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  1. Quite so. Welcome to Wargaming's dark underbelly. World of Warplanes patch 2.0.5 from this summer past proves that point. They stripped player aircraft then offered the equipment for sale back to the players. The bitchfest that followed on the forum matches this one in fury and the sounds of wallets and doors being slammed shut. This isn't a Warships problem. It's a Wargaming problem that is apparently a part of their culture. Warplanes mid-summer, Warships right at Christmas, guess who's left? I wonder what they have planned for World of Tanks and when it's going to hit? Judging by their timing so far, I'd say about mid-summer.
  2. The hoopla that was presented weeks ago by Jingles et al was based on one set of facts. See Jingles' vid about the dumpster fire. What followed was in no way attached to them, it is all on WG. Between then and the actual presentation of the event, WG moved the goal posts. A lot. This is called "bait and switch" advertising and it is illegal in most civilized countries. There is one individual in the German government trying to bring this to the attention of the appropriate authorities at the moment. I hope his efforts bear fruit. On my own behalf, WoWS is beached for a month. It will not be opened until Jan 15 2020. Any monetary input is similarly boycotted but for a substantially longer period, probably around a half a year. WG will not give a flying .... because P.T. Barnum was right, "There's one born every minute." It would be good if the entire player community just disappeared for a month and left their servers idling but that sort of cat juggling just cannot be arranged in a game structure like this. Pity. So I do my small bit and will come back later to see if they learned anything from this fiasco. I sincerely doubt that anything will change. It never does because these individuals vacated the high ground, fiscal and moral, a long time ago. If you doubt that statement, go read their slap-in-the-face "apology." Reminds me of patch 2.0.5 in another game which shall remain nameless. DTV EDIT Fri 2019.12.20 - NA Customer Services doing yoeman service with returns. Beaching lifted.
  3. Deltavee


    Pretty much the same here. A mixed crate of economic signals is usually a good buy for me since I almost automatically put all five on the ship. If I can find a deal that allows the purchase of the utilitarian flags above them, I'll usually buy them in quantity. I recently bought 100 of the flags that increase the ship's speed, for instance. Those types of flags I use fairly judiciously, even sparingly because I find that for some reason if I load a ship up with 8 flags and some camo I quite often get blasted/torpedoed out of the water before they can have much effect and that is basically just throwing them away. If I cruise out with just camo the opposite is true. Just RNG, I guess. Cheers
  4. Deltavee


    Thanks, Sovereigndawg. I always make sure they have no way of charging stealthily. Eg. In Warplanes I always turn off Automatic Resupply of components and ammo for each plane. You don't want to get charged for something you may not even look at again for a long time. I do buy from the Premium shop, but only after I've taken a look at all the alternatives. It's a shame we have to watch out for money traps but that's the way it is. Cheers
  5. Deltavee


    Thanks, Duckman. One?! That's a heckuva price to pay for a one-use item so no sale for this sogbottom. I already make a practice of choosing only Sigs & Camos from containers and on occasion will buy camo from Premium where you can buy them in sets of 50 or 100 etc. I'm just astounded that they would have the cojones to charge 125 gold for a one-use camo. That's insane. Thanks for the quick reply. GL&GH
  6. Deltavee


    There are camos for sale under the Exterior tab in the harbour, one for 125 gold and another for 50. Nowhere is there any information about quantity. Am I paying for one? 50? 100? I'm not about to throw down gold on an unknown quantity so any information would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Deltavee

    server blow up????

    Bummer. I assume you've closed all programs running with the Task Manager, cold-booted your machine, unplugged your router for about 45 seconds and then tried it. Coldest of classic cold boots. Good luck
  8. Deltavee

    WoWs fans seriously try World of Warplanes!

    Yes, it has joystick support. I used to use mouse and board, now I use a Logitech Extreme3D Pro joystick and keyboard left hand for functions I don't want on the stick. Quite playable with a stick. In fact I wouldn't want to play the game without it.
  9. Deltavee

    WoWs fans seriously try World of Warplanes!

    Yes, there are.
  10. Deltavee

    Rest in piece, Stan Lee

    We have lost a legend. Rest In Peace, Stan, and thank you.
  11. Thanks for sharing. It was very interesting, especially the part about accidentally rolling a Victor III sub 360 degrees!