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  1. NashW8

    Tier 8 Cruiser Thoughts

    They are all good cruisers, but particularly suffer from being uptired.
  2. NashW8

    What's your impression of the early release RN DDs?

    I seemed to get a couple of good games with Acasta despite it not having any real outstanding features. Smoke doesn't last, torps are short range compared to detection. It does have good guns, but only four of them. Icarus I haven't yet seen any point to play more in.
  3. NashW8

    Ultimate kill steal

    Imagine that guy alive able to launch another spread at one of your BBs... Nothing stealing bout it.
  4. NashW8

    Any Yorck fans?

    I did get some good games in her, but it was a struggle. If I took the time it might be worthwhile, but since the next ship up the line is such an improvement it may be some time before I re-evaluate Yorck.
  5. 7 in Colorado and Normandie.
  6. NashW8

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    Two. #1 somewhat undeserved, they leminged to the opposite cap to slug it out while I captured theirs without firing a shot. #2 was a bit more hairy. It depended on not being spotted for as long as possible in a Fiji and finishing off their low health Algerie in one good salvo.
  7. NashW8

    Garbage boats you like...

    Myogi, New York, but since I got Texas in a crate mostly that.
  8. NashW8

    How I give Karma - Good Karm

    Good karma to anyone who impressed me with their play - not necessarily because they were good, but if they had gumption. Bad karma only for real jerks, mouthy bastards or actual team killers. On either team.
  9. NashW8

    Gudbotes you suck in...

    Alsace is supposed to be this amazing ship. I'm not feeling it yet. NC and Iowa are sort of meh, especially since I know how easy they are to citadel broadside. Same goes for Nelson. It sure folds in a hurry when the sides are exposed, zombie heal or no.
  10. NashW8

    Epic level of Stupid...

    This must have been a thing yesterday. Farragut in standard battle. Two BBs enter our cap, but I keep resetting them with long range shots while running. Of course I loose map focus and beach on the one single island in my way.
  11. NashW8

    BBs, stop taking Survivability Expert!

    I have no clue how many hit points any BB should have :)
  12. NashW8

    BBs, stop taking Survivability Expert!

    How can you see if someone else uses that skill?
  13. NashW8

    Why do I keep getting all these invitations...

    This. Just about. I would not join any club that would have me as a member.