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  1. Takes a Nerf beating and keeps on ticking! The IJN's, T8 Cruiser, Mogami!
  2. Flame thrower part deux or a legit sacrebleu!!!
  3. My oh my, my Myoko!!! Better late than never
  4. Le feu lives on in the French Navy's, Tier VI Cruiser, la Galissonniere!
  5. Let the HE spamming commence!!! Well, sorta....
  6. The Furutaka fun continues with the IJN's, Tier VI Cruiser, Aoba!
  7. When the blackness of charred BB's ain't enough for you, swap to the AP of the French Navy's, Tier 5 Cruiser, Émile Bertin, and collect those black citadel ribbons!!!... Before going back to burning the world!
  8. Will the Grozovoi have you shouting Боже мой!?!?
  9. Howdy all. I'm hoping that most of yall have found a solution to your FPS issues. If not, and if you've not already, check out the WGCheck tool from the Wiki here - https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/770 Some patches ago I was experiencing horrid FPS drops and started down the Support Ticket route. The Helper pointed me towards that .exe in order for him to sort out my issue, if it was truly a Warships one that is. During the process, the .exe found several corrupted files and restored them immediately. I launched the game and there she was, all the glorious FPS' back in action! Unfortunately, my buddy had the same issue and the .exe didn't help him. Turns out it was a hardware problem that was sorted once he upgraded is comp. I hope the .exe helps
  10. Anshan is a beast. A Russian/Japanese DD lovechild of doom!
  11. Fires, floods, Cit-ringing fun, and oh those Flesh Wounds!!!
  12. Vive la France!!!
  13. Howdy Captains! I've been making Warships vids for a bit now and it's time to make it all 'official' with a Forum post. So, here's my latest vid on the IJN's, Tier IV Cruiser, Kuma: I do a Review a week, with a Round 2 adventure every now and then. I hope to increase our community's size and improve its overall quality by showcasing how to and possibly how not to Captain your ship. In any case, I hope y'all at least enjoy the vids!
  14. The best advice I heard and now recommend, when T8 in a sea of 10s, is to find the closest 10; Monty, GK, or Yammy, and stay next to them. Next meaning, 2-4 km. The idea is in line with TTK's about not being the target. If the enemy sees your 10, it'll most likely be the priority target. This also works for the FDG. GL
  15. Try running the WGCheck.exe that the Support Ticket peeps will have you try. I had been having major FPS issues since 5.4, from 76 constant to drops into single digits, and finally logged a Ticket. Thankfully, during the exe process, it determined that I had several damaged files that needed to be redownloaded, this is after I had already uninstalled and reinstalled. The exe downloaded the files automatically and after it finished, about 20 min or so, I launched the game and she was purrin' again!!! Not that you're experiencing the same issue but it's worth a look. You can find the exe on the Wiki, https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/770 . In any case, I hope you find a solution to your troubles.