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  1. DemonicTreerat

    Casual players at T8+

    Tell them they can take their mods and attitude, turn them parallel to the horizion outside their moms basement window, then shove it up their rear until it hits their tongue. Personally I'll take casuals over "competitive" aka try-hard players anyday. "Competitive" players are the type who only know one way to play no matter the situation and spend 3/4 the match cowering behind islands or at the back of the map, all the while yelling at everyone else to move up - no doubt wanting the "scrubs" to be bait & meatshields to coax the other side into shooting without exposing themselves to danger. Yet if the match is lost they blame everyone else while on wins they act as if they did all the work instead of sitting back padding their damage/ xp. "Casuals" might make more mistakes, but they also are more inclined to actual cooperation and sharing risks instead of worrying solely about their ego.
  2. DemonicTreerat

    3000 Dubs to NOT look like a spaceship. Fair?

    Reading comprehension that hard folks? Or just the typical WoWS "community" idiocy & ego at play that completely ignores what is being asked in favor of running your mouths without ever actually reading. He isn't asking to hide the camo. He does not like the camo and wants to be able to sell or trade it in for something like the basic premium one. You know, same or worse bonuses but resembles that actual pain scheme used by the ship. Just like players can sell modules that they win but don't intend to use. As to the original post. Be nice, but won't happen for two reasons. One, it would mean less frustration and Wargaming is all about pissing its players off in the hope that they'll open up the wallet to buy what they want. Two, it would hurt the developers massive egos if players sold off the ugly-as-[edited] "free" paint schemes they hand out and used the profits to buy the "basic" stuff. Greed & pride - to a developer those trump any form of common sesnse, reason, or hard data.
  3. DemonicTreerat

    HE vs BB's and IFHE - another long time problem.

    Ouch. Prepare for incoming flames from the idiots who think spamming a magic bullet makes them "skilled". Cruisers & destroyers have always had ways to deal with larger ships without a magic bullet that fundamentally ignores armor. For example, most cruisers have torpedoes - even short range ones - that can be used for a rush after baiting the first 30 second salvo or from ambush. AP shells, even small ones, can do plenty of damage against areas such as the upper belt and superstructure that aren't as well armored as the main belt. Then of course there is the old stand by of recognize when you are just plain outmatched by a hard-counter and running away to try something else. The "problem" is that most players here are too hidebound, ADHD, narcissistic, and just plain god damn stupid to grasp the concept of having more than one way to deal with a threat. To them if the "meta" doesn't work in a particular situation its the situation that is broken, not that their thinking is too narrow to consider other options. Another example is the anti-CV crowd who to this day can not grasp that when there are carriers involved you need to change how you approach a match - even if it means throwing out the entire "conventional wisdom" about which ships are most important to sink/ protect, when to be aggressive/ passive, etc. They still fall back on the same island-humping, lone wolf, passive mindset from playing without carriers then wonder why they get smashed due to not accounting for how planes change the game. Sadly though things are not going to change. Wargaming as usual backed itself into a corner with stupidity and a profound lack of foresight but refuses to make the changes needed to create a doorway out out of arrogance. Oh well, I've been done with this cesspit after Alaska so its no loss to me when the game tanks due to stagnant matches caused in part by the "first to be spotted is the first to die in 10 seconds due to unavoidable HE rain" "meta" that rules tier 8+. These idiots made their bed, now they can sleep it in lice and all.
  4. Because you aren't. The whole purpose in creating a system that assures lopsided fights is two-fold. One, it speeds up the que system by keeping matches as absolutely short as possible, which in turns gives the illusion of a decent-sized player base. Two, it creates frustration which in game developer "logic" equates with players being more willing to buy progress and thus more profit. What they are incapable of realizing is that when you stop playing in the tiny closed off Russian market you no longer have a captive audience. People have choices, and that includes dumping a studio they feel is abusing their trust. Too bad most of the "community" here kissed Wargaming's [edited]for so long that the developers think they can do pretty much anything and get away with it. And even when they do manage to create near-universal rage all they have to do is pull the idea, wait a few weeks, then put in the same idea with a different coat of paint.
  5. Oh look. Just as predicted - instead of grinding to make a regular ship overpowered, now you grind to get an overpowered "freemium". And the "community" is already dividing itself up into people who want that edge and those who oppose it. Just as so many - including myself - predicted would happen. Saddest part is that you idiots didn't even last 3 months. Less than 3 months since you were all declaring victory over the original NTC and now you are for all intents kissing Wargaming's [edited]instead of holding their feet to the fire for the same thing. What they say about fools and their money is proven true once again.
  6. Nothing easier. Record server side every game played and hire a staff of 24-48 people who aren't existing players (because existing players WILL be biased). Whenever a ticket or a pink tag created those staff immediately review the footage of that entire fight. From there they render a judgement. If its deemed accidental/ incidental the warning status stays, if the person making the ticket or who got team killed intentionally caused the situation (ex. turning into a friendly torpedo spread long well after release or a CV-hater threatening their teams CV who promptly gets torpedoed by a DD) then the status is removed (and applied to the offender). If the shooter is at fault they promptly get the whole shebang thrown at them. A) Their credit card and/or bank account linked to their paypal account is banned. Sure you can use a fake name on the paypal, but not on the bank account itself. At least not unless you want to do 5 to 10 years in prison for fraud. B) Said player will now always be unable to play anything but Tier 2, 5, or 8, always be bottom tier when possible, and is last in the que for any spot that isn't bottom tier. They are also completely locked out of the chat system. C) Said player no longer has any protection from being team-killed, gains no credits for any actions, and can not complete any missions, campaigns, or other events. Conversely their shots etc can no longer cause damage to friendlies and in the event of a ram/ block they immediately explode and the hulk removed from the game. D) When said player joins a match their in-game name, status, and nature of offense is broadcast to all players. E) Punishment lasts for a minimum of 6 months. Much faster than waiting weeks for a bored CSR to finally review a complaint, much harder to weasel out of, and I doubt anyone would want to stick around for 6 months under those conditions. Sure a new account could be made but then they would be right back to square one and unable to purchase anything so its a looonnnggg grind back to wherever they were. Would it happen? No. Because it requires Wargaming to invest money into hiring & training staff for a task that is about the long-term health of the game rather than creating a short-term influx of money to pad the bottom line. And long-term thinking is the absolute bane of technology & entertainment companies.
  7. DemonicTreerat

