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  1. A few pink points doesn't actually turn you pink. Ram away.
  2. Fridays and Saturdays have been pretty good, at least in my perception. Sundays and Mondays though... On Mondays you get lots of clans who avoided the weekend to give you a hard time. Saturdays you just get more people period and the overall average tanks.
  3. Never. And those who do have some anger issues.
  4. That said, I'll division with anyone of you. Just don't expect me to say anything.
  5. Well deserved for sticking with it and not succumbing to the re-roll temptation.
  6. Pretty much. I'm not here to socialize.
  7. For the looks I'd have to go with the tall wooden ships. I was on the Victory and it's a thing you can grasp on a human level. It's a big ship, but you can understand the limits of it. The only other ship I was on in person, the Belfast, was a virtual labyrinth. Unless you are on deck or very familiar with it you'd get lost. For the story I'd have to go with SMS Emden. Epic history with some tragedy and feel-good twist at the end.
  8. I always thought that Kongō has a rather pleasing shape.
  9. Just when I finally get one. That's why :(
  10. I kind of like epicenter. There I said it.
  11. If you exclude below average players you just raise the average and you will appear less good. You need them to make you look good. Why is this so hard to understand?
  12. Ran into one yesterday. It didn't do much, but I don't blame the ship for that. If you thought the Izumo was ugly you got another weird one coming...
  13. Even without camo (which is what most see if the disable the ARP visibility) they are just fine ships. My naked Takao does just fine thank you :)
  14. There is? Or you would like the option?
  15. HMS Belfast and Victory