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  1. Aviri

    Karma...and rewarding it.

    must've gotten reported like 6-8 times in the halloween event only for killing people, and possibly 10-15 more times for playing CV's. Karma is a meme and nobody should be taking benefit from it... at least not until they change it so you can't be reported for just about anything that displeases others like killing them with torpedoes or something.
  2. Aviri

    1v1 Challenge!!

    asashio does have one torpedo that could hit chappy tho...
  3. Aviri

    Stop Kill Stealing!

    Maaaan but I love my 20k damage krakens
  4. Aviri

    torpedos lmbo

    cool beans bro, call me next week when u get pinked again.
  5. Aviri

    Fix Halloween Event

    5500 filth in the whole map, it's even less because some of it will be lost in the water, sometimes it will happen that all teams make it to the end alive and kill rasputin, but even then there's not enough to fill all the ships so somebody's gotta die. The problem is that people don't play smart to maximize their filth income and just get killed in those "he shot first" battles
  6. Aviri

    So why have teams gotten so bad ?

    Those damned carriers did it again... DAAAMN YOOUU CARRIERRRRS!! No but seriously, remember when carriers didn't have strafe until tier 6? all that would happen is they'd lock their fighters in combat and proceed to drop your team without having to worry too much about anything else? yeah low tier carriers were always seal clubbing machines.
  7. Aviri

    Rigging in the Halloween mode

    this is what usually happens when two teams fight eachother in an all out battle, there are certain times where it is profittable to try and kill someone, but most people either get too carried away killing others that they don't think of saving their own ships or simply prefer to drive right into the portal with their 0 filth loaded BBs.
  8. Let's not choose between two evils here. Just don't be a jerk? doesen't matter if you're a potato or a unicorn.
  9. Aviri

    Rigging in the Halloween mode

    with the ammount of skill I've witnessed in the raids, It can range from decent to absolute garbage, decent being something like 10% and absolute garbage "would 100% prefer a bot in my team" type of player is like 90%, so no wonder people are getting killed left and right. but I guess this is what happens when u give potatoes a tier X ship and throw them into the killzone. DDs and CA's roaming around the map alone, BBs not even collecting filth that drops right in front of them. and you have a 50% chance that they'll shoot other players on sight, even if there's little to be gained from it, they'll try to kill eachother near the portal just for the sake of throwing filth away and showing the world that you can be an even bigger potato every day.
  10. Aviri

    Yep... you can keep yer filth WG

    maverick, steel lancet and rust nightfall are great at killing things, but they aren't too good when it comes to taking a lot of damage, you kind of need the OP heals from the upgraded ships to make it out... seen plenty of teams annihilate those mutantovsk chargers by just sailing together
  11. Aviri

    My filth doesn't stink

    what about the horn.. is it the same as the regular ship or does it sound like the filth raid ones?
  12. Aviri

    Halloween filth isn’t fair

    bots have a grey colored filth symbol next to their ship's HP, actual players have blue, red and purple filth icons next to their name it is very easy to distinguish...
  13. Aviri

    Halloween filth isn’t fair

    Play destroyers, easiest class to zip around the map, siphon all that filthy substance and get into the portal quickly with a full tank. other than that division up with others and use ships with team consumables, as other players will be much more hesitant to try to steal from you in the portal when they got good chances of getting wasted themselves, wich often ends up with both teams getting less filth, also watch out for ships that carry little to no filth for they will obviously take any chance they're given
  14. Aviri

    Halloween Ship Tech Tree

    yeah this happened to me aswell, did not expect to need to purchase port slots for these things... as long as I keep those port slots I don't mind tho
  15. A lot of killing and cluelessness going on, seems like nobody out there knows what to do. Wich is a lot of fun actually, killing all of these backstabbers and trucebreakers feels almost like seal clubbing, except these guys actually deserved it.