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  1. i would agree with you if not for balance reasons
  2. Yuki_Ika7

    WG is jumping the shark by adding submarines

    I am fine with them being added as long as they are truly balanced, make them glass cannons for example, and let DDs and/or cruisers have sonar. also they should respond slower than in the gameplay released (that's just my opinion)
  3. Yuki_Ika7

    I need advice for the Henri IV

    UPDATE: well i have been able to get about 50k damage average per game, and the enemy shells miss super often, like this ship was blessed by RNGesus themself
  4. Yuki_Ika7

    I need advice for the Henri IV

    already have it
  5. Yuki_Ika7

    I need advice for the Henri IV

    they are now only nerfing it for 1 second, still i get what you mean
  6. I have had several matches in the henri, and i was told to stay at a long range distance, so i did and i only get 50k damage at max (same with the saint louis). when i go into the action (up close) i get killed in like 15-45 seconds, i am just curious. Any tips for me (besides "pick another cruiser" comments)?
  7. Yuki_Ika7

    Puka Puka Fleet

    You anime haters know that the anime stuff is optinal right? that you can set it so the anime ships go to the default ships? I get this a a history-based game, but if people want to have their fun, let them have it.
  8. Yuki_Ika7

    Do you still play Single-Player games?

    I play a fair bit of single player games, the assassin's creed black flag through origins, bethesda rpgs, Metal gear solid 5:TPP, pokemon games, Legend of zelda: breath of the wild, and others.
  9. Yuki_Ika7

    Caption the profile image above you.

    aggressive reading
  10. Yuki_Ika7

    The movie thread

    I would cruise around in a large flying boat with modified retractable wheels. As for an avatar? Probably Totsuka Saiaka (i hope i spelled that right), my avatar on the fourms.
  11. Yuki_Ika7


    @Edselman , i disagree with your views on things, but i do think if it is the day before a holiday that it's ok to have a thread about it. I am also an american citizen, but i am much less patriotic than you, if anything, i am more patriotic for canada. What i am trying to say is, regardless of your nationality, it is ok to talk about a holiday before the said day. God save the queen. (edit: also happy 4th!)
  12. Yuki_Ika7


    Hell yeah! (i edited this post because i thought of adding this after posting)
  13. Yuki_Ika7


    Welcome back Chob! it's Haida time!
  14. Yuki_Ika7

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    Just you wait 'till the us cruiser spam is over, then the Canadians will torch your ship like they did the white house in the war of 1812 (well in the case of the Haida, not torch as much as sink ships) ya hosiers