    What do you guys think of HE

    Its lazy [edited] coding from a company that has become the poster child for lazy [edited]. Really, an attack that ignores the most common form of defense with a potentially high chance to cause a stacking DoT without diminishing returns? MMORPGs tend to remove those abilities ASAP or nerf them into the ground for damn good reasons. Yet here its accepted as gospel with no basis in logic or fact. What it should be is a round having the same requirements for penetration as AP but having APs maximum damage while AP gets HE damage. Then turn fires into something all damage has a chance to start depending on severity of the hit. Result is HE being reserved for shooting at thin-skinned targets where over-penetration is an issue. As a side benefit armor becomes meaningful at effective thicknesses ranges other than "everything not HE overpens", "auto-bounce everything", and "so thick that nothing can penetrate". Heck if people knew that their armor could actually protect them against serious attacks for a time maybe they would be more inclined to actually push forward instead of humping islands all day. Will it change? Never. Aside from Wargaming proving utterly lazy and baldfaced liars, there are big chunks of this "community" that are dependent on this crutch while others hate anything that would require they change how they play from what they know as the "one true way".
  8. DemonicTreerat

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    The sarcasm detector just hit 11.3 . Honestly, you would think after how many years of being taken for a ride people would have learned to stop accepting empty promises of "we're sorry" and "we'll do better next time" from Wargaming. Their entire history is one of saying one thing, making a handful of changes that in the long haul prove meaningless, then doing exactly what they promised not to do. What is it going to take for people here to realize that Wargaming can not be trusted at all unless you're standing over them with a financial shotgun pointed at their head.
  9. Give them 6 months and I bet those same buffs will be right back. Oh sure they'll make them smaller and only add a few at a time, but they'll keep adding them and let them stack until its as bad or worse than what they were going to put in. All they're really doing right now is making what would have been the consolation prize for those who didn't complete a grind into the goal for the moment while they push back the direct ship buffs and schedule time to strong arm the paid shills called "Community contributors" back into line. Because mark my words, the end goal for Wargaming isn't enjoyment and retention of players. Its to force people to shell out real money to have an equal footing to the ones that will do anything for an edge while they still have a player base. Its one of the oldest tricks to persuading people to accept an idea that otherwise would invoke a firestorm - foot in the door. Instead of hitting them with your end goal you start with very small requests then when the person accepts you go for a slightly bigger request each time. Because humans are hardwired to not change our decisions (see: Monty Haul paradox) and seek consistency the majority of people will keep saying yes. Eventually if you space the requests out enough and make the increase over the previous one small enough people will accept what before would have been utterly unacceptable because they will see it as only a small change instead of the massive pivot it was at the start. Sales people use it, at times literally, as do cult leaders and politicians whose idea of laws are so extreme that people in their right mind will spit on them instead of listen. You want to know that the sign of real change at Wargaming would be? The public announcement of the staff being fired & replaced. This problem - like many others - started in the minds of Wargaming's people and it won't be gone for good until those people are. Anything less when they see money to be made at any expense is just PR and stalling.
  10. DemonicTreerat

