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  1. warlock_xxxx

    OOOHHH BOY SUBS (added more videos)

    Now add in DD is trying to cap -- while dodging fire from other DDs and Cruisers -- and also the RED CV has decided to rocket the sub hunting DD.
  2. warlock_xxxx

    Ranked 1-5 Meta The 5 D's

    how are light cruisers not be a thing if there are this many DDs in ranked queues?
  3. warlock_xxxx

    Looking at another T6 cruiser for Ops

    I think the Perth is excellent for TVI OPs\Scenarios.
  4. warlock_xxxx

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    Given WGs inability to exercise restraint regarding thoroughly play testing major game changes before release, my sense is that Subs will be yet another complete debacle. They'll roll it into randoms and ranked way too prematurely with another series of excuses on why subs couldn't be tested properly via the PTS and\or public server scenario play. And they'll likely further alienate many players that are only now calming down from the hot steamy mess of 8.0.
  5. warlock_xxxx

    California HYPE

    Any chance this will be a viable candidate as a TVII "brawler" with good secondary build potential -- ala Mass or Georgia?
  6. I 've ground out a couple T10 ships. Worcestershire-Sauce and Mino. But I kinda like playing the DD rentals that WoT made available -- Gearing and Grozo particularly. Man -- the level of sh!t I have to endure in chat is hilarious. People talking trash to me about being a piece of sh!t rental driver even before the match starts. I do alright in the rental -- 78% w/r combined in Gearing and Grozo. Last match I was in I got fed-up and started flinging the Salt back. My "team" ended up winning. I finished the match number 1 on my --uhhh "team" -- high score by over 500-pts to the next highest score. killed 3 ships including soloing a Yamato...and I had one solo cap and one cap assist. Told my team before the match ended to kiss my @ss. Bunch of d0c4e monkeys in ranked. Half the dudes that were talking trash to me in this match I come to find out after the match had sub 48% w/rs. pfft
  7. warlock_xxxx

    Nelson should Have Torpedoes

    Sure -- I'd vote for it...particularly given the historicity. And I know "historicity" seems to be a -- errr -- some sort of dirty word to the easily outraged that populate this forum. Oh well . If historical aspects of Naval Combat weren't intermingled with this game there would be no need for the USS Texas model used in this game to resemble the actual Texas -- torps wouldn't skim below the water surface, they'd fly -- and etc etc etc. This is a game of arcadia that simultaneously co-mingles with aspects of simulation. Most folks that comment on this aspect of WoT don't really understand the definition of a simulation.
  8. warlock_xxxx

    PSA: There is an actual ammunition limit!!!

    perhaps early in the Design WG had considered an ammunition limit ala WoT...or perhaps default BigWorlds puts a ammo limit on stuff. 10000 is just a place holder since folks dont usually fire off 10000 rounds in a match.
  9. Lol...your impression of what "team games" means is funny.
  10. warlock_xxxx

    the Cvpocalypse .....

    The period has always been an overrated form of punctuation.
  11. warlock_xxxx

    top 5 premium ships for credit farming

    Speaking of Jean Bart....Can someone explain this reload booster graph from Little White Mouse? Thanks The Correct bar graph...does this imply that for optimal use of the consumable I should activate the booster about 2-seconds BEFORE the guns are fully reloaded? Bar graphs pulled from her post at:
  12. warlock_xxxx

    Shakespeare comes to WOWS

    When a Yorck gets blapped you Shakespeare the dude chat with with "Ala poor Yorick..." The Kings Jester:
  13. warlock_xxxx

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    Looks fun. But zero AA. Regardless of the claims that T4 CVs are harmless, my Dreadnought experiences tell me otherwise -- particularly when there are 2 or 3 CVs in a low tier match that luv to focus zero AA ships. Based upon my Dreadnought experiences since 8.0 I doubt I'd buy an Agincourt.
  14. warlock_xxxx

    Should I sell St. Louis and Charleston

    keep Charleston. I never think its a good idea to sell a premium ship. You can always use um as cap'n trainers. Even if its a port dust collector, once in awhile you may feel like monkeying around in a decent TIII cruiser for a match or two.
  15. Zao was notorious for stealth firing. I recall games from my old account in which a good Zao driver could remain undetected for almost entire matches while routinely having 100k(+) damg games.