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  1. Yeah I always do the 200k credits to at least reduce the training by half, whats elite commander XP? Never heard of that.
  2. Its hard to want to play this game, its so grindy to get to the next ship. Plus having to retrain my captain every time I want to bring him to the next ship is super annoying. I hate the fact that I now have a captain that is only 50% as effective until I grind out his retraining. I love naval games, I've had a lot of family in the navy, so these types of games kinda gel with me in a way, but I just don't really care for the whole "play a ton of games in this ship to get the next one". I usually end up only playing like 5-10 games a week, if that, because the game is pretty off-putting to me.
  3. I know your pain, I'm not a fan of BB players, thats why I just do all the work myself in my DDs
  4. SnowGirl_93

    Can we have special mode - "club developer"

    A single CV in a match shouldn't be an issue for anyone, but when there is 3 on a side it gets quite difficult, especially for most T3 ships since very few of them have any AA on them. Most T4 ships AA is laughable at best and since most players at that tier are still new to the game its unlikely they know how to maximize the damage output of their AA. So all they see is 3 CV players slowly ripping them apart with no counter play. Honestly it should just be capped at 1 CV for T4. Allow 2 CVs at tiers 6 and 8, then back to a single CV at T10 again.