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  1. She is quite fun in co-op, but the bots are dumber at that tier. Not so much in randoms though.
  2. I wouldn't know, but I might go with some low tierd BB. Everything goes very sloooowly...
  3. On the Spee, FWIW, use AP - don't bother with HE. Use cover and release your fighter to spot. Angle at all times. Never exit cover broadside to the enemy. Shoot at anything any of your guns are pointed at. Turn to get guns on target, do not wait for them to rotate. Use torps liberally, but preserve them late in the game to surprise unsuspecting BBs.
  4. Can't say you are wrong on the Kongou. Fun ship. Good in any sort of fight. Lately I have to add Graf Spee, Emile Bertain and Orion. Just hilariously good.
  5. Seems quite competitive to me. Makes quite the long range sniper and brawler. And bow-on it is quite a tough nut to crack. Especially since so many BBs chose to go with HE lately. If you can keep the fires at bay you are good.
  6. Georgios Averof would be fun. Take on the entire Turkish navy by yourself..
  7. 207 seems like a lot or is it counting secondaries too?
  8. Wouldn't touch golf with a 10 foot putter
  9. We had this discussion ages ago about performance in a flight sim. The consensus was that there was a small window of intoxication which would actually improve your game, but it was difficult to tell when you would slip into actual drunkenness and totally mess up your score.
  10. Just one, but damn, even with elite XP it's a tall hill to climb to get the next one up from 16 points
  11. In my very first try I was thrown in with a bunch of unicums. 5 stars first time out and I hadn't even set up my captain yet :)
  12. God forbid someone should enjoy the game at lower tiers. We must all wear the hair shirt and suffer in TIX and X and make our sacrifice to the unicums.
  13. If you maintain your unicum status by clubbing seals are you really an unicum? That said I like to think that the MM evens it all out. There's 24 players in a match and hundreds of matches over which to spread out good and bad players. I happen to prefer T4 - T7. If everyone only wanted to play T10 this would be a poor game indeed.
  14. If they all try to stay at max range that's where they end up. Especially in higher tiers. I can't remember how many times I've tried to tell people to go at the enemy.