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  1. Rokkator

    ST: New Ships!

    I want a captain Steven Colbert to helm the Colbert, randomly spouting entertaining nonsense throughout the battle in the "all team" chat for all to see. Please WG? Pretty please?
  2. Rokkator

    Team Honor or Team Glory?

    Honestly, I'd pick Team Honor. But... during the "eagles vs sharks" competition, I stuck with eagles the whole time... and unless my memory is faulty, they lost. Nearly. Every. Single. Day. I kept thinking, "Yeah they've lost 5 days in a row, but that just means that they're more likely to win today, right?" It was a direct result of these constant daily losses, (and my frustration with these losses which led me to stop trying when I realized that it was impossible for me, with my play style, to get enough tokens) that I didn't obtain enough tokens to get either a Des Moines or Wooster camo. So for this event, I don't really care, I just want to be on the side that wins the daily "events".
  3. We get to fight against the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS)!???!!!?! I can't wait! I suggest we all try spinning... that's a good trick!
  4. WOT has been played off and on since 2015. I keep coming back, getting disgusted with it, and leaving. It's still fun, but in an "I just got another cut on my arm trying to hike through this thornbush" kind of way. My dislikes of this game include, but are not limited to: 1. A lack of horns on the tanks. 2. Stupid ACTUALLY OP vehicles, more so than any issues in WoWs, (except for maybe the Kamikaze/Belfast/Nikolai). 3. Premium ammo which makes no sense, since an actual tank crew would just stock the best ammo when in battle instead of having to pay for better ones while in the midst of combat. (I know that none of these games is historically accurate, it just irritates me.) World of Warplanes though... I played that starting in 2014 up until the famous 2.0 update. After that, I more or less just quit. All the fun, strategy, balance of aircraft, and challenge from the original game was replaced by a game where all my favorite planes had their specs completely altered. The corsair line lost its great power at altitude, and the Lavochin line lost its unique maneuverability characteristics. The worst of all though, were the poor F-94D Starfire and the Blohm and Voss Ha-137. The tier 9 Starfire used to be extremely powerful and fast... and now at altitude it struggles to keep from stalling when climbing if boost is not engaged. The Ha-137 is a ground-attack plane that used to be able to almost maneuver with the fighter planes... if one knew how to handle it well. I got more air-to air kills with that little wonder than with most fighter planes. Admittedly, now the game is easier and more fun... on the surface. There is no longer as much depth and the skill-ceiling is now low. World of Warplanes used to be unique. It certainly had a lot of problems, (*tiny playerbase cough cough*), but it was still fun. Now... it is just boring. Which is sad, since I had 5 tier 10s, and many other lines heavily researched. I uninstalled the game a while back and haven't played it since. I hope it gets better, but I don't hold out much hope after seeing what's happened to WOT. World of warships though, is fantastic. It's a great mix of action and strategy. Sure, it's got issues, but I still enjoy it. I've been playing since December of 2016, I got into the game just in time to win a Graf Spee through the Christmas event! For whatever reason, WoWs seems to be more immune to the "problems" that the other two games seem plagued with. Plus, it's more fun!
  5. Rokkator

    Best looking ship in the game?

    Nelson. The most beautiful oil tanker ever built. They even gave her defensive gunnery if she happened to need to defend herself should she get attacked while delivering her oil!
  6. In the premium shop currently there are offers for USS Smith for $0.99, the Tachibana Lima for $0.99, and the USS Texas for $9.99. (Also the Marblehead Lima and the Yubari, but I'm not interested in those in the slightest.) I bought the Smith, (since I didn't have one, and heck, it's a dollar) and I probably won't spring for the Texas (even for $10, since I'm cheap), but I already own the Tachibana Lima, and here the trouble started. In the past, I bought an Ishizuchi when it was on sale for some ridiculously low price, since I knew that if one buys a premium ship that they already own, they get the amount that the ship is worth in doubloons. I got the doubloons, no problem. Just today though, after buying the Smith for $1, I thought to myself: "Self, if you get the Tachibana Lima for $1, you'll get some doubloons for cheap!" So, after looking up what the Tachibana Lima is worth in doubloons, (950, from this link here, and yes, I know it's a reddit post so disclaimers) I bought it. After getting the notification about the ship being added... no doubloons. I did some research and found out that I was never going to get doubloons from this, as the $1 is for the port slot, and the ship is considered free. I just wish I'd realized this beforehand... but hey, I guess I can use the port slot.