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  1. https://old.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/anryi4/a_letter_to_this_community/ not really related but feel free to read
  2. can we have a moment of silence for the game Press F to pay respects
  3. killerwhalejames

    I do believe the GC was ninja nerfed.

    could be because of the time... Although I don't agree with how WG is handling the nerfs and such, I agree with them that it needs nerfs :p
  4. killerwhalejames

    Giulio Cesare 2: Electric Boogaloo (Response to SubOctavian)

    would be very interesting though, ngl
  5. killerwhalejames

    We Need Italian Tech Tree Lines!

    salted abt the GC but yes, I think they will add them at the end of this year or so :v
  6. killerwhalejames

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Finally :D
  7. killerwhalejames

    Giulio Cesare 2: Electric Boogaloo (Response to SubOctavian)

    yea... I've given up at this point... I'll just go take the L :P
  8. killerwhalejames

    Giulio Cesare 2: Electric Boogaloo (Response to SubOctavian)

    yikes this chat has gone way off topic
  9. killerwhalejames

    Giulio Cesare 2: Electric Boogaloo (Response to SubOctavian)

    And here we have the EULA argument. Yes I did sign the EULA, and, like I said, I really DO NOT care about whether the ship gets nerfed or not. This is about the INTEGRITY of WG and not about NERFING or BUFFING. And you still haven't answered my question: Why did they wait two years? (the EULA argument is total [edited] and is not valid) Why now? Evidently, imo, they want $$. It's not even about whether the ship is OP in their eyes. It's abt juicing the GC for $$ then nerfing it to juice another new release for $$
  10. killerwhalejames

    Giulio Cesare 2: Electric Boogaloo (Response to SubOctavian)

    Just what I suspected. Basing arguments off of the term crybaby and the asking of proof. So by your words, a space of two years is an agreeable amount of time for a change? I definitely don't. You still haven't responded/gave an adequate response as to why they decided to wait 2 years to change the ship, and not when it was first tested. (Oh wait I would need proof for that I forgot lol). And don't forget, I really don't care about whether the ship gets nerfed or not. He** they can gave her the most sh*ttiest stats of any BB and I wouldn't care (or do I need proof for this too?) I don't like the way WG is treating its customers. They say something, than revoke it. I DO NOT like that. No I wouldn't have cared if they nerfed her. I've stated, she's OP and she needs a nerf. I'm just using that and kami as an example for emphasis. Integrity (noun)-the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. I expect them to have strong moral principles and be honest about what they are going to do with the ships. They said that they would avoid nerfing it, I expect them to follow it, regardless of how good the ship is. And that line wasn't directed toward you, it was directed towards R_Razor. I don't think refunding is going to be enough to justify the change.
  11. killerwhalejames

    Giulio Cesare 2: Electric Boogaloo (Response to SubOctavian)

