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  1. Lew_Patton

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    I'm totally new to this topic. I closed the game before coming here, so I have no idea how many ships I have. I just wish I could get my 5 Tier X ships back.
  2. Lew_Patton

    Why won't the game load?

    Thank you all!
  3. I click on the start button but nothing happens... What's up?
  4. Lew_Patton

    WoWs Clan Embassy Discord Channel

    Great idea, thanks for doing this!
  5. Can you please add my clan your list of clans please?


  6. Lew_Patton

    USS Massachusetts photos and new info

    Excellent post, thanks!
  7. Nocona?

    Forgive me for asking, but aren't you in BRO1 Clan?

    1. Lew_Patton


      My mistake never mind. Go Army Beat Navy....!!!

    2. Nocona


      LOL.... NO worries!    (I hear that they are a bunch of good guys!)   :Smile_honoring:

  8. Lew_Patton

    "Pirate Bounty" Flag

    Looks kinda familiar to me....
  9. "Never pay for the same real estate twice" General George S. Patton

  10. Go Army, Beat Navy..!!!!!!!

  11. Come on Nocona.....join your brothers at the Big Red One!



    1. Nocona


      Doing this type of invite was in really poor taste.  Not only am I already in a clan, but happen to be the clan founder.  Even though I am prior Army, your military background should have instilled in you a stronger sense of Personal Integrity. 

      You should respect the decisions and choices of other gamers and not harass them if they are already joined with another organization.  If they are unhappy and happen to be looking for another group to join, then they will reach-out to you to join. You certainly should not be trying to poach members from other organizations.... that's a very low-class move; distasteful and disrespectful.  Your personal actions bring dishonor on your military background.  You need to remember your Army values: L.D.R.S.H.I.P.

  12. Lew_Patton

    silence chat feature

    So Ocoda, if I understand you correctly, he kept requesting fire support so much he was spamming the channel? I often wonder why people (kids), do that. What I usually do in that case is right-click on their name and report them as negative player in chat. I can understand why you would be upset, I would too. There's no reason to spam the channel. And another thing: I wonder if he realizes how childish he looks reporting you to me?
  13. Lew_Patton

    silence chat feature

    Let me give you the "official" word from the BRO1 Clan. Ocoda is a a very good player and a man of honor. If you can't get along with him, that's your fault