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  1. That's a somewhat wasted/pointless buff imo, since stock hulls mainly exist to act as Free XP sinks.
  2. The same can be said of Lyon's initial AA stats (though admittedly she's a WiP and all that).
  3. Not exactly. 21 knots x1.05 = ~22.1 knots.
  4. Having WeeVee as a prem stock Hull Colorado would be quite the disappointment imo. I'd actually rather have no WeeVee than one based on that old stock hull.
  5. Slightly worse actually. Fusou's turn radius is 740m.
  6. It "only" has 43 percent greater base DPS and 23.8 percent greater base range than the USN's 5 in./25. :v In seriousness though, I do agree that Colorado really needs improvements.
  7. Best I've been able to get is 4 stars in 7 attempts. Don't feel like doing the Scenario over and over anymore for 1 more pumpkin container, so I'm going to settle for what I have.
  8. More like about 7k to 8k HP imo.
  9. Waited until the end to post this. My crimson container results were: 1 day prem 1 day prem 5000 Free XP 5000 Free XP 5000 Free XP 250 Doubloons 1 day prem 5000 Free XP 1 day prem 5000 Free XP 250 Doubloons 5000 Free XP 250 Doubloons 5000 Free XP 5000 Free XP 5000 Free XP 5000 Free XP 1 day prem 1 day prem 1 day prem 250 Dubloons 5000 Free XP 5000 Free XP 1 day prem
  10. Are you sure T3 was protected prior to the MM changes? I have memories from 2016 of nuking a Tenryuu with my Texas.
  11. Regarding number 4, Colorado in particular doesn't need nerfs considering all she really has is good guns. Her decent AA is quickly wrecked by HE spam, her plentiful 25mm plating invites rapid melting from IFHE'd 5 and 6 in. guns, and her (lack of) speed is a significant disadvantage in the very large maps she finds herself in.
  12. I really hope not. I'd never be able to get her for my port then.
  13. Interesting. So, an improvement from abysmal accuracy to (mostly) meh accuracy.
  14. We'll see whose ideas/opinions are more on target in time then, I suppose.
  15. Still has terrible sigma of 1.5 while her peers have mostly 1.8. It's not a good change, imo.