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  1. Fires, floods, Cit-ringing fun, and oh those Flesh Wounds!!!
  2. Vive la France!!!
  3. Howdy Captains! I've been making Warships vids for a bit now and it's time to make it all 'official' with a Forum post. So, here's my latest vid on the IJN's, Tier IV Cruiser, Kuma: I do a Review a week, with a Round 2 adventure every now and then. I hope to increase our community's size and improve its overall quality by showcasing how to and possibly how not to Captain your ship. In any case, I hope y'all at least enjoy the vids!
  4. The best advice I heard and now recommend, when T8 in a sea of 10s, is to find the closest 10; Monty, GK, or Yammy, and stay next to them. Next meaning, 2-4 km. The idea is in line with TTK's about not being the target. If the enemy sees your 10, it'll most likely be the priority target. This also works for the FDG. GL
  5. Try running the WGCheck.exe that the Support Ticket peeps will have you try. I had been having major FPS issues since 5.4, from 76 constant to drops into single digits, and finally logged a Ticket. Thankfully, during the exe process, it determined that I had several damaged files that needed to be redownloaded, this is after I had already uninstalled and reinstalled. The exe downloaded the files automatically and after it finished, about 20 min or so, I launched the game and she was purrin' again!!! Not that you're experiencing the same issue but it's worth a look. You can find the exe on the Wiki, https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/770 . In any case, I hope you find a solution to your troubles.
  6. Nice story mate. Thanks for sharing and congrats to you and X-Boy!!!
  7. Hi Kuramitsu, I love me some ATL action!!! Some good points thus far but here are my two doubloons: PM Ad Rush - LS Demo - SI CE - AFT The AA upgrade for Aiming as you're a machine gun firing 14 rounds every 2 secs... aiming upgrade??? Nah... The big one for me that many look over is the Engine Mod (the reduction in time to full speed). This, while helping you to get to top speed faster, also helps you to slow down faster... aaaaannnd, to maintain a high speed while turning, as the ATL bleeds speed as soon as you hit the rudder. In game, the first two, speed up and slow down, help while you're hiding around islands. The last being wonderful for when you have to escape while under fire - you can shimy-shake and stay at speed. In any case, welcome to the ATL party!!!
  8. Sorry, missile, that you're still having issues mate I was hoping that my solution would've helped. Yeah, she runs Warships on Ultra/High/Very High. The Post Processing, that I've been running on Low, doesn't look all that different to me when changed to Very High. But then again, I'm not sure what it does in the first place other than make everything look bland when Off In any case, missile, I hope you find a solution for your FPS woes
  9. lol, no worries, 2sl0w_ Yeah, I didn't know about WGCheck until I went through the Support Ticket process. If/when you do, I was instructed to check all three boxes - something like, Basic, something, and Network. Hopefully it'll help you out!
  10. This?
  11. UPDATE: I posted this in a separate FPS drop thread but in case y'all missed it, I sent in a Support Ticket and my FPS problems were resolved. I was instructed to download WGCheck.exe and send the Report back through the Ticket process. However, during the Check, at about 98% completion, I was notified by the Check that I had several "Damaged" files that I need to download. I hit okay and the Report finished. I couldn't wait 15 min so I jumped in game and my FPS issues were gone!!! While in game, my Ticket helper told me to turn Off my Post Processing, from High to Off that is. I did for the next match and my FPS issues were still fixed!!! However, the color with PP Off looked a little too faded so I turned PP back on to Low.... so... Here's to Low working!!! Hopefully this might help y'all remedy your FPS problems straight up or, at least, give you hope that a remedy exists.
  12. Howdy all, Welp, sent in a Ticket and she's back working like a charm. I filled out the Ticket Questions as best I could and was then directed to download their WGCheck.exe. I ran that as instructed and at about 98% completion, a pop-up said that I had several Damaged files that I should download (about .2Mbs), which I clicked, sure. The Check finished and I shot back the Check's Report. I couldn't wait, so I ran a game in my Mino..... and she's back! I got a response while in game and was directed to turn Off my Post Processing, as it was on High. I did it, and the games looks less colorful, but works great aka back to normal. I've since gone back to using Post Processing on Low and ran the rest of the night on that setting with no FPS issues. Hopefully y'all might find this helpful if not encouraging that a remedy exists somewhere! I hope y'all, missile, get yours sorted too!
  13. Tried a reinstall... nope... IDK, missile... all my other games and vid streaming work like a charm, sep for Warships... can 6.5, with the hopes of a FPS remedy, come any sooner?!?!
  14. SOLVED: CTRL+G, for me, has to be activated before the battle starts, as in, before 00 is reached on the countdown. Then, once the game has started, I can CTRL+LMB, then, (right side) CTRL + SHIFT + BACKSPACE to unlock the camera and have fun with potential cinematics!
  15. Hi missile, Sleep Mode idea matters not as my FPS are still outta control... I don't have problems running any other game, like Battlefield 1 (on Max Settings) or streaming movies n such... I've tried going into the xml - engine_config - in the res folder, to change my <maxFrameRate> to 100 (from 75) and my <streamCacheSizeKB> to 16384 (from 2 k and change)... I don't have time to troubleshoot further today but that should give you some food for thought. Oh, and I tried to prioritize my CPU usage via the Task Manager... the next game was the worst FPS' yet... 30's Max... IDK, mate, very frustrated that this beautiful game, that's worked like a charm since day one, is now gone to pot for me since 6.4....