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  1. It's remarkably difficult to run into the same people unless you play a lot of upper tiers. One I do remember was DOCTOR_CITADEL. He was driving something big and German, on that large ice map. I sent a spread of fish his way from my Takao and got lucky.
  2. 2 ships in game same name

    Yes, but are they the same person nonetheless? What are the chances?
  3. I believe it is you who have missed the point. Choosing a deliberately offensive handle/username is not having a discussion. Your right-wing victim-hood not withstanding.
  4. My expression generally does not involve offending people.
  5. How about just being a gentleman and just let it all pass over you?
  6. How about having some decency and not try to offend people intentionally? Remember the criticism of the PC crowd is that they are offended by un-intentional offenses. If you are intentionally offensive you deserve no protection. Insulting, inappropriate, or offensive names are quite intentional and should be dealt with. And I believe they are by WG.
  7. Best Way to Destroy Modules

    Fire aka HE. It's that simple.
  8. Frankly I am starting to wonder... no I don't. Why do people bother with ranked and all the aggravation?
  9. Did 5 stars with the Normandie on the first try last night. Mostly as a semi--stationary gun emplacement. I let the secondaries deal with the DDs while shooting the mains at bigger targets. And then for the glorious ram on the last enemy BB
  10. I can't fathom what you expect from average stats but... average?
  11. Personal assignment

    Not that this makes any sense...
  12. Personal assignment

    Super League personal assignment. It says Tier VII, but it only lets you select Tier VIII. That doesn't work?
  13. Fish Feed wth is this ship?

    It didn't have 18" guns, but it was designed for them. And those guns were used on a monitor instead.