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  1. Hans_Mo1eman

    When the salt comes from the CV side.....

    Thanks, one CV - Hakuryu.
  2. Hans_Mo1eman

    When the salt comes from the CV side.....

    I think this sums it up. Agree totally with your explanation and also explains why making AA build is usually not best use of skills when fighting those CVs who are the thinking type.
  3. I have an AA build on my Austin atm just for the memes. Probs not the most competitive but there is hardly anything more satisfying than generating CV tears..... Feels so good......
  4. Hans_Mo1eman

    Update 0.10.7 - Submarines in Ranked Battles

    Ranked is a crap show right now, small maps filled with homing torps and the maps don`t even give the space for DDs to approach a sub without taking loads of damage from the rest of the team.....
  5. Hans_Mo1eman

    Advice on steel/RB CLs

    Thanks. Makes sense it doesn't have radar, that would be mad OP. I'm hesitant about committing to Plymouth simple because of the 152mm AP at t10. I've found it powerful on ships like Cleveland at t8 (especially vs lower tier opponents). But at t10 (with Worcester for example) I find I'm rarely using the AP. I guess play resting in Edinburgh is needed to see how that British AP works in practice vs t10s.
  6. Hans_Mo1eman

    Advice on steel/RB CLs

    Now I understand what you mean. Like the focus every gives a spotted smolensk. Although with the massive HE spamming I see the smolensk as a more dangerous smoke and radar combo than the Plymouth but I think it has shorter range?
  7. Hans_Mo1eman

    Advice on steel/RB CLs

    Thanks for taking the time to check and give some informed feedback. I am almost at Edin so I'll be trying it out soon. Are there any tech tree ships you could compare to the playstyle of Austin?
  8. Hans_Mo1eman

    Advice on steel/RB CLs

    I appreciate your point of view but I disagree, I've seen many players be very effective with these ships. Yes they can be quickly destroyed when mistakes are made but good players will make u pay if you try to simply rush them.
  9. Hans_Mo1eman

    Advice on steel/RB CLs

    Thanks Pheonix, I'll check out the Edin and might consider the Plymouth. However I've heard that a lot about her, that's she's essentially "nothing special". Austin seems like hella fun - considering how much I enjoy the MBRB on ZF-6 I'm leaning towards this one but I've read reviews and watched videos and seems it's much more difficult to position (unlike ZF-6), will take some more opinions first before committing. If similar to Marceau then I'll probably pass on Colbert for now. In terms of commanders: I have captains for USN or UK that I could swap in with unique builds if needed (from my BB or DD lines). I do not have any high level French captains currently.
  10. Hans_Mo1eman

    Advice on steel/RB CLs

    Looking to get a CL with either steel or RB - leaning towards steel since I will likely get vampire II with RB points but may take Colbert if it proves to be the best option (Vamp is new to RB and will probably be around for a while, not sure how much longer for Colbert). Also, I intend to get Marceau as next Coal ship so if Colbert is very similar to Marc I will probably get a different CL to have some variety. To give context to the playstyle I enjoy - Wooster and whole USN CL line is one of my favourites, I've reset the line once and I'm considering doing again (everything except Seattle is really enjoyable). My other favourite cruiser line is Italians (I know they are CA but the playstyle is similar to some CLs I believe). I really enjoy Leander and Fiji but I've not progressed down that line farther simply because Mino and Neptune seem like such unforgiving ships to play and I was hesitate to go for them at first but will surely make my way there in time. I'm somewhat new to the game (despite creating an account a long time ago I've only played consistently for that last 16 months). In terms of general skill level, I'm pretty much dead average among regular players (not including bots or total newbies). I will almost always finish ranked sprints somewhere around level 4-5 of silver league if that means anything. I've played mostly cruisers and BBs but lately got into DDs more (having a blast with ZF-6 and Lightning but struggling a bit with Jutland). I play solo about 70% of the time if that is a factor. Thanks to all for input and any advice, because I don't have time for Clan Battles it takes me a long time to get steel so I'm hoping to spend it wisely.
  11. Hans_Mo1eman

    Which free xp ship to get?

    I bet it is!
  12. Hans_Mo1eman

    Which free xp ship to get?

    Thank you for the advice. I do think Friesland is the most interesting of the bunch but I don't mind waiting for vampire II, hopefully it is a free xp ship. Yes, I have the Alaska and I'm not in a big rush, it's too bad I missed out on Smaland....
  13. I was saving up the 2M FXP for Smaland but that got taken out of the tech tree :( So now I have about 1.5M and just wondering if any of the ships out there now are worth it? I realize they are taking away Nelson and I kind of want it (cool ship) but I don't see myself playing it much (not really my playstyle). Agir seems decent but I feel like I could get the same experience playing my Scharn. Hayate seems very unpopular - I rarely see it in battle, I am not able to judge it much. Any advice on that one? Friesland is really interesting, I'm not sure how competitive it is against BBs though, I've had a tough time dealing with good players in the Friesland but to be honest I have a tough time dealing with good players in almost any ship. I might just hold off and use some of the Xp to progress through the Riga (I've heard that is a rough grind). Thanks!' PS: I didn't even mention Azuma because after reading reviews and videos and playing against it I'm not really interested.
  14. Yes, sometimes the team composition, tier, skill of teams, or map does not favour you, sometimes that happens several games in a row and it can be frustrating. BUT, sometimes it gives you a game like this! (see replay attached) It was my very first game in Worcester (so I think I also got the "honeymoon RNG" or maybe Wooster is just hard to citadel? Idk.). This is only my second tech tree teir ten (other is Ven). I have been playing for about one year now and by no means do I think I'm a skilled player, so don't expect any 200IQ plays in this replay. Instead I get to be top tier in a map with islands and cover to start, and then a cyclone occurs! This eventually forces an all out brawl at close range in the middle of the map. The enemy has already lost both it's DM early on (I killed one due to his bad positioning and the other got owned by our Alaska who was playing excellent).... so the threats to my ship were significantly reduced. To summarize: I got to experience Wooster in her strengths, slamming out steady DPM against Yamato and Thunderer at close range (under 8km). It was exciting and such a welcome break from the "Dead-Eye" meta. Mostly created by circumstances I did not have control over (map, teams, cyclone). Thank you MM for this treat. 20210205_232744_PASC210-Worcester_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay
  15. Hans_Mo1eman

    Help with aiming

    Thanks shiny for taking the time to analyze the video, this is super helpful feedback! That is very true, I feel that the experience I have at tiers 5-7 involved fighting at closer ranges and targets giving me easier shots. Yubari sounds awesome (and I'll prolly get one from the Armory now). But I don't find aiming as difficult at 12km (unless it's a super small and fast DD, it's usually about 15km and higher that I struggle the most to land good shots). That's a great idea, I will start doing that more before I fire.