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  1. Had this problem for awhile, but it seemed to correct itself. Came back again today, as a change from the usual "Cannot execute" box I regularly get (and got that one too). Nowadays I pretty much have to run "Check and Repair" whenever I log in just to get to play the game - and I run no mods at all. I am not impressed.
  2. Fitzwalrus

    Mass, MFC or no?

    ^^ This. MFC is made for ships like Massachusetts and Tirpitz.
  3. Fitzwalrus

    Cannot get past initial screen

    Have been running the same connection as always (and the bandwidth available today was actually a bit better than usual, and it still happened) and I have plenty of RAM available. The "Check and Repair" did seem to help. however.
  4. Fitzwalrus

    Cannot get past initial screen

    After posting above I went to the Game Center and hit the "Repair"/ Check Integrity tab. That seemed to do the trick, at least for now: game loaded and ran correctly twice after that. Gonna be a pain if we have to do that for a fix if this keeps happening, though....
  5. Fitzwalrus

    Cannot get past initial screen

    I'm having the same issue most of the time. I loaded the Game Center long ago, but recently (about the same time as this problem started) I keep getting an onscreen page from WG about loading the Game Center in order to play the game. You'd think WG would be able to see who had the Center and who didn't, but....
  6. Oh, if only that were true...
  7. The Nvidia image sharpening control is not available on my control panel. I have uninstalled Nvidia, reinstalled it, and redone the update. Still nothing but a black screen and "Error" notice. Not good.
  8. Fitzwalrus

    CRITICAL ERROR solved!

    Tried this and it still doesn't work. Now what??
  9. Fitzwalrus

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.3

    I love how WG keeps fiddling with the MM with these convoluted formulas - after insisting there is nothing wrong with the MM in the first place, of course - yet refuses to just adopt the most commonsense and simplest solution. Just go to +1/-1 matchmaking across the board and the problem is solved. But noooo.....
  10. Great idea. I'd love to see some of the older ship types in game.
  11. Fitzwalrus

    Naval Legends: USS Slater

    Excellent video, and what an amazingly well-preserved ship. Well done, WG! I can see DE's in the game as an anti-sub counter, particularly if (as has been speculated) there are specific sub-oriented Operations once subs make their debut. A sub wolfpack attack on a convoy would give DEs plenty to do.
  12. Fitzwalrus

    What Ship Should I Get With My Free XP?

    I'd say keep it in the bank for now. There are several new ships in the pipeline that look interesting (Mainz and Odin, among others) and although it's not clear how soon they are coming out or how they will be purchasable when they do, a good fxp reserve is always a good thing to have. Cheers.
  13. Fitzwalrus

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    "So don't be a pud". Words to live by. Thank you, Mouse and Lert, for all you do. The two of you make the WoWS experience much more enjoyable, and I sincerely hope the random in-game [edited] that pours forth from time to time doesn't burn out your enjoyment of the game. We all would be the poorer if you left. A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you both.
  14. Fitzwalrus

    Lag spikes or game lock ups

    Problem is still going on. Had a few days when the game almost played normally, but just now played two Co-Op games, lagged in both, and lost connection four times within 25 minutes - and two of the disconnects were in port while I was setting up my ship. This is ridiculous.
  15. Fitzwalrus

    Lag spikes or game lock ups

    This has been happening to me constantly the last couple of days. Game lags, ship stops and then leaps ahead, guns won't track properly or won't fire, or game just plain loses connection .... on and on. The game is unplayable like this. I've run the "Check Integrity and Repair" system and it makes no difference. Something is seriously wrong here - I play at least a couple of games every day, and although there would occasionally be lag problems it was nothing like this previously.