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  1. How useful is the "Priority Target" skill?

    Never touch the stuff
  2. Cruiser Personality Test

    No 127mm option on question 1... you don't wanna see ATL angry Oh, and I'm a Yubari
  3. Odd client / server version mismatch (fixed)

    Is there another Patch today?!? 7.2.2?
  4. Tips on the Anshan

    Congrats on the Anshan! Got mine last year in a Santa Box and love her to pieces! For me, she's a Rus/IJN DD lovechild; the guns of the Sovs and the torp-ability of the Japanese i.e. she can invisa-torp! My Cpt Skills: - PM - EM - LS - SI - Demo - AFT - AdRush will most likely be next. As for Mods: - Aiming 1 - Engine 1 - Engine 2? The one that halves your time to full speed as opposed to the Steering/Rudder Shift one. This helps to maintain top/higher speed while running and gunning Cruisers and US/Sov DD's. Hope that helps! And good luck, Ghostdog!
  5. I'm in need of advice fellas

    I picked up the Caesar in game, at discount (dunno if she' still on sale), for 2600-ish doubloons!!! Pretty much a steal right there Good luck, Jolly!
  6. Greetings World of Warships Community!

    Welcome aboard, Radar_X!
  7. Cannot Remove GUI in Replays

    Hi James, For me, I have to CTL+G at least 30 sec prior to the battle starting if I want to capture something in my Rep. Hope that helps!
  8. Game crashed now won't load

    Howdy, Captains! Just sorted out my Crash incident so here's some food for thought... I don't run any mods, however, I have enabled my Replays and Training Room the old fashioned way (via the Preferences and scripts_config XMLs). After running the WGCheck.exe, it said that I had two files competing against each other (I don't recall the techie-nerd name); windows_config, from my res folder, and, my Preferences XML from the Warships folder (i have two, the, Preferences, and the, Preferences - Copy, I made when I enabled Reps in the former). After a bunch of going nowhere , I looked at that Preference XML and noticed that it's last Modified date was the exact time of my first crash. Hmmmm, so I opened it. It was EMPTY!!! So, I copied and pasted the original content and re-enabled my Reps, and BOOM! It worked!!! I'm sailing the seas once more! Now, I don't expect yall to have the same problem or solution, but, maybe it will help. And as for how I got that problem in the first place?!
  9. Fetch Fleet Vids

    Bozhe moy, my fellow Captains! This lil speed demon has got it all!
  10. Fetch Fleet Vids

    Fire, fuego, ogon', Ibuki!!!
  11. [Help] Replays To Videos

    If those Reps are from 6.12 and not 6.12.1, then you won't see them as the Patch changed their properties for the new perma-Halloween camos (that happened to me). If they're 6.12.1, then I don't know
  12. Fetch Fleet Vids

    More than just a Hammer and more to a match than meets the eye In any case, it's ooh la la time the the French Navy's Tier 8 Cruiser, Charles "the Hammer" Martel!
  13. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    Tech Tree Screen: Perhaps adding another layer or two on the Tech Tree screen allowing players to look at a single line, say from the IJN Tree. When viewed as a single file line, perhaps that's where a brief write up about that lines' strengths and weaknesses could be placed? Maybe even a short video? The content of that video is TBD but there a lot of great ideas about Tutorials thus far and maybe some variant of them would work or even link access to the tutorials themselves? Tutorials: A lot of great ideas thus far so I'm only building on those. All I kept thinking about was GTA San Andreas (haven't played the newer ones......) and the licensing parts; car, boat and plane. Within each license course were a dozen or so training cone situations that mimic in game actions. For us, it'd be akin to driving a DD within a HUD arc that keeps one out of their detection range of the intended target whilst having to line up a torp solution. Or, simply navigate through a slalom course of detection ranges v enemy ships. No torps, just driving. Perhaps a pop up, someone mentioned Civ, that'd say something about being mindful of their ships detection range(s) - as maybe an airplane could be the final slalom "Boss" or another situation would include gun bloom, smoke, islands (cover v concealment), and/or cyclones. Mentor: As long as it's not mandatory, sure. From my noob to now, I used youtube, some Twitch, and playing a lot of T5 when I started (old MM). I recall coming across one Captain several times back then who completely stomped a mud hole in every team he faced. Many would call that Cpt a seal clubber... perhaps. Me, the Captain was a seal pup inspirerer... Meaning, I wanted to do that! T5 MM: Dead horse beating time!!! I think the T5 MM is a problem for new Cpts as I think that T5 is the noob butter zone of learning goodness. In the old MM, you'd get popped in your Omaha by a Col or Nag = crap, gotta learn not to do X . Then, the next match on Solomon Islands, you rain terror down upon Kawachi's and So Carolina = FUUUUUUNNNN! While I'm learning to not die as horribly when bottom tiered, I know I can still rule the seas in my next match and try out some tactics I've learned from those T7 deaths. A perfect blend between the higher Tier high stakes matches and the lower Tier arcade goodness... Just my two doubloons
  14. FPS drop

    Was just telling my story in the hopes of helping other Captains. Sorry it didn't help you, Busty. However, if you're going to go down the Support route, you'd have to use that tool anyway for the WG Nerds to see if the problem is on the games end Hope you get it sorted out!
  15. Fetch Fleet Vids

    Want to make life a beach for enemy Reds? Then take out the beach bum, Des Moines!