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  1. ZaKazan

    Can we fix this class?

    Battleships are by far the weakest class and the reason why is simple, they do not have the maneuverability to change their position quick enough to adapt to a changing battlefield. Cruisers can counter them by kiting, DDs counter them by concealment torps and extreme agility, cvs counter them by just targeting them as they can't move and subs the same thing. They are the most easily countered class in the game because they can't reposition. You can easily make them over extend or push them so far away that they are useless for the rest of the match.
  2. Subs and CVs don't belong in any ranked or competitive modes since they are not balanced towards any sort of skill, they are entirely designed around ease of use to allow bad players to get kills easily.
  3. ZaKazan

    Legendary Commanders Supplies

    buy 19 at a time to get the 10% dscount, then do this until you have what you want.
  4. ZaKazan

    What would improve the game?

    a total revamping of the monetization of the game, which would allow for balance changes
  5. The survey is absolutely meaningless. You can conclude that murder should be legalized by polling serial killers and what they think of murder, you can also set this survey up in the way that WG did in that you can also poll non serial killers and their sentiments on murder. It is an utterly useless way to survey people. Like really, just sit there and think about what the survey is telling you.
  6. So you're saying that people that like subs tend to play them? wow, what a revelation. I suppose WG just does not care one bit about what the players think on the receiving end.
  7. ZaKazan

    Dutch cruisers and ASW

    On paper it's god awful. In quality PvP games, there is a general tendency to balance the game so that all classes have some way to fight against each other. I have no clue what you're trying to talk about on here other than trying to use terrible game design choices to justify more terrible game design choices. The rest of your comment reads like a copy paste typical WG response which everyone already knows is [edited] ever since they used the same exact logic with CVs and is thus not worth the response. jUsT dOdGe https://clips.twitch.tv/SnappyCuriousDonutMcaT-tVftxegfh-OZQAV-
  8. ZaKazan

    Dutch cruisers and ASW

    My question was why did they release subs with having an entire line of ships not being able to do anything against them. It just shows how ill prepared they are for the release of subs that someone higher up just told them to release the subs in their current state with no thought about it whatsoever.
  9. Are dutch cruisers just supposed to die to subs? Has WG given us any reason why they didn't give dutch cruisers ASW prior to releasing subs? How does a dutch cruiser counter a sub?
  10. ZaKazan

    Current Player Count (Across All Servers)

    if you take jan 20 to sept 20, you see that the average player count is about 9.4k, if you take jan 21 to sept 21 player count is down to 8060, that is an objective 15.5% drop in numbers and you can clearly see it on the graph. The playerbase isn't growing, and this is a clear problem with a game based on tiers. If the population stays the same, then the average tier players are playing at will naturally go up, leaving lower tiers more empty.
  11. ZaKazan

    My reaction to Devblog 377

    I like how wargaming says that sometimes you need allied help to take out submarines, but about 2 paragraphs later when talking about subs detecting each other they say that allies are unreliable. It is also clear from the graph, and also from the CV reworks that wargaming does not think about the players on the receiving end of these mechanics, only what the players playing these ships experience. They also brought up historical accuracy in terms of Leone and Okhotnik.... while having subs in the game that go faster than DDs. It seems wargaming is selective when it comes to implementing ships with historical accuracy and only argues for it when it suits them. I also like how they keep reiterating that they do not plan to change subs for a while and the playerbase just has to deal with it, essentially admitting that even after 3 years, they have not been able to create a quality product and are just dumping on us when it's not finished. This is probably the most damning part of it all, that they are intentionally releasing an inferior product just so they can make a couple extra dollars. I'm glad this game is hemorrhaging players, because I wouldn't be playing this game if it wasn't for all the freebies they try to entice players with. Every time they release these types of articles, we get to see just how utterly rotten they are and why they don't deserve our money.
  12. ZaKazan

    GG Wargaming: Another aiming bug

    It's sad that the people that are ostracized and shunned by wargaming do a better job at making sure the game runs properly than the people that work for wargaming that are paid money to do this exact thing. Of course such a bug would exist with a company such as this.
  13. Subs have overall reduced the quality of the game. I had a game yesterday that had to run out the clock because a single sub decided to hold the game hostage by staying under water for as long as possible. Subs are terribly designed, just like how CVs are terribly designed, just like how Arty is terribly designed on WoT. I have no clue as to why WG insists on implementing vehicle classes that can dish out damage but not take any in return. I don't know if its because WG is so bad at game balance that they have to combine both huge RNG swings on top of unfair mechanics such as CVs, subs, arties to even out the performance of their overpowered and poorly designed vehicles or that it's just a culture thing with where this game is made. There are some interesting studies pertaining to the western and eastern ideas about things like fairness, and they are worth reading to get context of what I'm trying to say. http://journal.sjdm.org/81217/jdm81217.html
  14. ZaKazan


    $13 off. I wouldn't say that's 'nowhere near' $90 but good try