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  1. Morse Code in Naval Base

    Thought we were about to have an Elite: Dangerous unknown artifact going on. Bullet dodged.
  2. In a team-based game with no respawns, you will always have wipeouts no matter how good your matchmaking is. as you lose guns you lose ability to deal damage, and provide fewer targets the enemy can spread their fire onto.
  3. Risk vs. Reward, ie. risk a BB heavy game where you can get some huge DB numbers, but maybe end up vs. a lot of ships you just overpen, or go with HE for consistent dot stacking but less potential to nuke.
  4. Ah yes, someone with 6 battles of experience in the Fuso is definitely someone who should give advice on how to play it. Especially with such stellar performance as yours.
  5. You mean like how if you deselect the ARP filter all the Arpeggio ships show up as their normal counterparts? Yeah, it would be great if WG could implement that. Oh wait, they already did.
  6. Agreed, stats shouldn't be displayed in game. And it's not like it's that hard to alt-tab and pull up wtd during a break in the action anyway. Also it's much more satisfying to listen to salty players when your stats don't align with their perception of you.
  7. Are you me? Also, @OP: My #1 advice is stay alive. It may not sound like much, but that's my number one goal and while I may not always succeed, as long as you're alive you can be slinging lead.
  8. Below what tier would you consider to be seal clubbing?
  9. XVM style like mod is in game.

    Does WG allow mods? Yes. Does WG allow smoke circle mod? Yes. How is using a free and readily available mod approved by the developers of this game immoral?
  10. XVM style like mod is in game.

    Yes, but WG will ban for cheats, so I don't see the problem.
  11. XVM style like mod is in game.

    Would you happen to be referring to a mod made by a wargaming employee that happens to be planned to be added to the game client in 5.9? Going to go out on a limb and say not a cheat. It's like the WoT players that complain about the "battle assistant" mod for artillery without realising it won a make a mod competition held by WG.
  12. I give up, Wargaming. You win.

    Gomez, the tier 3/4 BBs of both US and IJN are turds, and the Ishizuchi is barely a BB. Suffer to the Kongou and the go for another opinion. And the only common factor in every game you win or lose is you.
  13. Artillery support for troop landings.
  14. yess, 'nuff said indeed. 99k damage is unimpressive for someone nearing 1000 battles. I average 82k damage in my Fuso, at tier 6. And for all of the complaining about destroyer torpedos you did in that short video, you were hit by an astounding 2* DD torpedos.