious about the latter ship. Is there new info I've missed, or still just the "We hear you and will bring her to the game eventually" statement from last year?
  15. OP T7? Hardly, with the AA mechanics as gutted and broken as they currently are, WeeVee's 8x2 127mm DP suite wouldn't even work half the time.