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  1. ElegantPotato

    State of the Game

    Comments here to my original post made a justification that the game needed to be monetized to make the game viable. I can agree with that to a point other than when high tier ships are offered for sale for anyone to buy without any experience in the game ruins the experience for everyone. Here is an example of a player that I sniped just the random battles of who has a total of 102 battles with 79 being in a Jean Bart B that he purchased either outright or in a crate (77% of total games in 1 ship he bought). He also has 801 COOP battles with 390 of those being in the Jean Bart B (48%). This player also has a Yamato but does not have any ships required to get it in the tech tree the only explanation is that he sold off those ships. Can you grind a line playing that few Coop battles to get it, or is something shady is going on here. Maybe ships that you sell do not show up in your profile. I am not saying players need to have high win rates, the point is that people should learn how to play the game before getting the rewards of getting and playing high tier ships.
  2. ElegantPotato

    State of the Game

    The issue is simply that Wargaming has made premium high tier ships available to anyone with the cash to buy them. For example in one rank game had a player in a smolensk who was dead within the first 5 mins after sitting broadside at the top of the cap and another player in a Yoshino who died in about 6 mins after charging right into the cap. Looked up the profiles of both players after the match. The guy in the smolensk had 900 battles with his highest tier ship being a tier 8, he has bought every premium ship that has been on sale. The guy in the Yoshino had 1,110 battles players with 1 tier X tech tree ship and that is the only tech line he has played. He had also purchased most premium ships. Wargaming you have made it so players do not have to learn the game to get all the advantages of those who do learn the game, playing in ranked, clan battles, etc by making high tier premium ships who open up their wallets. As such the quality of play and enjoyability of the game is significantly degraded when you get several of these individuals on your team. This is what is driving good players away.
  3. ElegantPotato

    State of the Game

    With all the premium and high tier ships available to players with no or little experience, the games are getting more and more to be massacres that end with very short durations such as the match copied below. Is this kind of stat WG is looking for and the new standard?
  4. ElegantPotato

    Airstrike for BBs? (bug?)

    The mechanic that allows BB ASW planes to spot as attack planes may not be a bug but is a mechanic that appears to need to be changed. Now BBs can spot whenever there is no sub in the game with this mechanic. Realize this is not a bug but imo does need to be changed
  5. ElegantPotato

    Update 0.9.10 - Bug Reports

    Received the following reply from Wargaming in response to a support ticket I sent in regarding all the issues mentioned above that I have also experienced. "We investigated this problem. It occurs when using low-frequency processors with an integrated graphics core that meets the minimum requirements or below them. Problems begin due to a lack of processor power and built-in video core, and, as a result, ship models disappear, and other problems arise. We're working to fix this problem, but it may take much time. It is important to understand that this is a "bug." That is, we are not telling you that this is a normal situation. In any case, our specialists are already working on solving the problem and optimizing the processes. I am sorry for all the inconvenience this has caused."
  6. ElegantPotato

    Update 0.9.10 - Bug Reports

    Using the Navagator Big mod from WoWs modstation results in a critical error message at end of game so you have to restart or terminate. Game result battle screen is unavaliable. Have tested this by installing mod to get error message, remove it and game works just fine. Done this several times.
  7. ElegantPotato

    Collection Item Rest

    If you notice that was already been done once as each collection is complete and the prizes have all been awarded. All the items were reset as "new".
  8. ElegantPotato

    Collection Item Rest

    Appears that all the items I have received for different Collections have reset as being new. As you can see in the first screenshot the total number of new items is in red next to the profile tab. In the second one you can see the number of "new" items for each collection. Now the only way I have found to get these numbers to reset is to go to each Collection chapter to have the number of new removed. Would be nice to this number for all the Collections could be reset and not have to go into each Collection chapter to have the number removed.
  9. Wargaming, if you want to keep Naval Battles as a clan competition that occurs each week between two clans from different servers, leave the contest be for base XP. When it is using damage or signals (which has been the case for the last few weeks) you encourage players to play the game to accomplish the goal for a star for their clan, they have no desire to win the match. DD's are sitting outside of caps spamming artillery or chasing BB's to get hits for the signal flags, cruisers never come near a cap. It is all about artillery hits for the signals since it is the easiest to get for cruisers and destroyers. Battleships are flying into caps to get secondary hit flags. This ruins the game experience for everyone when you have multiple players in the game only doing what they need to so they get that star for their clan. Using base xp to get a star in most cases your team has to win so you get that bonus to accomplish the goal for that ship and nation.
  10. ElegantPotato

    Community time with Kalvothe and Hapa_Fodder

    Is it special stream for today or tomorrow at your normal time?
  11. ElegantPotato

    Watch Official Streams and Receive Rewards!

    It was available as I watched it on March 26th, yesterday, but if you notice the schedule it does not have the USA flag to the time nor does it say the it is the same stream as the previous dates is my point. It is all very confusing as the chart is not representative of what went on.
  12. ElegantPotato

    Watch Official Streams and Receive Rewards!

    Why cannot a stream be for each server be at a set time. Only the EU stream is available for all 3 missions and at a time that is not available for most NA players. If you have to enter the code when while the stream is going it really is not realistically available for most NA players to get all the 3 missions unless I want to listen to the last stream today in Spanish.
  13. ElegantPotato

    Public Test - 0.8.11 - Round 1 - The Dockyard

    Appears the test server is down.
  14. ElegantPotato

    Update 0.8.7 - Bugs Report

    Cannot move commanders to premium ships.
  15. ElegantPotato

    Update 0.8.4 - Bugs Report

    Notice on the Trap map the mini map does not correspond to the main map. Look at the island location in relation to my ship on both maps.