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  1. I really like the Kid and consider it one of the top 2 or 3 Tier 8 DDs. But I like gun boat DDs and dont feel like I missing too much with only one set of torp launchers. I think the heal way more than makes up for low torp count.
  2. warlock_xxxx

    A question about DD tactics please advise!

    there's capping DDs and theirs DDs that support capping DDs. Don't mix the two up. I typically haul [edited]to the closest cap at the starting gun and give it a go. You can usually tell pretty quickly if you should hang around to finish the cap -- or whether you're on the big push side of the red team. If the latter, than its usually time to run away and fight another day. No point in remaining in a cap where youre about to get overwhelmed with radar and close support gunfire from red cruisers.
  3. warlock_xxxx

    Non=Players POV of this game

    lolz. Ive been playing it for several years -- this is a second account for me. I pretty much have the same reaction to the game after some 15K matches.
  4. warlock_xxxx

    Flambass video, let's dicusss MM and CVs

    huh? Your obviously thinking of someone else. Flambass typically just likes being a goofball in his videos. He's one of the more benign CC'ers that routinely posts WoWs content on youtube.
  5. warlock_xxxx

    Do ship AA ratings mean anything?

    It's a relativistic comparison system..e.g. the rating is supposed to be how good the ship vs. other ships in the game. I've been wondering if these ratings were updated after the -- uhhh -- update. Are these the ratings from pre-8.0. The bench mark, or frame of reference is a bit unclear. Tier 1s are obviously really low on the scale. Therefore relative to a Tier 1 ships triple-A rating, GK's 74 rating is pretty good. But relative to post-8.0 aircraft characteristics, GKs 74 doesn't seem to be a particularly good rating.
  6. warlock_xxxx

    2 CV's per team is killing the game slowly

    My quick interpretation using a real simple regression line of peak trending data -- Looks like a steady drop from 2015 to Present. But I'm just an engineer by profession and registration. If I saw this sort of trend for say material strength vs. some sort of stimuli I'd wouldn't hesitate with an interpretation that material strength is dropping steadily as a function of whatever the stimuli is. You see a similar trend in the troughs. Its just the steepness\slope of the regression line is less when tracing the lows...i.e. the player base during the "off season" continues to decline but not at as dramatic a rate.
  7. Fumée!!!… je ne fume pas!!!
  8. in one word... "because of how much fun we all had in Le Terrible." toot-toot!!!
  9. warlock_xxxx

    How do I deal with a CV focusing me?

    you have to hit the ~ key and send all the dudes on this side of the ship to the other side of your ship so that the guns on the other side of the ship can shoot 1.75 times as much. that's the best way to be gud.
  10. and a bonus....Banfi Bell'agio Chianti...yum. Makes me want a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs to wash down all that Chianti.
  11. warlock_xxxx

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    speaking of getting old...I saw Comes Alive -- Live and I mean at the Peak of Pete
  12. warlock_xxxx

    About to pull the trigger

    I like mines -- a lot -- toot-toot
  13. warlock_xxxx

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    just because I felt like it...but what ever happened to all his pretty hair?
  14. warlock_xxxx

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    ^Very much this ...