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  1. ...getting hung up\stuck on islands. Can this be fixed already. I was in with a near perfect team. Every Japanese Ship was sunk with 4.5 minutes left in the match. I'm thinking WOO! All wrapped up -- all stars victory. Nope. The Ranger\Raptor AI driven CV was stuck on an island. All missions completed -- save the primary mission of the Raptor's AI being able to drive without piling into an island. This happens. And not just infrequently. Can this be fixed already -- or is this another "suck it up" whiner. You don't like our game, go play something else (which I intend on doing for the rest of the evening after this goofy result).
  2. warlock_xxxx

    FPS Drop in WoWS

    typical WG -- it aint their coding errors in the last patch -- its your computer specs.
  3. warlock_xxxx

    London Missions?

    OK -- I had about 3.0-million left in potential damage to complete all four tasks. It was getting late last night -- and I had to work early -- so I look at the in-game event description I posted above and I figure I have two days left to complete this event so I turn in. I've been chiseling away on this lengthy event every frickin evening after work. I've been basing my progress on the in-game event completion date description. WG doesn't wanna provide consistency with their event descriptions -- in-game vs. whatever the heck source you 24/7 WoT folks above posted -- fine. Whatever -- fool me once. A due date should be consistent. Don't write one thing on the in-game event description and something different on whatever source you folks above have cited.
  4. warlock_xxxx

    London Missions?

    than post that date on the in-game mission screen -- or in the actual directives. the way i read the in-game screen i posted above I've got until 3/11 to complete the event.
  5. warlock_xxxx

    London Missions?

    lol -- whatever. apparently the dates shown on the mission screen are not applicable?
  6. warlock_xxxx

    London Missions?

    2/12 to 3/11
  7. warlock_xxxx

    London Missions?

  8. warlock_xxxx

    London Missions?

    Are the London Missions over? The "Events" descriptions in-game when I click on COMBAT MISSIONS says it ends on 3/11. I had about 2-million left in tanking damage to get the London. But when I logged in to the game this after, the London Missions says something like "Stand By for for new missions" -- or something.
  9. warlock_xxxx

    Gorizia Not Accumulating Cmndr EXP in CO-OP

    whatever -- submitting a service ticket which is probably what I should have done in the first place instead of wasting my time here.
  10. warlock_xxxx

    Gorizia Not Accumulating Cmndr EXP in CO-OP

    than why is it continuing to tic down on the other three Gorizia tasks...lol. wow
  11. warlock_xxxx

    Gorizia Not Accumulating Cmndr EXP in CO-OP

    lol -- it's CO-OP -- not scenario and the current scenario is tier 6 anyway. its not accumulating for this task in randoms or CO_OP for Gorizia. my counter stopped at 68881 EXP. Its broken.
  12. This is the third set of Tasks for the Puerto Rico event. I was playing Gorizia in CO-OP. The 4 Gorizia missions in the No.3 set of tasks indicates all can be done in CO-OP. However, I started tracking my progress in all four of the available Gorizia tasks and noticed for the Task Entitled - "Introducing Gorizia: Commander XP" the accumulated commander EXP is not increasing while playing the ship in CO-OP. Three matches into CO-OP this morning with lots of flags and cammo and I lost about 20000 Commander EXP because the code for this seems to be broken.
  13. warlock_xxxx

    OOOHHH BOY SUBS (added more videos)

    Now add in DD is trying to cap -- while dodging fire from other DDs and Cruisers -- and also the RED CV has decided to rocket the sub hunting DD.
  14. warlock_xxxx

    Ranked 1-5 Meta The 5 D's

    how are light cruisers not be a thing if there are this many DDs in ranked queues?