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  1. NashW8

    Italian DDs ???

    They are neat to practice the stealth torp thing with, but never go against any capital ship with full health. Contesting caps is surprisingly fun. The SAP are murder and the exhaust smoke gives you an edge when gunning down opposing DDs or even cruisers.
  2. NashW8

    Tier 10, No Thank You.

    I find Petro somewhat limiting. It almost requires you to pick a spot and bow tank. It's not very good in open water. That said, I haven't really noticed the static gameplay everyone talks of in t10. In a Venezia or Yoshino I might cross the entire map a few times. In a boat with good concealment gameplay can be just as dynamic as in any other tier.
  3. NashW8

    Siegfried or Yolo Emilio?

    Siegfried is still pretty solid. I have it. I decided against Emilio recently since you rarely see it out there - and there's a reason for that. Only very good players make it work. The rest make no impact and get butchered, particularly since the proliferation of hydro.
  4. Ah, the blame anyone but myself mafia out in full splendor.
  5. NashW8

    teams tonight just wow

    Everyone is angry and blames anyone but themselves.
  6. NashW8

    Narai and Weimar

    I've done the op maybe a dozen times. Doesn't it get old to you? It bores me to death now.
  7. What irks me a just a little is how many players on my team will run for the hills as soon as some known purple player turns up on the red team. At least make some effort.
  8. NashW8

    General Advice for the drake?

    ^ This. Kite away from the red ships and set them on fire. WASD a lot and use the spotter plane.
  9. It's a game. It can be learned. Some are more dedicated and some are just naturally better at it. Doesn't have any bearing on their quality as a human being. I don't know why anyone would think that it does.
  10. Unikum is a term used in German to describe something unique, one of a kind. Usually it is used for an individual unusually skilled in a particular activity. Sometimes it also describes someone a little strange.
  11. Surprisingly people still don't pay attention to the map, or the clock, or the score... or anything outside their little bubble.
  12. NashW8

    What's up with this matchmaking?

    In 14 battles with bought carriers you can probably not yet afford to make any judgements on MM, or indeed ask for them.
  13. I'll take any extra goody I can get.
  14. NashW8


    Trouble with either right now is that everyone focuses on you.
  15. NashW8

    Smolensk is bad

    I didn't realize she got nerfed that hard. I see people being good in it, but I usually don't survive a match in randoms myself. Nowadays I only take it out in coop when I need main battery hits or ribbons.