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  1. NashW8

    Rigged battles

    Paying isn't going to help.
  2. Actually, for a single point I find Incoming Fire Alert one of the more useful alerts for a cruiser. I don't need to know how many are aiming at me, but the instant they are doing something about it. You see the little red line on your screen and can almost be certain a bit of immediate WASD will save your bacon.
  3. NashW8

    So today I played two matches in BBs

    The little scramble at the beginnibg with its colisions is quite funny. "After you sir. No please go first...
  4. NashW8

    So today I played two matches in BBs

    People sitting on the base-line and waiting for someone to go first is not a new thing. I just look at my place on the map and do what usually works. After a few thousand battles you shouldn't really wonder what to do.
  5. NashW8

    Cruisers are useless

    The real trick in this game is learning how to dodge incoming fire.
  6. NashW8

    "Did You Get a Compliment" game!

    Lately all I get is downvotes from sore losers. Sign of the times I guess.
  7. Someone explain it to me. Ships I "spot" at the beginning of the match or which I have in view while they are being shot at?
  8. You can do this from pretty long range with Italian cruisers, then kite and draw fire for counterfire from your BBs.
  9. NashW8

    Way to Many One Sided Battles Lately

    Sometimes you are the windshield, sometimes you are the bug. In a random team of 12 you can only do so much. If you performed to your own satisfaction that's all anyone can ask for.
  10. NashW8

    Nominees for Ugliest Ship in the game

    Lyon is pretty ungainly.
  11. NashW8

    Dear god Venezia....

    She's alright, but you have to hit the right spots. Really nukes DDs. 87k average for me. What I really like though is the ability to go dark when needed.
  12. Most premium ships are not better than their tech-tree counterparts - in fact some are way worse. That said they do offer some advantages that you can only make use of when you are sufficiently advanced in skill. They don't just magically improve your performance unless you were already pretty good to begin with.
  13. NashW8

    Bots AI set To Max?

    Hardly. I played a couple of coop games in Kansas and Blys. Dumb as rocks and hardly made any effort to kill me. They used to know when you launched torps and could evade if you kept them targeted. Not anymore.
  14. Too complicated, too frustrating, too much salt. I haven't got time for this.
  15. NashW8

    Advent CalanderJOKE....

    3333 33.5% I'm not complaining.