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  1. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    There's also Nelson, the British zombiebote.
  2. Blanket nerf BBs

    If you really didn't care, you wouldn't have even replied to them.
  3. May missions

    Run Hermes with Richelieu or Gascogne.
  4. Operation Narai - What's the Problem?

    I'm not, WG's likely to ruin it.
  5. The odds of WG actually giving the USN 127mm/38 secondary mount a reload buff are small imo.
  6. BB hard counter requested

    Am now convinced you are at best debating in tremendously bad faith, since you are not responding to any counterpoints or questions directed at you.
  7. Dev Blog - ST. Massachusetts changes

    Thing is, brawling effectively requires an armor scheme USN BBs simply don't have. Add to that the much higher chance of eating torps; Very strong TDS or no, the very powerful ship-launched torps present in the T8 MM spread means you'll still be taking significant damage.
  8. Please remove CV's from the game for now

    What CA were you playing? What was the CV? Also, why were you capping with a DD so early in the match?
  9. Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    ...Well. Can't say I'm overly enthused by the prospect of seeing this ship.
  10. Ultimate Frontier Buffed?

    Maybe, but I doubt it will work the way WG wants it to.
  11. So, pretty much the following?: "WITNESS ME!!!" *Later on* "How am I still alive?"
  12. Lower Tirpitz to honor dseehafer

    ..Your insistence on wrongly slandering people and inability to read and infer proper context is quite stunning. Shut up and get out.
  13. Why have it in game then, if the ship has no trait or hook to wanting to play it? You seem to be unable to answer with anything other than "Average is okay" which is really nothing.
  14. Lower Tirpitz to honor dseehafer

    I think you're misunderstanding. It's wanting to make Tirpitz sit lower in the water, not wanting the price dropped.
  15. Of course, ships are allowed to be average. That being said, average ships are not played nearly as often as good ships since people tend to not like playing an average ship and getting stomped on by the good ships. Hmmm, kind of pushing a double standard here, imo.