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  1. rapier_ape

    ST, changes to AA and detectability ranges by air

    The level of incompetence on the part of the CV captain needed to de-plane a Midway is so monumental it makes your numbers almost as meaningless as the DPM figures in port.
  2. rapier_ape

    Stealth Radar, Power Creep

    I know I'm late to the party, but I will never understand this sentiment about multiple radars. Smoke Generator allows a ship to set the terms of engagement for about 120 seconds, whereas all but a handful of radars last for 35 seconds or less. How is chain smoking any less "annoying" than chain radar despite it causing trouble for any ship without radar or those too far away to use it for a much longer time?
  3. The ships staff authorizes commemorative flags to be flown from the mainmast for all sorts of different groups who rent the ship, such as universities, corporations, and charitable societies. I'm sure when this does blow over they'll be happy to fly a flag if one is provided.
  4. rapier_ape

    What Yahagi Could Have Been

    This actually makes me think Juneau (CL-119) could work as a T9 DD haha. 27K HP is plenty at that tier when you don't have a citadel.
  5. rapier_ape

    Goodbye WoWS

    I'm telling ya, we need a "Sign Off" general. It would de-clutter the board and give some insight into the toxicity of potential updates.
  6. I think it's substantially less toxic, in fact. Minotaur's heals are able to outpace sustained fire from many other CLs so that even when it gets caught outside of its smoke it lives to fight another day. Also the RN meme torps that make rushing it in smoke potential suicide.
  7. rapier_ape

    Anti Sub People

    I'm telling you, they are going to give BBs a comically useless catapult plane consumable that drops depth charges. I suspect the accuracy will be similar to autodropped bombs from the RTS style dive bombers.
  8. rapier_ape

    Suspicious Lag at certain times only

    I've had the client drop me completely during important parts of a battle, and had plenty of ping spikes to boot. Honestly, I'd call your ISP and ask if there was work being done in your neighborhood.
  9. rapier_ape

    Anti Sub People

    Very well put, Thunder. I'm honestly going to copy your list of backtracks into a .txt file for the next time someone alleges any semblance of consistency in official announcements. And kudos for being able to float the idea that you might be wrong about subs being a detriment to the game. I cringe a little bit when I look at some of the apocalyptic predictions I made regarding Asashio.
  10. rapier_ape

    Anti Sub People

    Although we can't look at the books, there have long been clues that increasing the size of the playerbase takes precedence over placating big spenders. The economics of that are simple though; players who'd prefer a "survey simulation" type don't have an alternative game to turn to. (Think how if World of Warplanes isn't your jam you can instead pick up a copy of DCS World.) In regards to subs, if the Halloween event was the actual metric used to determine if players wanted a 5th class then I'm shocked and appalled. Had players been forced to contend with AI controlled subs in collaborative missions, I doubt the reception would have been so warm. There's likely no turning back at this point, however, so we're likely stuck with them. The next steps will be to ensure that battleships are not hopelessly defenseless against subs. I am EXTREMELY concerned that the only method by which a battleship will be able to attack a submerged submarine will be a consumable which launches a floatplane armed with depth charges. Under no circumstances should a BBs only offensive weapon be controlled by RNG. That's what made the early surface ship vs CV dynamic so utterly miserable.
  11. You know how they had Tom Clancy games back in the 90s? Maybe one day we'll get Norman Friedman's Naval Warfare.
  12. rapier_ape

    Conqueror Kremlin

    I feel like I read somewhere Conqueror's improved repair would allow for >10% of citadel damage to be repaired. Am I imagining that?
  13. I've always likened the DD BB interaction they went with to a bizzare version of the Heavy and Scout in Team Fortress. Imagine scout players complaining that "well when we get like 5 feet away from him he just insta kills us" and instead of telling them to get more creative with their movements the developers said "well we can cut down the maximum damage he can do to you by 90%." I've always thought the compromise needed to be battleship HE shells can citadel a destroyer, but not AP. This wouldn't make life super easy for a battleship though, since switching ammo types takes 50-100% of a 25-35 second reload, and reduces the damage doable to cruisers and other BBs by a big margin.
  14. rapier_ape

    AA changes, and "0 damage" pen changes 0.8.5.

    Most definitely. The damage black hole that is the Großer Kurfurst, main battery still remains.
  15. rapier_ape

    No subs please.

    My major concern is the introduction of yet another class which requires WASD counterplay from battleships rather than gunnery. My secondary concern is how submarines would require a massive rework of the maps we know and love, since it would just be silly to allow subs to dive when butted right up against an island.