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  1. Ostwind, i wish you the best of luck in coop, your teammates in random won't miss having you.
  2. limit dds in clan wars

    I ran that through Google translate it came out saying "I don't respond when people disagree and provide facts."
  3. So you make these things optional. I play at 1440p and I hate this part of the update as well: I actually enjoyed not having my minimal covered in massive blobs. I enjoyed having the smaller icons because I could actually see what ships were what if there were more than 2 ships in an area.
  4. RadioLab Show on Randomness

    What's there to discuss? RNG IS RNG, and all the people here who are convinced there is any sort of rigging have never provided any data other than "it happens to me, I swear".
  5. So its only rigging when you lose?
  6. WR needed to Rank out?

    5:30 AM & 0500... One of these things is not like the other...
  7. Best Premium Ship for 25 dollars?

    Okhotnik. Yes it's a DD, but it's hands down the most fun you can have in a premium ship.
  8. Morse Code in Naval Base

    Thought we were about to have an Elite: Dangerous unknown artifact going on. Bullet dodged.
  9. In a team-based game with no respawns, you will always have wipeouts no matter how good your matchmaking is. as you lose guns you lose ability to deal damage, and provide fewer targets the enemy can spread their fire onto.
  10. Risk vs. Reward, ie. risk a BB heavy game where you can get some huge DB numbers, but maybe end up vs. a lot of ships you just overpen, or go with HE for consistent dot stacking but less potential to nuke.
  11. Ah yes, someone with 6 battles of experience in the Fuso is definitely someone who should give advice on how to play it. Especially with such stellar performance as yours.
  12. You mean like how if you deselect the ARP filter all the Arpeggio ships show up as their normal counterparts? Yeah, it would be great if WG could implement that. Oh wait, they already did.
  13. Why do stats Exist? (Read full Desc)

    Agreed, stats shouldn't be displayed in game. And it's not like it's that hard to alt-tab and pull up wtd during a break in the action anyway. Also it's much more satisfying to listen to salty players when your stats don't align with their perception of you.
  14. Are you me? Also, @OP: My #1 advice is stay alive. It may not sound like much, but that's my number one goal and while I may not always succeed, as long as you're alive you can be slinging lead.