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  1. The 100 Club

    Battleships: Geisenau 378 Bismarck 376 Kongo 305 New Mexico 213 New York 184 Colorado 152 North Carolina 124 Friederich der Grosse 141 Myogi 131 Kaiser 114 Fuso 112 Cruisers: Graf Spee 648 Duguay-Trouin 355 Emile-Bertain 238 ARP Takao 222 Destroyers: Farragut 287 Wakatake 131 Isokaze 107
  2. Situational. If you run and have no quick way to get out of harms way you go down without having accomplished anything. In a BB with torps I might go for it. Hell, I've done it and taken on 3 BBs in a Graf Spee. Killed one outright, badly damaged another and chased the third. I got sunk for my troubles but my team got back to base in time and finished them off to win the battle.
  3. If I'm not mistaken these are all ships for which high concealment offers the most benefit for the type.
  4. So many more games are being played by a greater number of players with US ships. That naturally skews the win-rate down. I find them all to be solid ships if played right.
  5. There is also something about realizing the potential of a ship design even if it is in a game. Lets face it, most of the ships we play here found an early and pretty inglorious demise. This way we can explore just a bit of what could have been.
  6. 19 point captains are overrated. Also I don't think with 1k games you are quite ready for the Fiji. You seem to be doing well in Leander so I'd be playing that mostly. Practice using the smoke and surviving. Perhaps even go back to Bogatyr over Swietlana. Make sure all your boats are fully upgraded. It seems to vastly improve your chances of winning - more so then a fully specd captain.
  7. With the right captain and concealment built Takao is actually plenty stealthy even without camo compared to most Atagos one meets. You are just missing the 3% (or is it 4%?) enemy dispersion benefit.
  8. Not quite. Survival time may impact the opportunity to make an impact, but it does not predict if the impact is ever made. You may be worth more to your team if you take out two enemy ships in a yolo run rather the ineffectively surviving to the end of the match. In any case, there is no scoring penalty for not surviving the match. You get full points if you help secure the win by whatever means.
  9. As are you. Anyhow that's what works for me.
  10. I disagree. It makes you more adaptable. Also, chasing a win bonus over several losses doesn't make any sense. Move on to another ship.
  11. I had three (out of four) ranked games last night that were won or lost on single points. T8 may just be too even in skill and MM too balanced.
  12. I had a funny game like that with Leander this weekend. On Neighbours in a Typhoon. There were a bunch of low health red cruisers lurking in the rain and I went around finishing them off one by one. Got called Mike Rowe for my troubles. You know, 'It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it'
  13. Rank(?) displays?

    Seriously, how many times can you hit the Battle button just to have your [edited]handed to you (again) to make that worthwhile?
  14. I think the Peter Principle might be more apt. (People) rise to their level of incompetence. Currently my competence ends at T7.