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  1. NashW8

    Narai Operation

    Just to add if it hasn't been already. It's vital to let enough troops land before you eliminate the last red. 1400 at minimum or all 2200 ideally.
  2. NashW8

    Commander Eugène Blanchard?

    I believe the first time you 5 star an operation you get a 10pointer of the relevant nation.
  3. NashW8

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    All this angst for a mediocre boat. No thanks. I haven't any Italian ships anyway.
  4. NashW8

    Time for a slightly buff...

    There's little point in playing GK outside its secondary range. On the way there you might get one or maximum 2 chances for long range shots. I've had some luck with those in the past even with the crappy dispersion, but I would never play a whole match like that.
  5. Without having access to the appropriate OP premiums for this tier it's a bit of a grind. Last night I experienced extreme potatoness (I'm not excluding myself). When you see everybody else on your team hiding behind the same rock you know this is not going to go well.
  6. Myogi, New York. I did OK with Big old Fred even and lots of people hate it. I don't get Cleveland at all. Can't do anything useful with Alsace either. Nelson is meh.
  7. NashW8

    Kobayashi Maru

    Use islands to cover your turn. Sometimes it just can't be helped. You must turn. Try not to make it predictable by holding the turn at odd intervals.
  8. NashW8

    Rank Sprint in Two Halves

    Started with Normandie, which I thought would do better. Due to all the Warspites however, which you rarely see in randoms now, that got too difficult around rank 5. I got stuck there for what seemed like a long time of back and forth until I bought back the New Mexico. At least I can take on a Warspite with that. Except it's soooo sloooow, even with speed flag.
  9. This thread mystifies me. Could someone explain?
  10. NashW8


    Why do I subject myself to this torture? I could be be racking up imaginary reputation in randoms.
  11. My disposable income is irelevant. What am I willing to spend money on and what real value do I get for it? As much as I may like a game, pixel objects are way down the list. Imaginary accomplishments only marginally higher.
  12. NashW8

    Do you do better on some maps than others?

    Shatter almost never goes well. Two brothers is alright, but a downright nightmare with a derpy team. Same is true for Neighbours if the majority insists on taking A. If it's a standard battle all bets are off.
  13. NashW8

    T5 CA balance

    You are getting into the weeds over ship statistics again. Most of the time it's the pilot not the pl... err ship.
  14. NashW8

    T5 CA balance

    Yet they usually fire HE and there's nothing I like better as a target in an Emile than a nice flat Omaha broadside.
  15. FWIW no matter how good the ship is on paper it still requires significant effort to get good in it.