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  1. Rokkator

    What's the deal with Seattle?

    Well, not sure, but it seems to me that the people that live there enjoy smashing and destroying other people's stuff. Wait... Wrong forum...
  2. Because sometimes this is the only way to not go insane.
  3. Rokkator

    free players vs pay players

    This post is funny to me because it's more a reflection on how WOT is actually P2W (and the OP thought that spending money might help) and WoWS isn't. In world of tanks, if you buy the newest biggest best thing, you do better. If you try to use tech tree tanks, you do worse. There are some exceptions, in fact a lot of exceptions, but for the sake of my argument, compare the Defender to the IS-3, or the T-32 to the Patriot. (yes I'm cherry picking, but it's my comment, and I'm just trying to make a point here) There are some premium ships in world of warships that are better than their tech tree counterparts, but not a crazy amount better. Also, they're oftentimes a slightly different flavor that just happens to end up playing better in the game. (See Alaska vs Buffalo, Atago vs Mogami, Cossack vs Lightning, Alabama vs NC, and Prinz Eugen vs Hipper, to name a few) (Yes I am ignoring the blatantly overpowered ones for the sake of my argument, but WOT is in a much worse place than WOWS when it comes to balance)
  4. Rokkator

    Who is your best Captain(Funny)?

    I can't think of any particularly funny captains, but back when I got my MO (one day before she got removed) I decided that the new captain for my MO would have an interesting name. I kept clicking through the US captains, trying to get an interesting first/last name combo. I finally got "Frank Franklin" and kept it because the idea of some Mrs. Franklin naming her son Franklin (Frank for short) was really funny to me. Poor Franklin Franklin must have had an interesting time in school. He was also my first 19-pointer; Frank has seen a lot of action since he joined my fleet!
  5. Rokkator

    Tier X Fletcher -- SUGGESTION

    Name it the Johnston (I don't know how, just do it) and it will sell WELL.
  6. Rokkator

    So much for summer sale!

    My thoughts with this event are as follows: Ignore the boxes, buy today's 60 tokens ($12.40 if I remember was my total), earn the ones in game, and buy the Konig Albert. I have the Vampire, she's amazing, honestly a bit overpowered, so if you want a fun T3 DD, Vampire is the best. Regarding the Albert, I can't remember the last time they sold the K. Albert, and I always wished I'd bought her. Yes yes, I know they just completely screwed over T3 by shoving all the bots in there, but I will gladly pay $12.40 for a ship that I have wanted for a very long time. All the premium ship boxes and holiday boxes are for people who want to gamble with their money to maybe get something they might be happy with. I'm spending less money for something I know I'll be happy with.
  7. Rokkator

    Talking to Bots in COOP

    I distinctly remember seeing the bots messaging "The first law of robotics has been rescinded!" as the match began.
  8. Rokkator

    Talking to Bots in COOP

    In World of Warplanes (prior to the disastrous 2.0 update) the bots would randomly send out messages. Gosh I miss that game.
  9. Rokkator

    Slava for 63,000 Research Points in 0.9.7

    This actually makes me kinda happy. I wasn't very interested in Slava, and putting Slava in the research bureau means that there will be far less players using it than if it were a tech tree ship, coal ship, or free XP ship.
  10. Rokkator

    Ships you Adore.

    I'd say the Okt Rev is one of the ships that instantly clicked with me: 166 battles, 64.6% winrate, 1.2k avg experience 62k avg damage, With a 1.87 destruction ratio. When this ship came out I loved it so much. no one knew how to counter it, and it's armor was really good for tier 5, and it has a pretty heavy broadside and actually not sucky AAA. I won it in the event, and I loved beating up all the people who had just bought the new "overpowered" Giulio Cesare who didn't realize that the Okt Rev was almost as good as it. However, my favorite ship is Nelson: 453 battles, 60% winrate, 1.5k avg experience 74k avg damage, With a 1.67 destruction ratio. I can't really explain why the Nelson is so much fun for me, but it is just... Right.
  11. Mine is a picture of the incredible, the amazing, the incalculable, "Professor Fate" played by Jack Lemmon in the movie The Great Race. he is by far my favorite character in that goofy movie. For whatever reason, villains that know how bad they are and enjoy it are just so entertaining. By the way, that movie contains the single largest film pie fight in all of movie history, it's well worth watching.
  12. That's pretty cool. Still, as an aviation history buff, I have no clue why WG thought it was a good idea to put the TA-152 (mainly used for high-altitude interception) as a torpedo/dive bomber. I mean, honestly, if Hitler's insistence of using the me-262 as a ground attack aircraft is any indication, he might have ended up forcing the TA-152 to be used as a torp/dive bomber had they ever had a carrier...
  13. Any tier 1 ship.
  14. Hey, for those of you who haven't read the patch notes, WG finally addressed the inconsistency of the turning circles of many ships in game vs their in-port statistics. The information is in the patch notes at the bottom of the page under the tab titled "Turning Circle Radius Changes". This topic of the incongruity between the stats and the reality of the turning circles has been a long-standing "research project" by @LittleWhiteMouse and it is nice to see that her work has been appreciated. I am especially excited that Warspite has a tad more tightness in her turn! Thank you WG and thank you LittleWhiteMouse!
  15. Rokkator

    Why is Ranked Sprint 12 so bad?

    Just play Amalfi. Not to many people playing her, and I LOVE how she plays. I ranked out with her, so I'm a little biased.