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  1. Fitzwalrus

    Theme song for CV rework

    Tacky is amazing. Will have to look up Word Crimes. .... and where did all these infants come from playing my game??
  2. Fitzwalrus

    Theme song for CV rework

    Loooove this video. Funniest thing Weird Al has done in years! Well played, sir!!
  3. Fitzwalrus

    Update from WG Fest: Soviet Battleships line

    Flamu has a new video where he goes over the (so far, WIP) stats. The RU BB HE shells have ridiculously high firestart chances: 30%, 40% or more. So, sorry, Admiral sir.....
  4. I have seen both these films. They are well worth watching.
  5. Wow, the Alaskas were "large cruisers". I know the Iowas are big ships (have been aboard three of the four) but that's still quite a difference.
  6. Fitzwalrus

    Snowflakes are the best idea in a while Wargaming

    Excellent event, WG. It's a lot of fun to have an excuse to bring out some of the old port queens.
  7. Fitzwalrus

    Anyone like the Prince Fried Rice?

    So far I have all of two games in her, but I like what I see so far. Maybe RNG just loved me tonight, but I thought the MB shell groupings were quite tight, and the secondaries seemed adequate. (I'm working towards LWM's secondary build with my captain, but only 10 points so far.) I can see her being very annoying to cruisers ala' Scharnhorst once she has a higher-point skipper. Promising, I'd say. She's no brawler, but fun.
  8. Fitzwalrus

    Nicknames you have given to your ships

    I often refer to my T3 St Louis as "The Pocket Battleship" - just love that ship. Nothing more relaxing at the end of a $#%!! workday than taking her out to blow the living crap out of as many bots as are available. Like others, I also refer to the Freidrich der Grosse as "Freddy", but I think I'll have to change that now to "Fat Freddy".
  9. Fitzwalrus

    1/100 Bismarck model

    Most impressive. THAT is a labor of love if I ever saw one - can't even begin to imagine how many hours of work must have gone into that model.
  10. Gawd, ain't that the truth! I hear ya, brother...
  11. I have played the Arizona most of all my ships, largely because she's a great ship and I also used her to grind my first 19-point captain. I bought WV '41 when she came out and have been swapping that 19-point captain back and forth between her and Arizona to build up my Elite Captain XP pool. I haven't played WV anywhere near as much as AZ, but based on my (admittedly non-scientific) personal experience I'd say Arizona has the edge although I do enjoy playing the WV. WV's guns (like Colorado) hit like a truck when they do hit, but AZ has more (admittedly smaller) tubes and is more accurate. Speed is exactly the same (hello, slowpoke USN standard BBs here) but WV feels slower probably because she's more sluggish in turns. I like both ships, but if I had to choose between them I'd go for Arizona. OTOH, I had a three-kill (all BBs), 124,000+ damage battle (which is not all that common for me) today in my WV, so take that for what it's worth.
  12. Fitzwalrus

    WV 406mm guns are they good?

    This.^^ I've only had a couple of games in West Virginia but play my Arizona quite often, and the playstyles seem to be very similar. You're in a US standard battleship - you are not getting anywhere quickly. Allow for that, watch your positioning, remember that WV's armor is a bit weaker but her guns are beasts, and have fun.
  13. Fitzwalrus

    West Virgina 1944

    As Crucis and Gasboy said above (and as WG acknowledged), it's more of a balance problem for WV '44 than anything else. There have been a number of posts and threads on this, but it basically comes down to having an OP gun/AA ship at T7 (that coincidentally makes Colorado obsolete) or a terribly slow ship at T8 that's just going to get slaughtered. Not sure how (or if) WG is going to be able to figure that one out.
  14. Fitzwalrus

    West Virginia 1941... almost

    I bought her and like her, although I haven't had time for more than a couple of battles in her. I agree she'd look better (and be more historically accurate) in Measure 1 camo. Maybe that will come later. The price really isn't bad, either. If you factor out the cost of the gold and signals (which I would have bought eventually anyway) from the "Mountain Mama" bundle, you get the ship, 10-pt CO plus flag and patch for about $7 more than the "bare bones" version. I've moved Rockwell Torrey - excuse me, I mean "Dusty Rodes", of course - over to the "Swayback Maru" (Pensacola). I have a 19-pt captain in my Arizona, and as she and West Virginia are so similar in performance I'll just swap him back and forth between the two BBs.