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    Entertaining data anomaly...

    It's pretty well known that WG generally turns a blind eye to botting, not only in wows, but wot as well. With grinds for tanks taking anywhere from 6-8 hours a day to grind, and this current PR event taking 12-16 hours a day to grind, as it was stated by WG staff themselves, these grinds are catered to the mentally ill, although they left out another type of player that these events are catered to: bots. If you're going to prey on someone's mental illness to extract money from them, you need them to see other people (in this case botters) win the money or the item to tempt them more. This is why in gambling halls, when someone wins a lot of money, everyone in the place is notified of it.
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    How To Fix Carriers

    u wot m8