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  1. I never received anything.
  2. Itsj_p

    Public Test 0.9.10

    Well, read the part in the dev blog, instead of assuming.
  3. Itsj_p

    ST, hybrids

    People wanted these in-game, those same people better not complain now.
  4. Itsj_p

    ST, skip-bombers

    People can never be happy, every time I see the comments all people do is whine
  5. Itsj_p

    ST, changes to the commander skills system.

    As always, players can't be happy with nothing and oh, it's a game.
  6. Itsj_p

    0.9.7 PTS Bug Reports

    It's fixed.
  7. All that work for black containers and i didn't get one ship, just camos and other things, what a shame.