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  1. best ship???????

    I'll withhold my opinion lest they nerf another of my go-to ships.
  2. 42 in GK. A little underwhelmed from what I was expecting. I don't mind the camping so much, but the fire spam is real.
  3. The Nelson!

    Big slow ship that can do lots of damage and take it as well. My problem is that bow tanking just does not suit me. I gotta move. And if you show any broadside trying to relocate it's kinda squishy.
  4. Waiting till Monday, Sharks?

    Totally meaningless either way.
  5. All of them actually. I view advancing in tier as a by-product.
  6. What's a good brawler?

    Even the Bismarck has trouble wading into a group and expecting to survive very long. Gneisenau is not a bad ship for that, but you have to pick your battles carefully. First of all, carry premium repair and any fire mitigating skills or flags you can. You have to surprise them close and personal to make the torps work. Any long rush is going to get you burned to a crisp. Think more like a cruiser or even DD and hide for as long as possible. Open water is death to brawlers. All that said, my favourite brawlers are the Normandie or Lyon with secondaries. But the slow turrets are still a challenge.
  7. How bad can team be

    This is true, but the other side of the coin is that people forget to defend AND then take the long way around to cap the enemy base. Now you got the worst of both worlds. You are desperately trying to defend against bad odds, nobody is coming back to help, and your team is taking too long to make the push worthwhile. This is what I find most frustrating about standard battle.
  8. Shchors: Turns like a garbage truck, but for some reasons I like it. Awesome HE spam, especially with the range-extending plane up. AP can devastate other CA's if you time it right. Yorck: If there's potential I haven't discovered it. The shells float like balloons and there's not much else to recommend it. Fiji: It has smoke and that's a really good thing too. Myoko: I have some of the ARP clones and I'm not too impressed. Slow turrets, bad torp angles. Algerie: Long range sniper and fire bug. It's good if you can dodge bullets well.
  9. Emile Bertain is my favourite cruiser. It up-tiers very well and its accurate guns and long range torps can put the hurt even on battle ships. Normandie has been great. Fast, agile and surprisingly tough if angled correctly. A salvo from its guns can cause trouble for most components even at long range. I'm relatively new to Richelieu, but it too gets better and better.
  10. Help with the Fiji

    Get more smoke. (Captain skill or cash) Blast away while you can. (Just keep those shells flying) Keep moving, don't stand still. (Change position and angle) Bug out before the smoke runs out. (Show your tail)
  11. I have T10 ships and T8 ships. Neither guarantees a win. I have no problem taking some T8s into a T10 match. If nothing else one can learn from the experience.
  12. Best Class

    Just play the ships and find out what suits you. There's no easy way to do this. Even premium ships come with challenges beyond the novice user. Learning how this works is part of the game, so enjoy that too.
  13. Torpedo evasion tactics

    Always turn towards them asap. Seriously. I see this mistake so many times. With aerial torps also, always turn towards the squad launching them. Full rudder, or "E" or "Q" as applicable.
  14. A couple weeks ago I let go a full GK salvo against some cruiser peaking out from an island. There must have been somebody between us with high concealment 'cause I got rewarded by a devastating strike against someone I never knew was there. Damn was he complaining in chat afterwards...
  15. Yeah, he was shooting poorly and you had better angling later.