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  1. He wants AI to control them because he knows they'll miss the ship, a player controlling them has a better chance to hit a ship, I see what he did there.
  2. These CV threads about nerfing CVS are to the one thing: make the game better for them and miserable for players who play CVS, it's that simple
  3. Why do CV players have to suffer because you want planes to just disappear after the CV is sunk, it's not fair and it makes no sense to do that, if we get the planes up after we are sunk, so be it, if we don't, nothing we can do.
  4. Itsj_p

    CV derangement syndrome

    Sorry, I disagree, it does make the game bad, DDS are literally unspotted the whole time, ok maybe they will get spotted once or twice but for the most part, they don't, so me in a CV has to deal with it and vice versa.
  5. Itsj_p

    CV derangement syndrome

    I played 3000 battles in this game and I see some DDS on both teams fixated on the CV in the match, DDS are willing to go across the entire map at the start of the game just to kill a CV when they could be capping and spotting, now some DDS think it's good to kill the CV because it eliminates spotting, but it's not worth it, the match will be over before the DD can do anything useful, it's another reason this game is bad because of stuff like that.
  6. Itsj_p

    WOWS bricked 2 of my 3090s

    You shouldn't be accusing wows for your video cards bricking, you should have done the responsible thing and looked into it and find out what happened, not run to the forum and say that.
  7. Itsj_p

    Black Friday premium container drops

    That's cool but WG isn't getting my money, not one cent.
  8. Itsj_p

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.11

    Show screenshots
  9. They never had tracking for snowflakes, you play the ship and the snowflake are gone off of that ship.
  10. They said the snowflakes would be live this patch, the other stuff for new years isn't until the 0.10.11. update.
  11. Itsj_p

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.11

    Again, it's not until the next patch.
  12. Well you didn't look hard enough, all this is coming in the next patch, why would they enable it now, it's too early.
  13. Itsj_p

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.11

    Not sure what you're problem is and I can tell you didn't read anything but you get the opportunity to get a tier 6 Russian Giulio Cesare (which the missions are live right now), a tier 3 ship, and repulse, it's not like WG is making you buy the dockyard ship and some people won't, but if you don't want to do the stages to get the 2 free ships, then do the missions for the Russian tier 6 and if you don't want to do that, fine, but they are giving us the chance to get 3 free ships, not like they are leaving us with nothing at all.
  14. It's always a player with ideas that benefit them and not the whole game, everything I read about CVS getting nerfed is so that players can do whatever they want and sit behind islands and spam without being detected, CVS are fine the way they are, maybe they need changes who knows, but nerfing them more and more would make them worse and I can guarantee half of the player who hates CVS would love that and it would unbalance the game.
  15. It's not a question, they are adding it to randoms, wheather we like it not This is an important testing stage that will allow us to determine the next steps in the development of the mode before we add it to Random Battles in the future.