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  1. Paulbearer82

    Best ship ever for ranked?

    We're trying, we just suck.
  2. Paulbearer82

    Subs and MM still as bad as ever in 0.11.4

    I just came back after a long break hoping they'd be gone. No such luck. They haven't ruined my game play experience yet in 12 battles, but I just don't find them enjoyable to play against. I don't necessarily enjoy fighting CVs as a DD/CA main, but not in the same way that I dislike playing against SSs. Fighting CVs can be satisfying and challenging dodging strikes and it feels great when you get the chance to nuke one. Fighting SSs just feel like work and there's no satisfaction in depth charging something. Its just not fun, imo. Maybe fun to play them, I dunno and don't care. But they lessen the fun of the overall game for me. I suspect I'll be gone again soon enough. I just spent the last of my dubloons from the great Christmas swindle of 2018, and you're not getting anymore money from me as long as my enjoyment is no longer assured.
  3. Paulbearer82

    Server instability issue

    Ah, I wondered why I was playing so badly. Server issues. Of course.
  4. Nice job, almost made an epic comeback. Another 3 mins and I think you get them. That's how you play an Omaha though, for sure. Obviously they've been power crept like crazy, and I haven't kept up on all of the game changes but it seems like their fire starting chance has been nerfed. They're still capable support ships if you play within your means. Obviously your matchmaking will determine how crazy you can get. Murmansk was my first premium, and I used to be a wild man in it. Yoloing BBs to deploy my tops, taking on multiple BBs overextended on a flank. I didn't care it was ignorant, I had fun. Then I started to learn, and Murmansk was where I first discovered the joys of WASD and kiting. It was great, but now I get my jollys from making Omahas pop while driving the Giulio.
  5. Paulbearer82

    Team Damage/Penalty needs a rework

    I put a couple torps into a friendly cruiser while in my Udaloi last ranked season. It was a hairy late-battle situation and warnings were called before and during torp launch. I'll own it though, in the end its your fault if you're the one who put them into the water in range of a friendly. At any rate, I discovered that the best camouflage to wear in ranked is pink. Add the pink to hidden stats and no one took me seriously until it was too late. I have half a mind to try it again next season, but people in the silver league probably won't be so stupid.
  6. Paulbearer82

    What Happened To Submarines?

    I'm sure you're enjoying your CVs in the meantime.
  7. Paulbearer82

    Strange Day

    I just ranked out after going 3-5 in Atlanta, then 8-1 in Belfast. And you had the misfortune of being there for the loss in Belfast. I'm sorry, I really hope I didn't screw your progress too badly. I was a total bonehead and came rolling into B like I had the biggest balls in 4 counties. I saw you on the team for the second straight battle and was way too overconfident. Completely screwed us. I hope you finish up quick, and again, sorry for adding to the strangeness of the evening.
  8. Paulbearer82

    It took a year and a half... but finally

    Ha, I was just thinking about this after seeing someone else in a Frosty today. I had just over 1100 of them after spending a stupid amount on loot boxes that xmas, now I'm down to 45. Saving them for a future grind, but I had been burning them on Ops, premium ships, and anything else I play. Nice benefits, but they almost inspired me to get the mod that makes camo invisible.
  9. Try to remember that this is one of the only video games that some of these players have played, they're just here for the ships. Some are up there in years. Some are youngish kids that are playing this game because they're fascinated by the ships. A lot of them probably suck, but it would be a shame to drive them away because of it.
  10. Paulbearer82

    8 kills

    Do you play golf? This feels like golf, for me. Depending on how things are going, I might tell you to preserve your sanity and stay far away. Other times I might tell you that this is the greatest F'n game in the world. But the typical experience is enjoyable. What keeps me coming back to both games are those perfect beautiful shots I get every once in a while or those instances where I make the right read of the situation and my correct decision making rewards me. And the adrenaline rushes. Click on the green anchor button just to the right of the battle button, at the top of the screen. It sounds like you're ready to enter random battle mode and play against humans.
  11. Paulbearer82

    A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    At least until the Defense Distributed case blows up the middle ground. Check this story out from Wired: https://www.wired.com/story/defense-distributed-3d-printing-exposes-fallacy-of-federal-gun-laws/amp Hint: it doesn't really have anything to do with 3D printing.
  12. Paulbearer82

    A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    It's a mix of legal and illegal purchasers and sellers. Straw buyers, rogue dealers, etc. Van load is mostly hyperbole, no doubt, apologies there. Maybe the barriers to gun ownership that do exist have prevented crimes, we'll never know the ones that haven't taken place. Logic tells me that throwing up a few barriers between a gun and a criminal should make some difference. And reasons why raging gun violence occurs more often in Chicago vs Paducah, KY are well known. But I think I know where you are coming from. The gun is just a tool, the problems that lead to its misuse are varied and vast, and would exist with or without the gun.
  13. Paulbearer82

    A sad day in FL: Mass-shooting at Gaming Tourney

    I usually stay out of gun debates, because it's a tough one. I support the right of a private citizen to own firearms, mainly as a defense against government tyranny. But I acknowledge that we have the makings of a serious problem on our hands with no easy answers. However, when you refer to Chicago, I have to chime in. Chicago's violence has nothing to do with its gun laws, and its gun law have no impact on the violence. You make it sound like Chicago is an example of failed gun control policies, while ignoring the fact that the majority of the guns used there by criminals come from surrounding states with lax gun sales laws, like Indiana and Kentucky. Obviously tough gun laws will have no effect on criminal usage when people can haul guns by the van load across state lines in an easy day trip. The efficacy of gun laws can only be determined when they're applied uniformly across the nation. Or hell, start with state uniformity. I'm not allowed to own an AR-15 in my city, yet if I lived less than a mile away across an invisible line, I could. Tell me how that does anything for anyone. But it doesn't mean that my city's ban on the sale or ownership of an AR-15 is wrong, or ineffective at preventing crime or mass shootings.
  14. I'm not going to count the stars on that flag, but I'll wager it has to do with that.
  15. Paulbearer82

    Last 4 pts on Henri

    Of course as soon as I type that, I have a battle (in St. Louis) where I spend the whole time chasing down a shima, gearing, yueyang, and kiev (in a cyclone at times). RDF was the only thing that allowed me to hang with them. We only sunk the Shima and Kiev, but almost got the other two and kept them too busy to control caps and wreak too much havoc on the BBs in a battle we won by points that ended with our 4 vs their 5 alive. DD hunting isn't really a late tier french cruiser specialty, but RDF gives you the possibility when it becomes necessary. I wouldn't run it if it weren't for the speed boost though. Otherwise I'd be chasing them on the correct-ish heading, but lack the speed to close to detection range. I haven't even been running hydro, but I will be. They still only hit me with 3 torps out of 40-50 launched at me. Pair hydro with RDF and speed boost+flag, and I think you have a pretty good DD hunter as a side hustle. Only on the flanks at the early part of the battle, but where needed mid to late. As long as you're aware of your broadside in relation to enemy BBs looking at you. And if you're disciplined enough to let the DD go if they're running back to their big brothers or leading you by the nose to an undetected baddie.