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  1. Rokkator

    Old Torp Bug

    Currently I'm using my 7 year old Latitude E5450, I am planning on buying a new laptop soon, but this little bugger just won't die. I'm honestly surprised it runs the game as well as it does, although I agree, it's probably the cause of the issue.
  2. Rokkator

    Old Torp Bug

    I'm not how much lower I can go, this is my current setup.
  3. Rokkator

    Old Torp Bug

    I recently re-downloaded the game after a break of around 2 years, and I'm having a weird torpedo bug. All enemy torpedoes (and some friendly ones) don't run smoothly, they just jerk along. In the picture below, the leftmost torpedo is from the same salvo as the 2 next to it, but it's jerked forwards to its next "position" and the other 2 haven't yet. I vaguely remember having this issue years ago and getting it fixed, but I don't remember what the fix was. It could be my computer, as it is kinda old, but I'm just putting this out there in case someone knows that "all you have to do is change X settings". Thanks in advance!
  4. Shh... Stop showing how good the Republique is... Move along, nothing to see here.
  5. Rokkator

    Which mid-tier coal ship to buy first (2021)?

    I would suggest the Okt. Rev, as she is one of my favorite mid-low tier premiums. In my opinion, she's really good, some might say even a tad towards the OP side of things. No one noticed this, because the ridiculous Gulio Cesare came out at the same time as the Okt. Rev. and completely overshadowed the ugly Russian battleship. Anshan is a great pick though, she's still a good ship, though getting old at this point. Ships to steer clear of would include: Blyskawica (not a terrible ship, but not worth the coal in my opinion) Hill (not better than the T5 USN DD) Marblehead (ever so slightly better Omaha, which is like a slightly less smelly pile of manure) Yubari (just no) Ships I'm ambivalent about: Duke of York (better than most give her credit for, but still not good enough for me to recommend) Flint (WAY too expensive and she's been nerfed by the skill rework, but she's still fun when top tier) Kirov (honestly, I see no reason to get it, but she's not a bad ship) Aigle (rather an odd ship with annoying turret angles but not bad) Campbeltown & Charlestown (too low tier for me to care) Ships I know nothing about: Lazo (no clue if she's good, but due to the lack of buzz about her, I'm guessing she's not)
  6. Rokkator

    Rare little ship

    Vampire is very good for her tier, I think if she had more torpedoes she would probably be OP. My favorite low tier DD.
  7. Rokkator

    Buffs for Vampire II

    I know a lot of people complain about the camos in this game but I am normally ok with most of them; I actually really like the Bismarck cathedral camo... But this one is just comically ridiculous. It looks like a crocodile and a garish tiki bar had a terrible transporter accident.
  8. Rokkator

    Agincourt coming to WoWS!

    It does look like some slightly garish footwear from the 80s and 90s... Funny, since she's not known for speed.
  9. Rokkator

    Agincourt coming to WoWS!

    Just wait until they announce a full FDR-esque USN alternate CV line later today.
  10. Just about 15 minutes ago on the Waterline Q&A devblog it was mentioned that the HMS Agincourt "turret farm" will be coming to WoWS soon (tm). I wasn't able to grab a screenshot of the ship, but she looked great! If I remember correctly, she is going to be T5.
  11. Rokkator

    PLEASE let me block clan invites.

    Eh, I just ignore the invites and just see it as someone complimenting me by saying "you play well"!
  12. Rokkator

    Doing the brain thing. A Warships paper.

    My first line I worked hard up was the USN DDs back in 2016, and that taught me all about how a destroyer captain thinks. This is invaluable information for a BB driver, because an aggressive and knowledgeable BB captain is very hard for an average DD captain to counter. I totally agree that learning DDs first is a good strategy. In learning how to play destroyers well, you end up learning about the capabilities of all the other ships and classes.
  13. Rokkator

    Which Tier 9 Would You Buy? And Why?

    F.D.G. is my suggestion. 🙃
  14. Rokkator

    North Carolina

    And yet she can barely knock a few T8 planes out of the air before she dies, let alone T10 planes.
  15. Rokkator

    PSA: Is your ship underperforming?

    My Vermont is underperforming, but only when I compare it to my aspirations. Even when that infernal doom-barge manages to perform, I can't help but think "yeah, but how much better would I be doing in my Montana...".