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  1. I never had any interest in grinding. The T10s I do have were earned by simple persistence over time. I'm not doing it over.
  2. NashW8

    Hawkins Armor Model

    I have only played in once in that situation, but you are correct.
  3. NashW8

    Random Toxicity: How do YOU do it?

    Are you guys talking about actual voice chat or the typed variety? I turn my sound off all the way so the former could never be a problem.
  4. NashW8

    Graf Spee is a gud bote

    I wouldn't put anything past anyone.
  5. NashW8

    Hawkins Armor Model

    Huh? I don't seem to have any trouble with my Emile Bertain AP.
  6. NashW8

    Graf Spee is a gud bote

    I thought premiums - actual premiums - were immune from nerfing?
  7. NashW8

    Thunderer, Georgia, Yoshino, or Marceau

    Georgia is rather meh without a high point captain.
  8. NashW8

    Graf Spee is a gud bote

    Must be all those tasty British cruisers. I should take it out for a spin again :)
  9. NashW8

    Random Toxicity: How do YOU do it?

    Ignore chat completely. Play randoms without distractions.
  10. NashW8

    High Tier Full Broadsidepalooza!

    That, or your reload runs just too long and you succumb to fire >< this close to punishing the cheeky bastard.
  11. NashW8

    I got my Smolensk!!!

    Remember that the game can automatically convert steel for coal 1:10 when you are short on a coal purchase. I'll never get enough steel to buy a ship for it, but it helped me out to close the deal on a couple of coal ships already.
  12. NashW8

    Grinding Russian Cruisers (help)

    I found Shchors the most challenging of the bunch because of the poor rudder shift. Moves like a truck, but the guns are a joy. Chapayev was pretty effective even uptired, but again you have to watch not to get too far out front and kite mostly. Donskoi I even prefer over Moskva. Best fire-starter at range before Smolensk showed up. Whatever gets you there.
  13. NashW8

    Post your SC loot here

    A week of premium time I do appreciate it, but my win rate usually tanks when I get premium time. I know, I know. Confirmation bias.
  14. NashW8


    Your average hit % is at 26. That's really not bad for the types of ships you are using. The rest is a matter of practice. Keep at it. I wonder if there's some sort of graphics/hardware issue.
  15. NashW8

    Tier 9 donskoi

    Concealment is still good for some of those times you simply need to go dark. And when you run out of map you will need it.