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    Pfft. Really? In case you didn't notice they are locking specific ships behind the grind. With nothing said about exactly how said ships will compare to the normal versions. This isn't a win. They're just repackaging the bullcrap in a new format while hoping you are all too busy celebrating to notice until its in. Give it 6 months and you'll be right back here facing the same issues again, except this time they'll force the "community contributors" aka paid shills to toe the line in advance and be sneakier about it. Probably slip in the same bonuses but smaller & more of them that stack up to the same "grind & pay or be fodder for those that did" issue. And once that foot is in the door you can bet this "community" will be divided up with those already somewhat invested doing everything they can to shut up anyone that doesn't support their edge getting bigger. This isn't going to stop until there is a complete change of staff at Wargaming because the problem - stupidity, arrogance, and a "I am God" attitude - comes from the people at Wargaming. The only way you're going to cause that sort of change is by inflicting so much pain to their cash cows bottom line that fear & greed overrides their ego. But go ahead. Keep wasting money & time fighting a lost cause. I'm one of the smart ones who could see the trend and got the hell out while the getting was good so I'm not bleeding any more money.
  11. DemonicTreerat

    Get a load of this Naval Training Center

    I believe this is the point where I laugh like a lunatic while thinking "I told you [edited]morons so but your heads were so far up Wargaming's [edited]that you couldn't see anything but crap". Even the shills like Ichase & LWM have realized that this idea is a non-starter. Too bad its all too little and far too late to change anything. Guess what dickheads. You made this bed with your constant "benefit of the doubt" and "oh its not so bad." Now you get to [edited]live with it.
  12. DemonicTreerat

    Reported for doing well?

    Most likely it was your own side for focusing on winning instead of making them look good. Welcome to the life of a carrier - everyone expects you to focus solely on assisting them so they can be a hero and completely ignoring yourself. If you don't then you get reported because a bunch of spoiled brats can't handle having to actually put a bit of work into getting something once in a great while. And some people wonder why I made it a point to remind my "teams" that for a CV the one targets that could do absolutely nothing against my planes were green.
  13. DemonicTreerat

    Enlightened drop

    Lets see. Basically all that was done was releasing the bombs when the DBs are at the absolute lowest point of their drop with the maximum speed imparted by the diving plane. Geez. That sounds like what happened to certain Japenese carriers at Midway. SBDs went in at maximum speed and released their bombs as close as possible to the point where they had to pull up to avoid not being able to pull out of the dive in time (and some crossed that line to land their hits). Amazing how these shills scream "exploit!" when its a carrier doing something, but its just fine when a destroyer does the exact same thing (getting to absolute minimum range courtesy of "magic cloak of invisibility" aka concealment before releasing torpedoes). Almost as if they don't really want a balanced game but somethign to stroke their ego....
  14. DemonicTreerat

    Is the the april fools joke... Right WG...?

    Because the weaboo's can't stand the thought that their precious little fantasy boat was flat out inferior to ships that actually existed and drew blood. Funny. When it was US CV's, or any USN ship, suffering massively they were all "its historical!" But when its their precious IJN ships falling behind - far too many of which are some idiot with an engineering degree's fantasy - balance suddenly trumps history. Hypocrites the lot of them.
  15. DemonicTreerat


    Too bad this game isn't remotely server-side. Want proof? Go into a training room with a someone and have them sail in a straight line. Aim and fire at 10 seconds out and when the shells are a second or two away they do something to disrupt the connection (lag switch, pull the cable, whatever) without crashing the game. Have them reconnect a few seconds later. What you will see is that they A) took no damage from the shells and B) their ship still ends up at where they sailed it, not where they disconnected. That is called lag compensation and it is only needed in client-side games to resolve issues due to the differences in latency between clients. Truly server-side games don't need anything like that because the main server does all the calculations then sends the results to the clients. Even more proof - just put "WoWS cheats" into your favorite browser (Tor being the ideal) and you'll see just how many there are. Plus visual records of people who got busted for cheating in WoWS because they didn't hide the cheat window while streaming.