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  1. Sure. My goal is to play a handful of games a day and finish with a 50% win rate or better. If I happen to win some stuff in the process all the better.
  2. NashW8


    I see no point in raging. Good players know when they messed up and idiots don't listen anyway. On to the next match.
  3. NashW8

    Horrible Jean Bart match

    Flank and keep moving. Use terrain for cover. Nose toward the threat when it appears, but don't get bogged down if at all possible. Once you slow down or stop you are usually in for a beating.
  4. You know, it is also possible to win a game without camo.
  5. NashW8

    Done complaining......just done

    Not directly. Achieving unicum stats still requires work, dedication and time - perhaps more than the average player would like to spend. I know I haven't got time for that. But I still think if you put a premium in the hands of an experienced player he (or she) will be able to get more out of it than anyone else.
  6. A lot of people like Helena. Well, thousands of ships were launched for her... ;) There seems to be an obvious gap in my collection. Dmitri Donskoi and New Orleans seem to suit me far better than I had expected.
  7. NashW8

    Done complaining......just done

    Not only that. He bought a bunch of premiums which he has hardly played, presumably because the satisfaction of winning was not instant.
  8. NashW8

    Done complaining......just done

    People who under-perform and see conspiracies do both things for exactly the same reasons. They are incapable of understanding why they fail and are forced to conclude it must be someone else's fault. This game is easy to play, but it is very hard and takes a lot of effort to get good at. No amount of spending cash or running up the tiers is going to improve the basic fact that skill takes practice.
  9. No patience for that. A couple of good games and i'm done. Of course when I play badly I'm temped to rectify...
  10. NashW8

    Ranked Battle Tip

    In ranked I find capping largely irrelevant (with the odd exception). It's all about eliminating the red ships.
  11. NashW8


    Regular ranked is bad for your mental health. Ranked Sprint is tolerable.
  12. In my experience the Martel really suffers at its tier from not having a heal. Under 1 vs. 1 conditions I take the ship with the heal.
  13. What if you get it in a Super Container?
  14. NashW8

    Ranked Sprint / T7

    Hey, it's a free camo. Don't be too hard on him. That said Algerie has been working well for me. The last few games seem Cruiser-centric.