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  1. DemonicTreerat

    Enlightened drop

    Lets see. Basically all that was done was releasing the bombs when the DBs are at the absolute lowest point of their drop with the maximum speed imparted by the diving plane. Geez. That sounds like what happened to certain Japenese carriers at Midway. SBDs went in at maximum speed and released their bombs as close as possible to the point where they had to pull up to avoid not being able to pull out of the dive in time (and some crossed that line to land their hits). Amazing how these shills scream "exploit!" when its a carrier doing something, but its just fine when a destroyer does the exact same thing (getting to absolute minimum range courtesy of "magic cloak of invisibility" aka concealment before releasing torpedoes). Almost as if they don't really want a balanced game but somethign to stroke their ego....
  2. DemonicTreerat

    Is the the april fools joke... Right WG...?

    Because the weaboo's can't stand the thought that their precious little fantasy boat was flat out inferior to ships that actually existed and drew blood. Funny. When it was US CV's, or any USN ship, suffering massively they were all "its historical!" But when its their precious IJN ships falling behind - far too many of which are some idiot with an engineering degree's fantasy - balance suddenly trumps history. Hypocrites the lot of them.
  3. DemonicTreerat


    Too bad this game isn't remotely server-side. Want proof? Go into a training room with a someone and have them sail in a straight line. Aim and fire at 10 seconds out and when the shells are a second or two away they do something to disrupt the connection (lag switch, pull the cable, whatever) without crashing the game. Have them reconnect a few seconds later. What you will see is that they A) took no damage from the shells and B) their ship still ends up at where they sailed it, not where they disconnected. That is called lag compensation and it is only needed in client-side games to resolve issues due to the differences in latency between clients. Truly server-side games don't need anything like that because the main server does all the calculations then sends the results to the clients. Even more proof - just put "WoWS cheats" into your favorite browser (Tor being the ideal) and you'll see just how many there are. Plus visual records of people who got busted for cheating in WoWS because they didn't hide the cheat window while streaming.
  4. DemonicTreerat

    8.0.3 CV results

    Nope. Then again they have real developers with actual coding skills and management who fire said developers if they royally screw up or get caught chasing a personal agenda. Plus the studios pay attention to who worked where so if you do make said screw up you can forget working an A+ company.
  5. DemonicTreerat

    How the CV Rework Saved WoWS

    That is because it was long-range AA that got brought down. You know the stuff that made the German ships as effective as the USN ones without all the drawbacks. Now its ships with good mid and long range AA whose players invested in said ability that shred planes. Those who didn't need to read up on why HMS Repulse lasted considerably longer while under air attack than Prince of Wales. Here is a hint; its called not waiting until you see the torpedoes headed right at you to react to the threat.
  6. Well obviously there is a problem. Your lack of brain power. Really. You know your side isn't going to move up yet you waltz into a spot that tells anyone with a working eyeball that someone is in there, and since you aren't detected like a cruiser or battleship ergo you must be a DD, and then you complain about getting found? You might as well have yelled your intentions - at least then the other side might have thought it was disinformation. What you did was give away your position to a pair of ships who clearly understood that killing DDs as soon as possible is a good way to secure a win and cooperated to get the kill. In simple terms even mouth-breathing DD drivers can understand; they played to the freaking objective as a team and your lone wolf wannbe hero rear got whooped for being a noob. Guess its time to for you to learn to do what you DD drivers have been telling everyone else; git gud or uninstall.
  7. DemonicTreerat

    Should WG go forward with the CV rework?

