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  1. It appears they fixed the twitch linking task, i got the token finally.
  2. Itsj_p

    no musashi in santa crates?

    Another player who refuses to do some basic research and makes a thread so others do the work for him.
  3. Itsj_p

    I have to agree with Zoup.

    You saying "don't spend a dime on it" just goes though one ear and out the other to some players, they will continue to spend tons of money in this game.
  4. As always, when the auction ends, they will nerf these ships in some way.
  5. The twitch linking task still doesn't work and its been 6 days since i linked it.
  6. The deal wasn't good in wot when they gave people a chance to get a tier 10 russian tank, which wasn't a good tank at all and multiple CC's over there have said it.
  7. This is just like what wot does, drain your resources.
  8. Itsj_p

    ship balance

    Life? it's a video game and yes, their is a lot of imbalance in this game, just because some players take advantage of the imbalance doesn't mean it's right.
  9. Itsj_p

    Lag spike issues.

    I have the same issue in this patch, like the enemy team was rubber banding badly while my team did not, disconnections, low FPS.
  10. Itsj_p

    My Last Post Last Game

    The fact that his stats about the last battle he played are private, suggests he's probably playing the game after he said he wouldn't, like many other people have said on here about quitting and never did.
  11. Leave the classic modes to MMO's, this isn't one of them.
  12. I don't remember, this account was made in 2016.
  13. I feel like it's been a little over 2 hours and still not getting the token for linking my twitch to wargaming, i could be wrong and maybe it hasn't been two hours, ill check later. Nope, still nothing, it appears to be broken.
  14. Ok nvm, i didn't see irian in the premium shop, thought it was gone but i got a perm camo for that, got one for duke of york, got one for huanghe, not planning on getting those ships.