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  1. Lew_Patton

    I'm looking for a new clan, [53%WR 9 tier 10s]

    Hello SpoonFed, We are a social clan and are building up again from 40 members. Our Discord channel is https://discord.gg/99ppDp We realize this is a game and want to have fun. We understand we win some and lose some, life happens. Our Alpha team is in the Gale League Group two. If you are looking for a friendly group, and realize the sun will come up tomorrow regardless of the results of our clan battles, give us a shot. One thing is for certain, if you don't like our clan, you can always change your mind. We would love to have you check us out! Lew
  2. Lew_Patton

    Practice Clan Battles

    If a clan decides to use TS, it doesn't matter.
  3. Lew_Patton

    Practice Clan Battles

    We are ready...says BRO1 clan practice -
  4. Lew_Patton

    Practice Clan Battles

    we are ready
  5. Lew_Patton

    Practice Clan Battles

    I'm our clan's leader.../Commander
  6. Lew_Patton

    Practice Clan Battles

    That's a great idea. Thanks for the post.
  7. Lew_Patton

    Practice Clan Battles

    We actually use TeamSpeak, but I get your idea.
  8. Lew_Patton

    Practice Clan Battles

    Is there a way to have practice clan battles against other clans? My clan wants to practice before the next season of real clan battles.
  9. Lew_Patton

    Why won't the game load?

    Thank you all!
  10. Lew_Patton

    Why won't the game load?

    I click on the start button but nothing happens... What's up?
  11. Lew_Patton

    Clan Patch

    My clan is the Big Red One Clan or BRO1 clan named for the famous First Infantry Division of the US Army. I would like to have my clan have the unit patch for this division. Can I do this?
  12. Lew_Patton

    WoWs Clan Embassy Discord Channel

    Great idea, thanks for doing this!
  13. Can you please add my clan your list of clans please?