    Of course it shouldn't go through. First reason is that this "rework" hasn't fixed any of the glaring issues with carriers (massive difference in effect between 45-50% "normal" players and 70%+ "always division and run the latest mods" so-called unicums, the disparity between the USN and IJN CV lines, how AA is an all-or-nothing (either you swat everything out of the sky or barely even tickle the strike), a UI more prone to bugging out than working correctly, etc. Same problems, same results, just from a different POV on the screen. Second,it took away the non-damage aspects of carriers. For example the ability to scout large areas of the map in a reasonable time (without being completely removed from the fight), keep spotted ships that abuse the heck out of the idiocy that is "concealment range" long enough for those ships that were supposed to be said classes counter to actually counter them, the ability to counter other aircraft (both from carriers and spotters/ catapult fighters), etc. In its place it left... pretty much nothing. Now carriers are reduced to being entirely damage-focuses, especially with the little issue that WoWS only really rewards damage but doesn't adjust costs if a ship does mostly "support". Last, its just managing to drive away both the current carrier players while not enticing new ones. Oh and it still causes the anti-CV idiots to foam at the mouth. So there goes salvaging this pitiful "community". So tell me, what exactly has this "rework" accomplished that fulfills any of its promised effects? Right, it hasn't. But being the arrogant idiots that they are, Wargaming will keep pushing this farce through because they refuse to admit to A) being idiots who wouldn't know a good idea if it hit them over the head with a Sherman tank and B) that they screwed up massively and should have listened to the players telling them so. Personally I hope this mess goes through as-is and lasts for months before any changes are made. Maybe some of you will learn that just because you want something doesn't mean its a good idea. Nah, that would be stupid people learning and stupidity is infinite.
  8. DemonicTreerat

    Refund for AA themed ships Atlanta and Texas?

    Let us not forget all the people who called for a complete over-haul/ gutting of CVs and the total elimination of their spotting ability who will suddenly find themselves without air cover and at the total mercy of CVs whose sole focus will now be doing damage. The forum tantrums will be absolutely epic in scale if utterly lacking in intelligence. Maybe if they had just shut their mouths from the start and left the suggestions, comments, and testing of the rework to the people who like and play CVs enough to understand the problems, Wargaming might have stopped short of this stupidity. But typical idiots had to open their holes and here is the result. I believe the phrase is "be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it."
  9. DemonicTreerat

    WG, your Scrooge is showing.

    Listen up twerp. Companies make more money over the long haul when a large MAJORITY of customers are happy. Happy customers spend money and give recommendations that bring in potential new customers without A) paying for advertising and B) who are far more likely to trust the word of a friend/ buddy than some random idiot who they know was paid to only say good things about a product. Then there is the matter that unhappy customers not only do not spend money, they give BAD word or mouth about your product. Which is the worst negative advertising you can get because it comes from someone who the would-be customer trusts. Hence the rule of retail - one unhappy customer is $30,000 in lost sales. So get out of the basement and go spend time in the real world.
  10. Any battleship that gets within 12km of the hostiles WILL become the target of every other ship in range. To the point where no amount of angled armor (thank you zero-skill HE), turtle back scheme, cool down management, and TDS will keep you alive long enough to get within range of your secondary armament. A situation not helped when the 11 other players on your "team" decide that you're the perfect sacrificial lamb to keep the other guys busy while they take ineffective pot shots from their maximum range before running back to cower behind their island of choice. Oh and lets not forget that if you do push you will A) get zero support which results in dying and B) be ridiculed for dying "like a noob" because the idiots yelling at you refuse to stop mating with islands long enough to capitalize on any push made. Hence why German battleships - or any ship in this game - hides in the back at tier 8+. Its the only way you stay alive long enough to not put up with the [edited] that the players here throw out. If you want it to stop then shut your hole and get side by side with the battle wagons that do push up. Otherwise we'll keep in the back hoping for lucky hits and refusing to be your meatshields.
  11. DemonicTreerat

    Crossing the T, too much emphasis on citadels?

    And there in lies the problem. Wargaming took the concept of a naval game, stuffed it into a box with its archaic engine, then used an axe to make it all fit into a product aimed at the ADHD "must get game done in 10 minutes!" crowd instead of building a new - if related - engine to fit the game and adjusting the target market to fit the reality of their product. The result has none of the good sides and all the bad ones when it comes to just how complex and tough a warship from the time period was. Rather sad but what else can you expect from the guys who couldn't even get a multiplayer flight game right even with all the examples of what to do (and not to do) around them?
  12. DemonicTreerat

