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  1. SweetBabyRuth

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    Where is the Odin? I know they just released a German premium, but the one most people want is the Odin
  2. SweetBabyRuth

    German CV's inbound

    Why are we getting another paper line before Italian BBs, and alternative AM/IJN carrier lines. It's another line we really didn't need or want
  3. SweetBabyRuth

    Hooray for California!! Next. . . how about. . .

    They have more than enough content to have a line split and sell premiums
  4. SweetBabyRuth

    Please Create alternative US BB line

    Please world of warship developers, create an alternative line for US battleships. I know that wargaming likes making money, but y'all keep releasing "so-so" US BBs that people aren't super excited about. You have plenty of content to use, from the Tennessee class BBs to the South Dakota class. And even more of the Iowa class. Instead of putting the Ohio in the research bureau, your should make her the top tier of the alternative line. I know this seems like complaining but the community has wanted this for a very long time. More than they wanted West Virginia and more than they want California. And yes, even more than they want to regrind for an Ohio. Stop releasing premiums and make an alternative line for US BBs.
  5. To: World of Warships Dev team so this nerf to battleship ap against destroyers has really screwed over BB players, especially at close range. A BB at less than 5km should more than be able to kill a DD, but now with this nerf, BBs sit useless as ducks as a DD runs strait over them. Good job developers. Yes, this helped with DDs no getting sniped our of existance, but honestly, how often did that actually happen? If a DD gets sniped, then that's good rng or the player was actually good at the game. How about instead of bringing down the game for dummies, we teach the player base to actually play!
  6. SweetBabyRuth

    0.7.8 - Public Test Feedback

    The UI scaling is really nice, and the new consumable for the French cruiser line really doesn't change the playstyle of the cruiser or the game in any way. However... I hate this ranked season. It is more of the same and nothing has really changed. Yeah having tier V for the final rank is cool, but starting at tier VIII and the going X is just boring. Its the same gameplay that most of everybody plays on all the time for every competitive aspect of the game. It is just boring. Ranked has not changed, and there will probably be a lot of people who just don't play it again for another season, because we are just getting more of the same.