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  1. I think realm tool still not fixed. @Aslain
  2. Sunny_Lo

    King of the Sea VIII NA vs. SEA Server Clash

    Most lopsided Kots server clash ever Btw, the team with DD win against no DD, and first blood is killing mino, #newCVmeta
  3. Sunny_Lo

    0.8.0 open beta grace period?

    So in what way, my suggestion will hurts the player base? Those video post by CC are mostly full AA build or no AA build, it is unrealistic to pick a right setup with only one skill reset and use doubloons to replace modules. When CC said the CV rework is not ready and ask for more testing before push to live server, Dev team responded on Reddit said it is important to test real players behavior in live environment. The CV rework implicated so many game mechanics and balance and affect almost every other class, I don't think I can make informed choice based on CC video and or face value ship data alone. I know someone doesn't care to understand game mechanics and like to craptalk other people, you can laugh at me. But you will find out how limited it gets with just single reset and how different modules behave in the future. Don't cry after the facts.
  4. Sunny_Lo

    0.8.0 open beta grace period?

    If they can test everything and give us balance and polished product in CV rework close beta and PTS, then we wouldn't even have 0.8.0 problem in first place. They are pretty up front about it, that CV rework is unfinished and unbalanced product implements in live server in order to collect data for further development. I suggest you should read dev note concerning CV rework and patch 0.8.0
  5. Yes you heard me, with update 0.8.0 the game practically return to open beta status. Therefore, I would like to propose the whole 0.8.0 patch to be a grace period that we will have unlimited resets on captain skills, captain reallocation, switch upgrades and modules should be also be unlimited free of charge as well. To be honest, it would be extremely unfair for players to use doubloons, that cost real world money, to test your CV rework in live environments. A single free reset in captain skill just wouldn't cut it. We will need unlimited reset to test many different setup in order to generate the data that dev said they need in live server.
  6. Sunny_Lo

    Tech Tree Premium Discounts on SEA Server

    wait no GC? outrageous !
  7. Some salty people asked in game chat, who brings Nurnberg to rank. Here is my answer.
  8. Apparently, there are bots rigging in current rank sprint season, just like what happen in SEA server in last full rank season. Those bots behavior almost identical to what we found on SEA server. My experience told me that these bots grow in number and tier very fast, if you want to control the situation. WG need to react quickly. Players need to make Sub-Octavian and WG headquarter aware the situation ASAP.
  9. This kind of bot issue has been infesting SEA server for over 9 months now, and lead to many top players of major clan quit the game. WG's system and policy was not quick and effective enough to respond to such problem. It has been discussed extensively in following post: https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/32840-wg-failed-to-clamp-down-on-bot/?tab=comments#comment-390238 Due to lack of respond from WG asia, three month age, I raised concern about bots in SEA server, on Reddit post: The above post caught sub-Octavian's attention and lead to massive warning, bans and clean up on bots accounts. The situation die down a little but never completely fix the issue. Recently I saw resurgence of bots in low-mid tier, if left unattended, them will progress through high tier very quickly. At the time, I made that Reddit post many of NA and EU player laughed at us, saying those might just be bad players. Unfortunately tho predictably, those bots now start to infest other servers. Since, bot problem affected more than single server nowadays, maybe it is time for WG to take this seriously and implement a long term solution.
  10. Sunny_Lo

    Best ships for ranked t6

    Just ranked out NA with Nurnberg only, not because it is best option but because it is only ship available that can be effective with 10 points captain. Took me 18 games and 78% win rate. In Asia server, I try different type of ships, I think Fuso still pretty good. T-16, Perth are both pretty good. There are many tech tree and premium ship in T6 are very good. That's why T6 rank is very dynamic.