    Fix the Yamato's cheek weak spot

    With the powder charge greatly reduced so that the shell had the same velocity at impact as it would have had at normal ranges. Do try to read the whole bit, not just the parts you think are important. After all one doesn't need to be a Do try to keep in mind that one 16" shell cost more than most workers at the time earned in an entire WEEK. Unlike you idiots the Navy wasn't going to waste what would be hundreds of thousands of dollars to hit a tiny target thousands of yards away when they could simply move the target closer and reduce the powder charge to get the same data.
  13. DemonicTreerat

    CV Rework Feedback

    Typical Wargaming. Take something with potential but screw it up due to arrogance & laziness then deny anything wrong until gangrene has set in. When they finally - indirectly - admit to the issue and decide to fix it they completely screw over those trying to make a go of things (*cough* USN CVs *cough*) while breaking the things that actually somewhat worked such as being an alternative source of reconnaissance and being able to hit multiple targets near-simultaneously or to alpha strike a single high-value target that is exposed. You know you could have just changed the whole manual attack/ strafe to your WoP-lite to deal with the multi-tasking "unicums" by making them choose between investing focus & time into high-yield attacks or still be able to exert more control over the whole map at the expense of leaving the actual attacks to the computer. Then used the rest of the year plus you wasted coming up with this farce to fix the actual issues. For example, you could have started identifying, banning, and humiliating the toxic asshats who harass and grief their own CV for not playing exactly as they want them to (eg. focusing solely on protecting & spotting for them) until said player just trying to play CVs. Not to mention digging through you own forums to for the hundred-plus ideas that addressed the other issues (piss-poor balance between USN & IJN CVs, actual effectiveness of TBs vs. DBs, etc). But nope you just had to waste all that time throwing together a piece of crap while sinking more time into churning out low-quality premium ships & recycled "content" as cash grabs. So nope, not coming back. Nor will I stop spelling out to every gamer at work just how lousy this "game" is and that they should take their money and time to Steel Ocean, Navy Field 2, or any other product. At last tally that was a bit over $24,000 in direct sales lost and probably twice that indirectly.
  14. Because whiny little brats like yourself deserve absolutely nothing? Funny how those who go around calling themselves "elite", "skilled", "dedicated", and all the other self-appointed adjectives need all sorts of in-game reminders of their "special status". Almost as if they're afraid that if they don't have something to shove in other peoples faces that screams "I'm THIS good" people will judge them solely by their actions and find them... wanting. After all its not as if members of certain clans were caught cheating and exploiting in a "competitive" game with nothing on the line but their egos. Which is rather a sad testament to the direction that gamers are going. When I was doing major raiding we didn't care two [edited] about the gear that dropped. That gear was solely a hoop -and a detested one - we had to jump through to have a chance in certain fights that were gated behind X stat requirement. The pay off, and what drove 25+ guys (and girls) to spend 2 to 4 hours a day battering our heads against at times buggy content, was the thrill of victory and recognition that came from being the first to do something. And it didn't matter if we wore our raid gear or were in our "ignore me please I'm trying to gather crafting materials" rags - people recognized us due to the guild tag and name. Sounds like the sense of entitlement isn't among those wanting access to specific ships available for everyone. Rather its to be found among the people demanding that specific items & content be restricted to themselves & their buddies purely to fill their need to appear important.
  15. DemonicTreerat

    What would make AP more attractive?

    Sure. Log in and start a training room, park a USN BB T8 or later at in-game 13km from a target then aim for the deck and start shelling. Now record how many citadels you hit. It will be zero. Even though publicly available records show that at 11 degrees from horizontal a USN 16" SHS shell would consistently penetrate 3 inches of armor-grade plate. Not bounce off - penetrate clean through with enough energy left to keep on going and smash deep into the unprotected sections of a ship. And that penetration only got bigger the closer the angle was to vertical which at maximum range was over 45 degrees. There is absolutely nothing realistic about the in-game arcs. Wargaming took the laziest route available by arbitrarily chopping them off at maximum range instead of having the angle of impact depend solely on range. Something that just happens to only really hurt USN ships who relied on heavy shells moving at slower velocity that would plunge through the thinner decks of other warships.