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  1. Fitzwalrus

    Lag spikes or game lock ups

    Problem is still going on. Had a few days when the game almost played normally, but just now played two Co-Op games, lagged in both, and lost connection four times within 25 minutes - and two of the disconnects were in port while I was setting up my ship. This is ridiculous.
  2. Fitzwalrus

    Lag spikes or game lock ups

    This has been happening to me constantly the last couple of days. Game lags, ship stops and then leaps ahead, guns won't track properly or won't fire, or game just plain loses connection .... on and on. The game is unplayable like this. I've run the "Check Integrity and Repair" system and it makes no difference. Something is seriously wrong here - I play at least a couple of games every day, and although there would occasionally be lag problems it was nothing like this previously.
  3. Fitzwalrus

    Dry Dock: Yamato

    Awesome! Why can't we get this level of camera control in port, so we can see and admire ALL the amazing detail modeling work WG has done on the ships in the game?
  4. Fitzwalrus

    I don't trust YOU!!!

    This. The point is to sink the other team before they sink you. Period. So long as they're afloat they can potentially cause damage. Whoever can make the kill and eliminate the enemy ship should do so,, unless it's a situation where the red ship has virtually no health, is burning out, and is clearly doomed within the next few seconds.
  5. Fitzwalrus

    How to avoid horrible matchmaking?

    OP: I feel your pain. Really. To summarize; a) Don't play. b) Play Co-op. The pain is less there. c) Play strictly T1 to T4 - guaranteed +1/-1 matchmaking at those levels. T5 to T10 MM sucks (although it is impossible for T10 to be up-tiered, or for T9 to face more than +1.) T5 to T8 (T8 particularly) take it in the shorts, but WG shows no sign of doing anything about it. "Working as intended". Welcome to the "+1/-1 Across the Board" Underground.
  6. Fitzwalrus

    Stupidest Personal Order to date

    Absolutely love the user name. You win the Internets.
  7. Fitzwalrus

    Stupidest Personal Order to date

    I'm currently grinding the Russian BB line, and have gotten "Start x number of fires" several times. AP fired against enemy BBs or CRs tends not to get that sort of result. I just ignore the whole thing as a useless distraction. Yet another dumb idea.
  8. Fitzwalrus

    Dry Dock: Kremlin

    Gorgeous detail - well done. Why isn't there a "free camera" option in port so we can do this for ALL ships, or for the ports themselves after all the documented work WG has done on those?
  9. Fitzwalrus


  10. Fitzwalrus

    Honor and Glory of the Soviet Navy

    Nice video, and a very touching ending. Liked the poster-style artwork, and the CGI sea battle sections are amazing as always. Sure wish I could get my German BB turrets to traverse that fast, though....
  11. Fitzwalrus

    Another Fix the -2/+2 MM

    Hmm. Interesting perspective. OK then, the answer is +1/0 matchmaking, not +1/-1. (Yes, I'm one of those people... )
  12. Fitzwalrus

    My Latest Conspiracy Theory

    IKR? The expression on the cat's face is priceless.
  13. This. In spades. It might give WG some indication of what their player base actually likes or dislikes about the game. You know, if WG actually listened to that sort of thing.... And yes, if the option was there I'd turn Epicenter off in a heartbeat.
  14. This. I would absolutely play PTs/MTBs if they were in game. An adaptation of the CV aircraft squadrons would work very well to control a flotilla of boats, and would make more sense than trying to operate one single fragile craft at a time. The idea of using a mobile PT tender would fit right in, allowing damaged flotillas to repair or respawn as the aircraft on a CV do now. I've always thought the game mechanic for handling aircraft was the way to do PTs (even back in RTS days) and the new CV system is even better for the purpose. Oh, and I too have spent many an hour crawling around on the floor pushing naval miniatures around, and still do. (On tables nowadays, as the knees aren't what they once were. ) Rules were Fletcher Pratt, Seapower, and many others. (The new-ish Naval Thunder rules look good, too.) Fun times, and probably the one thing (well, besides a general love of naval history) that made WoWS so attractive when I first saw it, and why I'm still here today.
  15. Fitzwalrus

    Should I buy Prinz Eugen

    I like her. One of my favorite cruisers, and actually the highest-tier German cruiser I own. Although I enjoyed playing most of the lower-tier KM CRs I hated Yorck, and was seriously considering FXP-ing to Hipper when PE became available. Have never regretted the purchase.