    "lower tier seal clubbing machine"? Seriously? Why not just nerf it? why move it to a WHOLE DIFFERENT TIER (Oh right they have their own ways, don't they?)? What about the Kamikaze (Oh wait it's not OP b/c your bad in it)? That DD is more OP than the GC!( Oh right! it's a DD so therefore, it doesn't have a right to be meddling in BB affairs.) They DON'T care about players, the prems absurd "adjusting" is more than enough to prove that. They want $$, they DON'T care about how it will affect the majority of the player base. (Wait, I can't use the word "majority" because I don't have sufficient evidence to prove otherwise!) It's common knowledge that in the business world, it is better to bet your money on long-term customers rather than short term, uncertain ones. (Oh wait I don't have evidence to back that up either) There's a fine line between legal and ethics (wait I don't have evidence to back up THIS). We aren't going to take it up to court with them. The EULA does indeed say that they have the right to do whatever they want, but me and the majority (oh wait I can't use that word b/c I don't have evidence to back up my claims) think that they made a bad decision this time. We are informing (oh wait never mind! We are actually whining and being crybabies!) them of the bad decision that they have made w/ this ship. You are basing your entire argument off of questioning our sources, throwing the words EULA here and there, then backing up by saying that you aren't a crybaby like the rest of us here. When you clearly have a weak point in one of your arguments, you go back to stating that we are "crybabies" and we should just "deal with it". How can you twist something like Integrity into Sub_O? Even by your words, he stating that WG would be avoiding nerfing prems. He did a complete 180 and said 2 years later-"oh wait never mind lol this ship is too OP". THEY DECIDED TO ADJUST IT NEARLY TWO YEARS AFTER IT WAS RELEASED. If it was like a month, I probably would have just sucked it up, but nope, they had to wait 2 years. WG, especially Sub_O DO NOT have integrity, from what I have seen so far. They want $$. The fact that they decided to release an OP ship, even w/ testing data proving that the ship was OP (wait hold up sorry R_Razor there isn't any data supporting this, therefore making this comment irrelevant in this argument), then nerfing it to another tier, is MORE THAN ENOUGH to prove that. Previously, when they adjusted lines for american CA/jap DD, they provided the ship at that tier and compensation for it. now what are we getting? We can exchange it for doubloons? Seriously? If anything give us something for compensation (besides exchanging our ship) for it! Oh and please read through everything before deciding that everything in here is a personally attack and does not need to be read :) Thanks
  12. killerwhalejames

    Giulio Cesare 2: Electric Boogaloo (Response to SubOctavian)

    "We are very loyal in this aspect - we buff premium ships when they have problems with performance, and avoid nerfing them at all costs. I don't see any point in discussing this now, as there is no precedent of specific ship nerf."- @Sub_Octavian source: https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/24531-asia-qa-round-1-answers/ (search up "nerfing and the quote will show up) Sub_Octivian DID say that they were going to avoid touching prems at all costs! If they hadn't promised that, your argument certainly would have been more valid. However, they promised it, and now they revoke it. That has EVERYTHING to do w/ Integrity and Ethics!
  13. killerwhalejames

    Giulio Cesare 2: Electric Boogaloo (Response to SubOctavian)

    Yes, I agree that those are your opinions, and you are entitled to think whatever you choose to think. Watching other people play, imo, does not constitute on how OP you think a ship is. Rather, I believe that experience w/ the ship itself does. True, playing is not the only way to observe a ships impact on the game, but I feel that you need play a bit in the ship to actually feel for yourself what its weak points are, and what its strong points are, formulating your own opinion based on your own experience. That way, I believe, is better than basing everything on everyone else's gameplay. I get where you are coming from, but I just hope that you can see for yourself on how the ship is before arguing. That being said however, GC is OP imo.
  14. killerwhalejames

    Giulio Cesare 2: Electric Boogaloo (Response to SubOctavian)

    However, one can not simply ignore the fact that one battle DOES NOT determine how good the ship is. Playing the Massachusetts one game and getting only dealing 19k damage DOES NOT indicate your performance playing her in the long run. We all occasionally get that one good/bad game sir! And bsides, I think you ought to play her more, to develop a clear opinion on whether or not the GC is good or not. You're basing your whole argument on the miniscule amount of experience you have and other's opinions, not your own. Going back to what I said, in your Massachusetts game, you only dealt 19k damage. Are you going to search up videos and other people's opinions and then assume that she is a garbage ship? Doing so is not right. Gaining some experience before speaking is probably the best course of action. Despite my disagreements with most of your statements, I do agree that GC is OP at tier 5.
  15. killerwhalejames

    Giulio Cesare 2: Electric Boogaloo (Response to SubOctavian)

    they have also said that they would be avoiding the nerfing of prems. Look where that went. However, I do agree that the GC is OP,. BUT, that's really not the problem here. As @general_D_H_Chun has said, there was CLEAR evidence during the GC's testing days that it was OP. However, they ignored it and sold it. Now, after 2 YEARS since it was released, it's getting the nerf hammer? Seems a bit sketchy to me...